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The week gone past, like the week before had 2 M6 with the greatest being a 6.1 in the Philippines.
In the usual map cut out, there were 7 out of 81 worldwide equal to or greater than 4.5 and 2040 out of 2485 quakes of all sizes.
Percentage: 82.1%
Last week saw 2 M6, both of magnitude 6.3 in respectively the Philippines and Japan.
In the usual map area, there were 2 out of 93 earthquakes equal to or greater than 4.5 and 1597 out of 2210 quakes of all sizes.
Percentage: 72.3%
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An M 5.5 - 8 km WNW of Sivrice, Turkey
And a tweet from Ditrianium saying he thinks there's potential for a high M6:
Peru has had an intense couple of days, 26-27 December presented 5 earthquakes M4.2-M5.7

Note the above prediction from Ditrianium for a quake in the high M6 range, as well as the activity in Peru - now there's been an M6.7 in Chile:

M 6.7 - 140 km WNW of Corral, Chile
U.S. Tsunami Warning Centers
Time 2020-12-27 22:39:15 (UTC+01:00)
Location 39.348°S
74.914°W Depth 10.0 km



Added: Short article with some details of the quake:

Chile earthquake: Massive 6.8 magnitude quake strikes South American country​

By Bill McLoughlin

Chile: 6.8 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast​

The quake struck just off the coast of Los Lagos in the south of the country. According to the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the earthquake hit a depth of ten kilometres. The quake struck at 9.39pm UTC (6.33pm local time).

As of yet, there have been no tsunami warnings over the earthquake.
There have also been no reports of casualties or damage from the aftershock of the earthquake.
One person said: "It felt very long and prolonged.

"Some objects also fell from the walls."

A second said: "It felt very strong, I haven't felt one like that since 2011."
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By Evgeny Mikhaylov - 28.12.2020
My bed was shaking so I jumped out of bed. This earthquake seemed to me to be the deja vu of that earthquake in Zagreb on March 22, which was 60 km away from where I live (although today my distance from the epicenter was some 100km away, near Petrinja). The magnitude of the earthquake in Zagreb was M5.4 and today is M5,2 (it is now reduced to M5.0). Even the time is approximately the same (6:28, 6:24). Several weak earthquakes and two stronger M4,7 i M4,1 followed.

Earthquake, Magnitude 5.2 - CROATIA - 2020 December 28, 05:28:06 UTC

Tri jaka potresa zatresla Petrinju, Sisak i Zagreb, stigle prve slike šteta na zgradama


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My mother called me this morning and said they had an earthquake- that it was shaking so it woke her up round 6:30!
And my mother lives cca 100km (straight line) from epicenter near Petrinja!

Some sources say it was 5.2 some say 5.0.
There was second one as well, this one 4.9.



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After yesterday’s 5.2, another earthquake od 6,3 shook central Croatia not a half an hour ago!

Some images from Twitter of the quake and location - one person said they felt it in Hungary:

"In Hungary, we felt the earthquake: in Pécs (I felt it on the 4th floor), some of my friends felt it in Budapest, Siófok, Zalaegerszeg, Nagykanizsa, Kaposvár, Harta, Szeged, and smaller towns (they wrote me in Facebook)"
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My mom just called me from the garden, said it was horrible that the whole house was shaking.

I was at the home, just wake up after night shift and it was shaking good I got sick in stomach like on the ship, most family was already outside and neighbours were outside. Mother got a bit panicky but there was no damage luckily, only things fell from shelves. From what I found the local church was damaged, so bit of a symbolic. There is still a bit of shaking. Some friends I heard through phone call that live in city buildings on floors felt it more, they are scared.

Yesterday at about 6.30 AM there were as said two, I just wake up before first and I heard like something fell, did not know it was earthquake at first, but sister ran with her childern downstairs and later there was another one, everything was shaking for a while. I stayed inside but now because it was lasting decided to go out but it stopped on the way out.

Everytime there is a lockdown there is an earthquake, first in March and now we have from 23nd December to 8th of January lockdown and now two earthquakes. S... is getting for real slowly but surly, and starting to hit the fan more and more.


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It was awful. At first I thought it was the wind because of the strange sound, the windows rattled, the doors were shaking, and then when the whole house began to sway I realized it was an earthquake. I ran outside. It was so strong that I thought the epicenter was somewhere nearby. It was felt throughout Croatia and neighboring countries. There was no damage here (some 100 km away), only a few neighbors said some things fell off the shelves and one mirror shattered.

In Petrinja and Sisak and the surrounding area, many houses were demolished, there are wounded, and unfortunately one girl (12 years old) died.
With the latest covid measures, passes were introduced between the counties, and today they were abolished for the area affected by the earthquake. Seismologists warn of possible strong aftershocks, and so far the strongest was M4.4.
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