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The Roman Empire - Episode 1: The Rise of the Roman Empire (History Documentary)

The Roman Empire - Episode 3: Seduction of Power (History Documentary)

The Roman Empire - Episode 6: The Fall Of The Roman Empire (History Documentary)
Thanks for posting this. This series has a couple more episodes, there's a playlist of them here: The Roman Empire Series - YouTube

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Here's a documentary on Theranos :
The CEO strikes me as a female psychopath and the way she tried to emulate Steve Jobs (everything from dressing like him,to giving presentations with the same aesthetic to lowering her voice) is pretty creepy.What's more interesting is how long she managed to keep the lie going despite showing no evidence of her miracle invention.It's only 30 min long and is pretty interesting.
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Here's a documentary on Theranos :
The CEO strikes me as a female psychopath and the way she tried to emulate Steve Jobs (everything from dressing like him,to giving presentations with the same aesthetic to lowering her voice) is pretty creepy.What's more interesting is how long she managed to keep the lie going despite showing no evidence of her miracle invention.It's only 30 min long and is pretty interesting.
Edit : I think the forum ate my last post,so I'll try to post this again.
Chilling. She could have gone far in politics. Female psychopaths are subtle monsters and difficult to identify. Scary!


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Thanks for posting this. This series has a couple more episodes, there's a playlist of them here: The Roman Empire Series - YouTube
I don't wanted to overwhelm the viewers with too much links and I chose only most interesting parts.

If someone is interest in the topic, can search for other parts. There's many documentaries about Roman Empire.

History of Sex: Ancient Civilizations (Documentary)
The Roman Empire: Crisis of the 3rd Century - Full Documentary
Roman Gladiators : The True Story. Full Documentary
Documentaries - Ancient Rome. Caligula Roman Emperor - Documentary 2017
The Most Evil Men and Women in History - Episode Three - Caligula (2002) (380p) HD
Sex & Prostitution in Ancient Greek & Rome Documentary Sex in the Ancient World Pompeii
Fall of Great Empires Fall of Rome
The Doomsday Code
The History Of The Devil


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Hunter S Thompson documentary. My god this bloke was weird! He lived life on the edge, and when he knew he had a neurodegenerative disease he decided to blow his own brains out. He saw the hypocrisy of the politicians all too well though. A fascinating character no doubt.



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The Assange Story. WikiLeaks founder’s journey from whistleblowing hero to exile [RT Documentary 2020]
The fate of Julian Assange will soon be decided, as he prepares to fight for his freedom in a landmark extradition hearing in London. The US wants to get its hands on the WikiLeaks founder in what the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture called "the collective persecution" by a group of "democratic" states. If convicted, Assange could face decades in a US jail. In April 2019, Julian Assange was dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy and sent to Belmarsh Prison for breaching his bail terms.

Through WikiLeaks, Julian Assange published a trove of classified documents on the powerful elite, including war crimes committed by the military on operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and embarrassing details from politicians' emails.

The Assange Story pieces together accounts from Assange's friends, family and former colleagues to build up a clearer understanding of the personality and motivation in the man behind what's been called the 'biggest leaks in intelligence history'.


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In this episode of Screen News Digest (Vol. 27, No. 6), viewers see a very brief history of the development of computing and the ways in which microchips impact contemporary everyday life. The episode opens with footage of Stonehenge, microchips, and people working with computers in offices. Two people use their fingers to count, then they place stones on the sand to represent values (in development of counting). The episode shows an abacus, a reenactment of Blaise Pascal inventing his counting machine, and a reenactment of Joseph Jacquard developing a programmable loom controlled by punch cards. A punch roll operates a player piano. The episode shows a reenactment of Charles Babbage in 1823 developing his steam-powered computing machine . This is followed by shots of a cash register, vacuum tubes in early computing machines, and photos of the first ENIAC computer in 1946, as well as photos of the first transistor computer. A man operates a computer, developing circuit layouts on the monitor. Viewers see some clips of the production of microchips. People work at desks in a large room housing large computers. At an aerospace factory, people move rocket blaster cones. A robotic assembly line assembles some product. Viewers see a space shuttle taking off. There is a montage of shots of people working with computers, including an office desk top, check processing machines, bank ATMs, and a home desktop computer. A supermarket clerk scans groceries. Two men retrieve their plane tickets using an automated ticket kiosk. A couple dines at a fancy restaurant in a hotel. A helicopter lands at a hospital, and an injured person is carried off the chopper on a stretcher. The film concludes with footage of Stonehenge, computers, and a city skyline at night."

This short 1982 educational film, produced by Dimension Films shortly before the company folded in 1985. The film gives viewers a look at the different ways computers are used in society (specifically, it discusses computer use for creative, machine control, models, and files). The film opens with a shot of a computer in a large room. Children sit around an Apple II computer and monitor. A man uses a computer to generate designs. Dr. Derek Sampson looks at a computer printout of patient names. He speaks with a young woman waiting for a kidney transplant. A woman carries a kidney in a box into a hospital. Dr. Sampson speaks to the camera about using computers to expedite the process of identifying kidney recipient matches. A woman sketches out a flow chart for a computer program to identify patients in need of kidney transplants to match tissue and blood types. Dr. Sampson enters the relevant information about a donated kidney into the computer. Groceries are scanned at a grocery store. The film shows the magnetic tapes in an IBM computer running the bar code processing program. The 62TM drive shown was a magnetic drive capable of storing 10MB of data. Traffic announcers read traffic alerts over the air at Metro Traffic Control, reading updated alerts on computer monitors running Instatrak II software, and issuing a SIGALERT for traffic problems. Jerry Curtis checks on GM / Pontiac Camaros being manufactured on an assembly line. He shows the camera a controller used to control a welding robot on the line. He demonstrates how to program a welding spot line. He then reviews the program on the computer monitor. The film shows the computer system’s electric eye. Dr. James Blinn sits at a computer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and models a robotic arm for a space vehicle. The film then shows numbers from another model used to save the El Segundo Blue butterfly. The butterfly eats from a buckwheat flower next to an oil refinery plant. Dr. Richard Arnold observes the buckwheat plants. Dr. Arnold uses a computer in his office to make a mathematical model of ideal numbers of buckwheat plants for the butterflies. Students use an Apple II computer modeling program at FOLLK (Friends of LISP/Logo & Kids) to understand how fish populations work. Other students use the program Logo on an Apple II to create graphic art. A man installs a new circuit board in a computer. Two students discuss making titles for the film. The girls try running the title; they then debug their coding after the timing of the title doesn’t run correctly. A woman inserts a floppy disc in an office to prepare a report on a Xerox 8010 Star -- this was the first computer to ship with a mouse. An artist designs a work on a computer using a simple paintbrush program. The film then shows shots of the various people featured in the film working on flowcharts for their computer programs in their respective areas, concluding the film.

1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future
I recently found this interview in my archives. I was shooting a documentary called “The Information Society” in 1979 and filmed this in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Compushop had just begun selling the Apple II and this guy had a keen sense of what was coming.


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Too bad they don't say anything about pesticides and EMFs.

Better brain health | DW Documentary [Arte France 2019]
Chocolate reduces stress. Fish stimulates the brain. Is there any truth to such popular beliefs? The findings of researchers around the world say yes: It appears we really are what we eat.

A study in a British prison found that inmates who took vitamin supplements were less prone to violent behavior. And in Germany, a psychologist at the University of Lübeck has shown that social behavior is influenced by the ingredients consumed at breakfast. But what really happens in the brain when we opt for honey instead of jam, and fish rather than sausage? Scientists around the world are trying to find out. Neuro-nutrition is the name of an interdisciplinary research field that investigates the impact of nutrition on brain health. Experiments on rats and flies offer new insight into the effects of our eating habits. When laboratory rats are fed a diet of junk food, the result is not just obesity. The menu also has a direct influence on their memory performance. The role of the intestinal flora has been known for some time, but scientists are currently discovering other relationships. So-called "brain food" for example: The Mediterranean diet that’s based on vegetables and fish is said to provide the best nutrition for small grey cells. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish, for example, protect the nerve cells and are indispensable for the development of the brain - because the brain is also what it eats!

How hackers threaten everything from your bank account to national security (2016) | Four Corners
In a room, deep inside a Las Vegas hotel, the world's best hackers are gathering.

They're here to compete against each other and they're being watched by cyber warfare agencies the world over, not for prosecution, but for recruitment.

They have the skills needed to wage espionage and warfare in the modern age.

In this program from 2016, Four Corners takes you into the world of cyber hacking, where the weapon of choice is computer code.

Featuring an interview with the former head of the CIA and the NSA, Michael Hayden, he explains how the intelligence business has changed with young hackers parachuted into sensitive operational activities.

We take you into the cutting edge facility where Australian soldiers are being trained in the arts of cyber warfare - where their computer skills can be used to shut down a power grid or cut off a city's water supply.

And we will reveal the strategic Australian companies and institutions that have found themselves hacked.

It's not just nation states that are in the hacking business, it's also criminals, and as the program demonstrates, it's frighteningly easy to hack our lives.

If you have a smart phone, if you use internet banking, if you store your information "in the cloud" then you are at risk.


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Spain's water problem | DW Documentary [rbb 2019]

There are believed to be a million illegal boreholes in Spain, used to irrigate agricultural zones. The country’s water crisis and illegal water extraction is having fatal consequences, not only for the environment.

Last year, a toddler died after falling into an open borehole near Malaga, Spain. Felipe Fuentelsaz is an activist campaigning against illegal boreholes and water extraction and pushing for sustainable water usage, hoping to improve awareness of the issue among both farmers and consumers. For the past 16 years, Felipe has been using satellite imaging to locate illegal boreholes and agricultural zones, which he then reports to the local water authority. But so far his efforts have had little impact. He is mainly active in the Doñana National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site which is under threat because some 1,000 illegal boreholes have been drilled here for fruit cultivation. 30 percent of the EU’s strawberry production is located in the region. Groundwater levels in the park have fallen dramatically as a result of the illegal wells: its marshes, streams, rivers and lagoons are increasingly dry. Felipe Fuentelsaz believes that Europe uses too much water, and is determined to help bring about improved management of water resources. But Spain faces a dilemma: the country is still struggling with the fallout from the financial crisis and its economy relies heavily on agriculture, one of its few stable economic sectors. But export commodities such as fruit and vegetables are highly water-intensive.


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This documentary is heavy outdated nowadays, but it shows mechanism how the debt is created.
PBS FRONTLINE: The Secret History of the Credit Card (2004)
The average American family today carries 8 credit cards. Credit card debt and personal bankruptcies are now at an all time high. With no legal limit on the amount of interest or fees that can be charged, credit cards have become the most profitable sector of the American banking industry: more than $30 billion in profits last year alone. FRONTLINE examines how the credit card industry became so pervasive, so lucrative, and so powerful.


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The secret tactics Monsanto used to protect Roundup, its star product | Four Corners [ABC Australia 2018]
Four Corners investigates the secret tactics used by global chemical giant Monsanto to protect its billion-dollar business and its star product — the weed killer, Roundup,

The Monsanto Papers : Roundup & The Canadian Connection - Enquête {CBC 2019]
Monsanto has faced claims its popular weedkiller Roundup may cause cancer, after the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) announced its principle ingredient glyphosate was probably carcinogenic to humans. Enquête examines recently released Monsanto documents that expose secret practices the company (which was acquired last year by Bayer) used to defend glyphosate, including allegations of ghostwriting of scientific articles.


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No End in Sight
PressTV Mole hunt Story of busting ClA's 'house of cards'
Intelligence Wars in Syria
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