Getting a "Handl" on things?

Laura said:
A: We do not mean Rhinelander, Wisconsin... Or do we?!? Who
is to tell?
Q: Who?
A: The searcher, the sepulcher, the one who carries the staff
in constant search for greener pastures.
Quote from: Laura on January 27, 2012, 01:27:40 PM
Q: One thing I do want to understand, since it is involved in all of this, is the idea of the 'Shepherd.' All of the ancient legends and stories and myths lead, ultimately, to something about the 'shepherd,' or the 'Shepherd King.'
A: Shepherd is most likely to be struck by lightning, due to staff, and thus "enlightened," or "illumened!!"

Catholic bishops have staff called "pastoral" (Latin baculus) imitating illuminated individuals in history, acting like false shepherds, totally (as usual) missing the point.
And this pastoral stuff has spiral ending :huh: as can be seen on Wikipedia:


I find Russian orthodox bishops crosier - on the same page - especially intriguing and amazing...

This may help or not...
bngenoh said: said:
..."Whenever you find different systems that are governed by the same mathematical laws, you are hitting on something fundamental. You have found a thread in the mathematical fabric of reality. This study raises the concept of 'self-organized criticality' to a higher status. It's not just a far-fetched possibility."

This message is for some reason coming at me from all directions, and I don't quite know what to do with it. What little is clear at this point is that self-organizing networks can undergo phase transitions, and that results can emerge from that that you might not be able to predict if you haven't seen it before.

The networks I have been reading about recently span a range from 1st density to 3rd density (human), and share a surprising amount in common. I have a feeling, though, that 3D networks are capable of more than what we have seen so far, when they transition.

How does all this tie together? I have no idea. :huh:
Researching for vibratory frequency light and prime numbers gives to me this: ( _ )

The Essence of Primary Numbers

The Big Bang or First Force

Scientists and theologists agree that the first event in the Universe was the Big Bang. This first release of radiation, light and sound was the first “Word”, meaning vibration. By definition, only Prime Number frequencies are unique, and all others are Harnonic resonance at lower or higher Octaves of the Prime frequencies or interactions with other frequencies. The study of Prime Numbers is known as Numerology or the essence of Numbers depending on their Prime origin and their Octave level. The Prime Numbers for our frequency purposes are as follows: 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, … This differs from a pure Mathematical definition since I consider 2 to be the second octave of the first Prime Number 1 and its frequency. The units of these frequencies (centuries, years, months, minutes) is irrelevant since any unit will be a lower or higher octave of the Prime frequency, by the commutative law of multiplication.

The First Prime Frequency

Number 1 is the First Prime and should yield the most visible harmonics and it does. It is the source of the famous Wall-Street saying: “Sell in Spring buy in Fall” 12 month seasonal cycle. The 2nd harmonic of Number 1 is also quite visible in the 2 year cycle, and the 4th harmonic is the well known 4 year election cycle, but even the 8th harmonic is visible. Click below to see these harmonic resonances and their effect.
The 1 year cycle The 2 year cycle The 4 year cycle The 8 and 16 year cycle

The Second Prime Frequency

Number 3 is the Second Prime and should also be easy to detect and we find it is the case. The three year harmonics shows up mostly in Interest Rates sensitive series, with the 2nd harmonic of 6 year very visible, and the 10th harmonic 60 year cycle very important as well.
The 3 year cycle The 6 year cycle The 60 year cycle

The Third Prime Frequency

Number 5 is the Third Prime and also yields some very easily detected harmonics. The 5 year cycle is very present in Oil, while the 2nd harmonic 10 year cycle shows up almost universally in many series.
The 5 year cycle The 10 year cycle The 10-20-30 year cycle

The Fourth Prime Frequency

Number 7 is the Fourth Prime and should be harder to detect and we find even less easily detected occurences. We do see evidence of a 7 year cycle in the charts below, but other harmonics are not so easy to detect with certainty, possibly because most series are not long enough.
The 7 year cycle The 3.5 and 7 year cycle

The Fifth Prime Frequency

Number 11 is the Fifth Prime and should also be hard to detect and it would be except it is also the well known solar cycle. The Solar cycle correctly predicted ALL recessions except the 1974-75 one which was probably an extension of the 1970 recession that was correctly predicted. The last 5 out of 5 or for purist the last 5 out of 6 recessions were correctly predicted for an excellent rate of 83% or better. The Solar cycle predicts we will get a recession in 2012-2014 after Volatility has peaked for this cycle.
The 11 year cycle The 11 year cycle The 5.5 and 11 year cycle

The Sixth Prime Frequency

Number 13 is the Sixth Prime and should be tougher to detect and we have to go very far to see it reliably.
The 13 year cycle The 13 and 20 year cycle

The Seventh Prime Frequency

Number 17 is the Seventh Prime and should be tougher to detect but Martin Armstrong popularized its 1/2 harmonic, the 8.6 year PI * 1000 days cycle.
The 8.6 year cycle The 17 year cycle

G.I. Gurdjieff was very emphatic in the Law of OCTAVES (Frenquency perspective).

Relating to the word Rhineland this comentary caught my attention in this USA military site about the Rhine Batles at the
end of world war II ( ):

"...Aachen held great symbolic importance in the Nazi ideology. Birthplace of Charlemagne, it evoked memories of the glories of the Holy Roman Empire and had captured Hitler's imagination. "The city," the Fuerher ordered, "must be held at all costs." ...".

So in the above sentence we have Hitler almost obsessed in keeping this City, the question is Really Why?

Just some Perspective when Hilter rose to power look what He did with Rhine:

Hitler reoccupies the Rhineland ( )

"...Nazi leader Adolf Hitler violates the Treaty of Versailles and the Locarno Pact by sending German military forces into the Rhineland, a demilitarized zone along the Rhine River in western Germany..."

So indeed Hitler was very interested in the Literal Rhineland for some Hermetic Reasons.
How to connect bone and chalk? Chalk is bone. Calcium minerals.

I've just finished reading 'Bringers of the Dawn' there are a number of interesting connections drawn between stone and bone, which isn't quite bone and chalk - but interesting given this topic:

Much of this information is stored within your body in the light-encoded filaments that are scattered and are coming back into alignment. Your bones and skeletal form correspond with that information. When your skeletal form is in alignment, the energy from sacred power sites is released, the cosmic rays are pulled into your body, and the light-encoded filaments inside your cells begin to reorder themselves, you will find that you are in the change. The change will be mirrored to you everywhere you look.

Many of the structures built on this planet, particularly ancient sacred sites, have information stored within stone. In the same way, you have information stored within the bones of your skeletal form.

Bodywork serves to bring about a release. You have used the tissue and muscle of your body as armor to cover up your skeleton. This tissue has compacted and buried itself and kept what is in the skeletal form from rising to the surface. You want to access information that is within bone, for bone is where the story is held, while the blocks are held in tissue. You must go through all of these layers to get to the truth inside your body.

Information is stored and written in stone. Information is also stored and written in bone. That is why it is important to work with the skeletal structure, because it houses much of your experience in this lifetime.
Galaxia2002 said:
The EE DVD I think mentions that he quality of the air exhaled by Yogi's is different from other individuals. I wonder if the 'breath out and hold' portion of the breathing exercises creates a sufficiently anaerobic environment for a human to be able to fix atmospheric nitrogen and it is the differences in the nitrogen content that accounts for the change in the quality of the air exhaled by Yogi's?

Also if lightening provides for atmospheric nitrogen fixation, I wonder if humans can then absorb that nitrogen during electrical storms?

In a global way it's aerobic rather that anaerobic because you are using full lung capacity. In fact at the beginning many members reported the dizziness of excess of oxygen. I think that the breath out and hold portion in not so long to activate an anaerobic response. I appreciate if somebody knows that air analysis in yogi's and put it here.

Yes, I agree that EE is more of an aerobic process. However if lightning can fixate atmospheric nitrogen, it is the lightning that is producing the anaerobic environment for the fixation of the nitrogen, then that anaerobic state only lasts an instant until the air rushes back into the vacuum created by the lightning - and I believe that is what causes the thunder. So the anaerobic state only lasts for an instant in an otherwise aerobic environment. Having recently restarted the full EE program, in the first few repetitions of pipe breath I'm definitely feeling oxygen deprivation at the end of exhaling for the count of 9 and during the hold for the count of three. This may just be subjective though, and I'm unaware of a way to objectively measure this short of being hooked up to a monitoring device in a hospital where oxygen saturation is measured.
"To handle" (gem. Handel - Trade) and "near tracks well worn" prompts us to consider that "the stuff" moved ways existing till now: from outside the caravan with "undreamed of treasures" was perceived as usual group of people travelling together on a trade expedition. The secret of “the stuff” should remain, but it does not mean that its safety has not been provided by necessary quantity of true and probably good armed people.

Can we define time, e.g., plus-minus 25 years, when keepers of a secret have decided and could select sufficient group of people from certain quantity of people for such protection?

That is, the possibility of that selection for so called cargo support has arisen after keepers of a secret were organized as legal group and their inexact, but official initiative has actually been approved by church and the authorities.
Here there is nothing new ‘cos the serious literature says that crusades began not for the sake of protection of pilgrims and so forth (now you can smile).

Subquestion is: whether "tracks well worn" known to keepers of a secret were used because their fathers already moved these ways (first non-organized crusaders), because keepers of secret came back to the Western Europe (France?) more than once through Germany, because …?

We can assume, build versions only about quantity of those people, as well as destiny of these people, destiny of any individual. Certainly, some facts from life of involved people can be useful to us.
Even if I am mistaken and carts moved from the West to the East.
For example, transport column consisted of 30-90 carts, the quantity of people - minimum 100 persons, max 450 and what further..?

Therefore cassiopeans hint focus our attention on horses.
If they searched "green pasture" (they did not have a possibility to reserved or transport with or to use existing places with a forage; more: they did not want to show it, to show the intentions, the plan and duration of travel), i.e. they have started to travel in the early spring or in winter and have faced a forage problem, probably, in first cold or snowy days, but did not find, have not found these pastures - then THE WHOLE caravan should stop somewhere, and one of the major signs of this stop were/are not people, but remains of horses. As it was in a case with cass’ hint about american Horseheads, when we can find such information:

“Horseheads is the first and only town and village in the United States dedicated to the service of the American Military Horse...The journey had been particularly severe and wearing upon the animals and their food supply found insufficient. Arriving about six miles north of Fort Reid on September 24, 1779 they were obliged to dispose of a large number of sick and disabled horses. The number of horses was so great that they were quite noticeable, and the native Iroquois collected the skulls and arranged them in a line along the trail. That spot, from that time forward was referred to as the “valley of the horse’s heads” and is still known by the name given to it by the Iroquois.”

That is the local population "has named" an unknown and “now” abandoned place?

With "clay" there we should remember that sometimes "gal-, galle" in German language designates wet or even a godforsaken place...
With the same degree of probability our "Halle" means “a hall” in German.
Why "halle" has reminded me not of salt or Handel's birthplace, but about a place with enough space? Because these people carried something more valuable, sacred, they were sepulchers simultaneously, and I will dare to illustrate it with a known picture after my Photoshops experiments a la “A: Best to split the image, head to head. Vertically.” (The citation from session 31 October 1998:,26592.msg319793.html):


Skull (bones)..?

There is also other small probability of a binding to "a horse" theme: "galle" in German means not only a gall bladder, but a word which is adhered to a problem of movement of horses, illness of horse feet (gem. Galle - Windpuff; besides: the horse does not have a gall bladder organ as such).

Other pleasant parallel: if "treasures" could be found in or under a stable in Jerusalem temple why these heavy things have not finished own European way also in places where the horse stops, somewhere in "field ... as of yet undreamed of treasures"? It’s logical circle, isn’t it?
Jones: Actually, only the bacteria need an anaerobic environ because the enzyme nitrogenase stops working when oxygen is present. The thunder bit is interesting - is it true? Re: oxygen deprivation - I've had it too, but I think it was the body adjusting to a slower pace.

Megan: Plasma is said to be self-organizing. If you have the time to see this abstract:
[quote author=]The primary purpose of this paper is to extract a grand view of self-organization through an extensive computer simulation of plasmas. The assertion is made that self-organization is governed by three key processes, i.e. the existence of an open complex system, the existence of information (energy) sources and the existence of entropy generation and expulsion processes. {bugging/debugging?} We find that self-organization takes place in an intermittent fashion when energy is supplied continuously from outside. In contrast, when the system state is suddenly changed into a non-equilibrium state externally, the system evolves stepwise and reaches a minimum energy state. {piecewise-deterministic Markov process?} We also find that the entropy production rate is maximized whenever a new ordered structure is created and that if the entropy generated during the self-organizing process is expelled from the system, then the self-organized structure becomes more prominent and clear.[/quote]

Like Mathematics: numbers by themselves are a terrible mess, but if you find the organizing structures (e.g. formulas) then numbers can convey information.

Galaxia & bngenoh: Re: alignment

A substance is magnetic when its net magnetic moments align in one direction. I wonder if we can use monopoles instead and say that a substance is magnetic when the (+) and (−) monopoles are polarized at each end?

Iron, cobalt and nickel are the Three (para)Magnetic Musketeers of transition metals. They have unpaired electrons in their 3d subshells. (Each 3d subshell has 5 orbitals. Another 353535?) These unpaired electrons when aligned (all "spin up" or all "spin down") produce a magnetic dipole.

Cryptochrome works the same way: in blue light, it creates unpaired electrons and has them align or not-align with respect to a magnetic field (and producing chemical feedback). (Source)

Plasma filaments tend to twist around one another owing to something called Z-pinch. An example is Birkeland currents, that look like DNA helices.
[quote author=Bringers of the Dawn]Within human cells are light-encoded filaments, fine gossamer threads of energy that carry information. When these gossamer threads are working together like a cable - the way fiber optics works - they form the helix of your DNA.[/quote]
The word used was "energy."

When plasma loses its charge separation (its electrons fall back into lower energy orbitals), energy is released as light (not necessarily in the visible spectrum). Plasma is simply the highest energy state of matter, I think.

[quote author=James Dwight Dana / A System of Mineralogy / pub. 1837]NICKEL GLANCE. Argyrites decrepitans.

Sulpho-arsenide of nickel, Thom.
481. Primary form : the cube. Cleavage highly perfect parallel with the primary form. Occurs also in lamellar and granular masses.
H.=5.5 G.=6.097—6.129 Lustre metallic. Color silver-white—steel-gray.

It contains, according to Berzelius, (Kong. Vet. Acad. Handl., 1820, p. 241,)

{redacted - table of values}

When heated it decrepitates with great violence. Ignited in a glass tube, sulphuret of arsenic sublimes as a transparent yellowish-brown mass, which remains clear on cooling.
Ons. It occurs at Loos, in Helsingland, Sweden, and in the Albertine mine, near Harzgerode, in the Hartz. It is associated with copper pyrites, galena, calcareous spar, fluor spar, and quartz. It was noticed by Cronstedt, but first analyzed and described by Pfaff.

[quote author=Session 19 June 1999]Q: (L) You said that the primary composition of this comet is nickel?
A: No, we said “nickel?”
Q: (L) What does ‘nickel’ mean? (A) It’s a shiny metal. (L) A coin, a five-cent piece …
A: What does molten nickel look like against the backdrop of space?
Q: (A) It would look like silver … (L) Would it have a color? (A) I don’t think so.
A: Does it conduct electricity? Is it magnetic?
Q: (A) Yes, it can conduct, but it’s not magnetic. Why ‘molten?’
A: What about the “tail” of such an object coming into contact with the ionosphere? {a plasma filament forming? Birkeland current?}

Q: (L) Well, honey … am I on to something here? (A) The point is that this comet is in space. Space is rather cold, so the question is: what would make nickel molten? (L) Well, it will be close to the sun! That will heat it up! (A) This particular comet is not going to come close enough to the sun to melt it! (L) Well then, how can the nickel be molten???
A: What about flares?
Q: (L) That’s it! A bodacious solar flare! And, combined with the bodacious solar flare is a change of trajectory because of its accumulation of matter … so that it is closer to the sun … (A) But it is not coming close enough to the sun to be caught in a solar flare!
A: Is nickel magnetic?
Q: (L) No. What does it mean to this subject that a nickel is not magnetic?
A: Does nickel have a companion?
Q: (A) Well, when we say a ‘companion,’ it means another metal in the same family in the Mendeleev Table. I believe that cobalt and nickel are in the same family, but I will have to check …
A: And cobalt is invisible in the good old vacuum of space, but not nickel! {Why?}
Q: (L) Does that mean it will attract cobalt?
A: No, cobalt will attract.
Q: (L) The cobalt will attract flares … electromagnetic phenomena …
A: Et al.
Q: (L) I see.
A: Now, you need to know the composition of this comet … And any other closely following same. We have alluded to the increased cometary activity before. Oort, and that which cyclically disturbs it.

Porphyrins (from the Greek for Tyrian purple, πορφύρα) are ligands that bind a metal ion in their center. Example: Heme binds iron ions. Vitamin B12 binds cobalt ions.

What was Handl looking for?
magnetite from copper porphyries
diabase from limestone
lodestones formed by lightning (which can occur in tandem with volcanic eruptions)

What is lightning anyway? Is it a combo of plasma, light and electricity?

Akopirnas: I'm curious to know this caravan's destination. (I think you split the image horizontally. Vertically should be the other way?)
Laura said:
Cs session 2December1995 said:
Q: (L) Did the Germans construct a time machine during WWII?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) They actually did it?
A: Ja.
Q: (L) Were the German experiments in time travel carried to
the U.S. after the war?
A: In splintered form.
Q: (L) Did the U.S. take possession of a time machine
constructed by the Germans?
A: No.
Q: (L) Why not?
A: Was taken elsewhere.
Q: (L) Where?
A: Mausenberg, Neufriedland.
Q: (L) Still in Germany?
A: Nein!
Q: (L) Where is Mausenberg?
A: Antarktiklandt.
Q: (L) Who is in control of or running this machine?
A: Klaus Grimmschackler.
Q: (L) I didn't mean a specific person, a group. Americans
or Germans?
A: Deutsche.
Q: (L) Did they use this machine to transport themselves
there and also in time?
A: Has been performed in Glophen in gestalt, bit, yie aire
das gluppen und werstalt de vir seinderfor bidde.
Q: (L) Why are you giving this so that we don't understand?
A: Sorry, got the transmissions mixed up due to subject
Q: (L) Getting back to this German time machine: did the
Germans capture a crashed, or retrieve a crashed, UFO
during the war?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who was flying that craft - excuse me - OPERATING that
A: Grays.
Q: (L) Were the Germans able to back engineer and construct
other craft similar to the one they captured?
A: Did not need to. They got the information on such things
from channeled sources.
Q: (L) Did the Germans get the information from the Vril
Society? A: Partly. Also Thule Society.
Q: (L) These individuals who have this time machine in
Antarctica, what are they doing with it or what do they
plan to do with it?
A: Exploring time sectors through loop of cylinder.
Q: (L) What is a loop of cylinder?
A: Complex, but is profile in 4th through 6th density.
Q: (L) Are there any particular goals that they have in doing
this "time exploration?"
A: Not up to present, as you measure it.
Q: (L) Well, if they escaped and took this time machine to
Antarctica, are they working with any of the so-called
A: 4th density STS.
Q: (L) Are these Germans and their time machine, any part of
the plan to take over earth when it moves into 4th
density. A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Are the Germans behind any of the conspiracies in the
U.S? A: No.
Q: (L) So there is a maverick German element, but to focus on
that as being the foundational aspect of this phenomenon,
is to focus on the wrong thing?
A: Maybe.
Q: (L) Among the things that were discussed among the Germans
in the Thule Society and the Vril Society, was the "Black
Sun That Illuminates the Interior." Can you tell us what
this "Black Sun" is?
A: Ultimate destiny of STS orientation.
Q: (L) Is this Black Sun an actual astronomical phenomenon?
A: In essence.
Q: (L) What would we know this Black Sun as? A black hole?
A: Good possibility.

I started reading this thread from the beginning, and so very quickly found the mention of the possible Nazi time machine. I remembered seeing something about this a few months ago on You Tube a "History Channel" special on the Nazis/alien/technology connection.

According to this History Channel episode, the Nazi secret time machine was called "Die Glocke", "The Bell."

I remember on the episode I saw awhile back, they said that at the end of the war, the Allies found the secret German/UFO base in Poland, but that the head scientist and "The Bell" were both missing, the implication being that he escaped in it. Unfortunately I can't locate the episode that mentions that specifically.

This video at the link here below does have purported information on the Nazi's advanced technology, including the Bell. They even show diagrams of the Bell. Around the edge of the Bell there were strange symbols. And then, mysteriously enough, in December, 1965, Kecksberg, PA, came crashing to the ground an object resembling the Bell - even with strange symbols on it. Of course it was 'disappeared' by the military fairly quickly.

If you just want to skip to what could be the most relevant parts about the Bell, you can try at times: 18:50, 26:00, and 38:00.

Disclaimer: I make no claims as to the integrity of the History Channel and this information.
Hi Muxel years ago I tried to give an interpretation to this nickel- cobalt bussines. I think that the C's was referring in a veil form to the Electrical Universe theory when it was not fully known. It really fits well. See below:,9333.msg67457.html#msg67457

Your interpretation is interesting too.
Thanks for the link, Galaxia.

I must try a different direction then. Possibly this:
[quote author=Adventures with Cassiopaea]Regarding the idea of Psycho-kinesis, or PK, which is "mind over matter," certain studies in neurophysiology [Broughton, Richard S., Ph.D. Parapsychology: The Controversial Science. New York: Ballantine Books, 1991.] suggest that there may be a link between PK and electrical activity of the brain. This theory is still highly speculative, but Dr. William Roll went so far as to suggest that a short circuit occurs in the brainstem, diverting energy or "instructions" from the brain from the body itself to the environment.[/quote]I wonder how a stingray makes its bioelectric shocks.
Muxel said:
Thanks for the link, Galaxia.

I must try a different direction then. Possibly this:
[quote author=Adventures with Cassiopaea]Regarding the idea of Psycho-kinesis, or PK, which is "mind over matter," certain studies in neurophysiology [Broughton, Richard S., Ph.D. Parapsychology: The Controversial Science. New York: Ballantine Books, 1991.] suggest that there may be a link between PK and electrical activity of the brain. This theory is still highly speculative, but Dr. William Roll went so far as to suggest that a short circuit occurs in the brainstem, diverting energy or "instructions" from the brain from the body itself to the environment.
I wonder how a stingray makes its bioelectric shocks.

From what I understand, stingrays have stingers with venom that they use, not electric shock. Could you be thinking of electric eels?

Looks like they have "battery organs" :lol: But it doesn't really say how they make the electricity.


Modified muscle cells that when contracted generated electricity much like a row of batteries. Interesting but could this happen in a brain?
Very interesting thread, thank you!

tschai said:
Strange-I know this is really out there-but there was a reference in Timothy Good's book "Alien Base" where a woman was supposedly visited by ET's and they told her that they were here (on Earth) to mine tritium-her husband thought she was mistaken and meant titanium-but here it is again...interesting, if true. Tritium is a radioactive isotope-I wouldn't think ingesting it would have pleasant effects...

They would probably "mine" Tritium on an atomic molecular level...

I read on Wikipedia:
Tritium is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere when cosmic rays strike nitrogen molecules in the air.
So Alfafa being "nitrogen-fixing", would that mean it would help with the production of tritium / attraction of tritium to a particular place or spot?

This is session 11/28/1998
A: Ever feel as if you are dancing around in circles?
Q: (L) Yes, but one of the unique things about this Horselberg business is that, the legend is that three 'fiery objects' landed on top
of this mountain. And, if you draw a line from Horselberg, which is a 'big rock,' to the 'big rock' of Luxembourg, it crosses the
Rhine exactly on the big rock of the Lorelei...
A: Tritium.
Q: (L) Well, Lorelei, translated from German, going back to the Saxon roots, is literally, 'Laura's rock.' I just thought that was
VERY funny. You had said to look for the three, the 'triplicative connecting profile,' a rock, and you mentioned sirens. Lorelei
later evolved into a story about sirens...
A: Tritium mines.
Q: (L)[To Ark] What is tritium? (A) In physics, it is an isotope of hydrogen. You have deuterium, and you have tritium, and you
make fusion bombs out of tritium. (L) So, there are tritium mines there? (A) You cannot mine for tritium because it is a gas...
A: But what does it emanate from?
Q: (A) That's a good question. I don't know. We can find out.
A: Look for clue!
Q: (L) You say I am dancing around in circles...
A: We are saying, as always, pay attention to the words.

Wikipedia again:
Although tritium can be a gas, its most common form is in water, because, like non-radioactive hydrogen, radioactive tritium reacts with oxygen to form water. Tritium replaces one of the stable hydrogens in the water molecule, H2O, and is called tritiated water (HTO). Like H2O, tritiated water is colorless and odorless.

The session goes on:
Q: (L) Well, this paper says also the following: the divining-rod itself is but one among a large class of things to which popular
belief has ascribed, along with other talismanic properties, the power of opening the ground or cleaving rocks, in order to reveal
hidden treasures.
Leaving him in peace, then, with his bit of forked hazel, to seek for cooling springs in some future thirsty season,
let us endeavor to elucidate the origin of this curious superstition. The detection of subterranean water is by no means the only use
to which the divining-rod has been put. Among the ancient Frisians it was regularly used for the detection of criminals; and the
reputation of -acques Aymar was won by his discovery of the perpetrator of a horrible murder at Lyons. Throughout Europe it has
been used from time immemorial by miners for ascertaining the position of veins of metal; and in the days when talents were
wrapped in napkins and buried in the field, instead of being exposed to the risks of financial speculation, the divining-rod was
employed by persons covetous of their neighbors' wealth. If Boulatruelle had lived in the sixteenth century, he would have taken a
forked stick of hazel when he went to search for the buried treasures of -ean ValOean. It has also been applied to the cure of
disease, and has been kept in households, like a wizard's charm, to insure general good-fortune and immunity from disaster. As we
follow the conception further into the elf-land of popular tradition, we come upon a rod which not only points out the situation of
hidden treasure, but even splits open the ground and reveals the mineral wealth contained therein. In German legend, "a shepherd,
who was driving his flock over the Ilsenstein, having stopped to rest, leaning on his staff, the mountain suddenly opened, for there
was a springwort in his staff without his knowing it, and the princess [Ilse] stood before him. She bade him follow her, and when
he was inside the mountain she told him to take as much gold as he pleased. The shepherd filled all his pockets, and was going
away, when the princess called after him, 'Forget not the best.' So, thinking she meant that he had not taken enough, he filled his hat
also; but what she meant was his staff with the springwort, which he had laid against the wall as soon as he stepped in. But now,
Oust as he was going out at the opening, the rock suddenly slammed together and cut him in two. Here the rod derives its
marvelous properties from the enclosed springwort, but in many cases a leaf or flower is itself competent to open the hillside. The
little blue flower, forget-me-not, about which so many sentimental associations have clustered, owes its name to the legends told
of its talismanic virtues. So, here we also have staffs and flowers and birds and all sorts of things that can 'open the ground,'
something going on underground, 'rock-breaking' plants,
such as 'saxifrage' which became sassafras. It says here: 'the further we
penetrate into this charmed circle of traditions, the more evident does it appear that the power of cleaving rocks or shattering hard
substances, enters as a primitive element into the conception of these treasure showing talismans.' Then it talks about the schamir,
by which aid Solomon was said to have built his temple, and that it is like a 'worm no bigger than a barleycorn' that could split the
hardest substance. The bottom line is, that some kind of power, rock breaking, ground-penetrating power...
A: Does not gold conduct electricity, heat, etc.?
Q: (L) Yes, and gold is also called a ferrophile metal, or 'iron loving,' because it binds easily with iron.
A: And iron...
Q: (L) Iron in the blood... iron in the ground...
A: Magnetic...
Q: (L) Exactly. Anyway, somehow, all this connects backward to something that Solomon used to build his temple, and you told us
previously that the secret that the Templars discovered UNDER the temple, was something that related anti-gravity and that it was
'buried in Galle.' So, yes, we are going in circles. Can you comment on my comments?
A: Circles, hmmm...

In a way everything is in here.

The springwort is interesting, too

In European folk-lore, a plant to which various magical virtues were attributed, among them that of drawing down the lightning and dividing the storm: identified by Grimm with the caperspurge, Euphorbia Lathyris.
And maybe a circle had to be present, like Stonehenge ...

Hope this helps a bit,
Tritium mining made me think of Handl's pumice extraction. Maybe he wasn't after pumice at all but rather what was trapped inside. The air pockets would have been trapped under extreme temperature conditions. It could also possible contain exotic gasses from the eruption.

Maybe Handl was mining tritium.
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