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Maybe nothing, but I remember reading how tensions in the upper body, shoulders, neck, jaw/Tmj can make tinnitus worse. Relieving tensions in that are, and e.g. avoiding sitting and standing with a bad posture (like crouching at the computer/phone) could make a little difference.


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Hi 3D Student

I also have increased tinnitus in my left ear. I have this since I was a child. I think that everything started when my brother burst a balloon next to my left ear. After that for a few minutes, i could not hear anything with that ear. Just a high sound pitch. After few minutes my hearing comes back, but the tinnitus is still there. Maybe this is not the real reason for this tinnitus, I don't know that.

In the last few months, it is more intense. I tried Pentoxifylline, zink, also. I am taking regularly lugols, magnesium, melatonin, GABA, B vitamins, C and D Vit but nothing is helping.
Maybe it is some kind of injury. I visited a doctor few times but they say it is all ok. No sign of injury. Also, EE is not helping about this condition.

I often have problems with that ear. I was suspecting that my ear canal is even smaller on that ear and last year when I have a problem with that ear I asked the doctor to tell me if the ear canal in that problematic ear is really smaller then the other and he confirmed that there is a little difference.


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Thanks for the replies. Right after I posted that, I did EE. And I had been staying up late so I wasn't really tired and had a really relaxing session. I only mildly dozed during POTS. And the next day I didn't notice my tinnitus all day, and even thought it had gone away. I had a therapy session that day and told the wedding story. The interesting thing was that there were landscaping workers outside with loud leaf blowers during that session and you cannot just make that up! I told my therapist the irony of that happening.

But that evening when I went to a silent place I could hear the hum and was discouraged. But if it was so subtle that I did not hear it nearly an entire day, then it's not a big issue.

Jones, I had forgotten that the frequency you hear is the one that corresponds to your hearing loss. I actually have some musician's earplugs, but they are not on my keychain. I put a pair of 33 DB earplugs in my car last week though.

lainey said:
It seems that from what you are saying you and 2 elderly relatives thought that the music was too loud, but the rest of the people at the wedding didn’t complain or mention the music, is that correct?

If that is the case then I don’t see a reason why you should have stepped in to ask it to be lowered for everyone else’s sake. It was your sister’s wedding and none of the other guests were bothered. If the music was too loud for you, you could have moved further away from the speaker or asked your sister if you could move away as it was affecting your tinnitus. I’m sure she would have been happy to help.

Yeah I didn't ask many people, but it seemed nobody else had considered asking about it. I may have thought too much about it and should have been more bold in acting on it.

lainey said:
I think it’s important to remember that if other people are bothered and don’t say anything, or if they have their children too close to the loud music then that is their choice to do so and you aren’t under any obligation to decide for them.

Yeah it could have been some Savior / White Knight Syndrome.

lainey said:
So, I don’t think you have failed by not stepping in for the sake of other’s, you just didn’t speak up for yourself and assert your own needs. That might be something to think about, why you felt like you couldn’t ask for something for yourself?

That makes more sense now that I have read the part on Attunement in Healing Developmental Trauma. It really seemed to apply to me more than I thought it would.

Laura said:
Pentox has really helped my tinnitus but I'm also hoping that NeurOptimal work will make a difference too since I was reading about how tinnitus is mostly the brain misreading signals and that neurofeedback really helps.

Yeah I was thinking about that too. As in, if it's really just a false signal going to the brain, can't the brain choose to ignore it or filter it out?

Divide By Zero, my tinnitus doesn't seem to get worse with anxiety. If I'm really anxious, I guess the thoughts and emotions are enough to drown it out if it does. I think I'm taking two Mg Malate (115mg elemental Mg) pills at night. I also have been taking Ginkgo Biloba and zinc, and occasional 1.5mg of melatonin this past week. I heard garlic is good too and I'll take it next week when it arrives. It may give me heartburn as I recall in the past, so that might not go well.

Jones and Aragorn, yes I actually do have TMJ disorder. I think I clench my jaw at night. So I usually massage it with a roller, or with my knuckles. Sometimes if I get a temple headache I will massage the temples too. Sometimes if I massage the jaw deeply enough, a quick additional ring of high pitched tinnitus will come and go, on the side that I massage hard enough. So I think there is a connection there.

So I think it's mostly ok as far as this acute episode goes. But I will continue with the supplements and see if it improves. I was thinking about getting a keychain pill bottle to put some earplugs in too. Anyways, thanks again.


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A slight ringing in one, or both ears. That comes and goes. Then it extrapolates out in to multiples ringing, at once. Much like Tinnitus, but it’s not permanent. Science/Medicine calls this Selective Tinnitus, but has no explanation for it.

Does anyone else hear this?
Like several others in this post, I too suffer from chronic ringing my ears. It started in 2019 after a nasty ear infection, I took antibiotics and the symptoms stayed around for a few weeks. I ended up taking another medication, woke up the next morning and the ringing was more pronounced. I haven't been able to rid myself of it, and it's constant. This past week I was on a round of antibiotics after getting some dental work done. Surprise, it's gotten worse after a few days on them. I will be looking through forum trying to find any all info on how to reduce / eliminate it - it's making it rather difficult to read and focus.
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