Les Visible and Smoking Mirrors

According to a correspondent who has written to ask me about it:


I used to wonder about this site, now I don't wonder anymore; I know.

Up to today, this board has been restricted to only those who are members and have a certain number of posts. This morning, I've removed the restrictions.
Laura said:
I used to wonder about this site, now I don't wonder anymore; I know.
Yep, me too.

It took me almost 2 years of reading through his stuff (which was sometimes informative and sometimes pure bs) to finally catch him with his pants down... in a figure of speech, not that I have any desire to see any such scene. But he did present himself as a good opportunity, and if there's something I'm good at, it's grabbing those good opportunities by the balls... in another figure of speech only, of course. But it must have hurt as hard as the real thing, I suppose.

Anyway, Les is definitely not what he appears to be. That guy is extraordinarily good at what he does. He has most definitely had some kind of serious training in psychological and counterintelligence operations. I mean, I put him in a trap he couldn't have possibly got out of, and he made exactly all the right moves to get out of it with as little damage to his public image as possible. He did get out, but by doing so he empirically proved his knowledge of how to get out. That is eventually going to cost him (much) more than it would have if he had just stayed trapped, but as good as he is, he is certainly not perfect. Sometimes, the best short-term moves turn out to be the worst long-term ones, and Les is absolutely ideal example for what I want to convey here.

First of all, read my comments (and exchange of comments with Les) from 3 weeks ago over at:

There are links in those comments leading to both Les' blog post and to the Venus Project's official website. If you follow all the leads far enough, you will find the links between Les, Fresco, Zeitgeist Movement, Pentagon, CFR, and all the rest of the "elites" of this planet quite interesting. For a good measure, throw in Ray Kurzweil into the mix, and viola! (or was it voila?)

Meet your new neighboring "friends"...

People, this is Information Awareness Office, Pentagon's puppy project (yes, it does have a dual meaning, since Pentagon did take over poppy production in Afganistan from the CIA):

Note that the (infamous) pyramid overseered by the all-seeing-eye was later dropped out of the seal (for understandable reasons). The project is also shared by the NSA, with just a sprinkle of CIA all over it (for better taste, since it tastes quite bitter).

Now, if I had to venture on a (somewhat educated) guess, I'd place Les within the "CIA material" (fits the psychological profile quite successfully), with strong connections to the upper (that is - higher) layers of Masons. To be fair, Les does say that he's "a former Mason", but that's somewhat a contradiction in terms. It's much like saying that one is "a former CIA agent". The problem is that once an agent (or a Masonic agent, for that matter) gets high enough within the hierarchy (and Les just keeps proving he's privy to some high-level Masonic stuff), his superiors would have to be complete imbeciles (which they are, but not in this specific matter unfortunately) to just let him leave on a whim.

In the places of power (that I have in mind here), it's much cheaper to dispose of a troubling asset "for good" than to let it simply wander around, spilling (accidentally or intentionally) some dirty secrets. Once you're in, you never get out. It's just the nature of the job, and common people only lack the proper experience to understand that level of... hmmm, psychopathy would be the best term to describe it.

I could go on with this stuff for quite a while, occasionally mentioning Hillary Clinton's admission at the CFR head office that U.S. government gets instructions on "how to think" from the CFR, and her personal thanks to Richard Haas (CFR's head, which has another dual meaning here, if someone knows how to catch a drift):

I could also proceed with tying up Richard Haas with a certain TV host (wow, dual meanings just keep popping up today, don't they), Stephen Colbert:

I mean, anyone with half wits and naturally developed sense of psychology can see for themselves the real distribution of power on this planet, just by observing puppy talk of the presumably most powerful figure(head) in the U.S. (CFR president Richard Haas) with a "lowly, completely insignificant TV host" (dual meaning lies in the key word host, so look it up in the dictionary to get the real meaning). It's quite obvious who's in charge over there, but do judge it for yourselves.

Either way, the path to follow the logic and reasoning is pretty clear so far. But at this point, we reach a pit that stops most people from reaching the true goal - understanding what's really going on here (on this planet, and generally speaking). So, I'll just have to ask you to jump over that pit (of ignorance and disbelief), and follow the rest of the path to its inevitable conclusion. You will most probably lack the necessary experience, but don't sweat over it. A time will most certainly come when everyone will experience it for themselves, so that's not the obstacle. Just keep it all in mind, and you will recognize it as it comes (and slaps you in the face for being so obvious).

The first step after the pit is acceptance of something that was known to people almost 5000 years ago, but is not known now... that some "people" are not people at all.

Starting with Mahabharata and Ramayana, India's stories of epic battles, you will find that "weapons of mass destruction" are really nothing new on this planet. Even the radiation poisoning was known back then, with very accurate descriptions of nuclear explosions (with "light of thousand suns", mushroom clouds and all), decontamination procedures (washing all equipment in rivers), and the consequences of not following those procedures (hair and nails dropping out and other picturesque details). I've also heard, but haven't checked it for myself, that one of Hindu "gods", while giving some Hindu King a weapon of unimaginable power to use against his foes, had actually advised the King to never use the weapon against other people, only against those who are not people. It would be interesting to find that passage, but it's just a minor detail in the whole picture.

All that knowledge was eventually lost, only to remain in the form of legends and stories of "imaginary" events and "battles of gods"... until...

Some 2000 years ago something of the actual knowledge resurfaced in the form of newly formed religion - original Christianity. Somehow (not quite clear how or why), the knowledge of "struggle against principalities" and "corruption at high places" got a foothold in the world. Along with those, another piece of knowledge was present at those days, but would soon disappear from all recorded texts (presumably because it was too hard to swallow) - some "people" are not people at all. Or, in proper Christian terms - some "people" don't have souls. The meaning is exactly the same in both statements.

Now, you may ask how I know all of this. The answer is a bit complicated, but finally amounts to this - lot of research supported by personal experience. What kind of personal experience? Well, that's a bit harder to explain. Let me give you an example.

Have you ever had a chance to "accidentally" meet some "people" in the streets who would, completely out of the blue, start repeating your own words that you're written on the net? No? How about then of "people" on TV who would do the same? Not that either? Well, tough luck for you. I mean, I had to try really, really hard to get their attention in the first place. I've already had at least 2 years of experience of posting all over the net, putting out every single piece of information that I could find (and judge, correctly or not) as accurate. I would pick that information and prioritize it by my estimation of its damaging potential to its targets (the "people" who are not people), and I would put it out to be scrutinized by the best of the best out there... web forums I have previously identified as being connected to one or another intelligence agency. ATS and GLP are nice examples of such forums.

ATS seems to be well connected to CIA, with FBI dropping in on a couple of occasions to get some independent thought on the problem of counterfeit (spiced and bugged, as in eavesdropping bugged, potentially network damaging) Chinese (state-sponsored bugging) routers within FBI network. I've had some nice time over there, but only after they replaced a complete idiot of ScepticOverlord with a much nicer and intelligent version (another person behind the name).

GLP, on the other hand, was a mixed bag of psychological operations and intelligence gatherings, which I couldn't quite place anywhere. But since Pentagon (DARPA) runs all large-scale psychological experiments (a natural extension of Operation Paperclip-ed Nazi personnel, first under CIA provision, later turned over to Pentagon and its NASA project), I had to run with the assumption that GLP is a Pentagon project. By the way, the larger the population of the experiment, the better data is for statistical analysis. But also, the more data is deviating from the norm (GLP is quite recognizable for its deviations), the better behavioral-prediction-and-manipulation model can be defined.

Anyway, my Pentagon assumption got a somewhat firmer confirmation after assessing GLP moderators' behavior and responses to some critical data (Norway Spiral, for example, and its obvious artificial origin; shown, by the scientific papers, to be a directed electron beam, a form of a missile shield). But also, the fact that some DARPA projects (like Artificial Intelligence design, human behavioral patterning, and such) are a big no-no over there.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the 3 uniformed police officers asking questions around my working place (one and only occasion I have ever seen a policeman around here) after posting some interesting data somewhere (I've forgotten what it was). The fact that on the exact same day I "accidentally" met a "person" who was blabbering about all the stuff I've written on the net certainly didn't come as coincidence, either. Neither did the Chinese "tourist" casually strolling around the building, taking completely meaningless pictures of utterly insignificant things, most probably after Chinese caught U.S. request directed at our local "national security agency", asking for deatils on a certain "individual of interest".

But that specific set of "coincidences" happened only once, on that day, and never again. They would repeat one at a time from time to time, but never in such obvious manner.

Anyway, the point is this - it took incredible time and a lot of hard work to draw attention of some "people" who don't want to be seen or even known about. So, after 2-3 years of systematically proving over and over again that some "people" are not people at all, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about. That's some 5 years of experience in total, to be precise, and hopefully, everyone will get that same idea very soon. I am patiently waiting for it right now... and occasionally still stinging with posts like this as many as I can locate, and as hard as I can. I'm simply waiting for a slip-up, any kind of mistake they could possibly make... and they do make mistakes, terrible mistakes, now and then...

... which brings us the full circle to Les and his blog.

Funny how everything is connected, isn't it?

Oh, almost forgot... the "people" who are not people... who are they, then?

Well, my (somewhat educated) guess would go in the direction of... let's call them remotely-controlled biological probes. They seem to be extremely intelligent (like the names I've mentioned in this post), they are obviously (somehow) centrally connected to some invisible system in the background (whose inner workings remain unknown, but whose effects on the world are clearly visible), and most importantly, a system which shows some (limited) ability to predict (but not so much affect) future events.

If you're interested in such systems (which, in theory, may quite possibly exist somewhere in the Universe), you may want to check up the phrases "time travel" and "computation". Here's a very nice source of material on the subject:

Point here being - there is most probably a General Artificial Intelligence system in operation out there (and I hope I don't have to emphasize this, but here it is - a non-human-made, as in alien system), which, judging by all the transhumanistic utopia bulls*it I've been seeing and hearing lately, has the obvious goal to put every single alive thing on this planet (people, animals, you name it) under centralized, automated control.

Actually, thinking about it, it's not really such a stretch of imagination to try and imagine humanity in a couple of thousands of years, having fully working AI systems in operation, visiting some primitive planet in some distant part of the galaxy, placing such a system right there, in some secluded place (preferably underground, or on an artificial satellite), with just a single purpose - creating a fully centralized, automated control over the whole planet.

A stuff of sci-fi today, but quite manageable with proper technology. Besides, why manually do the job of enslaving a planet when the planet's population can do the same job as equally well, if not much better (after all, they know themselves so well, while you practically know nothing about them).

The only problem? How to convince the population to enslave itself. The perfect solution? Use remotely-controlled biological drones/probes which the said AI system will "guide" toward the most effective, most powerful positions suitable for accomplishing the given task.

Arguably, a somewhat of a stretch of imagination is required to picture such a scenario in one's mind, but remember that only 100 years ago, a concept of computers was completely unimaginable. Today, you don't even think twice before typing your words. Give it a thousand more years, and Artificial Intelligence and Genetic Manipulation will be simple matters of practice and long tradition. Not to mention, also perfect tools for enslaving other civilizations. Who could possibly resist such a temptation?

I guess I've given too much information here, but let me just finish with a few more phrases that people may want to check in their spare time. These go much beyond the simple scenario I've just described above. It's actually like comparing children building castles in sand to architects building real stone castles.

The phrases are "rotating black holes" (tightly tied to "time travel") and "(consistent) closed time-like curves" (aka "time loops").

And, on the other side of the spectrum, you may also want to check on "giving consent" and why STS can work only if consent is given by the victim. Ultimately, though, it makes absolutely no difference if consent given is informed or uninformed one. The outcome is exactly the same. I could also mention that STS has to be completely discarded at some point, because for every victim by the STS torturer, there is at least one vigilante who will exact revenge on that torturer. In most cases, that vigilante will most probably be the previous victim, but there should really be no rules in the matter. STS beings are in the ever-open season to be hunted down, and that can be done with no consequences to their hunters. However ugly they may be, that is the true beauty of having STS around. They're like sitting ducks with targets painted right over them, non-playing characters in games, bots in first-person shooters. They are deadly, and will take anyone down at the first chance they get, but there's tons of them around (with full groups of them holding whole "high places"), and they are incredible fun to be played with. Just remember to not take these matters lightly, as many have fallen to that particular weakness.

Not really important for this post, but we've briefly met on the net before, Laura. And I still think (contrary to you, but we'll agree to disagree), that (as you so nicely put it) "bees have told humans to shove it, and just buzzed off". Something to that effect. I really liked it. :)

I also like that you save no punches. :) Keep kicking those (scum)bags. :)))
Something got mixed up with posting, and instead of going into thread about Les (DogPoet), my post created a new thread. Sorry for that, and I hope it doesn't confuse people.

Once again, this is about Les and Visible Origami.
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Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Just a note that Les posted a link to his article on his FB page.

He also posted a comment on his "Visible Origami" site. He's downright insulting to Laura's daughters.


Well, I have read a good portion of the threads from the SOTT site

There are quite a few lies there. I didn't take any drugs at the visit and the people saying I did are lying. Don Duca was with me there and is a regular around SOTT.

He knows I didn't have anything and I certainly didn't come on to any of Laura's daughters who are the size of tractor trailers and my lady was right there with me. Wouldn't she have said something? I did do an off color parody of the song Wild Thing but the only questionable line was, "You make my thing sting."

What's with those people? I see that Michael Astera is part of the thread. My god. It looks like SOTT has gone over to the dark side. The exaggerations are ridiculous. I suggest that anyone curious ask Don Duca (I don't think he'd lie) if he saw me taking any drugs. I was a guest at his house. We drank Armagnac and though pot was smoked at his place, it wasn't by me because I don't care for it.

My memory was that it was a fun evening and there were no drugs involved. A lot of the people were drunk and having a good time.

What happened was that Laura just decided she didn't like my saying I liked psychedelics and has just been at it since then. They have got this enemies in the woodwork thing. Meanwhile they have an enormous chateau loaded with amenities and aren't doing bad on the donations end I guess.

They certainly are curious about me. They go into my comment threads looking for things to comment on.

Anyway, on my soul and all I hold sacred, they are telling quite some lies and this cannot be good for them. Why they want to disparage me like this I could not guess. Very little of it is true and there was mostly a general sense of well being and good times. If they didn't like my performances- and everyone was performing- me no more than anyone else, they were certainly laughing and acting like they did.

I make no secret of liking to get high on occasion. I just didn't do any of it there and that's known to others who were with me. This is more amusing than anything else. I didn't know that Laura had removed herself from my Face-book friends, must be recent. Don had gotten angry with me about mentioning MMS or whatever it is and I think this newest thing came out of that.

I'm not going to make mention of things that won't serve the interest of higher nature. I do think they should apologize for lying straightaway, lest the results of such behavior come back upon them. It really made me laugh to hear that I was being suggestive to the daughters. Susanne was right by my side through out and if you had seen the daughters you wouldn't need any further reason to doubt what I'm saying. I realize this might be seen as hurtful but it's necessary to give perspective.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

It gives perspective all right....what a slime bucket. :barf:

Just that one quote has spelling mistakes and logical inconsistencies (cognitive problems - given his mention of drug taking it is not surprising), passive aggressive insults, projection, twisting (lying)...and I think he doth protest to much.

Then he tops it off further down the comments with... _http://lesvisible.blogspot.com/2011/03/navigating-road-of-our-karmic.html#comment-1036421331776221500

Visible said...

Thank you for telling me I had to back away. It appears however that I was psychic just this once because the whole SOTT thing came up as a result and guess who showed up over at the site, none other than the fellow the Origami posting was about.

So I did one more posting on it at Smoking Mirrors this morning and that will be the end of it. I don't fancy pissing matches and I tried to be forging and fair as well.
2:06 PM

Is the guy pathological, or just so totally screwed up chemically that he really has no clue what he's doing (i.e. just a robot)?

Guardian said:
anart said:

It's bad news - he's got more demons hanging on than a bus on it's way to Crystal Cathedral.

Geeezzzz...I'm reading about it now. Well, if VB is really on his way out, he'll have to be replaced ...they always are.

That was the first thing that struck me...the timing of it all.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Wonder who sent him the link.

Ketamine is a really cruel tranquilizer for animals (some western vets use it on any animal, not just horses) - but while the animal is paralyzed, it can still feel. My vet says he's seen so many animals have complete personality changes after having been operated on using the stuff, due to the trauma (he never uses it - this was in vet school and before he got his own private practice). It's really inexpensive, so still used a lot - makes me sick.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

RedFox said:
That was the first thing that struck me...the timing of it all.

Yup, as soon as I read about VB burning out, I was wondering who would take his place. This Les guy sounds perfect. He's on drugs, so he's easy to vector, he's already got a Internet following, so they don't have to start from scratch. I think I remember reading where he mentions that he's getting more popular, additional funding, etc. It really is a predictable pattern.

I know folks are pleased that VB is on his way down, and that's understandable, but I think his demise is gonna be a pain in the butt in the long run. We're going to have to start all over with his replacement, because there's ALWAYS going to be one. :(
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Bottom line is this: we now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, what kind of person Les Visible is.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Laura said:
Bottom line is this: we now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, what kind of person Les Visible is.

Yup...actually his chosen name was my first clue. People tend to chose nics that reflect their inner selves, sometimes unconsciously. When you used a nic I believe it was "Lark?" I think I read somewhere that it was a combination of "Laura" and "Ark?"

What's interesting is that Larks have the broadest and most complicated musical "language" of all birds, hence.. "Sings like a Lark" :)
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Laura said:
Bottom line is this: we now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, what kind of person Les Visible is.

I never had a shadow of a doubt (after his visit to your house) - the way he wrote threw up lots of flags, the scatological humor, the profanity, but after the visit, just from the few comments you made, I never had a doubt.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Adaryn said:
Are these guys living in another reality?

No, they're intentionally, and with malice of forethought, manipulating this one with lies ...OSIT
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Gandalf said:
Jaw dropping comment on Les's article:

Hey Vis, I was just at the Cassiopea forum and Laura said she put you into a trap that you couldn't get out of but you did. She said this will cost you in the long run but she didn't refute a word you said about your visit. Looks like even she agrees you told the truth and admits to gaming you. Another commenter mentioned that what you said refuted their whole story and she just ignored it. I'd say you just proved the truth of your version.

What the -flick- is wrong with these people?

Are these guys living in another reality?

Looking and sounding more and more like the GLP crowd. Let's not get carried away with reposting their nonsense here though.
Re: Is it Les Visible's turn?

Perceval said:
Looking and sounding more and more like the GLP crowd.

I think of it more as the "anti Cass" crowd, because if the GLP thread disappeared tomorrow, they would immediately carry their attack to another forum...or as an outlet of last resort, Usenet. Google crippled assault teams on Usenet when they separated Newsgroup results from a standard search. That was a SERIOUS win!!

You just can't do what Laura and this group are doing without getting assigned an organized opposition, and they'll pick the highest trafficked forum that allows them to post. All you can do is what you're doing, for every lie, post a truth.
Jaw dropping comment on Les's article:

Hey Vis, I was just at the Cassiopea forum and Laura said she put you into a trap that you couldn't get out of but you did. She said this will cost you in the long run but she didn't refute a word you said about your visit. Looks like even she agrees you told the truth and admits to gaming you. Another commenter mentioned that what you said refuted their whole story and she just ignored it. I'd say you just proved the truth of your version.

What the -flick- is wrong with these people?

Are these guys living in another reality?
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