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i consider this a Documentary ( and am reposting for response ?)
nanobot technology linked to Morgellons,5G,chemtrails and more . . .

Very chilling, but real. This video is along the same lines as the one you shared above. The use of knowledge is power. Knowledge protects.Trying to stay "non-emotional". So much information can be quite mentally overwhelming.

Princess Melinda Czarnyszka - Living As A Cyborg Cell Tower
Russian Czarina Melinda Czarnyzka Victim Of US Concentration Camp, Life As A Cyborg


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My Honor WAS Loyalty (HD)
1:55:23 English Subs

Documental Henri Charriere / Papillon
Mar 20, 2017 / 37:42
Henri Charrière, conocido como Papillon. Acusado por un crimen que no cometió, fue sentenciado a trabajos forzados a perpetuidad en las colonias francesas. Fecha de nacimiento: 16 de noviembre de 1906, Saint-Étienne-de-Lugdarès,Ardeche, Francia Fecha de la muerte: 29 de julio de 1973, Madrid Cónyuge: Georgette Fourel (m. 1931–1970) Libros: Papillon, Banco, Pillangó: szökéseim a pokolból, Más Películas: Papillon, La reina de diamantes Padres: Marie-Louise Charrière, Joseph Charriè
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Zero days - Security leaks for sale - Docu - 2014
There is new gold to be found on the internet, and possibly in your own computer. Secret backdoors, that do not have a digital lock yet, are being traded at astronomical amounts.

I recommend to take this documentary with a grain of salt, in area of geopolitics, but it's very interesting in area of technology.
Zero Days - Official Trailer
Alex Gibney's ZERO DAYS is a documentary thriller about warfare in a world without rules— the world of cyberwar. ... It's the most comprehensive accounting to date of how a clandestine mission hatched by two allies with clashing agendas opened forever the Pandora's Box of cyberwarfare.


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Documentary describing the life of the late Irish druid, Ben McBrady. Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.”


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I don't think the problem is technology or social media.
The problem are shallow relations and escapism. And the indoctrination is the key.

We won't be overtaken by computers, we will be overtaken by Evil Sorcerer, because someone program the computer and thatcomputer will program the user.
Cassiopaean experiment is the most amazing way how to use technology in benefit way.

Life is the art of networking and making relations with the Universe.

How Smartphone Addiction Is Ruining Your Life - Simon Sinek | Motivational Video 2019

Smartphones: The Dark Side - BBC

Internet Cell Phones are destroying our Brains DOCUMENTARY

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Jean Leidloff The Continuum Concept on Vimeo
This interview (filmed in 1998) with Jean Liedloff, author of The Continuum Concept, by Michael Mendizza (Touch the Future) is the best summary of her views regarding innate intelligence-capacity and how we routinely interfere with this at great harm to children, adults and society.

The world according to RT - VPRO documentary - 2015
RT is a Russian international television network funded by the Russian government. The idea behind Russia Today is to provide a Russian point of view on major global events.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry recently called Russia's international news channel Russia Today a "Propaganda machine".

The channel Russia Today was launched in 2005 under the name Russia Today to bring the Russian perspective on world events to a global audience. To counter channels like BBC World, CNN and Al-Jazeera. Almost ten years later it’s the biggest news organisation on YouTube with its 2 billion views, more than CNN and BBC together.

Where its critics call it a bullhorn for Russian propaganda, RT presents itself as an alternative to mainstream media.

In “The world according to RT” former employees, other journalists and media analysts dissect the RT modus operandi. What’s it like to work for the channel? How much influence does the Kremlin really have? And is it possible to discern between facts and opinion when the Russian interests are at stake?

This documentary comes out of a series of reports about the effect and influence of media on society published in 2015: ARGOS TV: MEDIALOGICA.
On the basis of concrete incidents, the difference between the reality and the image that the media paints from it is reconstructed and investigated, with the help of the stakeholders at the time and supported by archival material.
In this episode an investigation into the influence of the Kremlin on Russia's international news channel Russia Today.


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Documentary describing the life of the late Irish druid, Ben McBrady. Ben McBrady, known as Brady of the Name and Herenach of the Two Kilmores, was Aircinneac and Herenach of a pre-Druid Megalithic Order called “The Old Gaelic Order,” often referred to simply as “The Order.” Ben McBrady is believed to have been the last member of “The Old Gaelic Order.” Because of this he was called “The Last Druid.” He passed away in January of 1996. Ben McBrady was a descendant of Lugar MacLugair (Lughaid mac Loeguire), who was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and the Kings of Leinster. Lugar MacLugair was also believed to have been a member of “The Old Gaelic Order.”

I enjoyed watching this video so much! The visuals, listening to Ben McBrady, and the music all contribute to a very interesting experience.
I jotted down a few bits that might be of interest:

In the video at 5:27 he first mentions that the Order came into being after the last great Calamity, "devastation by Great Electrical Storms".
He says that "caught up in the tails of meteors are shards of meteorites."

He goes on to say that the stone ruins,all well above sea level, which are described as "Passage graves"and found all through Ireland, are the remains of bomb shelters, built for protection from meteoric showers.

At 8:36 He brings up souterrains, which were used as shelters, above sea level.
He goes into some very interesting observations regarding why humanity lost the ability to communicate via telepathy. It fits with the info I have gathered on Trauma and the brain.
The traumatic incidents cause the loss of memories, the bigger the trauma, the larger loss of memory.

At 24:49 He talks about how genealogies and lists of ancestry were "meddled with" to "fit in to a time scale that was wrong"!

At 26:06 He mentions how St Paul "invented" Roman Christianity, while MacLugair laid out the tenants of PURE Christianity!

29:14 He says a wandering Scholar named Jesus was inducted into the Order.
He maintains that right up into early medieval times, the place was a Scolarly Hub, with over 5000 attendees, and that even though they were a "Christian" Center, it was Pre-Christianity that was practiced and taught!
1155AD brought Henry II, and Roman Christianity rule.

He mentions between the 6th and 9th centuries, Pelagianism was the main premise of the teachings of the missionaries.

He does bring up the fragmentation of humanity, and how we are losing touch with others due to lack of sharing person to person, rather than electronic technology.

The balance between the Cosmos and Chaos, is Order. He feels the world has lost all balance....

I did a quick search on him, and found this article:
The Old Gaelic Order described by Ben McBrady

The Order of Druids in Ulster
How it all began...........

"The Old Gaelic Order" came originally from Phoenicia and they were Baal or Sun worshippers. They were Bards, Psychics, Healers, Walkers between the Worlds, Lawgivers and Makers, Priests and Kings. One of the first abilities taught to new Initiates was Telepathy. "The Order" at all times was to remain outside society; within it yet outside it at the same time. All knowledge came within the realm of "The Order", but they were particularly concerned with Astronomy because they had experience of so many significant calamities. It was thought that a full knowledge of Astronomy would enable them to predict conditions when these calamities were likely to take place and take some action to protect themselves. Another primary function of the order was to preserve language.

The Order of Druids in Ulster

When the Druids came, many members of "The Order" infiltrated that order. Elsewhere in Europe the Druids carried out their ceremonies in oak groves. The term for oak is Druha, so they became known as Druidi or Druids. Now, in Ireland specifically the Druids worshipped The God of the Sunset, The Dah Ruah -The Red God. A priest of that order was called a Ceile Dah Ruah - a servant of The Red God. Over time this was shortened to Da Ruah then Druah or Druid. That's how confusion arises between the Druids on the Continent and the Druids in Ireland. They both have the same name for different reasons.

"The Order" continued to survive by adapting itself, first to the Druids and then to Christianity. It kept its traditions and beliefs but operated inside the Christian Matrix. The members of the order were Priests and Kings, and in Christianity, this developed into Bishops and Herenachs about the 12th century. In Ireland eventually the Herenachs, not being Bishops anymore because of the suppression of Catholicism, integrated into Protestant religion. There was no change in the central purpose of "The Order" whatever guise they operated under.

Ben's earliest recorded ancestor was Lugar MacLugair. MacLugair seems to have been the most important figure in the 2nd century - he was a Lawgiver. He was described as the one who adapted "The Senchus Mor" the great compendium of Law to the Christian tradition. MacCugar was one of those characters who emerge every few generations and totally transform the character of a society.

But because of the conflicts between Paganism and Christianity, he was written out history.

MacLugair was the most important Druid of his time and a member of "The Order". He was Chief Druid of Ireland and Druid to the High King Leary and Druid to the Kings of Leinster.

It was originally the task of each member of "The Order" to be a compendium of all knowledge. If humanity was wiped out except for one individual, he should be capable of re-establishing everything from his own resources.

Now because of the exceptional increase in knowledge techniques and skills, medicine, science, it would not be within the abilities of a single human mind to encompass everything. So the system was developed whereby three were brought together as a triad. The one who seemed most suited for a particular group of skills or awareness was trained in those and thus the full range of knowledge was divided up among them.

The first vigil or initiation partly required the candidate to spend several nights at "St Kevin's Bed" at Glendalough. Its old Irish name was Glen Da Lug (Glen of the God Lugh).

When a triad had to retrieve knowledge from the collective unconsciousness, one member of the triad was hypnotised and the third was the controller. Using this technique, vast amounts of information could be accessed from the collective unconscious.

The "Old Gaelic Order" had sacred dances, Kundalini exercises and created sacred space to commune with otherworldly beings.
They celebrated the fire festivals and the solstices and equinoxes, although I'm not sure if these were a later addition.

One of Ben's triad, the Astronomer, worked out the exact date they should celebrate. His dates rarely fell on the dates accepted today by pagan groups.



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A good documentary analyzing the Egyptian pyramids and the amazing technical sophistication needed to construct them. Basically demonstrating the impossibility of using primitive tools by primitive people, going into great detail looking at the evidence.

I would recommend this documentary to anyone interested in the topic. Of all the documentaries i've seen on the pyramids, as well as ancient megalithic sites in general, this is quite comprehensive. In particular i liked the documentary style; it's fast paced, full of information, has multiple and differing opinions, and lots of visuals. The imagery really brings home just how incredible these structrues are. Because this doc doesn't just focus on the pyarmids, it goes to many different sites all over the planet.

From what i recall it doesn't really address structures like stonehenge or karnak (in France), and maybe the circle builders more generally, it seems to be more of those by what we might call the pyramid builders. Although don't take my word for it.

Overall, the style reminds me of some of the translated documentary's i've seen by Russian creators. Less pomp as US/UK documentaries and so, for me, even more riveting.

One would need to watch it bearing in mind much of the research that is discussed on the forum, such as the age of the pyramids, it's probable function, as well as the peoples that created it, but that doesn't detract too much from the presentation, i think.

So, while i don't agree with all of it nor all of the conclusions it makes - and one wonders about this 'source' mentioned throughout the documentary - it's definitely worth a watch for looking for a documentary on the topic. I watched this with a few people and all of us found it informative and entertaining.


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The Dark Ages: Europe after the Fall of Rome (United Learning 1995)
The Dark Ages, the period of European history during the time that led to the fall of Rome up to the Norman conquest in 1066, was a time of tremendous social, political, religious, and economic transition brought about by the merging of the classical Roman culture and its new Christian religion with that of the barbarian Germanic tribes. Historical reenactments filmed on location in a reconstructed seventh-century Anglo-Saxon village in England, combined with live-action imagery from other fascinating Dark Ages sites bring this important period of history to life for students.
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