How much of what the Cs say is 'symbolic'?


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(Trivia) I was a fan of Fallout games once and the pattern of it reminds me of what happens now very closely. So in the Fallout 1 there was a world destroyed with the nuclear war and some master with his army tried to create a master race using forced evolution virus. The virus was killing the weak while making the others super mutants, strong to survive but sterile… The other fractions were technological Brotherhood of Steel or kind of lefties Followers of Apocalypse trying to make people remember what it was so not letting it happen again. In Fallout 2 it turned out that whole the nuclear shelters system was a governmental experiment, that the radiation wasn't as bad and the experiment was to check how would people react in certain circumstances (like different social structure or events in the shelters). The scientists have created the FEV-2 virus which wasn't turning people into ugly super mutants this time nor making them sterile but killing them exposed to radiated air so basically every time outside. Most of the destructed world turned into either primitive tribes or some a little more advanced destruction-survived towns. People from the shelters were using Garden of Eden Creation kit which was basically some seeds, water and soil conditioners, simple tools and manuals, to renew the surroundings. Even though it doesn't sound that similar the governmental experiment with covid and its purpose and side effects + the possibilities mentioned remind me it very closely letting me think that maybe it was some overall intuition and a similar thinking pattern of the artists.


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The C's comment that one may (in 4d) "see' a circle from all sides, {in the same way that we perceive a soccer ball as having 3 dimensions in time as we walk around it, but animals perceive that ball as being in two dimensions, with shifting patterns in time as they move around it} really drove home for me how much we can't understand 4d.
Add that to how I have to simplify concepts to teach my children how to make good decisions ("icecream will rot your teeth") and I don't know how much to embrace at face value.
Best to keep an open mind, and keep pursuing knowledge and truth in all forms. The better we develop our truthometers, the better we will be able to discern actual reality from those who would distort it.
I think therein lies the prize.


The Force is Strong With This One
Its metaphorical yeah ? There's and overall gist and that what ya look at. Its unfortunate we live in a world where people are losing the ability to understand metaphor. Its why god died.
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