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I'm opening this thread as i now believe it's a valuable & interresting source that could help us to find other pieces of the puzzle.
It's a french channel opened since 2 years, and this is one of my cousin who introduced it to me 2 months before.
I did watch other of their videos and was tempted to post about, but due to lack of time and a general principle of "it'll be done when it has to be done", I waited.
I posted this video here in the French sub-section of the forum 2 days before, but without insisting on it and just for the french people of the forum.

But since this post i made I re-listened it, I also sent the link to my uncle (kinda mentor) who simply answered “Impressive !”.
I also read the current “intense” thread “Enforcement of VAX escalating” where the discussion was indeed interesting and useful, and the subject discussed in this thread is partly discussed in this video, or session ...
I even took my big (home) cristal in hand and started an open conversation with myself trying to figure out better what is going on and what should i do.
This made me come back to this French session and this strange need to do something.
While re-listening for the 3rd time the video this reminded me that what they are saying is pretty good and fits very well with what we learnt, with what the C's said also. I finally told myself that I had to share it more “loudly” on the forum. I of course hope that this will lead to further discussion, to maybe the analysis of other of their video (old ones and future ones they’ll release)

I was hoping that the auto-sub-title + auto-traduction of youtube would be enough, I was quickly disillusioned, too bad … thus i decided to write it down (& traduce).

What I did is :
- I spotted the first most relevant passage, which starts early at 3:50 (or 230 seconds) and finished around 14:45.
- Then I started to write down the best I can by traducing to English what they are saying.

For non French people, you still can try to activate the auto subtitles + auto traduction to English, but be warned that it contains a good couple of errors and this regularly prevents to understand what they are saying.

M = Matthieu (to the left)
MT = Marie-Therese (top right)
D = Diane : (bottom right)

Context before starting : Diane mentioned that she saw a picture of something which looks like inferno, then she tries to better explain this, this is where the transcript starts.

D: In fact, it’s maybe the words I used which are not correct, for example when I said it’s a vision of hell (or inferno) it’s maybe not a vision of the hell because what I see is that I see humans who are being consumed, it’s like if … for example there’s a volcano and you see the earth melting, it’s similar (she exactly said : “it does the same things”). It’s red, orange, yellow, it’s like if the soil/component of their bodies is melting, and I see them as being burned on in place, and all is burnt everywhere.
M: Diane, what is it then, is it something from the future of the earth, do you have a yes or a no ?
D: This looks a little more complex than that but yes
M: Ok, is it on the physical plane or another plane ?
D: eth …. it tells me etheric (Marie-Therese nods with the head), it’s etheric.
M: Marie-Therese, what do you perceive?
MT: yes, it’s not on the physical plane of earth, that is sure
M: Okay
MT: On the other way …
D: That hurts in my hearth
M: You increase your frequency, you are at the source, remember it
M: So, what is the reason for which these people … first, is it everybody, all humans which suddenly …
MT: No (+nods negatively with head)
D: No
M: Who exactly ?
MT: it talks about refusal, those who refused… and there I’m going to be … have … I have a lot of pain coming
D: Me too, I have tears in my eyes, these are all who remained in ignorance, who refuse to see, who refuse to understand and who are enclosed in an egocentric materiality
M: Okay, what is happening for … we remind that it’s not the physical point of view, it’s not hell of earth, but more a symbolic point of view
MT: No no, it’s not only symbolic
M: Etheric
MT: Yes
D: We have the impression that a part of their subtle body are destroyed
MT: That’s it
M: Okay
D: … that what left is their physical body on a physical earth
M: Okay. Does something specific creates this destruction ?
MT: Their choice
M: Okay, Marie-Therese …
MT: Yes … it’s the choice and the denying (or refusal) of their sovereignty … they only want to depend on others, to exist only by what they are told … they are told to go to a place they go this place they refuse to endorse any kind of responsibility concerning themselves.
M: Diane ?
D: It tells me they are empty shells ... that is to say, they have lost precisely that which inhabited them. You see when I said what was etheric/energetic surrounding them, it’s like they were … their divinity, their sovereignty, what said MT, their soul, their mind, the possibility to of realizing they are one … and unique, all of that is leaving, it disappears, empty shells remain … empty of themselves … it’s horrible. In any case, those who wanted sheeps will get them here, that is sure, and there will be nothing left in it.
M: While listening what you describe, we can’t help to think about a certain chemical product injected in the body that could be responsible of this. What do you have ?
MT: Partly
D: No
MT: Me I have partly (to a certain extent)
M: Okay, so why partly ? Can you explain ? That’s to say some could have received something, we are not going to give the name because certain platforms censore it, but could have received something and yet have kept his sovereignty ? That’s it ?
MT : Yes
D: Yes
MT : Yes because in fact there are some who decide by …. how im going to say this … just because they were told to do it and there are others who decide it with a much more luminous intention which is not just to say “yes” but which is to say “yes” out of (for) love, and this is the difference. For the love of other people, for their own sake (good/love) being aware that this choice it’s them who decided it and no one intervene in their choice even if there are pressure they are the ones who decide, while other who decided just because “you need to, it needs to”, without asking themselves other questions about their possibility to say yes or no.
M: Okay, Diane ?
D: The difference from what I see is that, as MT was saying I was seeing that this person who decide for himself who becomes like luminous and which …which .. “raise” one will say, which is a way … who shines, radiates something, and the other person which disintegrates and which sinks and which becomes darker and … it’s as if for example it passed from the vertical position to the four-legged position … and it becomes dark and it’s like all its energy, its substance, descended into the earth, as if it were flowing, something dark which was falling down to the earth if you want.
M: It’s quite interesting Diane, I’m doing a parenthesis, we did precisely another survey that has not been published that you do not know precisely describing the same phenomenon where people were collapsing on themselves like a candle that burns out and which … that’s why it’s interesting.
D: And so, the story of those … to make the difference between those who chose to do it … then love … The “love of others” this tells me “no”, it is not for love of others but for love of oneself (MT says yes). The love for others remains in the same principle of I do something for others but it won’t be enough because precisely it’s like … it’s like it was creating a kind of … attachment, a kind of spreading, for instance the person has four arms and 2 of them are attached in front and two attached to the back and the person is frozen on the spot in the 4 cardinal points … to say … connected to the rest of humanity and therefore to undergo all that humanity is going to undergo, while if he really does this in love of himself while saying “where I am I do not have other possibility (choice)” but he either does not do it to achieve ease of living, it’s not at all the reason … if he does it to have life facilities so to be with others it's the same, it’s like the one who become four-legged, no here it’s really self-love… (hard to traduce) there’s no other solution in the situation I’m in ….
MT: In fact when I was talking about love of others, it is this awareness of the reliance of … at the same time we are one and we are all, this awareness of being one and being connected to the all and to all, it’s more in this sense than when I was talking about love it is this awareness of being linked both to all humanity while being one and sovereign and … radiant (glowing), and this attitude of inner radiance which reflects on others … that’s the reason I used the term “love”, but it’s true that you are right this was not necessarily judiciously…
D: It’s ok MT. It’s just I really wanted to make a difference because … if I do not precise it, it’s like this will encourage people to : “so yes, as it’s like that, I love myself so I’m going to get vaccinated”
MT: Yes, yes, it’s not engouh
D: and … it’s not the solution either you see, those who hear this says “ok I’m going to vaccinated” it’s again running to be like the others. It’s really only a few people who are able (manage) to make it with this inner attitude of letting go and love one oneself, but really something that will emanate, it's like it's going to consume everything the person (was) injected, and obviously … this is not a recommendation that I can in good conscience afford to make
M: Okay
I stop the transcription here. The next question from Matthieu is (at 14:48) :
“ What about the people who are now waking up after perhaps receiving an initial solution ?”

They answer on care, on the ethereal and physical plan, and they also mention alimentation, fasting, diet, food purification … which is again a good answer from what we know here on the forum.
Later Diane mentions about the blood of vaccinated people, tainted blood, like if it blood was having anonther density, being heavier.
and so on ...

What I wanted by opening this thread is to show an interesting source, where the main person (Matthieu) always insist by stating that the future is unknown, and that it’s an experiment. The warning message in the comment of the video is clear, here’s its traduction :
IMPORTANT: The information gathered in #Hypnosis #Regressive is "subjective" and should not be taken as truth. It is important to keep in mind the experimental nature of our #investigations. Thank you for being discerning

This transcribed passage already contains a couple of interresting topics which resonate with what many here learnt or understood (helped by the C's).
I invite anyone to listen the video to the end and maybe identify other relevant passages, or maybe from other of their sesions.

I'm ... let's say well confident that they contain useful information to help us to prepare for the incoming ...months.

Later in this session/video they "saw" that something big would be happening now in less than 1 year, they see all the system collapsing and that between 20 to 30% of people will remain active, and all the rest will become like empty robots doing automated things, but acting less in conciousness than even an animal. (i hope this will not happen because it's scary)
It they are right or near the truth then it's a key information to help us to prepare to this such or similar scenario and this could lead to more precise question to ask to C's. What about is 3 people on 4 start to act like mentally disable persons ? I do not remember having read this possibility anywhere on the forum, except the topic of our 4D STS "mates" searching for bodies to occupy. Could these empty bodies they mention in this video be what the lizzies are trying to accomplish in order to control/possess them once done ?

On the practical side, or the "how could they do it ?", my "idea" is that there's a link between vaccines and a kind of trigger they could activate (mabye through 5G) that would act like a "bomb" inside vaccinated people, can't explain it otherwise, and they do not mention, in this video, how this situation would happen, if this would be gradually or suddenly.

Future gonna be fun, indeed 😅

Here's the Odysee link :

And the same on youtube, click here
Thank you Dredger. Very interesting. Even if what they see will not happen, their words make us think and meditate. But it is not a question of if what they see it is true or not. We know, and we understand what they mean, even if they talk in metaphors or symbols. It is like a language we understand, and it is also a universal and spiritual language. Thanks!


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To check the level I quickly and partially listened to the 186 one about Bermuda triangle. What I listened perfectly match what the C's said about planes going into time 0.

The advantage of the C's transmissions, is that they put words on what here, speakers struggle to describe.


- This is that, this is in another space, in another time and on earth, there are many passages like that.
- In your case, do we arrive, as explained, on the same duplicated earth, or are we on a different time scale?
- I am with a guy, he is a pilot. So he is in a time line that is totally different. The setting has changed, it's as if a movie set had been projected on him and in fact the guy is flying, he never stops. He's in his airplane, he's just flying, just flying, he never stops.
- So he's stuck in the plane. So he's stuck inside?
- He's stuck inside (shrugs).
- Okay, so does that mean that when he leaves he's still stuck in our present?
- No, everything has changed for him, he's in a different setting. So what I don't understand, of course, is that for him time no longer exists.
- That is to say that he flies since he passed in this thing, he flies and he never stops flying. He can fly like that forever.
- Okay, did he dematerialize?
- I don't know because I see it as real but he finds it strange, but in fact for him it's natural without really understanding why he's in this state and why he does it, he does it and that's all, he's like really disconnected from the same reality as us. He is in another reality that seems quite real to him but with a temporality that no longer exists.


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N°72 despite the title (evolution of Gaïa to the 5D), it really sounds like the Wave, and not because they use the term of waves but because of the other details they give. What do you think ?


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N°72 despite the title (evolution of Gaïa to the 5D), it really sounds like the Wave, and not because they use the term of waves but because of the other details they give. What do you think ?
Hi Maat,
Just listened to it while working, had sometimes to pause. I opened a text editor and took some notes. One of the most relevant passage is the following one (rough notes auto-translated to english) :

At about 28:30 she says that the earth (Gaia) does not need us to raise its frequency, it's taking care of itself.
What Gaia is interested in is that we are able to receive this coming wave and if we are not as high in vibration as she is we will be swept away. She sums it up by saying that the earth is simply asking us the question "do I take you or do I not take you? Do you want to come with me or do you not want to come with me?
Gaia's advice would be: anchor yourself, align yourself: aligning yourself is essential.
Open your heart, refocus on yourself, work on yourself.

She also mentions that something will happen all a sudden (in french : tout d'un coup), and she gives the example of a butcher with a big knife cutting a peace of meat in one hit. I thought this interresting as i always wondered if the passage of the wave would be a sudden event or not. My personal view of how it could happen is like an augmenting pression followed by a sudden break/boom, or tension, like when you spread a rubber band until it breaks.

So yes, good pick ! Here's the Odysee link to it :

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I watched "The Antarctic Reunion". In short, the evil forces went there to continue their business but they were surprised to see that the luminous forces were there in front of them and were now blocking their way. Obviously this made me think of Gandalf (In the Lord of the Rings) and his famous "You will not pass !!". 😉 The end of the video relates more to what the C's say with the Wave and the soul smashing.


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Hello everyone, I have also watched some videos and come to the same conclusion as those who shared their views. Very interesting and a link with the C's. Thanks dredger for sharing as well as Ellipse for the summaries.
Yeah, thanks dredger to have found this channel.

I think that the quality of what they see is in part due to Matthew having a PhD and being able to direct regressions on important points, with a kind of scientific and cautious approach (he take care to ask if the source is positive when speakers have a contact). Doing this in a joyful mood at the same time. He Although some time miss some occasions to listen what speakers want to say but it' mostly marginal.

To have several speakers at the same time seems to be a good move too, it seems to reduce distortions. Not easy for the speaker to always have the right vocabulary, so one another can complete or correct or explain with another angle.

And perhaps it's just the right moment and doing this would not be possible 20 years before. Anyway, having the C's knowledge in background give a very interesting frame of reference.

I listened the last one "266 - NIBIRU - APOCALYPSE OR BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA?". The two speakers were not well-versed in the subject before they start the regression.

Here is a brief summary (keep in mind that doing this, I can introduce distortions myself, the regression being 1 hour):

Nibiru seems to be a more or less gaseous black planet with red eruptions. Very elliptic orbit between at least two solar systems (our and another one). The orbit is not the same as our solar system, more or less perpendicular, the same plane of the axis of the earth. The planet oscillate between density (they say dimensions) so not easy to see it. The apogee was in 2020, now rather leaving our solar system. They see a link with all the mythology. The planet gather informations at one place and redistribute it.

Its passing did a wave in our solar system and shaked a bit all the planets so now it's not like before. Strong solar eruptions were induced and had to be mitigate by positive forces to protect the earth (2 times if I remember well).

What is saw is that Nibiru is a piece of a great clockmaking. At a moment their is an "alignment" and when this "alignment" occur their is a "clack" in the mechanism, and then the surrounding change like when we change of season (or day as you want).

Nibiru deleterious effects would be being mitigated and used by positive forces to finally have a positive effect (disinfo here?).

Its like changing of season. When the winter come there is snow, lightnings and plants drop their leafs but after, the spring come. If you're prepared for the winter you're not afraid of it.

Other similar and more complexes mechanisms exist in the universe.

The part I like the less is the message "don't be afraid, all is under control, it' a well know mechanism" at the end.


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@Ellipse I also finished to watch it less than 30m before ^^
No much to add - in fact, i started to write a comment on youtube, but stopped, i wasn't sure enough of what i wanted to write.
At the moment, in the first part of the session, i think it's the one named Alexandre who speaks about mini solar system, and later on, they mention also a group of something, and i was wondering if he wasn't trying to explain the vision of the comet/meteors cluster, but they did not mention such terms.

From what i learned here (but please correct me if i'm wrong), what they name Nibiru is the sun's twin, the brown dwarf, and what i had in mind while watching, when they mention that this is used as a kind of base to recharge for STS ... i suddently thought (but maybe i'm wrong of course) that in our solar system (as in many other) the sun is acting as STO and his companion acting as STS, with both being a source of energy for the beings of the same inclination.

I hoped that Matthieu would have asked what is the cycle delay but he did not :( - correct me again if i'm wrong but it's the 25.600 years cycle (?) ... and after 12 "ticks" (as Alexandre was describing), it makes +/- the 307.000 years of the great cycle which is also closing in a near future. I was astonished when he mentionned that it crosses 2 solar system, I should re-listen this part because i was not always 100% concentrated on it.

BTW,, I know it's not really the main topic here, but I can't figure how the cycle of +/- 3600 years of come clusters was initiated, I remember it's linked to the sun's twin, but as it's each 25.600 year, what is then the relation ? If anyone has a link to somewhere on the forum where these 3 main cycles (3600 / 25600 / 307000) are explained, i would be grateful to read it (note : I read Pierre's last book, but don't remember if it's clearly explained in it ...)

Last comment about : from my point of view, what they are trying to describe is 4D, they access it, like a free camera they can move around at their wish., but also, at an "time" they wish. Camera and micro because it seems that they are also in measure to question some beings. It's "fun" to follow them


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Yeah, me also I don't retain all the details on this one, it's very rich. And I would like to have a clear view of cycles too. And yeah, they lack the concept of densities so they struggle sometime.

Anyway the very interesting part is that Matthew ask speakers to first describe what they access themself from themself. He clearly try to avoid second hand information coming from "guides" or whatever. Only when speakers struggle too much he ask them to do that with being cautious. At least this what I witnessed from regressions I saw.

A: The point is: stop filling your consciousness with monotheistic philosophies planted long ago to imprison your being. Can't you see it by now, after all you have learned, that there is no source, there is no leader, there is no basis, there is no overseer, etc... You literally possess, within your consciousness profile, all the power that exists within all of creation!?! You absolutely have all that exists, ever has, or ever will, contained within your mind. All you have to do is learn how to use it, and at that moment, you will literally, literally, be all that is, was, and ever will be!!!!!!!!
1995 12 12


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On the channel, there are 2 videos among all posted which propose to make a test to verify if one is receptive to hypnosis with visualisation. It's in french, but as he does not speak much then slowly count from 10 to 1, i think even one person who do not understand french could try it.
There a short and a longer one - here's the direct link to the short one :

I tried it 2x but no effect. When you see the comment above the video, it seems it works for a good couple of people.
I'm not surprised that it does not work with me, when i go to see my friend who is an energetic healer, i'm one of his worst patient in regard to subtil feelings. But i can't help to wonder if it's a good or bad thing to be so "insensitive" ? Do anyone here has a comment about ? Say otherwise, is it a necessity to sensiblize oneself to subtil energies/sensations/visions ? (knowing what is coming)
I do not meditate, nor do EE - I did medidate with a friend, 1 year before, and during 2 months, each days, 20 minutes sessions, then stopped. At least i admit that recently i had ideas that came into my mind about meditation, i even, recently, went on my sofa to mediate (or try to) during 1h, which is very long for me, and I wonder if I should give this more importance, i'm much a "mental" person :scared: :whistle:
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