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I know what you mean GqSoul! I got my package through the mail and had forgotten that I'd even signed up for it, or that I'd sent it through. It seemed to come at a right time in my life, everything suddenly made sense and gave me back the direction I wanted to go. :)


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Hello. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate topic for my post, but this seemed like the right thread. I received my FOTCM membership packet today, and I was just wondering how to proceed in becoming an active member?


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I got the packet. Woo hoo! It made me really happy and encouraged me to do stuff that I'm suppose to do with joy. Thanks.


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You have accepted my wish to join Fellowship.

I have expectation that I may meet somebody in real life. I need real contact with real people. Maybe for the beginning I just want to be, to sit, to be for a moment with somebody who is "close"... Or maybe is not close. I do not know that but I would like to try.

I assume that maybe with amount of my posts and low activity on the forum You rather have not much knowledge about myself. I hope however that You may allow me to meet somebody.

You have also some expectations for contribution.
I was thinking that maybe if You find it OK I may share my books. My precious :).
I can list what I got and whoever would like to read something I may send it by mail to borrow it. Books are expensive and the list of books here is quite long.
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