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La nuit dernière j'ai fait une rêve avec Laura qui me donnait un bandeau/couronne en argent avec des diamants, magnifique, mais j'avais déjà deux couronnes sur ma tête et j'ai eu du mal à le placer tout en y parvenant, cette difficulté a fait que je me suis réveillée toute heureuse de ce présent splendide.... Merci Laura...

Last night I had a dream with Laura who gave me a silver headband/crown with diamonds, beautiful, but I already had two crowns on my head and I had difficulty placing it while doing so, this difficulty made me wake up happy with this splendid present.... Thank you Laura...


I had a dream about Laura and her husband, but it was a few weeks ago.

We, the group, were waiting for the lift - everyone was relaxed and focused.
Laura was still sitting at the table from the checkpoint, which was about ca. 30m/ca. 98ft from the lift as if she was still waiting for someone.
Indeed, at that moment a rushed young girl with thick red hair showed up at the checkpoint - Laura stood up and let her through.
At the same time the elevator door opened, and the group went inside. We decided beforehand that I would take the next elevator to accompany the new young girl.
So I waited for the girl in front of the lift.
Instead of her running towards me, she ran to the wall and was making something on her feet.
I thought she wanted to take off her shoes, so I shouted to her that we had some kind of wardrobe upstairs and that she didn't need to take off her shoes.
To which she replied:" I'm not taking them off, I'm putting them on!"
How interesting! (So her shoes were in the safe room, where the elevator was, long before she arrived.) I immediately looked for eye contact with Laura to see if she was aware of the situation. Her eyes told me that everything was fine.

Well, the girl, who has now turned into a boy and looked genderless in the next moment, and was only recognizable as an aura/energy in the other moment, rode in the elevator with me.

From here on, everything happened at the same moment.

At the top, I showed her the wardrobes that were to the left of the elevator. When I looked to the right, my blood almost froze - the group was already in training.
So I had missed 2 full lessons in theory! (That was amazing! According to my sense of time, the group was only 2 or 3 minutes ago with the lift up.)
Nobody from the group sent me an angry look or eye rolls, so I relaxed again and was focused.

Waiting for the girl, I watched the group training.
They were all lying on the floor in narrow corridors trying to get some kind of rotation. (In doing so, they transformed themselves like the girl with the red hair).
Some of the group immediately put it into action.
They were spinning faster and faster - so fast that all you could see was their energy.
At this speed, the bodies rose from the floor. These different energy together formed a kind of vortex.
It was fantastic to watch this!
I thought about how I could do that, and since I'm pretty good at flying, so I thought that maybe I should take off vertically. Then I could turn and lay down with the others to build the vortex together with them.
At that moment Ark stopped his training, came out of the vortex, and said to me, "Yes, come over and try vertical!" Or he said: "Yes, come over and try it!"
I can't remember - so much I was distracted by his charisma!🙈:lol:

When I woke up, although it was an exciting dream, I was only interested in the charisma of Ark for the time being.
His charisma was incredible! Full of kindness, lightness, and beauty.😍
I have never seen that before!


I had a dream with Laura almost a year ago when I had just come out of a rather heavy operation. I was walking in my neighborhood when I saw in a second floor balcony a group of people scouting around. Apparently they had just arrived in my city, and were taking some time to rest from their journey. I recognized some people from the château, and I asked If Chu was with them, to which they replied that yes, she was there, and almost immediately she ran downstairs to come and see me.

We walked around talking about things and so on, until she remembered that she had forgotten something and had to go upstairs. I sat waiting for her, and some time later I saw a group of boys coming out , they talked to me and gave me some recommendations about an apartment to rent at the place where I was standing.

Soon after, Laura arrived with a woman, they sat down next to me, and Laura asked to me if I had anything to show her. I saw myself with a lot of folders in my arms, not knowing what she wanted to see. She looked a little and told me she wanted to see an old copybook with photos and cut-outs in addition to the handwritten text. I had a hard time getting it out of the pile I was holding in my arms. I didn't remember seeing it before.

"Ah," she said, "it's about Guadeloupe, it interests me". It was mostly old newspaper photos, which she looked carefully, she especially loved the recipes, and made some corrections with a red pen, finally put it back in the pile. The woman who accompanied her, took another more recent math notebook, and also made corrections. I sat down beside her to have her explanation of the corrections.

Finally, they joined the rest of the group who were leaving the building and went for a walk around the city together. I returned to my apartment where my family was waiting for me.

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I had two more dreams with Laura in it.
In the first Ark was happy that he finished his book and we were celebrating (there was like 20 people including Laura) in a large room with wooden chairs and large windows.
In the second Laura asked me if I could answer questions to the C's to people, I asked how would that be possible without a board and she said that the answers would be in my mind, I just didn't have to be nervous. And there was a little square table with white long tablecloth and a sand watch, the person who wanted to ask had a limited time given by the that watch. I don't remember what people asked but I was doing fine. Then a young woman came and she was unsure about her questions, she giggled at some question ideas she had, she did not seem serious about it. The sand watch was almost finished and she was still thinking and being silly. The time was up and I felt bad, I didn't wanted to give her another chance neither answer whatever silly thing she was thinking. Then I realised that I was being nervous and negative and therefore incapable of answering anymore. I woke up.

I guess the second dream is a reminder of the importance of not getting carried away by negative feelings.


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I had a night with a few dreams and this one with Laura was so intense and so real that when I needed a few minutes after waking up to realize that it was a dream

So, it goes like this.

I am in a room with Laura. She looks exactly like on her profile picture on the forum. My parents are in the same room with me.
My mother is on my right side, Laura is on my left side. My father is trying to fix something in front of me. They look very young, probably younger than I am now.
I am looking at Laura in her eyes. I noticed that a blue light like a ring around her iris is gently pulsating in her eyes.
Suddenly I an focusing my sight toward the big window and there is a huge snowstorm outside.
Isn't it so beautiful? - Laura told me while she was looking through the window.
I come close to the window and I can notice that it is not just snow, but it is a mix of snow and long stripes of white paper-like material and the whole scenery looked like a fairytale.

I told her that I don't really like winter. I like winter when going to the near mountain. It looks gorgeous up there in the winter, but I don't like it here in the town.

Then, some of my parents mentioned that their parents, my grandparents have died recently. Lura stand up from the sofa where she was seating, grabbed two pillows, and hugged them as you hug a person in front of you. She said that she is very sorry about this. The focus was on the death of my grandmother from my mother's side.

( In real life she died 14 years ago and she was a stepmother to my mother. She loved me and my brother very much.)

Tears came to my eyes. I was trying to hold my breath and to hold my tears. My parents leave the room for a while and Laura came close to me and whispered to my ear that my grandma sent me a message that when she died her sister was waiting for her there.

( my grandma had an older sister that died in a battle in WW2 as a teenager. She was often telling me stories about her when I was a child)

It was a huge shock to me. So huge that even now when I am writing this I have tears in my eyes. I could not speak. My mother came to the room. I turned and I saw a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. My mother asked me what is going on. I tried to speak but I could not. It was like my teeth were huge and my tongue has swollen that I could barely say something that is understandable.

My mother was in front of me and Laura behind her. Again, I noticed that blue light in Laura's eyes and a subtle smile on her face. Like she was pleased with my reaction and my condition after the huge shock.

In my mind, I was trying to tell my mother that Laura is a powerful channel and tell her the message and that nobody knows about my grandma's sister so that the message must be a genuine one, but I was still in a shock, unable to speak clearly, and I was crying all the time.

It was not a cry as when you are sad, It was a cry when you feel relief from something.
I woke up with tears and feeling that something came out of my throat and that I can breath more clearly now. Few minutes after I woke up I could not realize if this was s dream or not. The relief in my throat was real. A few hours later I get up from the bed to go to work and I have a little sore throat.
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I had an unusual dream with Laura today. Also, for the first time, I had such an impression that another dream was put on top of the original one to make it more difficult to remember.

In the main dream, I was with Laura, Ark, Joe, Andromeda, and one more person who, unfortunately, I don't remember. We were taking part in some kind of activity together. It was like a group meditation but with different tasks for each of us (or each pair of us).

It was dark in the room, but even though we did not see each other, everyone was aware of where the rest of us were. Laura, Ark, Andromeda, and one more person were in the southern part of the room while Joe and I were on the opposite side with our heads facing north. Joe was on my left side.

The activity began and I remember the moment when, at Laura's signal, Joe and I started to roll very slowly in each other's direction. I thought it was going to be a 'mental spinning' so I was surprised when Joe was getting closer to me but I started to roll as well. Soon we grabbed each other's hand, and it was as if we had rolled over one another (but as if levitating) and we exchanged places. All of this is really difficult to describe in words because these activities were like in another dimension.

At the time when Joe and I were rolling, Laura was lying on her back at the other end of the room and meditating. Unfortunately, I don't remember what exactly Ark and the other participants were doing, but most likely, they were meditating too.

The next thing I remember is the discussion we all had about what we just did as a group. I recall telling Laura about how I was surprised by this rolling, that it was not only mental but physical. Unfortunately, I can't recall any more details of this conversation. Nevertheless, I remember that we certainly were using some specific, strange words to describe what was going on and what we were doing. I forgot all these words immediately after waking up.

Now, about waking up, it was really strange. I woke up frightened from a different dream that I felt was ousting the previous one. I had a feeling that this second dream was put intentionally here for me to not remember the more important one. It was also strange because the second dream wasn't so scary at all, and still I woke up frightened.

After waking up, despite the initial feeling of fear, I felt that my body was very relaxed. It was like after deep meditation, and I also felt as if energy had accumulated in my belly. For the rest of the night, it was hard for me to fall asleep again. In the beginning, because of the feeling of fear (induced by the second dream) and when it passed, because I was full of energy (probably thanks to the first dream).

It was one of the most intriguing experiences that I had with dreams so far, so I thought I share it.


The activity began and I remember the moment when, at Laura's signal, Joe and I started to roll very slowly in each other's direction. I thought it was going to be a 'mental spinning' so I was surprised when Joe was getting closer to me but I started to roll as well. Soon we grabbed each other's hand, and it was as if we had rolled over one another (but as if levitating) and we exchanged places. All of this is really difficult to describe in words because these activities were like in another dimension.

At the time when Joe and I were rolling, Laura was lying on her back at the other end of the room and meditating. Unfortunately, I don't remember what exactly Ark and the other participants were doing, but most likely, they were meditating too.
I am full of joy because I think I know where you are talking about. ...I also have no words for it, but it is nice to know that something is happening.

Thank you for sharing this "experience".:-)



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Hello, I would like to share this post with you.
It’s about dreams, Laura, Crystals and faith...

When I subscribed at this forum several months ago, I dreamt about Laura.
I don’t really remember exactly when it was. But I remembered that in my dream I was walking on a country lane with her and we had a funny and spiritual conversation.
I was pleasantly surprised because I did the Compostela’s way several times and I’m very fond of walking.

Last night, before sleeping I felt a huge lack of faith and I had also sung for my crystals and prayed without much conviction at 8 P.M. I told to myself that there was no way for me and wanted to give up all spiritual searching. Such a big dilemna because when you start on a spiritual way, you know there is no way back.

During the night, I was then awaked by a dream I called «The desire of the heart precedes faith » roughly at 3 P.M. : A first « me» was driving a bus in a wrong way (direction ?) and was lost. A second « me » was following the bus that stopped on the side of the country road.
The first "I" then went behind the bus to open the hood and examine the engine.
Then the second "I" went towards the engine and threw a crystal bowl into the engine which caught fire without being dangerous or frightening.
Finally, the first « I » walked with the second "I", a backrest under his arm.
The first « I» asked the second «I » : How can I call you, contact you ?
The second "me" answered: "It is not you who calls me, it is me who calls you."

I interpret this dream in the following way:
The first "I" is the ego that seeks help from above for personal satisfaction and comfort. It has an STS vision of faith.
The second "I" is the higher self that knows when it is necessary to contact the ego.
The question of faith no longer arises then and is no more a problem.
The ego has to let go and just has to wait to be contacted by the higher self that knows the way, the time and the means.
This is an understanding (partial ? biased ? wishful thinking?) of the need not to anticipate when one has an intention. Since the C'S say that anticipating blocks the flow.
For me, the lesson is : this is the higher self who must have the intention and the ego must wait to receive instructions from the higher self at the risk of going in the wrong direction.
I understand then that before having a sincere faith (STO), one must first listen to the desires of the heart.

On the Session of August 18, 2002, the C’S said «First seek the desire of the heart and everything else falls into place. »

Waiting for your comments for a better or real understanding. :-)


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It seems quite common that as we read the material, in its beginnings, we have lived dreams with Laura, Ark and even with members very close to them. I thought I was getting really weird and it was uncomfortable, because I don't speak English, they are on the other side of the world living their lives, nor do I have money to travel within my own country. But then soon after, Cass confirmed in a session that there is indeed a connection. That's when they talked about singing. Songs that, by the way, I couldn't find.

The empathy towards what has happened, if we have it, we feel it and we identify with it. Even with similar experiences. Or, something in his voice, has an effect, in my case, familiar and reassuring, when I was looking for material in youtube translated for the first time.

The first time was Laura hugging me with a black sweater and a big ring on her finger, I don't remember if it was green as the environment was faded, as if it was a funeral and I was crying in her lap, but I was younger in the dream, at that time, if I remember correctly. The second time was Laura, Ark a few meters away from me and a group of fuzzy people in the distance, stopped halfway around, waiting for my decision to go on, in a garden between 3 and 4 in the afternoon, judging by the direction of the shadows that the sun was casting on Ark's face, in front of a big house. I was afraid to continue with you, my ego was afraid of being discovered. I was, crouched, hiding, wet and naked behind something. Other times I was trying to get to France but never arrived.

And the latter I think makes sense with wanting to return to some "home" I usually have recurring dreams of wanting to get where I belong, but I never can, I follow a path that I do not know where it takes me, sometimes by car, on a road where it is just rolling and rolling, a bus that turns and turns on the same road. Other times I fly, but I can't even get there.


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Not sure where to put this but as Amazing Grace is a title authored by Laura thought this post might be relevant here.
Two nights ago I dreamt I was in a crowd of people and a Kuia (female Maori elder) instructed me to lead out the singing of Amazing Grace. I replied I don't if I can sing and she insisted. So in my dream I started singing and a beautiful sound came out. During the following day looked up all the lyrics to sing it and it choked me up with tears when I got to this bit.:"

The Lord hath promised good to me,
His word my hope secures;
He will my shield and portion be
As long as life endures.

When we’ve been there ten thousand years,
Bright shining as the sun,
We’ve no less days to sing God’s praise
Than when we first begun.


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Last night I did a modified EE practice, I had a series of vivid early morning dreams.

In the first section of the dream, the bottom of my brain had been removed. It was a very precise cut, sort of like a slice of ham, but it jiggled like it was made of jello. I was holding it in an old bucket, and was wandering around, quite confused - I knew I had to do something with it, that it needed to be fixed, but I didn't know what to do, or where to go.

The next scene was a bungalo-style house, and numerous FOTCM members were gathered in a very small living room. Laura was on the couch and was speaking about what happens to a human being at birth - something about a very, very important event that happens. When the umbilical cord is removed, at that moment, there is an activation of the spinal cord.

She got up to leave, and in the busy room, a Fellowship member turned to me and asked, smiling, "So, what is your understanding of Gurdjieff?"

I replied that from him, I learned of invisible forces all around us at all times - some 'angelic', or supportive, and some 'demonic', or destructive.

It was nice to be surrounded by so many co-linear people, who were bustling around, cooking, cleaning, eating, talking - simply living together, and enjoying that togetherness.

I awoke feeling very rested, and happy to have spent some time hanging out in the dream world with y'all.


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Several days ago I had my first, and so far the only dream with Laura. It was actually not with just her but with the entire Chateau crew.

I was hosting them in a very large old multi-story building, where I lived with many of my relatives, including those that I haven't been in touch with for ages. The Chateau crew were seated in a big room, chatting and overall having good fun, while I had to constantly go out to other rooms where my relatives were because they were making a lot of unnecessary noise and I was trying to shush them.

I can't remember what I was talking about with the Chateau crew but towards the end of their visit, I went one more time out to have a word with my relatives who were emptying/moving stuff from a pantry room. While I was there politely asking them to make less noise, some bottles of homemade liqueurs caught my attention. I have instantly focused on two of them - made of lemon and thought that it could be a lovely present for Laura so I asked my relatives to leave them where they were and I quickly run back to my guest's room.

I came to Laura's armchair and ask her if she would like to receive two bottles of lemon liqueur. My offer seemed to sincerely moved her. She replied with a radiant smile that she would have been delighted with such a gift so I quickly run back to the pantry to grab the bottles before my misbehaving relatives would hide them for fun. My dream ended when I took hold of the bottles.

I don't know where this lemon liqueur came from. Never in my life I heard of such liqueur, and although some members of my family had been making some liqueurs, I can't recollect memory of any made of or with lemon.


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I don't know where this lemon liqueur came from. Never in my life I heard of such liqueur, and although some members of my family had been making some liqueurs, I can't recollect memory of any made of or with lemon.
What a strange synchronicity. I too, dreamt of sharing this exact type of refreshment with a group of Beloved Friends. This is what the Lemon liqueur was, in my dream, a homemade version of limoncello.


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I was in a very dark room with Laura. I want to show her one round-framed picture hanging on the wall. The frame was interesting not the picture itself. The frame was black, rubbery look, with some text engraved on it. I knew that Laura must see the text because it was very important for her.
It was too dark. Laura could not see anything and I went to the wall switches, 3 of them to switch on the light. I turn on the switches but the light was not turning on. There was power but not light. The neon light tubes were struggling to turn on but without success.

After some time the lights were on, but the framed picture on the wall was not there anymore.
Instead, some modern rectangular piece of art was on the same please made from dark glass. I didn't tell Laura that the picture is missing. She just looked at other pictures that were in the room and she was commenting how beautiful were some of them.
I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache.
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