"Pizzagate" Explodes


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Great exposé on how child sexual explotation/abuse is still alive and well on youtube:

YouTube’s Sinister Pedophile Community Continues To Flourish

YouTube has cracked down on the comment section with minors in them, sort of. Many videos that have young children in them still have comment sections and are still being used to exploit children. But something far more sinister is skating by YouTube’s algorithms, advertisements for child pornography. [7:49]


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From the Poland thread there is this angelburst29 post:

Poland's Walesa urges Catholic church action on abuse after his priest accused
FILE PHOTO: 1983 Nobel Peace Prize winner, former Polish president, Lech Walesa attends European Ideas Network Francisco Lucas Pires merit award ceremony in Riga, Latvia May 24, 2018. REUTERS/Ints Kalnins/File Photo
Polish Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa has urged the Catholic Church to prevent further sexual abuse of children by members of its clergy after a new documentary film showed his priest to be one of the accused.

Poland's Kaczynski promises harsher sentences for child abuse
Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of the ruling Law and Justice party (PiS), delivers a speech during the party's convention in Szczecin, Poland May 12, 2019. Agencja Gazeta/Krzysztof Hadrian via REUTERS

The leader of Poland's conservative ruling party promised harsher sentences for child abuse on Sunday, as the release of a documentary about pedophile priests created a fresh battleground in an election campaign marked by debate on religion and sexuality.


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At the end of Jeep's video I noticed an earlier 2015 video where they did catch the perpetrator but had difficulty shutting down the whole network he created.

"It's something that can mess with your head." say Australian police in a sting operation who tried to shut down a pedophile network in 2015.



So Isaac Kappy is dead. Official story is suicide.

This was his last periscope stream:
He keeps saying that he did something very bad, and he betrayed everyone.
He said that he was not suicidal, but it would probably be his last stream.
"I am in danger, and it's all my fault"
"I was a patriot, but I'm not anymore"
"I have a lot of light inside, but I also have a lot of darkness. I didn't tend to the darkness, I didn't make peace with it and I didn't come to the light"
"A lot of hate is coming my way, a lot of anger is coming my way, and it's deserved"
"I'm not under duress, I'm doing this in a place of service. Because when you want to serve others you're in the light, but not serving others at the expense of your body, your integrity"


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Yeah, I noticed the news of Kappy's suicide yesterday, and I still don't know what to think of it. I don't even know if the whole thing is worth looking into in depth, would take too much time.

I had a quick look at his last video, and I can't see the logic of any of what he's saying. So, he says he made a terrible mistake and 'betrayed everyone', but he doesn't reveal what it is he has done...and chit chats over an hour 'dancing around' subject. Some sources say that he made some kind of risky investment in gambling. He might have just been mad and/or schizophrenic, but it appeared to me that he enjoyed (or it was his designated role) people speculating over things he hinted at. Maybe he got addicted to making 'periscope videos'. I remember the Bombard's body language lady also saying, that from what she could tell, Kappy was being truthful, but his thinking was coloured by his strong attention seeking – he just loved the attention.

However, there are some weird details. In the video he says he's not suicidal, but that he is in danger. And his final note on Instagram (I believe) from what I cant tell by quickly reading it, appeared not as his usual style (I listened to him quite a bit when the whole thing started). It was as someone else had written it. And, if you've given up everything, your reputation included, put yourself in danger by exposing some people, why would you care so much about what people would think of you or your 'betrayal' that you'd had to take your life?

Thinking about this, I see three possible explanations:

1. He was a bit mentally ill (perhaps schizophrenic), but he had seen and heard some really bad things. He had a good heart and wanted to 'blow the lid' , but in the end he wasn't strategical enough and his psyche couldn't take it. Or, there might also have been some drugs involved that worsened his condition. Or, the perpetrators might have aided the worsening of his psyche by various means.

2. He wasn't mentally ill, his information was legit, and he was 'suicided' by inducing some kind of hallucination (putting LSD or something in his drink) , or with some weird mind control equipment

3. He was a planted PSYOP to just muddy the waters, distract and lure potential whistleblowers to confide with him – thus making it easier to find and eliminate them

Right now I'd bet on option 1.


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May 18, 2019 - US university doctor sexually abused at least 177 students: Investigation
US university doctor sexually abused at least 177 students: Investigation
The victims included school athletes as well as other students who saw Strauss at the university health centre and at an off-campus private medical office.

The victims included school athletes as well as other students who saw Strauss at the university health centre and at an off-campus private medical office.PHOTO: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY/FACEBOOK

An Ohio State University team doctor sexually abused at least 177 male students over nearly two decades and was never disciplined at the US school despite reports of his actions, an investigation found on Friday (May 17).

Richard Strauss, who died in 2005, committed the abuse while employed at the school from 1978 to 1998, and university staff were made aware of claims as early as 1979, according to a 12-month independent probe.

The probe looked into misconduct allegations from 1979 to 1997 reported by former students - 150 of whom reported first-hand accounts of sexual abuse committed by Strauss.

In all, more than 440 former students and university staff believed to have information related to allegations involving Strauss were interviewed for the investigation.

The victims included school athletes as well as other students who saw Strauss at the university health centre and at an off-campus private medical office.

Strauss established the private medical office in 1996 after he was suspended from his activities as a treating physician at the school but remained a tenured faculty member.

University president Michael Drake said an independent investigation was launched into the allegations after they were brought to the university's attention last year.

"The findings are shocking and painful to comprehend," Drake said as he made the redacted investigation report public.

"On behalf of the university, we offer our profound regret and sincere apologies to each person who endured Strauss's abuse. Our institution's fundamental failure at the time to prevent this abuse was unacceptable - as were the inadequate efforts to thoroughly investigate complaints raised by students and staff members."

The abuse, which included "excessive" genital exams and fondling, "escalated over time" as students underwent a series of examinations, according to the report. "We find this range of acts 'abusive' because they exploited the power Strauss enjoyed purely by virtue of his status in the doctor-patient relationship," it said.

Perkins Coie, the law firm that conducted the investigation, said it is also examining whether Strauss may have examined students of high school age while serving at the university.

While Strauss resigned from university medical staff at the end of 1994, he remained on the faculty until retiring as professor emeritus in 1998, an honorary status the university is revoking.

The university is covering the costs of counselling for those affected by the abuse.

Drake said his school has implemented safeguards since Strauss's departure, including a sexual violence consultation team, a centralised anonymous hotline, mandatory reporting of sexual assault for all university employees and mandatory sexual prevention education for incoming students, faculty and staff.

"Issues of sexual misconduct and abuse challenge our society in real and important ways," he added. "It is our collective responsibility to remain ever-vigilant and work to ensure that this can never happen again.
Jul 21, 2018 - More than 100 ex-students report sexual misconduct by late Ohio State doctor
More than 100 ex-students report sexual misconduct by late Ohio State doctor

More than 100 former students have told investigators they were victims of sexual misconduct by a now-deceased Ohio State University doctor employed by its athletic department and medical staff for nearly two decades, the university said on Friday (July 20).

New details about the investigation of the late Dr. Richard Strauss were made public days after five former varsity wrestlers sued Ohio State over allegations Strauss had sexually abused them and others and that the university was complicit in failing to take action against him.

The scandal has had implications for Ohio congressman, US Representative Jim Jordan, whose tenure as an assistant wrestling coach at the university overlapped with Strauss' time there.

Jordan has been accused by several former student wrestlers of being told about molestation by the doctor but failing to intervene to stop it.

The Republican, considered by some to be a possible contender to succeed the retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan, has denied knowing anything about abuse allegations at the time.

Strauss was a university staff physician during the 1970s,'80 and '90s for several varsity sports, the school's medical centre and student health clinic. He retired from the faculty in 1998 and committed suicide in 2005.

Allegations against him first surfaced in April when the university announced an investigation had been opened into the doctor in his former capacity as the Ohio State wrestling team physician.

Similar sex scandals in recent years have embroiled top officials at several major US institutions of higher education, including Penn State University, Michigan State University and the University of Southern California.

A law firm assigned to conduct an independent inquiry on behalf of the Ohio state attorney general has interviewed more than 200 former students and staff believed to have had knowledge of the matter, the school said in an online update.

More than 100 ex-students interviewed reported "firsthand accounts" of being victimised by Strauss, the university said.

The allegations date from 1979 to 1997 from former athletes in 14 varsity sports and former patients of the student clinic, according to the school.

No mention was made of Jordan, or whether investigators found evidence that former or current university staff were aware of abuse but failed to report it. The university has previously said that question is part of the inquiry.

One of the two lawsuits said "rampant sexual abuse" was reported to Ohio State administrators and to the head of the athletic department" who "turned a blind eye" to the wrongdoing.


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I wasn't sure where to post this, but since there's at least some loose indications that Anderson Cooper is part of this weird/evil group of people who clearly wear a mask of sanity, when in reality they are something completely different (read: psychopaths), and who have 'weird sexual pictures' taken of them, I thought I post it here. So, this is a clip from his who 'The Ridiculist' from May 20th, and the thing to look at here is the way he reacts at watching Jeanine Pirro's speech. Start the clip at 2:38. What he is showing is definitely weird and 'evil'. This is deep down clearly not pleasant person!


A Jay

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the thing to look at here is the way he reacts at watching Jeanine Pirro's speech. Start the clip at 2:38. What he is showing is definitely weird and 'evil'. This is deep down clearly not pleasant person!
I think he's not so much reacting to watching her clip as trying to mock her by mimicking her facial expressions. Which he does quite poorly and instead of being comedic comes across as a crazy person trying to shapeshift into a hyperdimensional reptoid, as PJW put it. Another thing PJW says in that article that I found to be a lot funnier than Cooper's impersonation:

With content like this, CNN is sure to recover some of the 26 per cent of viewers it has lost in the last year.


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50 children rescued after Interpol busts international online paedophile ring
50 children rescued after Interpol busts international online paedophile ring
Officers collecting evidence from the website's main administrator, Montri Salangam's home.

Officers collecting evidence from the website's main administrator, Montri Salangam's home.PHOTO: INTERPOL
The first arrests came in early 2018, when the site's main administrator, Montri Salangam, was detained in Thailand, and another administrator, Ruecha Tokputza, was captured in Australia.

The first arrests came in early 2018, when the site's main administrator, Montri Salangam, was detained in Thailand, and another administrator, Ruecha Tokputza, was captured in Australia.PHOTO: INTERPOL

International police agency Interpol on Thursday (May 23) said nine people had been arrested in Thailand, Australia and the US, and 50 children had been rescued after investigators took down an online paedophilia ring.

More arrests were expected as police in nearly 60 countries pursue investigations stemming from an Interpol operation launched two years ago into a hidden "dark Web" site with 63,000 users worldwide.

Fifty children were rescued following the arrests. Police are trying to identify an additional 100 children in images that had been shared on the Internet's uncharted corners.

Interpol said Operation Blackwrist began after it found material that was traced back to a subscription-based site on the Dark Web, where people can use encrypted software to hide behind layers of secrecy.

Dark Web sites cannot be found through search engines, and users need to have the specific URL address to land on a site.

Interpol enlisted help from national agencies worldwide, with the United States Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) department eventually tracking the site's IP address, where new photos and videos were posted weekly.

The first arrests came in early 2018, when the site's main administrator, Montri Salangam, was detained in Thailand, and another administrator, Ruecha Tokputza, was captured in Australia.

Salangam, whose victims included one of his nephews, was sentenced in June last year to 146 years in prison by Thai courts, while an associate, a pre-school teacher, got 36 years.

Tokputza was handed a 40-year prison term at his trial in Australia last Friday, the longest for child sex offences in the country.

The Australian Associated Press reported that Tokputza, 31, pleaded guilty to 50 counts of abuse of 11 babies and children - one just 15 months' old - between 2011 and 2018.

Judge Liesl Chapman in Adelaide said: "You are a child's worst nightmare, you are every parent's horror, you are a menace to the community."

Interpol did not identify the others arrested. The HSI regional attache in Bangkok Eric McLoughlin, in the statement, said "numerous arrests" had been made in the US.

Some held "positions of public trust", he said, and one individual was abusing his two-year-old stepbrother.

Interpol secretary-general Juergen Stock said: "Operation Blackwrist sends a clear message to those abusing children, producing child sexual exploitation material and sharing the images online: We see you, and you will be brought to justice."


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If I had any doubts that our country is going to hell in a handbasket, reading this in today's paper confirmed it:
Delaware County library’s ‘Drag 101’ for teens riles some, but support evident

Delaware County teens interested in learning the basics of drag can turn to a Delaware County District Library event next month, despite opposition from a handful of residents.

The county library’s Orange branch, 7171 Gooding Blvd., will host Drag 101 from 2 to 3 p.m. June 5. The event is aimed at children of any gender ages 12-17 who are interested in learning “the basics” of dressing in drag.

Hosting the class will be former Miss Gay Ohio America and local drag queen, Selena T. West. West is part of the “drag family” of Columbus performer and philanthropist Nina West, who recently appeared on the Bravo show “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

Roxy Nikole, Anisa Love, Selena T. West and Krystal Something-Something​

Her goal with the class, she said, will be to show that “drag is for everyone,” and give children an outlet they may otherwise not have had.

"It’s going to be open to everybody, and I want people to come be able to express themselves and learn about drag,” she said. “Drag is not scary; drag is not sexual. [And any impression to the contrary based on the above picture is just plain silly!] (Teens can) learn about what seem like trivial things like hair, nails, makeup, clothing. Those are the building blocks of a Drag 101 class I would teach.”

[An updated version continued below]

That message hasn’t sat well with all of Delaware County or some of its neighbors.

Some, including Ohio Senate District 26 candidate Melissa Ackison of Marysville, have raised concerns about the class on social media.

State Sen. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell), who represents all of Delaware County, described the “outrage” he said he has heard from his constituents.

“I’m sure most residents do not want taxpayer dollars supporting the promotion of teen drag-queen ‘reading’ programs,” he wrote in an email to ThisWeek.

The library’s board of trustees moved its May 21 meeting from the district’s Ostrander location to nearby Scioto Township Hall to accommodate a room of several dozen interested residents and allowed for a special public-comment section for them to address the topic.

At the meeting, 25 people spoke on the subject, as did West. Of those 25 speakers, 17 expressed their support for the program and eight spoke against it.

Those in favor of the program praised the library’s “support for all kinds of art,” said they appreciated more “diversity and acceptance” in the library and shared personal stories about the difficulties of navigating teen years.

“What the opposition is doing now is fear-mongering,” resident Mindy Hedges said. “Remember in our country how books were kept from the public eye because of ignorance. Amazing books like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ were not allowed in the public library system because of fear-mongering. A library is a place for learning, not a place for squashing learning.”

[Yes, that's right folks -- opposing teaching children how to be drag queens is equivalent to banning books such as To Kill a Mockingbird!]

Those in opposition said the program was inappropriate for teens, should not occur in an establishment that uses public funds and shouldn’t invoke the word drag at all.

“I think if it was portrayed as dress-up, makeup, things along those lines in the description, it would have been received much better,” resident Bill Hunt said. “I just want to express that a lot of the pushback and the comments on this program have been because of the negative connotation behind what that definition has meant in the past.”

Library spokeswoman Nicole Fowles said May 23 there are no plans to cancel the event and cancellation was never considered by the board.

“The board members were only taking public comment for public discourse,” she said. “At that board meeting, there were no decisions made to cancel the event.”

She said the continued complaints and backlash regarding the event largely have come from people outside Delaware County who had heard about it through social media or other channels.

“We’re getting a lot of calls from out of the state; that was predominantly what we heard (May 22) – calls from as far away as Seattle,” she said. “The primary reason that’s unfortunate is that it’s really interfering with our librarians’ ability to do their daily jobs and serve our local public who we’re here to serve.”

During the May 21 meeting, some speakers expressed concerns that the event description includes the phrase, “teens only, please,” and others were concerned about background checks for those involved.

Fowles said all events include a background check for those leading them and said the “teens only” designation is about keeping the event focused on teens rather than younger students [isn't a 12 year old child a pre-teen?!], not about separating anyone from their parents or keeping curious onlookers away.

“Teens need their own space,” she said.

Fowles also read a statement from the library to those in attendance, explaining why the program makes sense.

She said libraries’ meeting rooms “may be used by any community groups who meet the qualifications as outlined on our policy page on our website,” reiterated the library’s “history of teen support for theatrical and performing arts-related programs” and traced “the history of female impersonators ... back to the Elizabethan age.”
[And exactly what 'community group' is being referenced here -- deviants 'r' us?
  • de·vi·ant - departing from usual or accepted standards, especially in social or sexual behavior
Or a pathetic attempt to give drag historical legitimacy like Civil War reenactors? Certainly almost anything can be given historical credence from the mundane to the truly horrific! How about a class on cruxifixion with real life reenactors - that could be quite educational especially on the whys it fell out of favor! Or how about the educational and historical significance of medieval torture devices - always a crowd pleaser! Or, is it possible the ranks of the drag family are dwindling and new recruits must be marshalled - young blood afterall!]

She said the library’s responsibility is “to introduce the community to itself” and emphasized the impact Nina West and West’s family have had in their charitable and community contributions before sharing the American Library Association’s take on the matter.

“The American Library Association states on their bill of rights that libraries should provide materials and information presenting all points of view on current and historical issues; materials should not be prescribed or removed because of partisan or doctrinal disapproval,” she said.

Selena T. West watched the entire proceedings from the front row of the room.

After the meeting, she said she appreciated “being able to hear people’s thoughts” and “hearing critique” in a “civil” way while also speaking for something she felt so strongly about.

“It felt really important,” she said. “I think right now, we’re living in a time where fear-mongering gets people elected. I thought it was my responsibility to come out and speak out against that if I could.”

[Yeah -- nothing disturbing about this female impersonator teaching a library-sanctioned drag class to children]

Selena T. West – Photo by Joshua Harvey Pecek​

Delaware county is just north/adjacent to the county I reside in. I'm really starting to appreciate the hard-core conservative, flag-waving Republican majority that makes up my county. I seriously doubt the local library would ever possibly consider doing something like this. Which reminds me - maybe a class on the historical significance of tar and feathers might be a very timely subject!

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[Yeah -- nothing disturbing about this female impersonator teaching a library-sanctioned drag class to children]
Drag 101 is a tentacle of the LGBT perverse-demoralizing-movement, targeting youth and young adults. At it's core, it's engineered to create a hive mind following, with a disregard for accepted norms of family values and respect. The LGBT movement, in itself, strips the individual of it's own "inalienable Human Rights" by rejecting the proper gender the individual was naturally born with (Male or Female).
As a LGBT "groupie" they become "impersonator's" of their own deranged fantasies and are no longer grounded in the present reality.

In my personal opinion, the LGBT movement is a form of Sexual Abuse! The creator(s) of the LGBT organization and it promoters should be held accountable and face a Legal Civil Court and Jury, for promoting "engineered mind programming" that alters behavior - by deprogramming the individuals inherited values system (generational upbringing) and instilling an altering substitute program/foreign ideology. Like opiates and substance abuse alter the mind and affect the physical body, the LGBT movement incites a pornographic high that creates functional permissiveness and erotic physical displays of sexuality - a corruption of mind, body and Soul.

It use to be, in times past - one of the most pressing questions when most of us were hitting maturity was "Who AM I?"
In recent years, Social Engineering has teens and young adults questioning "What am I - Male - Female or something in-between?"

Some Countries are putting their foot down and taking measures to protect their children and young adults - Poland is one of them.
Several other Christian Countries are following suit. The LGBT Organization and the World Health Organization should be made accountable, by the Highest Courts, for promoting this diversity and degenerate ideology.

Polish towns go 'LGBT free' ahead of bitter European election campaign
FILE PHOTO: Police officers stand guard as far-right protesters try to stop the city's first Equality Parade rally in support of the LGBT community in Lublin, Poland October 13, 2018.  Jakub Orzechowski/Agencja Gazeta via REUTERS

FILE PHOTO: Police officers stand guard as far-right protesters try to stop the city's first "Equality Parade" rally in support of the LGBT community in Lublin, Poland October 13, 2018. Jakub Orzechowski/Agencja Gazeta via REUTERS

Teresa Drzewiecka grew up during World War Two, when German and Soviet troops battled for control of her town of Swidnik in eastern Poland.

Now 83, she sees another threat to her country’s survival: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.

“Let children have a father and a mother, not such deviations,” said Drzewiecka, resting on a bench in a Swidnik park. “Otherwise there will be fewer and fewer children, and Poland will shrink.”

In March, her local council in Swidnik passed a motion to reject what it viewed as the spread of “LGBT ideology” in homes, schools and workplaces. A handful of other areas, mostly in conservative rural Poland, have issued similar statements.

Views that are offensive or illegal in many European countries have been widely aired in Poland ahead of the European Parliament elections, where LGBT rights are a hot-button issue.

In a bitter campaign, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party has depicted such rights as dangerous foreign ideas that undermine traditional values in Poland, a staunchly Catholic country.

Another PiS target has been a new sex education program, based on World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, due to be introduced to schools in the capital Warsaw, a bastion of liberalism run by the opposition Civic Platform party.

Some PiS politicians have publicly denounced the program, claiming it will sexualize children.

PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski has urged Poles to vote for what he calls “the only party that gives a 100% guarantee that our values will be protected”.

LGBT rights and WHO standards constitute foreign values that pose “a real threat to our identity, to our nation,” he has said.

Analysts say that PiS hopes to re-energize its mainly rural base by vowing to push back against Western liberalism.

With turnout in European elections typically lowest in PiS’s rural strongholds, the party needs to persuade more people to vote, especially as some polls show it running neck and neck with a rival pro-European coalition.

While divisive, the campaign seems to have got voters’ attention.

Marcin Duma, CEO of Warsaw-based pollster IBRIS, said its survey published on May 19 suggested the turnout could be around 40% - unprecedented in a country where barely a quarter of the electorate usually vote in European elections.

The result of the upcoming polls matter because PiS and Civic Platform see it impacting on a general election due in October or November.

PiS took power in 2015 and remains popular, thanks to generous welfare payouts, low unemployment and nationalist rhetoric.

Some observers see parallels with the party’s 2015 campaign, when it deployed anti-immigrant rhetoric.

“PiS needs an enemy, someone to fight against, someone they can use to raise fear,” said Bartosz Staszewski, an LGBT activist. “Before, it was immigrants. This time it’s LGBT people.”

Staszewski said anti-LGBT declarations by Swidnik and other councils were not legally binding, but nevertheless had a chilling effect.

“How are LGBT people, particularly the young, supposed to feel ... when they hear that the regional council or local government are against them?” he said.

Last year, Staszewski organized an “equality” march in the nearby city of Lublin. Participants were hounded by hundreds of aggressive men who were dispersed by riot police firing tear gas.

In February, Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski signed a pro-LGBT declaration that included a promise to launch a school education program along WHO guidelines.

Swidnik councillor Radoslaw Brzozka said his town issued its anti-LGBT statement in response to Warsaw’s declaration, which he said was “against good moral values.”

A survey by CBOS, Poland’s state polling agency, in April suggested that a majority of Poles disapprove of Warsaw’s stance on LGBT rights. Most of those polled said sex education should start at age 10 or later.

But other CBOS polls show that people in Poland are slowly growing more tolerant. In a 2017 survey, 24 percent of respondents said being gay wasn’t normal and shouldn’t be tolerated compared to 41 percent in 2001; and 16 percent said in 2017 that being gay was normal compared to 5 percent in 2001.

Even in Swidnik, not everyone approves of the council’s hard line stance.

“There’s no need to introduce such an anti-LGBT resolution,” said Franciszek Mosakowski, 71. “There should be a place for everyone here.”


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Regarding the Drag 101 library class for children, another factor comes to mind:
Q: (Joe) Is part of that to try and make a generation of weak men?

A: Yes
Miss Gay Ohio America Photo Shoot by John Lathram. Back Row: Darah Landon, Erica Rae O’Hara and Virginia West. Front: Selena T West

'Girls' just wanna have fun!

It appears that public libraries are on the front lines of promoting the whole drag queen shtick:
Leander cancels 'Drag Queen Story Time' for children at public library
Posted: May 23, 2019 / 07:27 PM CDT / Updated: May 24, 2019 / 08:19 AM CDT

LEANDER, Texas (KXAN) — Story time for children will no longer be led by a drag queen in Leander.

The City of Leander announced Thursday that an event on June 15 called "Drag Queen Story Time" has been canceled. The city also called off "Summer Superhero Saturday," which was initially scheduled for June 8.

According to a statement posted on the city's website, the cancellations happened because the city is now reviewing what's offered to visitors at the library.
"Periodically, either on its own or because of stakeholder questions, the City undertakes a review of its Library’s programs and staff procedures, including evaluation of upcoming children's events, the summer reading program and activities, as well as events that come from outside sources," the statement read.

"The City is undertaking a review presently that will include a survey soliciting input from Leander citizens on their interests in future library activities," it continued. "This survey to solicit citizen and library stakeholder input will be shared on this page in the next 24 hours."
However, this announcement came after several right-wing websites and other outspoken activists online began sharing a flyer about the drag queen story time, which led to some complaints coming into the library. Rumors of protests also circulated online.

The city's statement, though, does not mention this as a reason for the event's cancellation.

"The review includes all presently scheduled events and will include assistance from the Central Texas Library System, a consulting service that provides entertainment options to libraries across the Austin metropolitan area," the statement read.

Community reaction
Word about the cancellation spread Thursday on social media among parents, like Meredith Harris. She told KXAN that she couldn't wait to bring her son to the event when she heard about it Wednesday. She now has a message to whomever ultimately made that decision.

"I want everybody to feel like they're welcome here, and I want my son to grow up knowing there are people that are different than people we run into every day at the grocery store or at the library day to day," Harris said. "We don't necessarily see that diversity every single day, so I want him to have that experience of seeing difference."

Libraries all across the country
have held similar reading events with drag queens because organizers said they not only promote literacy among young people [someone forgot to complete this sentence].

"This event definitely promotes tolerance and, more than tolerance, acceptance and welcoming of people with differences," Harris said. "It treats people who are not like us with love and respect, not with hatred and fear."

A few people told KXAN off camera why they opposed holding something like this at the library in Leander. Some questioned if it was appropriate for children, while others expressed their own religious objections to it.

Excerpt from:
Across the country there have been similar events, known as Drag Queen Story Hour. It started in San Francisco as an event to capture "the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and (give) kids glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models," according to the organization's website.

These events often spark controversy within the communities.

Here's a look at some of the reactions to Drag Queen Story Hours around the country.

Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville County's first Drag Queen Story Hour was met with a petition to have the event canceled nearly three weeks before the event date. Some local officials weighed in, suggesting the event be canceled.

Five days before it was scheduled to happen, library officials canceled the event on the basis of violating library policies by restricting admission with tickets. Two days later, the event was re-approved for the same time and place.

On the day of the event, hundreds of protesters and counter-protesters were present outside the library, with law enforcement present to ensure safety. The story hour itself had so many attendees that they were put on a rotation so everyone could have a chance to attend.

Palm Springs, California

Bella da Ball reads to children and parents at the Palm Springs Library's second Drag Queen Story Hour on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. (Photo: Richard Lui/The Desert Sun)

Palm Springs Public Library held its first Drag Queen Story Hour in June. By the second story hour in September, the events had been scheduled to be bimonthly, according to the Palm Springs Desert Sun. The town council is made up of all LGBTQ members, and holds about 25 drag shows a week, according to the Desert Sun. There doesn't seem to have been any significant backlash.

Huntington Woods, Michigan
Drag Queen Storytime is a monthly event at the Huntington Woods Public Library. January's event drew "about two dozen protesters and about 200 counter-protesters," in addition to police officers who kept the groups separate, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Huntington Woods Mayor Bob Paul said the event was popular with residents and that protesting it would not lead to cancellation.

Lafayette, Louisiana

Jeff Spakowski, a resident of Huntington Woods, far left, shows his support for drag queen story time outside of Huntington Woods Public Library in Huntington Woods on Saturday, January 26, 2019. (Photo: Junfu Han, Detroit Free Press)

Lafayette Public Library announced an October 2018 Drag Queen Story Time event in August. Public reaction was immediately mixed, according to The Daily Advertiser. The mayor called for its cancellation, and dozens of residents attended a council meeting to support the event.

The event was delayed by about four months for multiple reasons: the resignation of the library's president of the board of directors, a petition against the event, a later-dismissed federal lawsuit from two religious organizations, and a location change to a community college auditorium, which was canceled because of safety, space and logistic concerns.

The event eventually happened on Feb. 3 with protesters in attendance.

South Salem, New York
South Salem's Drag Queen Story Hour was met with some complaints, but the response was overwhelmingly positive and the event reached capacity, according to The Journal News.

The event was organized by a group of moms who came together to pay the fee for the drag queens, so no taxpayer money was spent on the event.

Before the July 2018 event, the library's children's librarian told the Journal she'd only had one phone call complaining about the event, and she had to close registration for it because it filled up so quickly.

Windsor, Colorado
Clearview Library District's first Drag Queen Story Hour was held Jan. 12 in Windsor. According to the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the event reached capacity with about 80 attendees, but more than 100 protesters and counter-protesters outside the library.

A month before the event, dozens of people attended a library board meeting to voice concerns about the event, which the Coloradoan reports was paid for by an LGBTQ youth outreach organization and not public funding. Members of the city government came out both in favor and against the event.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis Central Library had two Drag Queen Story Hour events in June and July 2017. Both events were largely met with positive reactions, with some backlash on social media, according to the IndyStar.

Rahway, New Jersey
A Drag Queen Story Hour at Rahway Public Library was met with similar backlash. Protesters left flyers describing the event and the drag queens with words like "abnormal," "unnatural" and "predator" in mailboxes, according to My Central Jersey. The event had dozens of attendees, including the mayor, who attended to take a stand against the message of the flyer.

Evansville, Indiana
A Drag Queen Story Hour on Feb. 23 drew controversy as soon as it was announced for at the North Park branch of the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library.

The county commissioner said she was considering revoking the library's county funds because of the event, according to The Courier & Press. However, library officials said the event is in response to taxpayers asking for it.

There were petitions for and against the event, but it wasn't canceled and it was held on Feb. 23. Extra security was provided as two groups of protesters — who traveled there from other states such as Mississippi and Alabama — gathered outside.

In all, about 275 children and parents attended four sessions of Drag Queen Story Hour. The library estimated around 150 people who wanted to attend had to be turned away because the room designated for the event was at full capacity. They did four rounds of readings.

Burlington, Vermont

Well over 100 people crowded into the children's room at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington on Saturday for Drag Queen Story Hour. (Photo: BRENT HALLENBECK/FREE PRESS)

Burlington's Drag Queen Story Hour event in Dec. 2017 drew more than 100 people. The event included songs, and the queens read from several books. The Burlington event was one of three held in the area within a few months time, according to the Burlington Free Press.
Drag Queen Storytime in Louisville relays message of acceptance despite protests
Published 4:52 p.m. ET May 18, 2019 | Updated 7:29 a.m. ET May 20, 2019

Protesters stood outside the Main Library in opposition to Drag Queen Storytime. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

As about 100 parents and children sat inside the Louisville Free Public Library downtown, dancing and listening to stories, two groups stood outside, separated by barricades and with police presence.

Inside, Vanessa Demornay led the library's first Drag Queen Storytime.

Outside, the American Family Association of Kentucky held a prayer vigil in opposition of the event, but were outnumbered by those who came to support the event and cheer on the families who walked into the library. There were around 100 people outside between both sides, some holding large signs and speaking into microphones.

Demornay, whose real name is Mikhail Schulz, wasn't worried about those outside protesting and stressed the importance of the event.

"The biggest message for me was the same message I wish I had gotten as a kid, which is exactly what we shared with kids (today)," Demornay said. "(It's not) how you want to dress or what you put on your body that determines who you are.

"I just wish I had had that eye opening experience of meeting someone so different and knowing that that is OK and acceptable."

Demornay read two books during the Drag Queen Storytime. "My Princess Boy," about a boy who likes to dress up and be himself. The other, "Not All Princesses Dress in Pink," included lines that princesses can wear athletic cleats or wear jewels while using power tools.

A similar event had been scheduled for March, but the library canceled it without explanation, other than than director Lee Burchfield saying that it wasn't "because it was a Drag Queen Storytime." On Saturday, Burchfield said the March event was canceled so the library could better prepare for day and work with the Louisville Metro Police Department, which had a presence inside and outside the Library.

"This is something that public libraries all over the country have been doing," Burchfield said. "It's consistent with the values that public libraries have traditionally held in cities all across America.

"We're about openness, acceptance of the diversity of the population we serve. ... Everything that we do, whether it's books or movies or DVDs, we try to provide something that appeals to all of the difference elements of the community."

Drag Queen Storytime: It's foolish to bring kids into the sexual world of adults
Kent Ostrander, Opinion contributorPublished 8:05 a.m. ET May 23, 2019 | Updated 8:23 a.m. ET May 23, 2019

About 100 people attended the Louisville library's first Drag Queen Storytime, an event that also drew a small number of protesters. Marty Pearl, Special to the Courier Journal

I respectfully say, “This is foolishness.”

I mean no disrespect to anyone who read to the children. I mean no disrespect to those who attended. But for the library of the city of Louisville to be engaging adult entertainers in costume to “share time” with small children is at best “foolish,” at worst, abuse.

Why would I say such a thing?

Well, consider that a judge determining whether a small child would remain in the custody of his parents could easily decide, “No,” if he learned that the parents thought it good to have adult entertainers in costume come and interact, entertain, amaze, etc. their child.

Would he permit “heterosexual” adult entertainers to do the same?

I’m confident he wouldn’t. Young women in scanty outfits with poles or Chippendales dancers with their tights, bare chests and bow ties don’t belong “caring for” or “educating” small children. They are ADULT entertainers ... by definition.

It reminds me of the 1990s when the Lexington Public Library was so adamant about “no age discrimination” that they purposefully placed Madonna’s then new book, “Sex,” on the lowest bookshelf with the expressed purpose that small children would have equal opportunity to read her work.

Yes, Madonna dangled from a trapeze in one close-up photo in the book, totally naked with full-frontal view. It’s good for 4-, 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds to be able to view such, the librarians thought.

What causes an adult to think in that way? Or a group of adults?

Have they never had children and therefore don’t know what’s best for “little ones”?

Were they abused in their childhood and thus have a twisted understanding about what is best for little children when it comes to sex and sexuality?

There will be some who will be enraged that I could be “so bigoted” toward drag queens. No, I’m not. If they want to dress up and do their “thing,” they have that freedom. It is America after all.

But without doubt, it is wrong to purposefully inject adult themes into children’s playtimes, into children’s minds.

Children have for several decades seen entertainment — meant for adults — that elevates the use of guns and gun violence. It’s the “good guys,” they learn from an early age, who blow those folks away. “It’s neat.” “It’s cool.”

Is it really that surprising that we reap what we sow?

Gotta believe these pro-drag queen people also fully support any and all vaccinations and that they should be mandatory. Again, as the Cs said, "The programming is complete."
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The head of a Mexican-based church estimated to have more than 1 million followers worldwide has been arrested in California and charged with crimes including human trafficking, child pornography production and rape of a minor.

Leader of Mexico-based church accused of rape, child porn
Naason Joaquin Garcia, the head of a Mexican-based church La Luz Del Mundo, which prosecutors say has more than 1 million followers worldwide, is arraigned in a courtroom in Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 5, 2019.  REUTERS/Kyle Grillot

Naason Joaquin Garcia, the head of a Mexican-based church La Luz Del Mundo, which prosecutors say has more than 1 million followers worldwide, is arraigned in a courtroom in Los Angeles, California, U.S., June 5, 2019. REUTERS/Kyle Grillot

"La Luz Del Mundo" (Light of the World) leader Naason Joaquin Garcia, 50, was charged on Tuesday after being arrested at Los Angeles International Airport the day before, prosecutors said. The church called the accusations unfounded.

“The Apostle of Jesus Christ, Brother Naason Joaquin Garcia, has always behaved in accordance with the law and with full respect for the institutions and the dignity of the people,” it said in a statement on its website on Wednesday.

The prosecutors’ 19-page court filing indicates Garcia was known as “the Apostle” and children were told they were defying God if they were disobedient.

The complaint says three minors and one adult were abused, with one child and the woman raped. Others were forced to perform sex acts and “flirty” dances for Garcia wearing “as little clothing as possible”, the complaint added.

“Crimes like those alleged in this complaint have no place in our society. Period,” California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said in a statement Tuesday. “We must not turn a blind eye to sexual violence and trafficking in our state.”

The filing did not refer to any response by Garcia. But his church said it trusts the U.S. legal system and the principle of innocence unless proven otherwise, adding: “We categorically reject the false accusations that have been made against him.”

In their statement late on Tuesday, prosecutors said Garcia and co-defendants committed a total of 26 felonies in south California over a period of about four years. The victims were not named.

He is being held in jail on $25 million bond on 14 charges related to sex crimes, the prosecutors said. It was unclear if he had an attorney.

The other individuals named in the complaint are Alondra Ocampo, Azalea Rangel Melendez, and Susana Medina Oaxaca, all affiliated with La Luz Del Mundo, prosecutors said.

Ocampo and Oaxaca were also arrested and held on multi-million dollar bonds. A warrant has been issued for Melendez, officials said.

Internet sites say the church has between 1 and 5 million followers worldwide in more than 50 countries including many followers in the United States.

The church’s roots go back to the 1920s in Mexico, and adheres to “nontrinitarianism”, rejecting a mainstream Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity. It says it adheres to the earliest doctrines of the Christian church teachings.
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Leader of Mexico-based church accused of rape, child porn

Former Vatican treasurer appeals against abuse convictions
Cardinal George Pell arrives at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, June 5, 2019.  AAP Image/Julian Smith/via REUTERS

Former Vatican treasurer Cardinal George Pell appeared in an Australian court on Wednesday for an appeal hearing to overturn convictions for sexually abusing two choir boys in the 1990s.

Ex-Vatican treasurer's child sex offence conviction should stand: prosecutor
Cardinal George Pell arrives at the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, June 6, 2019. AAP Image/Julian Smith/via REUTERS

Jailed former Vatican treasurer George Pell will find out within weeks whether his conviction on child sex offences stands, is overturned or he has to face another trial after prosecutors on Thursday urged an Australian court to reject his appeal.


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Feds: Nearly 1,700 arrested in child porn, abuse crackdown
Feds: Nearly 1,700 arrested in child porn, abuse crackdown

June 11, 2019 -The Justice Department says nearly 1,700 people have been arrested following a two-month crackdown aimed at targeting suspected child predators.

Tuesday's announcement caps the nationwide investigation conducted by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies around the U.S.

Prosecutors said they identified more than 300 people suspected of producing child pornography or committing sexual abuse involving children.

The investigation, nicknamed "Broken Heart," was conducted in April and May. Officials said they investigated more than 18,500 complaints of crimes against children.

Attorney General William Barr vowed to bring "the full force of the law against sexual predators."

Officials say the crackdown targeted suspects who produced or possessed child pornography, who tried to entice children online for sex, traveled to other states or countries to abuse children or engaged in sex trafficking.

India jails three for life after shocking child rape and murder
Sanji Ram, one of the convicted in the case of rape and murder of an eight-year-old girl in Kathua, leaves the court in Pathankot, in the northern state of Punjab, India, June 10, 2019. REUTERS/Mukesh Gupta

A court in north India jailed three men for life on Monday over the rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl that stirred nationwide outrage and religious rivalries.

UK campaigners threaten legal action over dropped rape cases
FILE PHOTO: A statue representing the scales of justice is seen on the roof of the Old Bailey courts in central London, January 26, 2007. REUTERS/Toby Melville/File Photo

Women's rights campaigners said on Monday they would take legal action against prosecutors, accusing them of secretly pushing through changes that had led to a sharp decline in rape cases going to court in England and Wales.
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