Laura in the dream.


I had a similar dream a few days ago.

We were waiting for Laura and Ark in front of the museum.

I was getting impatient and wanted to get inside the museum, but then I saw them coming towards us.

"The paintings" in the museum were unusual.
Laura gave brief instructions on how to look at the "pictures".
Immediately I understood the "mechanics".
Surprised by this, I looked for Laura's gaze, she was standing directly behind my neighbor. Mentally I asked her: Why do I understand the mechanics? Are we in 4D? :shock: .. 😅

I woke up with a special feeling, but the understanding of the "mechanics" was gone.


I have had dreams where Laura is present.

One that I remember a lot was back in 2016.
In 2011 I was diagnosed with diabetes and I followed the doctors' recommendations for a while and then I forgot about the diet and went on with my life as if nothing had happened. In mid-2015 I began to have a whole series of problems, not only financial but also health. In October I was hospitalized for an emergency with ketoasidosis. I was in intensive care for a week.

At the beginning of 2016 I received my crystals. And in the middle of the year I had a dream where I was in a hospital. I was bedridden and extremely thin, my color was pale and tubes were coming out of my body. Something very tragic.

Then I saw Laura, she was wearing a blue raincoat or a cape (I think from then on I began to dream in colors) she took my hand and wrapped me in another kind of blue cape. We went out and reached some stairs. At the top were two signs, one said "exit" and the other said "emergencies."

Laura got me out of the hospital. My dream ended I was left with a kind of feeling like when you receive another opportunity and breathe relieved and at peace.


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La nuit dernière, j'ai rêvé de LAURA, nous allions nous embrasser mais nous avons toutes les deux eu un geste de recul à cause du Covid et nous l'avons dépassé et nous nous sommes étreintes dans une accolade chaleureuse, c'était si bon que je me suis réveillée et ainsi je peux partager ce rêve avec Vous... Merci LAURA...

Last night I dreamed of LAURA, we were going to kiss but we both backed away because of the Covid and we overcame it and embraced in a warm hug, it was so good that I woke up and so I can share this dream with You... Thank you LAURA...
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