How are you feeling?

I've been waking around 3am as well. I just figured it was from getting older and not needing as much sleep...
I recently had a dream where Laura was telling me to just hold on and continue. She said she was moving far away but she would always be there for us.
Thank you Joe for opening this thread - i can't believe how many of us are experiencing similar things.

I figured it had to do with the Wave. When I´m happy - I´m blissfully happy. When I´m angry - I´m furious. It´s hard to keep the balance, but meditation helps.
I was feeling fairly happy and uncharacteristically content...just more accepting of life for a few weeks before I became ill.'s a different story. It's just strange and i have been thinking that there is something affecting my mood that is 'other'. I am aware and watching my reactions to things, but yes, keeping balanced is more of a challenge.

I´ve been also carrying a weird virus for 17 days now which manifests as an annoying heavy cough that won´t go away no matter what I throw at it (no fever or soar throat, just that cough), and simply a general feeling of weakness accompanied with thoughts of me being so weak and worthless and thoughts that "I can´t make it / do it", so all of that on top is affecting my mood.
I fell ill about 3 weeks ago - I assume it was a flu, i had fever and aches, nausea and am still congested and coughing. Nothing seems to improve the congestion. I spent over a week cooped up at home alone trying to get better, but feeling exhausted and just weak. Had been trying to read, but found that my mental focus was impaired, so tried to find interesting and uplifting things to watch on YouTube.
It's really affected my mood as well, I am impatient and irritable and also amped up physically. I had to quit taking a mild decongestant because it made everything worse.
In general, everyday life is kind of fine with its ups and downs but when watching/reading news, tweets etc. the sense of hopelessness regarding the contemporary world is staggering. Now more than ever. Mostly but not only in the case of the situation in the Middle East.

Regarding what’s happening to the Palestinians, I’ve had to spend a lot of time thinking about all the different aspects of it, to try to understand it all and come to terms with it, because if I don’t, then the anger just triggers self-destructive and bitter thought patterns in me. I ask what the point of this all is - this human existence/story, here on Earth. It’s not just Gaza, it’s the terror of history; it’s the countless and constant human suffering since the beginning of time.

The situation in the Middle East feels so hopeless at times and one of the worst things is to see the complete depravity of politicians and the elites. It's especially depressing to see how many of those few we held in somewhat higher regard are just as willing to bend the knee in service to the Empire. They all just look like a pack of grifters..and most don't care that we see. Am also noticing that I feel less patient than usual with daily interactions with family / friends - stuff that i generally don't love, but take in stride as 'that's just the way they are" - well, I'm not feeling as accepting. I assumed that was part of being sick, feeling hellish and just less patient in general, but now I am beginning to wonder if this is just part of the pressure we are all feeling - we don't have the physical/mental/emotional wherewithall to put up with nonsense.

I don't remember any specific dreams, but do know I have had some nightmares. I don't sleep well either, I can fall asleep between 10 and 11 without much trouble, but will wake anytime between 1.30 and 4, and then am awake for hours. I have wondered if there is beaming going on, or activation of 5G towers..or who knows. But it seems apparent from what others have said that something is afoot!
Recently I'd say I've been more positive and the Cs quote: "some surprising solutions to longstanding problems" resonates with some recent developments in my life. Got offered my old job back with reasonable hours and was also offered to work remotely. This has allowed me to back back in the groove on the forum a bit and move in the area of Caesarea where I feel more at home, warmer, and lighter so to speak.

The recent dreams side of things has been a mixed bag. Had "one of those" dreams not to long ago where I had to gnaw on my captives wrists to break free but since then, I have broken free from my ridiculously overwhelming job responsibilities. Some of the positive ones where waking up crying tears of joy when I moved into my new home, and a powerful romantic dream of touching hands with a lover.

I too like many have mentioned caught a bug of some sort last week. It started out as a hot dry throat that moved up into my sinuses and head. For me it was fairly mild and I was just lethargic for a week.

Has anyone noticed or heard any similar feelings of unease from others that are not involved in the forum? Given the perspective we have here, it might be a 'confounding' factor in getting a read on how people in general are doing.
But the something extra has to do with a feeling that there are more truthful interactions and a genuineness to people that was not there before because "there is nothing to lose" kind of thing. It's all bad at all levels and there's no hiding it or pretending anymore, and it's just going to get much worse anyway, so people just go on in their daily interactions in a more genuine way.

I think the above two quotes from Joe & Gaby go well together. From what I have observed with my co-workers, it has been a mix of unease, distress, and "nothing to lose". Working in supply chain it always feels like the world is going to end :lol: but recently it has taken a distinct turn for the worse. On the flip side, as one of the few distinct funny/happy people in my department who finds time to make people laugh about it all, I've noticed that energy resonating further. There is just such a void of joy at times that it feels almost shocking to whatever situation when I come in with a simple joke, a bright smile, or present a patient calm solution. It just seems like my efforts to emphasize a sense of joy in the face of it all has really resonated, has caught on to a certain extent, and has a "the walls are coming down" sort of feel.

As to how am I feeling about increasingly 'in your face' madness of the world? Much calmer than usual. The last ten times I knew that the world was going to end I was all sorts of stressed out. This time, a little bit wiser, I feel ok. "The night is almost darkest before the new dawn" - It feels like I have to some extent emotionally integrated a true sense of hope for the future whereas years ago, I had basically none.
I've been feeling tired, sluggish, and out of sorts for a while now, and today all I wanted to do was lay in my recliner all day. I wake up multiple times every night, and have the 3 AM-and-I-can't-go-back-to-sleep on a regular basis so I don't look at the clock anymore. For the last three weeks or so my right eye has been watering and swollen and I've been to the eye doc twice for meds that just made it worse and have another appointment tomorrow. I put most of it down to stress and bad diet choices exacerbated by same. :-(

Notice a lot of chemtrails which seem to bring rain and gloom within a day or so and a feeling of general malaise.

Definitely not in the "Holiday Spirit."
Currently my partner and I have been in a "like minded void", with the exception of the forum. A few of the people we are friends with have a realization of world events, but their perception doesn’t go very deep. Occasionally we both will feel out of sorts, usually on cloudy days. I suspect frequency beaming, as the cloud cover would reflect the beaming earthward, in a more concentrated way, osit.
I retired in April, this year, (I managed a cigar shop) due to chemotherapy, and my general health, as the environment was quite smoky, and rather stressful. The clientele at the shop are completely oblivious, other than Fox News, sports, and their stock valuations. I would mention the propaganda, and overall falsity of the narratives they would follow, but it would fall on deaf ears, garner a few chuckles, and the term "conspiracy theorist" would get tossed around.
Since leaving there I am quite positive on a daily basis. I find that following Gurdjieff’s rule #1; "Ground your attention on yourself. Be conscious at every moment of what you are thinking, sensing, feeling, desiring, and doing.", keeps me grounded, and aware of my disposition so that I remain positive as well as happy 95% of the time. I also now have the time to read the forum, and create more music, both a major bonus!
I also find that by following Gurdjieff"s rule#68; "When you become ill, regard your illness as your teacher, not as something to be hated.", my perspective remains more focused and positive. This allows me to understand what needs to be done to remain aware, and prepared for future events and situations as they arise.
I find that the DCM has it’s way of putting us where we need to be, and when we need to be there!
Pretty shitty over the last two or three weeks. There is a distracting buzz around that won't let me focus, its anxiety. There have been things going on since September that kind of had me beaten up, then the whole avalanche of Oct 7 onward sometimes get to my nerves, because the news are all gloom and doom and the situation looks pretty bleak. And then there are some personal and work related stuff as well, so sometimes I feel pretty miserable.
Amid all the feelings we have had, or are having, the one thing that stays strong in my mind is that we are here, we have each other. We hold on together and stand tall, knowing that each one of us cares deeply about each one of you. If nothing else, we can hold onto that one fact through anything that is ahead. We have each other.
It's been interesting to read this thread and to contrast it with my own experience. I've reached out to circle of online friend to see if they've been feeling a similar disquiet to those who have reported already on here.

For the 3 months of Oct, Nov, and Dec I have made it a goal to go to the gym and do long meditations a lot more often. I've done almost 30 hours of sits and 25 hours of aerobic exercise, resistance training, and hot/cold therapy. So am in a very resilient state of being compared to my usual baseline, such that I do want to continue the habits for as long as I can. The point is, it's hard to see how much of what I've been experiencing is being caused by macrosocial psychic effects or earth changes versus private emotional releases or other biproducts of other self-work.

I've been experiencing intermittent bouts of sadness and anger, and Palestine is part of that. But the sadness seems much more somaticized, like a convulsion or sneeze. My body would tear up, quake in its breathing, and experience nausea or mild convulsions (no vomit), but I would not experience it as emotional pain per se. It would move through me quickly and then cease. Anger, even involving projections of mine, seem to be directed more consciously towards getting things done, and I feel much less identified with it, or at least like it's easily contained and redirected. I seem to be a lot better at processing emotions, which I think is a good thing if many people are reporting a rough go at things.

I have been experiencing some unusual or somewhat negative dreams. In a recent one I was fighting a cougar and jackalope, which transitioned eventually to a dream with Laura and the kitchen table in it (this part of the dream was positive).

Yesterday I had a stressful ride home on the metro. The train stopped halfway home and the transit company had to send people on the tracks to come fix it. It took almost half an hour People got really agitated and two people almost started a fight, one of them sitting right beside me. It was rattling, but I feel like I would have been put off worse had I not been taking better care of myself.

Aside from that, one prevalent feeling I've been experiencing is a very subtle vertigo or headache.

I looked that up in the sessions and this is what I encountered.

July 16, 1994
Q: (L) What did they do to us?
A: Gave false memories. Made you inhibited child - headaches - sick at school.
Q: (C) Where is my implant?
A: Head.

October 28, 1994
Q: (L) Why am I having these current headaches?
A: Changes DNA
Q: (V) The night before the USAir crash several of us had headaches and woke up drained.
A: Precognition and soul transfer of energy.

February 25, 1995
Q: (L) Another thing is that physical problems can come with DNA changes. (TM) I am experiencing a mild headache. Is this coming from what we are doing right now?
A: Yes.

February 17, 1996
Q: (L) Well, haven’t you said that actual physical abductions are somewhat rare?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) That was when my hands started going numb, the horrible headaches began…
A: Probe CG, to see what things she is repressing.

May 4, 1996
Q: (L) Okay, he mentioned the headaches beginning when he went on a particular camping trip. And, he is now trying to remember it, and it is causing him pain.
A: Hypnosis.
Q: (TK) The worst headache I ever had was when we were on our way to Japan and stopped in Hawaii. I went over to another ship to get some hydraulic fluid… on the way back, as I was coming back on the ship, I had a headache that was so bad I couldn’t even tolerate light or sound. (L) You mean the kind where it hurts even to breathe? (TK) Ummhmm. (L) Well, I started having those after I woke up one night reversed in my bed with the bottom half of my nightgown wet. I know what they are like. Unbelievable pain.
A: Yes.

February 26, 2002
Q: (R) What is the cause of the headache above my left ear?
A: Psychic stress.

June 22, 2002
Q: (L) Okay, we are going to have to stop because Ark didn’t eat anything all day and he is getting a headache.
A: He is re-grooving. Pushing past cycle blocks. But best to terminate now. Expect bursting through in awareness soon! Good night.

March 22, 2014
Q: (Chu) The remodeling of your bedroom. (L) He gets his headaches in bed. He wakes up with them. It’s those curved walls that are deadly. Dead man’s curve! (Pierre) We have to do that. (L) But I dread it. It’s gonna be such a mess.

January 10, 2015
(Scottie) Remember I was telling you the other day that something was up? This seems like a pretty big disturbance in the Force, dontcha think?
(L) Yeah!
(Scottie) It was like a day or two before the Charlie Hebdo thing that I mentioned it.
(L) Oh yeah.
(Scottie) People here were feeling squirrelly, couldn’t sleep, having headaches, bad dreams and all that stuff. Something was clearly “off”… And then: KABOOM!
(Andromeda) It’s sickening.

April 16, 2016
Q: (L) So, Ark has a first question about the headaches he gets in the mornings. He thinks it has something to do with energy, but he wakes up with these headaches. I occasionally wake up with them also. What is the cause of the headaches?
A: Buildup of EM energies in concert with Earth changes.
Q: (L) So how can one best deal with them?
A: Discharge them.
Q: (L) And how does one discharge them?
A: Wire mesh under mattress connected to ground.

In conclusion: headaches may be caused by the following:
  • DNA changes
  • Abductions
  • Implants
  • Psychic stress from conscious or unconscious memories
  • Re-grooving a connection to the information field
  • Poor feng shui in your bedroom
  • Disturbances in the Force
  • Buildup of EM energies in concert with earth changes -- ground to fix.
Just to pull back from the woo explanations, I'm adding this, from Mayo Clinic:
  • Alcohol, particularly red wine
  • Certain foods, such as processed meats that contain nitrates
  • Changes in sleep or lack of sleep
  • Poor posture
  • Skipped meals
  • Stress well as this, from
  • stress
  • muscular tension
  • dental or jaw problems
  • infections
  • diet
  • eye problems
  • hormonal influences
  • medications
  • disorders of the ear, nose or throat
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • injury to the head, neck or spine
  • high blood pressure
  • poor posture - puts unnecessary strain on the muscles of the back and neck
  • hangover from abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • temperature - extremes of heat or cold
  • dehydration - affects blood pressure
  • noise - especially loud noises
  • temporal arteritis - inflammation of the artery at the temple, most common in elderly people
  • arthritis
  • meningitis.
I'm making an effort to drink more water and get more rest on that account, and we'll see if that helps. I think I'm overdue for some acupuncture and homeopathy.
I know someone who is a fan of Eminem, who has a song in particular called 3 A.M. The song is apparently about some dark subject matter. I would always say waking up in the middle of the night is an old evolutionary pattern, that we used to have two sleeps. I have heard others complaining over the years of waking up at 3 a.m., but without concomitant fears, other than annoyance.

I'm not sure it applies as much to me, since I have a different schedule, and little to no trouble sleeping. A few days ago, a few hours before I would generally wake up, I felt something like a finger pressing the top of my neck near the occipital bone. Coming half-awake, I vaguely asked or wondered if whoever was doing that can press harder, and this was granted. I remember being disappointed it couldn't be a massage, and also disappointed, though not fearful, that a barely conscious "request" of mine was granted in that manner. I soon woke up completely and realized a pillow was under my head. I nonetheless don't attribute the event to the pillow. I find hypnotism to be the more likely culprit, whether self-induced or otherwise.

No nightmares to report, and in fact, the past few months are just rather quiet for me. I have a general issue in that I can have a pleasant (enough) manner something above 90% of the time, but if someone makes a faux pas at the wrong moment, I can lose my patience, and my decision at that moment could have consequences beyond my control.

I feel as if things need changing but don't.
The approach of the wave seems to be causing a definite amplification of emotions, negative and positive. After reacting I find myself wondering how I got so wound up over such a small thing, or feeling more peaceful or happy when focusing on the better things.

Increase in allergies too, but that may just be the time of the year (we're almost at the start of summer here in New Zealand)

There could also be some seasonal affective disorder as well.
Recently I also had several interesting dreams (most of the time I don't remember my dreams). It happened because I woke up in the very early hours of the morning and then went back to sleep. But this isn't unusual for me.

The dreams weren't nightmares, but still very archetypal and intense to the point that they stayed with me for the entire day. I even flew in one of them! Something that hasn't happened in ages. But I thought that it was the result of an "assignment" that I gave to my dream stone to bring up karmic and other issues that still need to be resolved or worked on. :wizard:

In general there is a gradual inner process that has been going on for the past several months. All kind of things come to the surface or become clear, so in my personal case more intense dreams appear to be a part of it.

And here's Svetlana Dragan's forecast for December. It is a good overview of the energies that will be prevalent during the month. It also appear to correspond with what people are describing and experiencing. And it can be different for everyone. Probably also depends on where each person lives. It appears to be the result of quickening of the Cosmos, outside interferences and personal karmic lessons. Looks like things are definitely intensifying!

Apologies if the translation isn't clear at times. She often uses particular turn of phrase that isn't perfectly translatable.


December is a month of intrigue, attempts to bring back previous relationships, a month of self-deceptions and reduced productivity. There is a lot of confusion in information, in perception, in self-assessment of one's own and others' actions. And this can be especially emphasized around 3-4.12.

Of course, money manipulation at this time is very bad. Those born on 29.11, 29.08, 29.05 and at the end of February may become more involved. These numbers are approximate, but it is worth focusing on them. This time will not be something catastrophic and fateful, but can bring troubles. However, these dates are not good for many cases. In general, though, the month itself is unproductive.

And if we talk about the real movement of events in the direction of creativity, it makes sense to talk about the time from the beginning of 2024, and even more frank dynamics - in the third decade of January 2024.

In the meantime, it looks as if we have to finish "yesterday's soup" and hope in vain that it will seem fresh for another week. I would advise in December to try not to get involved in provocative subjects, to realize that all this is no longer relevant, it's like that sour soup.

But there will be pleasant days, in which it will be possible to deal with cases that can be corrected, finished, to create the groundwork for the future. And people born around 8.12 and generally in the 8th of any month will be able to take advantage of this day. Again, it is not necessary to talk about the essential importance of these events, but in the context of the month it can be quite relevant. Even those who were born in the 29th will also be able to correct their affairs a bit, to correct mistakes at this time.

But 9.12 will again create difficulties, both technical and psychological. There can be quite a lot of epathetic information, I would say phantom pains, both literally and figuratively. Medical procedures may not be safe at this time. Lots of mistakes in all areas. It should be said that to the events of the current day may have to return to 15.12 in a more strange form, where it will be difficult to sort out: who is right, who is guilty and who to trust.

No less difficult situation may concern the sphere of feelings by 11.12, where you can be deceived, get into an unpleasant intrigue related to relationships.

All this will be aggravated by the fact that 14.12 Mercury will go retro, and we all know what this is fraught with. And since a large number of people at this time are supposed to travel, you may encounter technical difficulties, ticket problems, transportation delays, and generally inadequate situations. Of course, the most difficult may be for those who were born from December 9 to 15, as well as many who were born in these numbers of almost any month.

From 16 to 25.12 events will develop in a more peaceful scenario. 16.12 is a day, you might say, with a peacemaking message. Of course, so far it will be only an episode, but in the lives of many it will give the opportunity and reason to seek peaceful ways to resolve issues, to strive to take into account the wishes of partners.

This is a temporary phenomenon, it's like during the storm the sun came out and there is hope to finally solve the troubles. And almost until 27.12 circumstances will be more optimistic. Although the excitement, especially informational, will make itself felt on 22.12.

From 27 to 29.12 there will be no calmness or adequacy. There will be complications in relation to water element, and there will be cold at the same time. Very complex emotional state of people. There is a lot of worry and anxiety.

But all this situation and all accompanying factors can be only till the end of December. After that the situation will change categorically.
And this is the case when it is difficult to single out individual signs or elements that will be in the epicenter of the current December events.

But if we talk about really momentous changes, it is worth mentioning those who were born on January 19-20, July, April and October. Against the background of this unpleasant bustle, the events of their lives will really have a cardinal character.

This can be felt as a powerful pressure of circumstances, with great physical and emotional pressure, leading to tremendous changes in life. This includes physical, professional and personal status. If you survive this time with an understanding of the inevitability of the transformational process, it can not only benefit you, but also elevate your opportunities.

The main thing is not to bend under the onslaught of harsh circumstances. But, again, understanding will not only save the situation, but also make it constructive.

And, of course, what was acceptable and normal before will not be so now. And attention should be paid to the area of the knees and everything connected with the bone system in general.

And another group of people will experience a test of strength, requiring patience and unhurried decision. If you hurry, you can lose a lot. These are people born between February 20 and 22, August, May and November. Here is more of a test of endurance. On the ability to maintain and find yourself in all respects. It can be difficult both physically and mentally. Issues of loneliness, difficulties with well-being (especially feet are worth watching).

But be that as it may, we are moving towards unprecedented change, and let's forgive December the fact that it seems to want to keep us in the past a bit!
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For the last week or more, I have been feeling peaceful and calm, its a reassuring feeling. There's a sense of well being and an acceptance of where my life is at this time. I feel more confidant in handling what may come. This is a great change from where my mental and emotional state was just a short time ago. I place a great deal of importance on being well informed and that drive had me watching, reading the news daily with all the darkness involved, the evil plans to destroy countries and the human race, on and on and on, I became "black pilled". My imagination was being carried away and without knowing, my mind was being shaped by this dark dialogue. In another post i explained this as a sort of hypnotism or mind control. I could call it a "spell" and it was broken after I was able to see it.

Now, its a bit hard to explain, my mind had been focused down to imagining all sorts of unwanted possibilities with some dread. When the spell was broken my mind and spirit opened up and with that a feeling that things may not become so bad after all. I like what Loreta said, finding the goodness and light in this world, in people and nature, being thankful for so much in my life. Continuing to learn, and have faith in the larger plan. This darkness necessitates these things to come forth it seems to keep the balance. No light without the dark as the C's say. Much to learn in these times.

Also to add to my feeling of well being, I have been taking Nitric Boost, a nitric oxide supplement I purchased from the Info Wars store. I consider it to be a good quality and I noticed it effects almost immediately. Also back to using my sauna blanket regularly. And paying better attention to my diet.

I have woken up several times around 3:30 recently also when I was in my black pilled state. My mind would race with worry about something, I'd get up and have a smoke.

I'm sleeping quite deeply and don't remember my dreams well. I need to start taking Melatonin again so I can remember. I did have two terrible dreams involving 2 of my dear rabbits. One was sick and dying from starvation, In the other dream my daughter accidently killed the rabbit and turned its body inside out. I'm more watchful of them now.

There's a heavy darkness being laid on the planet right now thats trying to pull us in. The media is of course a main tool for this, so be careful with that.

Good topic, thanks Joe.
I've been feeling tired, sluggish, and out of sorts for a while now, and today all I wanted to do was lay in my recliner all day. I wake up multiple times every night, and have the 3 AM-and-I-can't-go-back-to-sleep on a regular basis so I don't look at the clock anymore. For the last three weeks or so my right eye has been watering and swollen and I've been to the eye doc twice for meds that just made it worse and have another appointment tomorrow. I put most of it down to stress and bad diet choices exacerbated by same. :-(

Notice a lot of chemtrails which seem to bring rain and gloom within a day or so and a feeling of general malaise.

Definitely not in the "Holiday Spirit."
Euphrasia is very good, even excellent, when problems with eyes.

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This thread, timely for sure after just waking up at 2:50am. I was having deeply paranoid thoughts on all I've been posting on X and feelings I would be fixed from my job.
I've been waking up at this time for a few weeks now and last week or so having quite intense dreams. With the full moon these feelings are often intensified.
At the end of October into November I've been emotional on what's happening to the Palestinians and all these innocents been slaughtered. I have regularly cried although these psychos actions don't shock me now, they just inflict more horror and allow themselves to be seen which is the only positive I can take from this shit show.
Personally, I had a virus the start of November which I recovered from the cold symptoms back this week.
I have tendonitis which has been difficult as my exercise routine is affected which causes a knock on effect for me. I even went to the doctor's and they've given me standard strengthening exercises which appear to make it worse so I may well stop them I'll see.
Anyway just reading through the thread and sharing has had a positive effect. Thanks and :hug2:❤️ to all.
I can only see things deteriorating further but if that's the price of waking up then it just has to happen. Sure there are going to be many more surprises in store over the next 6-12 months.
I feel pretty good, I would say.

I have never been as consistent as now with cold baths. 41 sessions in 54 days, that is pretty much every day my water tank outside is at the right temp. 17 last days at full duration (5 to 15°C for the same number of minutes).

That leads to me being also more consistent with physical exercises which certainly helps with the back pain.

I started taking Thiamine three weeks ago. I now need less sleep, probably as a result.

Social interaction during cold season is usually pretty low. With 5 other guys in my village we have been entertaining the idea to have darts sessions. Ten days ago I created a WhatsApp group so we can arranged the meetings and we already had a few sessions.

Waking up at 3 am as happens twice recently. That was due do me eating late. Well known phenomenon.
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