Freedom Trucker Convoy: From Canada to USA to all across the world

The persecution of the vaccine mandates protesters of the Freedom Convoy has taken a new shift; residents and some businesses in Ottawa have filed a major lawsuit against the protesters and those who supported them -

Ottawa residents and some businesses representatives.

I guess they did not get the memo, they are simply suing the wrong people in what will ultimately be a legal failure - yet they are welcome to part with their money. Now, a class action suite against the Canadian government for breach of Canadian constitutional law (with a few British torts to provide added weight - like breaching good faith economic relations with all of Canada) might be a good argument.

“There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the plaintiffs seeking remedies against the defendants who were involved in one way or another with the activities of the ‘Freedom Convoy’ and their ‘occupation’ of downtown Ottawa,” wrote Justice Calum MacLeod {Fool of a Took} of the Ontario Superior Court.

One of the organizers of the Freedom Convoy has published her account of the protest:
Available in hardcover now with the Kindle Edition coming out on May 29th.

Truckers on the Frontlines of Freedom | Tamara Lich and Tammy Peterson | EP 369​

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Tammy Peterson, and Tamara Lich break down the events leading up to, during, and after the internationally recognized Canadian Freedom Convoy, which sought to publicize and end ridiculous COVID mandates as they heavily affected the multi-national trucking industry. Lich was a key organizer and has suffered for her role, spending a total of 48 days in jail over “mischief,” while being labeled a terrorist and being legally barred from using social media.

Tamara Lich is a Canadian activist with a background organizing the 2018-2019 Yellow Vest protests in Alberta. She was also an early founder of the secession movement in western Canada known as WEXIT. Lich also had a prior career in the logistics field regarding Canadian energy and first became vocal about the unrivaled efficiency of her country’s fossil fuel industry, despite the mainstream media claiming otherwise.
- Chapters -

(0:00) Coming up
(0:14) Intro
(1:30) Oil, logistics, and accountability
(6:11) Canada’s Globalist agenda
(11:13) Becoming an organizer
(12:21) WEXIT, Peter Downing
(15:33) Track record of the Trudeaus
(18:06) Provincial matters
(19:43) The Yellow Vest Rallies
(22:35) Corruption at the local level
(27:25) COVID tyranny sets in
(29:57) Turning on your neighbors
(32:33) Trudeau and the Emergency Act
(33:28) Following the $cience
(38:52) Chris Barber, a call to action
(39:53) What prompted the Freedom Convoy
(41:40) Bring it to parliament
(42:45) Banned from social media
(43:57) Charged with “Mischief”
(46:24) Honking horns causes trauma?
(50:24) An organic movement
(52:37) Go Fund Me withheld 10 million
(54:44) No one in Canada waves the confederate flag
(55:00) Desantis steps in
(56:37) The conspiracy sold to Canadian citizens
(59:11) The movement spread like a wildfire
(1:02:34) Not known for political activism
(1:03:40) Arrival at Ottawa
(1:04:42) The heros sent to prison
(1:08:26) The GOV does not get to choose who they lead
(1:10:02) The police in Ottawa, snipers on the roof
(1:12:23) The Jerry Can protest
(1:14:46) “It was like Canada Day on steroids”
(1:14:59) Albania, a case in unjustified fear
(1:16:58) Trudeau invokes the Emergencies Act
(1:25:41) Bank account theft, Trudeau’s wrecked reputation
(1:29:14) Inept GOV response
(1:31:48) The captain goes down with the ship
(1:35:18) What was accomplished
(1:41:48) Proud to be Canadian again
Wonderful interview! Honk, honk! 🚚🚛🛻🫂🇨🇦

Why the Law Failed to Protect Civil Liberties During Covid​

From the National Citizens Inquiry as posted on July 6th, features a number of legal professionals who have spoken individually during sessions, coming together here for a few hours and sharing their thoughts. It is sobering to say the least. The four are, Shawn Buckley (who chaired the Inquiry), Bruce Pardy, who some know from his talks with Jordan Peterson and being a professor of law at Queen's, James Kitchen, legal council from Alberta, and Leighton Grey.

To unpack what together they discuss, does not do any justice to their message that needs to be heard - will try to lay down some bones of what they were saying in that direction.

Each has their own story to tell, each was asked questions by their colleagues, and each offered up stories from clients they represented or, clients they know of that had been trampled by administrative collusion and judges (little j) that have usurped Judicial privileges beyond recognition. This thread features many references.

So, their telling is coupled with, more or less, the fright at what has become of the country they have served in justice. Of how their colleagues denounced them. Of how friends abandoned, of how their own legal profession care nothing for what is going on - they will not take cases and run from simple human 'opinion'.

There are historical nuances discussed prior to covid, a slow creep that took decades to get us to this point. A point now where legal bodies that produced appointed Judges, do so on ideological grounds that are married to their judgements. All of which can be seen when headlines pronounce. There is some juxtapositions made between Canadian Judges and their courts and U.S. Judges and courts. The former is broken, they latter still has some integrity, albeit there are problems.

As laid out recently in a prior post by Pardy, who had then looked at legislative separations and their deferment to Judges by decrees set by unelected bureaucrats, carries on in group discussion. When faced with 'what can be done,' it is truly legally bleak. When, not if, the next turn of events comes, the state has false standing to do exactly what they just did, and they know they will not be challenged - they won't be challenged simply because the courts will not hear, as has been the case.

They bring up mention of class action, not from those unjustly treated (all Canadian's), but by those who want to destroy their own citizen kin. These are the classical followers and their cases will be heard. In this respect, class action against Truckers is for millions, launched by groups in Ottawa who did not like honking - playing victimhood of the absurd. Lawyers are only too happy to take their money and advance a suit, while the politicians rub their hands and the mainstream taxpayer bought media loads their propaganda guns with more rounds.

Regarding the Truckers, there was total agreement that had they not done what they did - an amazing never before seen event of people, their guess is that we might well be at near lockdown conditions today. The Truckers ended it, for now, and not just in Canada.

With pain not said in their eyes, in the back of each of their minds is the thought that at any moment the Canadian Bar will start canceling licenses to practice law. It is just that pathological.


Very weighty stuff:

This trial against the organizers of the Freedom Convoy began yesterday (Sept. 5/23).

'Freedom Convoy' organizers' criminal trial begins Tuesday​

Lich and follow convoy organizer Chris Barber are scheduled to stand trial in Ottawa starting Tuesday for their role in the three-week protest that overtook the streets around downtown and sparked a national emergency declaration.
This trial against the organizers of the Freedom Convoy began yesterday (Sept. 5/23).

'Freedom Convoy' organizers' criminal trial begins Tuesday​

The government must justify its repressive behavior. Only 'nice' people are allowed in Mr. Trudelicious's Nice Temple.
At the entry, the first commandment is carved in stone so as to be immune to truckers:
  1. You shall lie until all lies infest your being, at which point you become Lord Trudelicious's eternal source of darkness.
There are no other commandments. One commandment encapsulates all that is needed to have a preposterous prosperous life in Canada... :whistle:
What is going on in Toronto today?

In your link, this was mentioned:
Earlier Tuesday, Insp. Suzanne Redman said a protest was planned by an informal group calling itself "Save the Children," unrelated to the international non-profit organization of the same name.

This "Save the Children" comment comes from an interview with Insp. Suzanne Redman embedded here but without any real embellishment except to link it to something else even if related:

Roads reopen around Queen's Park, hospital row after possible 'vehicle convoy' prompts closures

The streets were shut down as a precaution to protect emergency routes, Insp. Suzanne Redman told reporters on Tuesday.

A spokesperson for Toronto police confirmed that the potential demonstration was believed to be connected to the so-called "1 Million March For Children" -- protests that have targeted LGBTQ2S+ inclusive education. Last week, thousands of people attended demonstrations nationwide to call for the elimination of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) curriculums in Canada.

More than 1,000 counter-protesters showed up at Queen's Park last week for the 1 Million March For Children protest in Toronto.

So, what is the non-npo "Save the Children"?
Canada’s Far-Right is Planning a Convoy to Toronto to ‘Save the Children’. It’s Already Spinning Out of Control.

The ‘Save the Children Convoy’ is struggling as organizers accuse one another of being ‘undercover cops’ or planning ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’

August 4, 2023

Canada’s far-right “freedom movement” is planning yet another convoy, except this time their goal is not to end vaccine mandates or replace the country’s democratically-elected government – this time, they say, their goal is to “save the children.”

The “Save the Children Convoy,” a spin-off of recent anti-2SLGBTQ+ protests targeting schools and drag storytime events as well as loosely inspired by the controversial film “Sound of Freedom,” is being planned for Toronto in late summer or early fall.

Organizers say they are currently holding secret, in-person meetings to iron out their plans and aren’t sure where they’ll stay when they get to Toronto.

They also admit that what exactly they’re trying to “save the children” from is not straight-forward and could be open to multiple interpretations.

“Save the children is basically a generic statement obviously,” lead convoy organizer Gordon Berry told PressProgress. “There’s a multitude of things you could be saving them from.”

Berry says the convoy wants to save children from the “human trafficking industry,” but also from “mandating the shots to kids and kids getting sick and frigging education and all the stuff they’re teaching them in schools and the trans agenda and the math agenda, gender dysphoria – all of these things.”

“You got to save them from the whole system.”


Berry is even more pointed about his concerns in the convoy’s private Facebook group where he and others have shared graphics claiming “the World Health Organization and the United Nations are instructing elementary schools around the world to have pedophilia normalized.”

One graphic features a photo of a child with a QR code tattooed to its forehead next to the symbol of the freemasons.

The graphic expresses opposition to a number of disturbing crimes, including “child trafficking,” “child pornography,” “child slavery” and “child abduction.”

The convoy’s private Facebook group, which counts nearly 3,000 members, indicates that it is focused on issues like “pedophilia, child trafficking, grooming” and “indoctrination in schools.” Postings in the private group include “tips for finding pedophiles and child traffickers,” videos about “child grooming” and memes featuring Christian religious messages and symbols.


Berry, a former provincial candidate with Nova Scotia’s populist, ultra-libertarian Atlantica Party, is one of the lead organizers of the convoy, alongside Elliot McDavid, a man who made national headlines after aggressively harassing Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland in Grande Prairie, Alberta last summer.

In videos viewed hundreds of thousands of times on TikTok, McDavid claims Canada has seen a rise in child abductions since the beginning of the “plandemic,” something he claims has led to “thousands” of missing children and mass suicides by parents.

McDavid accuses Alberta’s Child Protective Services of running a “child trafficking ring” and alleges the Government of Alberta is “colluding” with insurance companies to produce child pornography. McDavid also claims without evidence that “Trudeau’s paying LGBTQ a million dollars” to promote “the sexualization and the grooming” of “children in the hospitals and at schools and stuff.”

“Get up off your god damned couch and show some passion for this country and some passion for the children that don’t have a voice, they get kidnapped, thrown in a railcar,” McDavid told viewers of one recent TikTok video, adding that children are being “tortured, hunted down like animals by – not the elites – by the degenerates on horseback.”


While previous attempts at staging sequels to the “Freedom Convoy” occupation of Ottawa have struggled to take off, the “Save the Children Convoy” is managing to secure endorsements from a number of key far-right influencers.

Kurt Phillips, an extremist researcher and board member with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, told PressProgress the “Save the Children Convoy” is shaping up to be a “catch-all for a number of conspiracy theories, including not only child trafficking, but 15 minute cities, vaccines and weather manipulation.”

Phillips says some convoy organizers appear to have been radicalized while they were at home online during pandemic lockdowns and simply got “sucked down rabbit holes that they haven’t gotten up from.”

While Phillips says some of those involved deserve genuine sympathy, there is also a danger in people who fervently believe someone is “going after the children” and have reached the conclusion that “anything is justified” to stop them.

“It could result in criminal activity,” Phillips said, noting reports emerging from recent convoy planning meetings that suggest some “participants in the convoy might engage in citizen’s arrests of politicians or even law enforcement, should police try to interfere.”

Cory Sager, one of the ringleaders of an aggressive mob that swarmed Justin Trudeau in Belleville last month, posted a video disavowing the “Save the Children Convoy” after attending a meeting where he alleges participants planned acts of “terrorism.”

“All these people are planning on committing acts that are straight up terrorism,” Sager said on a Facebook livestream. “I know that they’re terrorism if I read the law on terrorism and then I compare with what they have told us that they are going to do.”

Sager explained that during the meeting, he saw a document detailing violent plans that included convoy supporters performing roles associated with police officers.

“Towards the end of the meeting, they start to talk about some things that aren’t all that peaceful,” Sager said. “They somehow think that by presenting a document that regular citizens that are playing parts of authority, like the police officers and other people like that, that they’re going to accept this document as something that overrides the legal system.”


Phillips says Sager’s comments point to the influence of “sovereign citizen ideology.”

“It appears to be motivated to a significant degree by a sovereign citizen ideology that rejects the authority of the state and replaces it with a pseudolegal belief that suggests that they have what amounts to be a secret formula of legal phrases that will take them out of the system,” Phillips told PressProgress.

“In the United States we’ve seen sovereign citizens engage in significant violence including the murder of law enforcement.”

In a follow-up video last week, Sager speculated that “two guys” who showed up to a recent convoy planning meeting were “undercover police” trying to entrap organizers.

“They’re saying things that you would not say in front of a person unless you trusted them with your life and they’re doing it in front of people that they don’t know,” Sager told convoy supporters.

“They’re willing to speak in front of people they don’t know and say things that are clearly federal offences and tell you to do it openly without repercussion, and tell you that it’s okay and everything will be fine in the end, don’t worry about it, that’s alarm bells for me.”

“If you went to that meeting and you gave them your email, because they’re asking for emails, that email was forwarded to another guy that’s already looked at as a terrorist,” Sager said. “You’re now up for conspiracy to commit.”

Morgan Guptill, a far-right influencer who goes by the name “Queen of Diagolon,” has similarly disavowed the Save the Children Convoy, suggesting the convoy is a “psyop” orchestrated by the federal government in advance of a “potential fall federal election.”

“I am disavowing this convoy,” Guptill wrote in a public Facebook post. “The behind-the-scenes leaders of this movement, (I believe Marcus Ray and James Bauder), are preying on the emotions of freedom lovers IMHO by disingenuously using the #savethechildren slogan right after the release of the Sound of Freedom.”


Bauder, who is currently awaiting a criminal trial in connection with his role as one of the original lead organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” occupation of Ottawa, denies he has any involvement in planning the “Save the Children Convoy.”

“I am 100% not involved,” Bauder told PressProgress, adding he’s only “re-shared some social media content” about the convoy. “I don’t even know this Morgan person, nor do I care.”

Gordon Berry confirms Bauder is “unequivocally not involved” and stresses that he has been “specifically clear” that he is “not about violence.”

“I don’t know where the hell they’re getting their intel,” Berry told PressProgress, adding that he believes “they’re lying, they’re making it up, they’re creating division.”

“I don’t know why, controlled opposition? Benefits?” Berry speculated. “Some people make a really good living off the downfalls of others in the last three years, whether it’s via donations or selling merchandise or all of this stuff, some people have made businesses out of that.”

In a recent Facebook video, Berry warned viewers that if they don’t “stand up” against “Minor Attracted Persons” and the “MAP agenda” in schools, then things could well end in a violent social conflict.

“If we don’t do something, then we’re getting towards a civil war scenario,” Berry said. “The objective is for us to stand up and take our power back and arrest these criminals in politics and everywhere.”

“I’d rather be proactive than reactive and we can avoid that,” Berry added. “Everything that we do is peaceful. Everything we talk about is peaceful.”

“A lot of people are really starting to stand up and we realize we have to save the children and it’s up to us, it’s our responsibility.”

This week, reports surfaced that one of the Sound of Freedom’s original funders had been arrested on child kidnapping charges in Missouri.
Today some good news! A federal Canadian court ruled that Trudeau regime's invocation of the Emergencies Act was in violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It would be great if this ruling sets a precedent, and makes it more difficult for any Canadian regime to pull the trigger on dissent in the future, for impending disease X shenanigans or whatever else the gov't has planned.

The interesting bit to me is the idea that Canada's balance of powers still functions somewhat like it's supposed to. Weird. Justice Richard G. Mosley for the win!

GOV WRONG TO FREEZE BANK ACCOUNTS: In the Emergencies Act ruling, the Federal Court disagreed with the Liberal government's characterization that freezing Freedom Convoy bank accounts under the Economic Measures constituted minimum impairment. While the judge acknowledged the government's objective to clear blockades, the judge found that freezing bank accounts as part of the measures was not minimally impairing, as it affected rights across the entire country, including areas with no illegal protests.In the ruling, the judge suggested that the scope of the measures could have been limited.The ruling also highlighted concerns about the need for more standards in determining who should be targeted by the measures and the absence of a process for individuals to question such determinations.The judge emphasized that the suspension of bank accounts had unintended consequences, affecting joint account holders and credit cards issued to family members.Ultimately, the judge ruled that the infringements of Charter sections 2(b) and 8 were not minimally impairing and were not justified under section 1.

Edit: added Twitter link
Today some good news! A federal Canadian court ruled that Trudeau regime's invocation of the Emergencies Act was in violation of Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

It would be great if this ruling sets a precedent, and makes it more difficult for any Canadian regime to pull the trigger on dissent in the future, for impending disease X shenanigans or whatever else the gov't has planned.
It definitely feels like a win - on paper at least.

I try not to be cynical, but no one I know on the "Convoy" side of friends and family believes that the federal government of Canada follows any law and even with a change of leadership - this isn't going to change. Although this judgement and the accelerating animosity towards Freedeau's regime, does seem to point to the fact that we might get a breather for period of time. Good for Tamara and Pat getting some vindication from this - they never deserved to be branded as arch villains for exercising Charter Rights and inspiring a a nationwide resistance against tyranny.
In case you didn’t catch this – The Canadian Federal Court found that Trudeau’s decision to declare the Emergencies Act was ultra vires “unreasonable” and “unjustified” – and that the measures violated the Charter.

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