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Thanks Guardian, I really appreciate it.

I will join you there soon, I'm still busy digging up the dirt on him, it's not hard.
He's doing stuff through one of his so called long time buddies, Matt Struve, it's called Mind Mechanix. Still through, Higher Balance Institute of course. Matt Struve is supposed to be a Co - Founder,
join for a dollar, then get sucked in. Read the small print! Once you sign up the only way to cancel is if you have a big chat on the phone with one of the HBI staff, who will convince you otherwise.


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Eric Pepin is still up to his "fun and games". Seems that a raft of lawsuits hasn't slowed him down one bit. Rec. the following from a member of his email list:

EJP... The naughty things you shouldn't know...

Valentines Class Tonight!

I am reluctantly going to do this class tonight, somewhat against my better judgment, lol.

The real question is why, why would I do such a class as it is considered a bit risky for a "spiritual teacher" to be speaking on such taboo subjects.

The answer... Because it is only natural, we like all other humans have sexual desires and a need to eventually find a mate. Most white cells are not aggressive in the bag and sacking of a mate. We are not necessarily bar people, disco dancers, strutting flamingos or peacocks. We are pretty simple in that arena and have little interest in the meat market scene aka Bar / clubs or online dating. But that doesn't mean we don't want to do a little rumble in the hay! I want you you find happiness and if that means finding the right partner and a few crazy adventures in the process, well so be it!

So lets all be truthful here, because you know I have your attention.... Exactly what am I going to reveal here that's going to get you some ohh lllaaa lllaaa ?!!!

Tonight I see myself as little bit Dr. Ruth and a little bit Nasty EJP. And I doubt this will ever happen again.

Tonight isn't necessarily about finding a life long partner although that will likely happen following what I teach but the truth about tonight is getting, well... Laid!

What can you do from going from a 0% chance to say 85% of getting things hot and heavy? Follow my advice, do what I say and apply the magic cologne / perfume as
Advised. That's right I have decided to share a little secret, actually a couple to be honest. I am going to teach you how to make a very special perfume / cologne that when applied to your skin will increase your desirability by at least say 35% now that may not seem like enough, but keep in mind each tip / trick I give tonight will increase a % chance for you in my opinion. Add those together like a secret formula and you will likely reach 100% now lets be honest there are MANY of you that no matter will always run a negative so even at maximum potential of 80% that's still pretty dam good!

I have also decided to do something that I have never done before, well maybe but I don't recall honestly. For a couple decades among my inner circle of friends they have known of a secret I have kept that was imparted to me by an older gentleman A real don Juan Demarco with the ladies, who seemed to magically whisper into a ladies ear and set her sexual desire ablaze!!!! ! I saw this myself first hand one night so believe it! He was no prize to look at I assure you.

One late night when no one was around we engaged into philosophical conversation and he realized I was something more then a mortal man... he said.. I have one secret of great power.. they are some secret words that when whispered into a fair ladies ear... sets her ablaze with passion. I will share this knowledge in trade with you for something of equal value...

Of course I made the trade. The next day a young lady of significant beauty came to my home for a visit. She had always kept her distance in that personal way. But I of course a younger man relished my new found magic words and wanted to know if they truly worked. She sat on my couch explain her problems at work and I sat directly next to her. Reaching my arm around her I said softly while looking at her, WE both know what we want and I moved in to neck line and she said, I don't think we should... and that's when I said it in a sweet little whisper. $#%^ *&@$ #$%^^%$ and then I waited silently for her response, which I figured could be a slap in my face and a knee to my ball sack. She turned and looked at me... and when a woman is about to ravage you like a starved cat and you are a steak... they don't really say much of anything it's a flush of their skin, a sultry breath and they simply look you dead in the eye "what ever you do, don't flinch" their eyes dilate a bit and then well.. Its on! They are passionate creatures after all.

So lets talk about the magic potion. YES, there really is a magic potion. Well it's really a perfume of sorts but none the less it really, really works. In short. I once had a friend who came to me and said Eric you are wise beyond your years and possess a wonder I will never fully grasp. I am in need of your help. You see my friend was at one time a good looking man and drove dirt bikes. One day while driving his dirt bike with his cousin on the back seat. They were driving down some rail road tracks, the owner of the property quite disturbed with the racket decided to take a metal rope and tie in between two trees over the tracks. My friend at high speed nearly was decapitated. When he recovered he was left scarred for life and a voice that sounded like he smoked for 50 years. He had become lethargic and badly out of shape and disfigured.

I knew I had to help him so I used all my knowledge and powers... and created a elixir of Loveeeee. Warning that he should not use too much. He went out that night to a friends party like he did most every weekend. The next morning he visited me a glow and told me of the wonders he experienced the night before proclaiming the -flicking-g shit should be sold for the price of gold!!!

Now what I hadn't mentioned was that my friend also had a wife... whom married him before his accident if I recall. She was a jersey girl and an oddity in our neck of the woods. She had big puffy hair and gigantic fake nails painted to the hilt. Her butt was gigantic and well she reminds me of one of marge Simpsons sisters to be honest mixed with a donkey? Yes, I think a donkey. You see she was once a looker herself but well time took its toll and for some of us time is a bit rougher then on others.

She found out about my friends adventures and the secret potion I had made. One night stealing the potion of love she doused her self. yes doused it all! It was a small vial but a few drops is normally enough. The next day my friend came over screaming and yelling about that bitch! What happened? I said. She used all of the two I said? Wow... Who were they, he said john blah blah and his best friend blah blah. I said aren't they like jocks or something and he said yes... The -flicking-g potion obviously works! Can you make more for me?

I said no.... of course I am not going to explain why other then to say I didn't want to be a home wrecker.

Everything I am saying is true. I may have forgotten some of the details and improvised but the its all true. What can I share with you tonight? Well I was a much younger man then in my pre twenties. I am much older and much wiser.

You can call me a dirty old guru if you like, but I prefer to let you make the distinction between Don Juan or Don Juan....

If you record this and share it, I will tell you what I tell my closest staff. Your manhood will suddenly begin to permanently shrink and to the ladies well your chest will become insanely lopsided... lol

Bottom line, please don't steal I know others want to know this and feel that they can't afford it. But when I wanted something I couldn't afford, I worked extra hours on a job.

The recording afterwards that we sell obviously will be edited. How much.. that depends how crazy I get but lets just say I may have to brake out my vodka stash for tonights show.

P.S Happy Valentines Day..


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Higher Balance Institute
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"This is the Shit that Works."

~Eric Pepin

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Discover precisely how to use these "magic words" to seduce people
Go deeper than science and learn exactly why pheromones are so important and how to use this to your advantage
The secret science and spiritual concepts behind "love potions"
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read just the beginning. This is sick, and the language tells all about the inner landscape of this individual :O

Possibility of Being

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OK, that's one of the situations when I'm happy my English vocabulary is still limited. Sadly, not enough to miss the sick sick content.

But that's just another evidence of complete lack of creativity in some beings.

From Wiki:

Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slash video game developed by Blizzard North and released by Blizzard Entertainment on December 31, 1996.[2]

Pepin the Healer is Tristan's town healer. He also buys and sells healing potions and elixirs. If the well is tainted, it is Pepin who will initiate the Poisoned Water quest, and he is also interested in studying the brain of a demon.

In Diablo II, when the player travels to Tristram, there is a corpse at the exact spot where Pepin used to stand. This may be confirmation that Pepin has fallen prey to the siege of Tristram by Diablo's demons.


It seems Diablo wasn't the first either. Reading Eagle - Oct 28, 1962:
Dr. Pepin's Beauty Potion
A Short Short Story by Owen Gray

Did I ever tell you," asked Doctor Pepin, "how I once beautified 100 women?" Doctor Pepin's remarks were always topical. If you happened to look up at an airplane, he would tell you how he had been the first Frenchman to fly the Channel. If you mentioned gambling, he would tell you how they used to fear him at Monte Carlo.

Everything he had ever done was incredible. ... I sometimes wondered whether this gentle, nondescript little man had any real identity at all, outside the roles assigned to him by his imagination.

"I turned 100 plain women into ravishing beauties," he was saying dreamily. "I would give a girl one of the pills I invented, she would go to sleep and in the morning, voila!--a glorious beauty."

[When Pepin finished telling his story, his wife came to take him back home, saying:]

"The old fool must come home now and take his pills"


Sick minds steal others' ideas, twist them and make them sick. But that's nothing new. What is really sad and disheartening is how easily so many people still buy this kind of BS and the sick mind's sick products.


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A potion that makes even Pepin attractive to women? Then that's gotta be really potent stuff! :lol:
Let's hope no one falls for that, though. :mad:


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It was a sick reading, but I still read it until the end as at the same time it was a good practice to not fall into the moralizing judgment category and grasping how and why such a psychologic make-up can affect such a wide range of people. I haven´t read the whole thread but it seems like his guard has slowed down lately and his mise-en-scene points now openly towards what it was all about since the beginning, that is sex entertainment through his self grandiose view.

Back in March 2010, a forum member gave this link where Pepin says he understands and welcome any of his detractors and paints himself like somebody entertaining deep concern for humanity. Very touching his empathy! I could swear he was being sincere in this video while listening to him, weren´t it for the known facts that are self explanatory. Also what was shocking to me is how much I was still relying on my ability (without knowing it) to detect a con man before watching this video, which only confirms his mask of sanity alone could have been working on me as an empathy trap, at least at first sight.

Clearly a twisted pathological predator. Its hard to imagine how anybody could consider him a spiritual guru.

Laura said:
From Pepin:

One late night when no one was around we engaged into philosophical conversation and he realized I was something more then a mortal man... he said.. I have one secret of great power.. they are some secret words that when whispered into a fair ladies ear... sets her ablaze with passion. I will share this knowledge in trade with you for something of equal value...
Bold text added for clarity of attribution.

This reminded me of the scene in the second Matrix movie of the first meeting with the Merovingian at his nightclub.


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I could barely follow it, either. Seems he's not the least bit chastened by the lawsuits. These extremely pathological types never seem to change or stop.

Deleted member 8431

Truly chilling and disturbing. What a sick, twisted character. *Shudders*

I wonder what it'll take for him to stop. Let us hope that he won't do too much damage until then.

What a crazy saga! Phew...


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Here's some information that might have been missed. Eric's plan is to send out HBI teacher's who are then charged a 20% royalty fee for spreading his lies far and wide. The ultimate goal they claim is to raise the tonal vibration of the planet. "Awakening one mind at a time".

I've been posting via facebook and youtube to people who have been following HBI. I have found a significant number of people who are in the early stages of Eric's work and these people reply back with grateful thanks for the information about HBI's past. The Inner core are a completely different kettle of fish and yet they all mimic each other. They are utterly focused on love, light and positive thoughts. They cannot even begin to focus on a negative thought because they believe it lowers their vibrational tone and that negative thoughts are a test they must over come. They also believe that the ultimate goal of enlightenment is obtain special psychic powers. As an example of an inner core members reply to my spam/information/post here it is:

(One single message sent with news articles attached)

(name removed to protect her identity)
Do NOT message me... ANY MMOORRRE!

(Myself - I do sound a little pompous in my reply)
The truth does not fear investigation. Although you clearly fear it. You will not hear from me again. You have the information you need.

(name removed to protect her identity)
I have no fear nor do any words you conveyed hold any truth. I hope u keep yr word & leave me the -flick- alone!

(name removed to protect her identity)
I'm in Core 3 & have only paid $39 a month. U lying ass

Here's my spam/post/information that I use to inform possible HBI members.

Higher Balance Institute is a metaphysical internet sales company lead by a dangerous conman. He claims to offer spiritual progress while still holding onto materialistic possession and the ego.

Here are just a few selections of news articles about them.

Eric Pepin acquitted of sex charges

A Washington County Circuit judge called the leader of a metaphysical Internet sales company manipulative and controlling and his testimony unbelievable, even as he acquitted him Wednesday of charges that he had sex with an underage boy.

Judge Steven L. Price, after a five-day trial without a jury, found Eric James Pepin, 40, not guilty of two counts of second-degree sexual abuse, four counts of third-degree sexual abuse and one count of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.

However, Price said it was "probable that the conduct alleged in all counts occurred," but he wasn't convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. "There's a lack of strong corroboration," such as a date-stamp on a videotape of the sexual encounter, the judge said.
Later in 2008

"Eric Pepin faced a civil lawsuit for sex-abuse charges in 2008, he settled the case for an undisclosed sum in August.

(only innocent people settle court cases for undisclosed sums.)

Also in 2008 Brooksby Kaempf filed suit against Pepin in Multnomah County Circuit Court seeking $61,138 in alleged unpaid legal fees.

Rather than pay the legal fee's, Eric Pepin filled for bankruptcy."
The Core Higher Balance Teaching levels
Should you wish to learn about The Higher Balance Institute method to enlightenment you will need to progress through seven cores levels.

Core 1 - Dimensional Consciousness - Full price - $413 Package Price - $289
Core 2 -The Secret Key - Full price - $711 Package Price - $497
Core 3 - Phoenix Rising - Full price - $990 Package Price - $693
Core 4 - Mind Mechanix- Full price - $1032 Package Price - $722
Core 5 - The Unknown Door - Full price - $1490 Package Price - $1043
Core 6 - The Navigator - Full price - $1183 Package Price - $828
Core 7 - Circle of Masters - Full price - $796 Package Price - $557
Total Full price - $6615 Total Package Price - - $4340
The Siddhis Cube scam - Manifestation Cube

Taken from

Higher Balance Institute claims that the cube can alter the fabric of reality.

1st Cube. $20,000, 2nd Cube - $7,500, 3rd Cube - $2,500, 4th Cube - $1,500

If the 1st Cube is beyond your reach, never fear. You can also choose from a $7,500, $2,500, and $1,500 model. All are imbued with Eric's special unique Eric-ness, but the cheaper ones have less Eric in them. The cheapest one has only a little bit of Eric in it and isn't even personalized. But it's better than no Eric at all.
"Higher Balance Cannot guarantee any spiritual, metaphysical or any other result from this item. For all intents and purposes, this item is considered an art piece. "
Eric Pepin Sues The Internet for $4.47 million dollars

He lost but that didn't stop Eric Pepin's lapdog Eric Robinson from explaining to his followers that when you lose you really win.
"Lawsuit with QFM
"Sometimes when you win you lose, sometimes you lose you really win" - Eric Pepin

I can't tell you how many time I've seen that come true. You don't get the outcome you thought would be the best for you, yu grumble a little bit to the universe about why you ventured down the path is seemed to lead you only to hang you out.

You surrender it and move on.

Then sometime later, you realize how perfect the whole design was, how grateful you are it didn't give you exactly what you wanted, but everything you hoped for.

The concept of "Winning" the SOTT lawsuit was never very conceivable from the beginning. Oregon has on the of the toughest anti- SLAPP laws in the US which makes it an almost impossible hurdle to overcome before you can even begin to make a case for libel and defamation.

However, just because you can't "win" doesn't mean there isn't value in trying. That you shouldn't stand up to a wrong, to a bully or people who make a living off of harming the reputations of others spreading fear and paranoia. It's true, we weren't in the best position to stand up to such a large and established organization, but we did it anyway and I still believe it to be the right thing to have done.

In his final statement the judge noted that Higher Balance's claims were reasonable, that we had a good reason to bring the case. He also noted that SOTT acted willfully in escalating the issue, which in my opinion was their purpose.

The end point is.... Higher Balance's future is sound. The case is done, we're still here.

We had some give and take, it happens. Don't ask for a revolution and not expect to get your knee scraped in the scuffle now and then.
"You may be dissapointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try."
Allegations of sexual grooming

Rijken says he came to Pepin with burning questions about the nature of good and evil. Pepin again took him to his bedroom, Rijken says, and described an ancient ritual that would allow Rijken to join Pepin’s inner circle and attain enlightenment in this lifetime. All he had to do, Rijken says, was masturbate in front of Pepin.

“He told me, ‘Never tell anyone what happens in this room.’ And he went on to say I should never get on his bad side,” Rijken says. “I felt very uncomfortable. I knew something was wrong.”

Rijken says he left immediately. When he returned the next day and said he didn’t want to join the inner circle, Pepin banished him, he says. No one else from Higher Balance would return his calls.
The Magnetic Pill Scam

Previously the magnetic pill was named magneurol-6-s. Owned and operated by the Higher Balance Institute, it promised magical powers should you invest hundreds of dollars in their vitamin pill. On the release of Mangneurol-s6 they made wild and wacky claims that you can achieve spiritual enlightenment by swallowing their pills. The claims where soon reported and 'REMCURE ENTERPRISES, INC.' was shut down and replaced with 'REMCURE ENTERPRISES, LLC'.

This time around having learned their lesson. The fictional abilities the magical pill was able to produce became more realistic. By realistic they simply explained how each vitamin works and how it's beneficial for you. You can achieve the exact same result for a 1/5th of the cost by buying some multivitamin pills and some cod liver oil.
HIgher Balance Institute posts an Amazon Review rigging guide

September 16th 2013 the eight point step by step guide on how to raise positive reviews and lower negative feedback which also includes percentages for upvoting is posted to the HBI forum. Coincidentally in that very same month Higher Balance Institute staff member Josh Leavitt. Begins his job at Amazon as a Technical Program Manager on Amazon web services.

Despite it being over six years that Eric Pepin's books have been on Amazon. That specific month was chosen to publish a guide on bypassing Amazon reviews from being detected as fraudulent.
To finalize this Eric Pepin offers members of his cult that buy his books, several gifts each, so that the book makes it the top of the amazon book list

I also made some videos that I had taken from HBI livestreams.

Money Money Money
Eric Explains the Matrix - Eric explains the matrix -

The love guru - These final 3 videos are Eric being Eric.
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