Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests


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Interesting development. Some YVs are not fooled and see what is going on - the manipulation and infiltration of this legitimate movement by questionable groups and individuals, and the use of the latter by the executive itself
A rather sharp point of view on the movement of yellow vests, therefore its manipulation since the beginning by Soros, an escalation of violence planned and wanted, with the arrival for the demonstration of young people from the suburbs of Paris.........The Marrakech Pact... The establishment of martial law... Resignation of Macron...
The red scarves, an other Soros movement created to counter the yellow vests....

Yellow vests, the great manipulation in french...


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I really like this photo, C.a. When you get older people out protesting, with a sling-shot, never-the-less (about my speed) the situation is really getting serious!

Gov officials fearing a “coup attempt”

Friday December 7, 2018 - French Retailers lost around 1 Billion Euros since start of protests: FCD
French retailers lost around 1 billion euros since start of protests: FCD | Reuters

French retailers have lost around 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) in revenue since the start of the “yellow vest” protests in the country last month, the French retail federation (FCD) told Reuters on Friday.

The federation, which regroups large supermarket groups like Carrefour or Casino, has warned that the protests that started on Nov. 17 could spoil the crucial Christmas shopping season.

Much of Paris will be in lockdown on Saturday and tens of thousands of police deployed across the nation to contain what protesters are billing as ‘Act IV’ to the ‘yellow vest’ rebellion that has seen the worst unrest in the capital since 1968 student riots.

December 7, 2018 - French Government defends heavy-handed Police Tactics against Students
French government defends heavy-handed police tactics against students | Reuters

France’s government on Friday defended the tactics of riot police who forced several dozen detained high-school students to kneel in rows with their hands held behind their heads or in handcuffs after violent protests west of Paris.

Students this week have been blocking access to scores of high schools across France in protest at President Emmanuel Macron’s education reforms, just as the 40-year-old leader grapples with sometimes-violent demonstrations over living costs.

Videos and photos of the students from two high schools in Val Fourre, a deprived neighborhood outside Mantes-La-Jolie, 60 kilometers west of Paris, went viral on social media late on Thursday, prompting public outrage.

“Over the past few days, the students have been joined by about 100 hooded youths armed with clubs and incendiary devices and determined to pick a fight with police,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told a news conference.

Castaner said roadblocks had been set alight, projectiles hurled at motorists and houses robbed in the area around the two schools.

“It is in this context that the security forces stepped in,” the minister added.

No students were injured while detained in the Val Fourre incident, French media reported.

But some social media users said the scene, with some of the teenagers lined up facing a wall, resembled a mock mass-execution.

“Can anyone tell me if they’ve witnessed such a thing in the last 50 years,” one Twitter user said.

Another tweet read: “These images of teenagers on their knees at the feet of CRS (riot police) are unworthy of a democracy. The government needs to take charge and re-establish chains of command.”

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer described the images as “shocking” but said the violence convulsing France in recent weeks justified the heavy-handed policing.

France is hunkering down for another wave of potentially violent protests on Saturday as Macron struggles to quell public anger at the cost of living. Senior allies said he would address the nation early next week.

07/12/2018 - Anger over Video French Police surrounding kneeling teenage protesters
Anger over video of French police surrounding kneeling teenage protesters

A video shared widely on social networks showing police surrounding student protesters on their knees has sparked a lot of angry reaction in France.

Dozens of teenagers are seen kneeling on the floor in the footage — some are facing a wall with their hands bound behind their backs, while others are lined up in rows with their hands behind their heads as riot police look on.

The source of the video appears to mock the group's behaviour, remarking: "This is a class that is wise."

Violences Policières (@Obs_Violences) | Twitter
[B][U]Violences Policières[/U][/B] Retweeted
[IMG][/IMG][U] [B]Le Média[/B]‏ @[B]LeMediaTV[/B][/U] Dec 6

Effectivement #StopViolences, celles des forces de l'ordre, y compris contre les lycéens. CA SUFFIT. Quelle indécence de lancer ce # alors alors que vous envoyez des #CRS violenter et blesser la population en leur promettant des primes. #GiletsJaunes #LREM #Macron

While the original source of the video is not clear, the incident itself can be authenticated. The dozens of teenagers are kneeling on the floor outside a housing association building, situated across the road from the Saint Exupery High School in Mantes-la-Jolie, France.

Footage captured by local reporters show the same incident from a distance.

The police operation was part of a crackdown on days of protests over the French government's education reforms, which will see changes to Baccalauréat examinations. The examinations determine a student's eligibility for university.

Student protests were widespread across France on Thursday, from Lille in the country's north to Toulouse in the south. Content shared on social media showed fires being lit in the streets, vehicles being damaged, and violent confrontations between police and protesters.

In Mantes-la-Jolie, where the videos of the kneeling teenagers were filmed, more than 100 people were arrested following violent demonstrations, according to the French interior ministry.

There were "violent clashes between the police and individuals in the district of Val-Fouré, near the Lycée Jules-Saint-Exupéry," the interiory ministry said in a statement released late on Thursday night. "At 12:20, 122 were arrested and placed in custody for participation in a group to prepare for voluntary violence or destruction or damages."

Dozens of those arrested were found to be carrying sticks, baseball bats and tear gas containers, the ministry added.

The mayor of Mantes-la-Jolie, Raphael Cognet, said in a statement on Thursday that he recognised the students' right to protest, but condemned the violence that unfolded.

"I condemn with the biggest firmness this violence and I measure the traumatism that people have gone through... I hope the people breaking things will be prosecuted."

Nathalie Coste, a teacher at Saint Exupery High School in Mantes-la-Jolie, posted to Facebook her worries for her students involved in the protests.

"With your colleagues, you ask yourself how you can guarantee high schoolers free expression of their disagreements on what worries them... but also protect them from police repression and violence and pure anger from kids who don't believe in anything anymore," she wrote.

"So from tear gas to cars on fire, you tell yourself with your colleagues and friends in a very tired state that such despair came about despite all our efforts, but that we must continue to listen to them and to form them and tell them that life awaits them."

"And then you go back home and you worry. You were able to put your own kids on the right path and that makes you happy, but sad to not have been able to help all those other kids."

Online reaction to the videos
However, while protesters were criticised for vandalism, the actions of the police also came into question after the videos of the kneeling teenagers went viral.

Cecile Duflot, the director general of Oxfam in France, said the video showed "intolerable" behaviour from the police.

Cécile Duflot ✔ @CecileDuflot
Il faut dire les choses posément mais fermement : ce qui s’est passé avec les lycéens de Mantes-la-jolie - ces scènes dont il existe de nombreuses photos et vidéos - est simplement intolérable. …
3:23 PM - Dec 6, 2018

Former French education minister Benoit Hamon asked what authorities expect as a response to humiliating the French youth. "This is not the Republic," he wrote. "French youth humiliated. What does power seek if not anger in return?"

Benoît Hamon ✔ @benoithamon
Glaçant, inadmissible. Cela n’est pas la République. La jeunesse Française humiliée. Mais que cherche le pouvoir sinon la colère en retour ?
Libération ✔ @libe

A Mantes-la-Jolie, des dizaines de lycéens agenouillés mains sur la tête

4:49 PM - Dec 6, 2018

French politician Clementine Autain said the video was "scary," adding that it was "unacceptable from a human and democratic point of view."

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Bagdad? Non Madame,


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When I searched for Yellow Vest in this thread I found a mentioning from November. When I looked it up on Twitter there is an account Login on Twitter which signed up in August 2018 and with the first post from September 12, about the Benalla case, apparently police violence. Then there is
Gilets Jaunes (@_Gilets_Jaunes_) | Twitter from November 2018 and Les Gilets Jaunes (@GiletsJaunes_FR) | Twitter also from November and this oen from late October: La France en colère ! (@FranceInAnger) | Twitter which is related to the protests against the hike in fuel prices.
There are also FB pages like 61000 likes 7000 likes 48000 likes 20000 likes
On this link and this one of which refers to this page which mentions that the government in May of 2018 authorised a 17 million Euro expense to buy weapons designed to combat riots and protests.
List of lots:
  • Grenades 56 mm stun, tear gas Grenades, 56 mm stun tear
  • Cartridges -grenades 40 x 46 mm Cartridges -grenades 40 x 46 mm6 positions : position 1 : cartridge smoke grenade tear to reach 50 mposte 2 : cartridge smoke grenade tear to reach 100 mposte 3 : cartridge smoke grenade tear gas reach 150 mposte 4 : cartridge smoke grenade to reach 50 mposte 5 : cartridge smoke grenade to reach 100 mposte 6 : cartridge smoke grenade at range 150 m
  • Means of propulsion of exercise to delay the Means of propulsion of exercise to retard2 positions :position 1 : means of propulsion 56 mm in late year item 2 : self-propelled, 40-mm delay to fy
  • Means of propulsion delay 56 mm, range 200 meters propulsion Means to delay 56 mm, range 200 meters
  • Grenades of enforcement of the law and means of propulsion delay Grenades for the maintenance of order and means of propulsion to retard9 positions : position 1 : granada 56 mm smoke lacrymogèneposte 2 : grenade, 40-mm, smoke lacrymogèneposte 3 : granada 56 mm fumigèneposte 4 : grenade 40 mm fumigèneposte 5 : means of propulsion delay 56 mm to reach 50 mètresposte 6 : means of propulsion delay 56 mm scope 100 mètresposte 7 : means of propulsion at late 40 mm to reach 50 mètresposte 8 : means of propulsion at late 40 mm scope 100 mètresposte 9 : igniter hand to delay 1-3 seconds for GR 56 mm and GR 40 mm


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Below, the infamous 'Mantes-la-Jolie' video.
So they let someone (who?) record that scene, which was then relayed and widely published by the MSM, triggering reactions of indignation all around. Only a twisted mind or a conspiracy nutjob would see this as a way to galvanize the banlieues and incite even more violence on the part of the 'masses' (especially the youth, who are easily manipulated).

The video of the collective arrest of dozens of high school students in Mantes-la-Jolie provokes strong reactions

There are several dozen teenagers, lined up in rows, kneeling on the ground, in silence, hands behind their necks or backs, heads down, their backpacks on their shoulders, framed by police officers in uniform, standing, wearing helmets, armed with batons and shields. "This is a wise class," we can hear a man comment on one of the videos broadcast - and widely relayed - on social networks on Thursday evening, December 6.

The scene took place in Mantes-la-Jolie, Yvelines (Note: in the "banlieues"/suburbs, where the climate is already quite deleterious) a few hours earlier, at midday: 153 young people were arrested "collectively" by the police following violence committed on the fringes of blockades at Saint-Exupéry and Jean-Rostand high schools, two establishments located 500 metres from each other in the heart of a residential area, near the city of Val-Fourré. "These images are impressive, but no young people were injured or ill-treated, we have not recorded any complaints," says the Prefect of Yvelines, Jean-Jacques Brot. "The image is indeed shocking (...). When I saw these images myself, I was obviously shocked," admitted the Minister of Education, interviewed by France inter, on Friday morning, while emphasizing the "context" of the event.

Tensions had been rising for several days in Mantes-la-Jolie. First in the vicinity of the two establishments, Tuesday, December 4, where several bins were set on fire and projectiles were thrown at the police, which retaliated with tear gas grenades. "About 200 really excited young people ran into the police by throwing stones at them," says one resident. "The prefect asked not to use tear gas, but the situation started to get out of hand," adds Thierry Laurent, the prefect's chief of staff, who visited the site. The police were unable to repel young people who were not high school students. Then, two or three tear gas canisters were thrown and the dispersion took place. »

"Throwing stones and rocks at police officers"

The escalation of violence continued the next day. The gathering of some 300 students in front of the Jean-Rostand high school quickly turned violent with "barricade fires" followed by "stones and rocks thrown at the police officers", says the same witness. At the same time, a small group broke into the surrounding houses to steal about ten gas bottles, which were allegedly thrown into a garbage fire. "But, fortunately, they didn't explode," comments the inhabitant, who saw the young people then heading for the Val-Fourré, "We then gave instructions not to pursue them," emphasizes the director of the prefect's cabinet. We are in a de-escalation logic. "On Wednesday, five young people were taken into custody, according to the Versailles public prosecutor, Vincent Lesclous.

On Thursday morning, the first garbage cans were set on fire at around 9 a.m. in Saint-Exupéry before two vehicles caught fire on the ice rink parking lot, 300 metres from the establishment. "The high school students wanted to block the entrance to the school, which is located at the end of a dead end, but they quickly turned around, because the police, who were hiding around, were waiting for them," says a resident. As the day before, they then wanted to attract them to the Val-Fourré, except that the police forces were spread out on both sides of the street. As a result, they all got caught behind the Maison des associations-Agora, located opposite the Saint-Exupéry high school, where the videos were shot. »

In the evening, these images evoked a number of outraged reactions. "Appalling, unacceptable. This is not the Republic. French youth humiliated. But what does power seek but anger in return? ", asked Generation.s' leader and former socialist presidential candidate Benoît Hamon on Twitter. "Intolerable", commented Oxfam France executive director and former minister Cécile Duflot; "unacceptable images", said Ian Brossat, deputy mayor of Paris. Eric Coquerel, MP for La France insoumise de Seine-Saint-Denis, denounced "unacceptable and humiliating violence". "The images are shocking," said Laurent Saint-Martin, vice-president of the National Assembly's Finance Committee, La République en marche. "You can be outraged when you[see them]. »

"I don't know of any other methods"

Interviewed on Friday by Franceinfo, the president of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse (Les Républicains), defended members of the police force: "The obsession of the police is not to hurt any high school student", she said, criticizing the "complacency of a certain number of political leaders with all those who today use violence".

"How do 70 police officers keep 150 young people calm? They had to find ways to keep them quiet. I don't know any other methods," says Thierry Laurent. "We asked the police to intervene calmly in the face of this mix of high school and urban violence," said Prefect Brot. And we decided with the public prosecutor that we had to make arrests. »

The day's results: 190 people were held in police custody throughout the Yvelines department, including 153 in Mantes-la-Jolie. But not all of them live there. Some would live in Les Mureaux, Bonnières-sur-Seine or Freneuse. The youngest is 12 years old; the oldest is 20 years old.

"There would be quite a few of our students among those arrested as well as students from Rostand and Condorcet high schools[in Limay]," reports a teacher from Saint-Exupéry high school, who has been present for several days before 8 a.m. on the outskirts of the school to "calm things down" and "make himself available to talk with the students".

"On Thursday, we had a situation as complicated as it was unprecedented," he adds. As there were practically no students - the school had been advising them to stay at home for several days - we had gathered with colleagues for a general meeting in the teachers' room before being confined. »

Most of the 79 young people who have been released are minors under 16 years of age. "And, for the most part, there was nothing more to blame them for than participating in an armed group," said the public prosecutor of Versailles. One hundred and ten police custody was extended and seventeen young people were to be released on Friday morning, including sixteen minors, mainly for acts of violence (throwing stones at police officers, burning cars, etc.) and acts of rebellion and contempt. For the others, investigations are still ongoing.

"Some had bottles of gasoline," said Prosecutor Lesclous. The images of these collective arrests are certainly striking, and it is true that, from memory, we have never seen this in the Yvelines, but, faced with the violence of recent days, we had to opt for a policing solution. »


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Smart move. I read one comment on this topic by a guy who I think was in the army. His take was: Hit and Run. Protest where the Police are not. See the police go in a different direction. Can't go anywhere, call friends to start protests where it is quiet. Do Not Do That Which Is Expected.

The Biggest problem People will have against TPTB is that they are going up against ORGANIZED institutions and they are not organized. People have no structure which can maintain control. People running around is not control. Wars offer an opportunity to form NEW organized institutions that can be outside of control of TPTB because you are organizing on the ruins of the old system.


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A rather sharp point of view on the movement of yellow vests, therefore its manipulation since the beginning by Soros, an escalation of violence planned and wanted, with the arrival for the demonstration of young people from the suburbs of Paris.........The Marrakech Pact... The establishment of martial law... Resignation of Macron...
The red scarves, an other Soros movement created to counter the yellow vests....

Yellow vests, the great manipulation in french...
I've listened to it. First thing, he claims that the domain name was created in Denver just after the election of Macron. But it's false as you can see below. It was created the year the yellow vests became mandatory in France, and created in France. Not surprising.


And you can try to look at currently, it gives nothing... noone ownes it.

After, his prediction of the development of the events is pretty good IMHO, but I'm loosing him when he jump to the conclusion that the YV movement will serve to France to sign this Marrakech pact :huh: I don't see the need to plant a rebellious movement for that. It seems unrelated to me.

But I agree with you that the red scarves are dubious, and that the manipulations are growing and growing. Let's just hope that the boot will be on the other foot.


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Interior minister promises "toughest response" to rioters
Past governments have been toppled after clashes in Paris

Emmanuel Macron and the French police are bracing for a fourth nationwide protest by the Yellow Vests movement on Saturday, with radicals threatening to hijack the demonstrations again after wreaking havoc last weekend.

“The movement has given birth to a monster,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said Friday as he detailed security measures at a news conference. “Everything leads us to believe that rioters will try to mobilize again."

The government will deploy over 89,000 officers to maintain order including 8,000 in Paris where demonstrators torched cars, fought with riot police and vandalized the Arc de Triomphe last week. Police in the capital will be backed up by a dozen armored vehicles and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has said authorities will “be uncompromising” with rioters.

The administration is in a perilous position. It needs to maintain control and protect public property while averting casualties that might inflame the situation further.

Read More: Macron’s Defeat in Paris Sounds Alarm for Europe’s Liberal Order

During the May 1968 riots, police fired live rounds on three occasions and a total of seven people died, fatally damaging the reputation of President Charles de Gaulle who stepped down a year later. Police killed another protester during riots in 1986, contributing to the ouster of the government in 1988.

“A dead protester would be the worst that could happen for Macron,” said Bruno Cautres, a professor at Paris-based Sciences-Po institute. “The government would fall and Macron would be faced with a general election where, at great risk, he would have to ask the French people: do you still trust me ?”

It’s not just the protesters and the police that Macron has to worry about. Several extremists within the movement have called on protesters to march on the president’s Elysee palace. One was arrested on Friday afternoon.

"Insurrection is at the gates of France and we don’t want to have any deaths this weekend,” Yellow Vests member Benjamin Cauchy told Le Figaro on Thursday.

While the revolt began as a protest against higher gas taxes, it became a catchall for complaints about declining spending power and a general dislike of Macron. Now it is attracting extremists.

Read More: Diehard French Protester’s Violence Vow -- ‘I Want Macron’s Scalp’

Castaner promised “serious resources” will be deployed to handle a potentially “ultra violent” situation, without giving any more detail.
After being surprised by the scale of last Saturday’s violence, the authorities in Paris are taking few chances this time.

They will close many museums and the Eiffel Tower, they’ve asked shops on the Champs Elysees avenue to shutter up, and postponed Saturday’s soccer match between Paris Saint-Germain and Montpellier. High schools, which often hold Saturday morning classes in France, will also be closed after students joined protests in recent days.

"A massive security operation has been organized," Castaner said. "We will confront rioters and criminals with the toughest of responses.”

In Map: 'Security Measures' Of Macron Government To Crack Down On 'Yellow Vest' Protests
08.12.2018 -
The Macron government has deployed at least 89,000 security troops with armoured vehicles across the country to strengthen police forces ahead of a new round of “yellow vest” protests. At least 8,000 police officers are employed in Paris. MORE HERE

Emmanuel Macron goes AWOL as protests, violence plague Paris

Translated from German by Microsoft
A police officer in civil drugs in at #Paris a student who took part in the protests #Macron against. After American media reported extensively on the violence against youths, civil courage is growing. 👌 #GiletsJaunes #Gelbwesten

Armored vehicles arrive in Paris as capital gears up for another round of mayhem (PHOTOS)


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Yellow vests in Paris: The police operational system planned for this Saturday has leaked on the Internet. (Translated by DeepL)

Screenshot 4Chan / DSPAP internal note (c) News17

The information is cause for concern for the services of the Paris Conurbation Proximity Security Department (DSPAP) in charge of policing operations in the capital tomorrow.

A memo with sensitive content was posted on the Internet on Friday, December 7, on the eve of the mobilization. The PDF file is available to the public and is exchanged, in particular, by private messages on social networks.

A lot of details

The document, headed by the Préfecture de Police de Paris, was published on Friday 7 December 2018: "Dispositif de la DSPAP dans le cadre du rassemblement national des gilets jaunes sur la capitale le samedi 08 décembre 2018".

The memo lists the places and number of staff on duty of all DSPAP units involved in the measures.

It has leaked on the forum "4chan" which allows to publish images and texts anonymously.



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"Yellow vests": On social networks, popular referendum initiative is popular... unlike Macron

Researchers in Toulouse have once again scrutinized the expression "Yellow Vests" on Twitter and Facebook to find out their positions....

– Four researchers from the Laboratoire d'études et de recherches appliquées en sciences sociales have just published their second report on the expression "yellow jackets" on the Internet since the beginning of the mobilization.
– To produce their report, Toulouse researchers screened hundreds of press articles and thousands of posts, comments and tweets using software.
– According to their study, the "yellow vests" have in common their hostility towards Emmanuel Macron and the desire to see popular referendum initiatives implemented.

The "Yellow Vests" have a fixation on Macron. Whether on television sets, during demonstrations or when they post a comment on Facebook, the President is at the heart of the resentment of citizens who have been taking to the streets and roundabouts all over France for the past three weeks.

This observation was again made by researchers at the Laboratoire toulousain d'études et de recherches appliquées en sciences sociales (LERASS) of the Université Paul-Sabatier, who analyzed, between December 2 and 5, the 37,251 posts on the Facebook page "France en colère", one of whose moderators is the highly mediatized Eric Drouet. More than 2.3 million tweets were also passed through the mill of the Iramuteq software, which makes it possible to know the lexicon used and thus to identify the themes covered.

This is a second study, after a first opus delivered on November 24, which highlighted the gap between the media's perception of "Yellow Vests" and the reality of their exchanges:

["Initially, there was an attempt to frame and simplify on the part of the media, which try to explain from a pedagogical perspective why ecological transition is necessary. While at the heart of the concerns of the "yellow jackets" is the issue of tax inequalities and a social criticism, it is obvious on their petition but it is minimized in the media," notes Nikos Smyrnaios, one of the study's co-authors."]

Against Macron for a referendum

"Emmanuel Macron crystallizes rejection, which did not appear as much in the first study we conducted. Before, members of the government or Edouard Philippe were also targeted, here Macron is clearly the one who is designated, and this anger is supported by arguments," explains Brigitte Sebbah, one of the researchers who participated in the study.

But this is not the only element that stands out in the expression of the "Yellow Vests" during the past week.

The political thinking of these citizens also takes on another dimension. Whether they have a "grievance book" as long as the arm to submit to the executive or whether they are in favour of a change in the mode of governance, such as a Sixth Republic, "these two groups have in common that they are calling for a popular referendum initiative", Brigitte Sebbah explains.

(translated by DeepL)


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When Interior Minister Christophe Castaner makes a Freudian slip in the middle of a speech (VIDEO)

7 Dec. 2018, 19:47

While giving a press conference on the yellow vests, Interior Minister Christophe Castaner made a most revealing Freudian slip. An error that seems to say a lot.

Has Christophe Castaner unconsciously throw oil back on the fire? On the eve of Act 4 of the Yellow Vests mobilisation on 8 December, the Minister of the Interior held a press conference, announcing a large-scale security plan for the demonstrations the following day. The tenant of Place Beauvau made a remarkable Freudian slip.

"People who have fallen into violence and hatred, a hatred fuelled by compatriots of all kinds"... Before getting back on track, immediately: "By conspiracy theorists of all kinds, I apologize". A revealing Freudian slip?



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I've listened to it. First thing, he claims that the domain name was created in Denver just after the election of Macron. But it's false as you can see below. It was created the year the yellow vests became mandatory in France, and created in France. Not surprising.

After, his prediction of the development of the events is pretty good IMHO, but I'm loosing him when he jump to the conclusion that the YV movement will serve to France to sign this Marrakech pact :huh: I don't see the need to plant a rebellious movement for that. It seems unrelated to me.

But I agree with you that the red scarves are dubious, and that the manipulations are growing and growing. Let's just hope that the boot will be on the other foot.
I agree with you, Maat. As for the Marakech pact, more than a means to an end, I see an interesting timing: the president about to sign a potentially disastrous treaty for France (25 million immigrants!?), and completely absent right at the moment when people demand answers from him and when, if he had any courage and sincerity, he would have dropped everything to be next to the people and make concessions. We know he is just a puppet in the story, but still...

And as to the Soros connection, no proof whatsoever was provided in the video. It is very easy to co-opt movements, but to say that since the beginning it was orchestrated by Soros et al. seems a bit of a stretch.


"They were shooting with a paintball gun": in Marseille, dealers unlock the school

"Ils canardaient au fusil de paint-ball" : à Marseille, des dealers débloquent le lycée (Translated with DeepL)

Cyril Le Normand, principal of the Saint-Exupéry high school in Marseille, tells the story. He had "never been confronted with such a phenomenon".

On Wednesday at noon, the blockade of the Saint-Exupéry high school, the only multi-purpose high school in Marseille's northern districts, was lifted at around 1 p.m. Not by the police, but by a squad of seven or eight young adults, meticulously shooting the demonstrators with paintball guns and yellow paint balls.

These unusual "vigilantes" had come a few minutes earlier to make their demands: that traffic on the boulevard along the school be immediately restored. They did not show up, but in the neighbourhood, their identity is hardly in doubt: they are the usual drug dealers in the Campagne-Lévêque city, a huge complex of bars located nearby.

The story is so enewish - said the assen please - that we don't really know how to take it. We can see there another miscellaneous fact, one of these anecdotes with high media potential, between Pagnolade and Grand-Guignol, which do not occur anywhere else and unfortunately make the daily life of the northern districts of Marseille.

It can also be seen as a symptom of republican decay in the second largest city in France, dominated by political irresponsibility, the weight of trafficking, and large-scale social segregation. Finally, we can see a parable on this beginning of the high school movement, where the educational model carried by macronia and the outbreak of nihilist violence are contested.

The boss of the establishment, Cyril Le Normand, a veteran of priority education and representative of SNPDEN, the majority union of headmasters, in the Aix-Marseille academy, tells the "Obs" about these extraordinary events, which despite all his years of experience, have left him amazed and speechless.

???? Un #blocus est en cours au lycée Saint-Exupéry à #Marseille en soutien aux #giletsjaunes
— La Provence (@laprovence) 3 décembre 2018

"The'attackers' have returned three times"

"The school has been blocked since Monday. The movement was as sudden as it was violent. It brings together a small number of our students, most often spectators, but also professional high school students from the surrounding schools and quite a few idle young people who arrive at the end of the morning looking openly for a confrontation with the police.

The situation was immediately very tense. For the first two days, the road was blocked, the police intervened to secure it, several demonstrators retaliated and the clash quickly turned into a tidy battle with stones, bottles, pallets, etc. Wednesday, rebelote. The fire brigade had to intervene around 11 a.m. to contain a fire started on the roundabout facing the school. The CRS cleared the area, but the road blockage resumed as soon as they left.

That's when things got worse. We were about forty adults, members of the management team and teachers, posted at the entrance of the school, in protection of our students. A guy came to tell us that the roundabout had to be freed, otherwise he would cross the demonstrators. And in fact, five minutes later, seven or eight individuals arrived spread across the width of the boulevard, walking quietly, and meticulously shooting, young and old, demonstrators and teachers, with paintball guns. Two teachers were hit by bullets in the temple, it doesn't hurt, but it scores.

The "assailants" came back three times between noon and 1 p.m.; obviously they were amused. They circulated bareheaded, without hood, without scarf... They did not introduce themselves, but their identity is hardly in doubt. Already, the day before, some kids who had gone to take refuge in the city Campagne-Lévêque to escape tear gas, had been caught and beaten by the dealers. The blocking of the Madrague road and the presence of the police, by preventing customers from going to the stup plan, seriously upset them. Especially since a good part of the troublemakers who occupy the road come from the city of La Viste, two kilometres further north, which is in latent conflict with Campagne-Lévêque.

"I have experienced many things in my career, but I have never been confronted with such a phenomenon before. This is new and worrying. We know the weight of drug dealers in the neighbourhoods. "In 2005, their presence prevented the riots from taking place in Marseille. But their role was, let's say, more preventive. They were not yet in charge of maintaining order - their order - in the public space."

The excesses we have experienced do not, however, sum up the high school movement. It should not be misunderstood. For the first time, establishments in the city centre or the southern districts are concerned. There is a real mobilization. Even if the watchwords are still very vague. High school representatives in the media talk about Parcoursup, the high school reform planned for 2021, but locally, young people's motivations are hard to understand.

I went to the first blockers on Monday to ask them why they were mobilizing. I was given a very generic speech on the'enough is enough, they don't care about us, we have to lower the price of gas' mode.

Some of our students, with a beginning of political awareness, are trying to develop a more elaborate argument. But they're a little lonely. An illustration: yesterday, I offered the blockers to make the amphitheatre available to them. The three or four self-proclaimed leaders of the school grabbed the pole. This allowed them to hold a GA while protecting themselves from breakers and dealers. But, in the end, of the 300 students outside, only 30 followed them."

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Another proof that the deep state wishes to maintain the cahos :cry:
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