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Did the lizard project fail? Are they gone.

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I try to ask if actually all, from DNA level upwards is programming, an encoding-decoding context dependent on individual frequency/resonance?

No, more like certain viruses can alter genes by interacting with DNA by swapping or rearranging code. The same virus can effect two different people differently depending on.... who they are and what they see? Not sure exactly how that works. The C's have dropped some hints along these lines.

FWIW, I think through various levels of Knowledge and Awareness, we receive more "code" depending on which way we choose our Being to be "crystallized" in the "emotional pathway"/FRV.
Hopefully we can do better to find ways to put some love and compassion with our empathy that results in actions that may alleviate the suffering for at least some.

Well said, and I think in terms of learning to have unconditional love and compassion for others, that not forgetting about honouring Free Will in the equation to the best of our current level of Knowledge and Awareness, is crucial in choosing to amplify our FRV towards the STO mode of Being, or so I think.
Any idea on how to determine if you're moving up the cycle or repeating it? Sometimes I have the thought that I'm just waiting to die, but it may be because my routine is too rigid. Is it as simple as asking a question like, "What else do I want/need from 3D?"

At first, regarding your attitude: C's indicate there is nothing like time, nothing like one real dimension (once upon a time they said about the lesson in the context of Earth achieving the 4 Density, paraphrasing: this or any other Earth, all there is just a lesson), the 3 Density level is just an illusion in a sense, so concluding from all of these, there is no reason to make pressure on themselves. You learned when you learned. The Wave and Earth shift is just one of the events in the universe. The development of the consciousness until it achieves the 7D goes, non-linearly, infinitely; the wave, and that what is currently happening on the Earth, are just certain events in the billions of others in the universe.

The second thing: we and the main reason for our existence here. The most important thing in the work is to establish the relevant level of being. And I think that we can admit it together. All that happening in and in our lives is connected to our mental, and emotional life, our attitude, and our motivations. To live in the higher STO densities we have to stop all the thoughts, behavior, and intentions that express the subconscious or conscious act of abuse of other human beings in any every meaning of it.

All the acts of control over negative emotions, kindness, patience to another being, ready to sacrifice own comfort to help another - are important. You can imagine the Cassiopaeans or 4D STO how they will do in this or that situation, what they will choose, how STO being could behave. What they would tell you as you know for instance C's transcripts and have the general gists, what they would tell you for what you do in the given situation.

Imagine, try to feel that your Heart (higher emotional center) at work. Compare your intentions, thoughts, behavior to your Heart, is those alike the Heart, or they are contradicted, if contradicted eliminate such expression, replace it with expressions of yourself related to the Heart. This is the main reason to exist, to learn love. There are other things, but those are just additions. If you have Love in you and in your life regard others, then you will not be ashamed of yourself after potential death, you will keep with calm with that, you will be ready; you will not go back to the 3 Density living beings, because you will not have any unsettled issues, you will be convicted that what you gave to others was about the most value - love. If the Wave will be here for you and there will be love in your heart, the wave increases it, give wings to you, which will make you rise. Even if you would have to come back to 3 Density, you already would work to have less to do later and go further in the next incarnation, from a better start point.

Take the whole knowledge of the forum and focus on thinking about how you can use every of this information to improve your mental and emotional being and how you be better for others. This is my take on your problem and life general. Hope I help you some way.
Speaking of cycles and circles, I think this thread might be an example of a circle. This thread ended on Sept.12, 2018 with Laura's last post. One more post after that with no response. Then I post on Sept. 16, 2020, so almost 2 years exactly attention comes back to this thread and session. Is this forming a circle? So, reading the session seemed like the thing to do. It's very appropriate for whats happening now and all of it is inspirational. Two years ago, Laura describes how slow moving the build up of craziness has been. Now things are speeding up and we might be on the verge of the snowball.

(L) Ya know, are we gonna live to see this show end? Are we gonna see the final act?

A: Most likely. At a certain point a critical mass of energy build up will be reached and things will snowball, no irony intended!

A: High empathy plus lies tend to diminish the individuated soul.

Q: (L) So in other words, that would go with paying close attention to reality, right and left. If you can’t deal with the truth, accept it and act on it, you become a dream in the past? And when you become a dream in the past, that means you cease to exist?

A: For many, yes.

Q: (Artemis) If you have higher empathy, you have a higher sense of responsibility.

(L) But the problem is that, as Chu pointed out, things are happening rather slowly. For example, back on 9-11, I knew what it meant. I wrote about it and I said this is the beginning of what will ultimately end up with the complete removal of people's rights, censorship, and so on. As you guys said in the past, controlling people in every aspect of their lives. So, I knew that. But that was what, 17 years ago?! So, it's taken 17 years to really bring things out into the open and I expected it to happen much more quickly. While you guys say that time doesn't exist, for us here, it exists in a very real and concrete way. Bodies get older, eyes grow dim, energy lessens, the bloom of youth fades...

(Artemis) Those are like song lyrics...

(L) Ya know, are we gonna live to see this show end? Are we gonna see the final act?

A: Most likely. At a certain point a critical mass of energy build up will be reached and things will snowball, no irony intended!

Q: (Pierre) No irony intended, but it means that the final act will be closed or sealed by global cooling?

(L) Well, they've talked about that.

(Joe) It'll be one aspect.

(Andromeda) It'll start speeding up.

(L) In other words, events are likely to speed up and get crazier at a certain point?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And things won't drag out forever like they are now: this SLOOOOW, mind-obliterating insanity, it's just crazy.

(Pierre) It's not linear.

(L) I guess it's because it's nonlinear. Like an earthquake. You build up pressures, and you don't know when it's gonna break, but when it does... everything goes kaflooey.

A: Kaflooey is a good way to describe it.

Q: (Joe) In collapses of previous civilizations, they were typified by generalized chaos. People went a bit crazy. It's usually assumed that was because of the conditions of the collapsing civilization that people went crazy, right? But in our case, people are going crazy when there's no good reason to go crazy at all. They have food on the table, the basics are all there. The people who are going the craziest are the ones who aren't suffering any significant hardship. So it's almost like...

(L) If you read the history, you find out that it's actually the same: People would start going crazy for no good reason, and there would be things going on around the planet. And then it just got crazier and crazier and crazier. It's like civilizations and nations shoot themselves in the foot again and again.

(Chu) In the records, does it also show like 40, 50, or 100 years before the civilization collapses?

(L) Yeah. I would say that what's going on now started probably in 1914, or maybe even towards the close of the nineteenth century. So, we're just really kind of at the end of it. I mean, it was crazy enough according to Lobaczewski around WWI and then WWII. Then if you read that book Psychopathic God about Hitler where he goes into that extensive description of what it was like in Germany before Hitler, you see almost the same thing: people just acting freaking nuts!

(Joe) Crazy is in the eye of the beholder, as well.

(L) Lobaczewski referred to "Austrian talk", a state of mind or attitude that emerged out of Austria. And that's actually where Hitler was born. And Jung was Austrian. So was Freud and Kafka. The philosopher, Wittgenstein, Erwin Schroedinger, lot of very smart people, but some real crazy ones, too.

(Chu) It seems to be like the Tower of Babel every time things collapse. People start acting like god or thinking they're gods.

(Joe) That's what causes the craziness. By definition, that's acting crazy.

I was actually thinking about this today while doing laundry. I was thinking about how time only appears linear to us but can't actually be so. That would mean that is has no beginning or end. Everything occurs in cycles and the Grand Cycle is the ultimate loop around a phase of experience. So at the close of the cycle, you either jump to the next phase or start back at the beginning of the same phase. That somehow makes sense to me. Luckily there's still 'time' to make the jump.

And the programming is only complete for those who have neglected to think for themselves, basically.

Could this jumping to the next phase be what happens in a quantum leap?

I don't know if anyone has already shared the article here. I searched and found fragments with elements associated with the technology of the article. But there is something I want to point out. Pay close attention to the parts marked in bold.

he revolutionary breakthrough came to a Canadian scientist named Derek Rossi in 2010 purely by accident. The now-retired Harvard professor claimed in an interview with the National Post that he found a way to “reprogram” the molecules that carry the genetic instructions for cell development in the human body, not to mention all biological lifeforms. These molecules are called ‘messenger ribonucleic acid’ or mRNA and the newfound ability to rewrite those instructions to produce any kind of cell within a biological organism has radically changed the course of Western medicine and science, even if no one has really noticed yet. As Rossi, himself, puts it: “The real important discovery here was you could now use mRNA, and if you got it into the cells, then you could get the mRNA to express any protein in the cells, and this was the big thing.”[...]Hydrogel is a nanotechnology whose inventor early on boasted that “If [it] pans out, with approval from FDA, then consumers could get the sensors implanted in their core to measure their levels of glucose, oxygen, and lactate.” This contact lens-like material requires a special injector to be introduced under the skin where it can transmit light-based digital signals through a wireless network like 5G.[...] Once firmly implanted inside the body, human cells are at the mercy of any mRNA program delivered via this substrate, unleashing a nightmare of possibilities.

I don't know what to say to all of you, but in view of all that we have learned, it seems that they are repeating the formula. The people who are potentially orienting themselves to the STO are activating DNA sequences. They want to prevent it at all costs. First with the masking and distancing measures. Now with this.

A: Are you ready? DNA core is as yet undiscovered enzyme relating to carbon. Light waves were used to cancel the first ten factors of DNA by burning them off. At that point, a number of physical changes took place including knot at top of spine. Each of these is equally reflected in the ethereal.
'The programming is complete' comes to my mind a lot also these days.

I think the COVID fraud is like a jump code, a great 'on' switch for the fulfillment of the programming that was completed and ready to be activated by it. That's why it had to be a big, big lie - and that people of their own free will would accept it (sure with lots of pushing and instruction... but at the end of the day its down to each mind to agree to comply). It is this free-will acceptance that not only activates but completes somehow and solidifies the programming as an activated, probably unstoppable force - by anything other than nature itself that is. It makes me think of abductions as mini test runs by which to 'know' thy enemy - and as we know the invitation at the heart of these experiments always revolves around a pre-unconscious acceptance of the experience. So this mass abduction of mind that is going on today has mass acceptance at its heart. That's why for me its primarily a mind-virus rather than a medical one.
That's why for me its primarily a mind-virus rather than a medical one.

Yes. I see it that way too. But I can't help but notice the relationship between the mental programme and the physical programme. I will use an analogy. In the computer world, besides the typical operating system software, microprocessors, inside their "body" have microcodes:


The origin of the word firmware is a mid-point between hardware and software - software embedded on hardware. It refers to software that it is stored in non-volatile memory (such as ROM, EEPROM or Flash memory) on a hardware device, and is used by the device itself.

It's becoming more common in some types of hardware for its "firmware" to be stored in driver software and loaded onto the device when it's booted/initialised, instead of leaving it permanently on the device. It's not a big deal nowadays, for example, to store a few hundred KB of firmware code in a software driver loaded onto the host OS, and to send that down to the device as it's initialised by the driver.

This is still commonly referred to as "firmware" even though it is not resident on the hardware (if you detach the hardware and put it in another system, it won't retain that version of "firmware").

Microcode is a subset of this. Microcode is not a generic term for all firmware that is loaded onto a device at boot. Instead, it's specific to CPUs, where the microcode forms the translation layer between higher level standard CPU instructions and the lower-level operations specific to that CPU. It may be loaded onto the CPU at boot, by the BIOS, and replaced later in the boot stage by the OS as well.

An update to microcode can allow a CPU's low-level behaviour to be modified to work around certain yet to be discovered bugs, without needing to replace the CPU hardware. (our own bodies) Microcode usually contains the most efficient mapping from higher to lower level instructions as possible for the best speed and energy efficiency, so sometimes when a change to microcode is necessary to fix some bug, it can result in reduced performance.

It may not be clear, but it is this: The microcode is inserted in the internal structure of the CPU, its architecture.

But in our world and with respect to DNA, it is something similar if we have the epigenetics. We know that changes in the structure of thought, conditioning, manipulation, social engineering, a constant projection of fear, panic and other negative emotions, can trigger epigenetic changes as well as changes in reality itself. The virus is only a part of that program and serves precisely to inject a microcode into our hardware. Now from what I am analysing with respect to the article and the last post I made in this thread, epigenetic changes can occur towards a positive result (STO) or a negative result (STS). If what I think is correct, what I am interpreting is that they want the negative change in the microcode to be PERMANENT. And that is nothing but an override of free will. But for that to happen, the population must accept the LIE.

For the change to be permanent, the virus is not enough. Because if there is still a margin of free will, the process can be reversed. If you install a trap (physical microchip) that modifies the mRNA you can send a signal that blocks changes that would occur naturally with the free choice of people.

I don't know if what I'm saying is crazy. It makes sense to me, especially when I compare it to the notes and information provided by the C's. If this originates from the 4th density, the program must have a material and a non-material component.
thank you for the interesting exchange of views. the way i see it, free will and social contract on the earth are a pre-incarnative matter. That is, if we decide to incarnate ourselves on earth, we decide to incarnate ourselves as slaves. we know very well what we are going to face . when here on earth we come to realize this even in the smallest percentage, the program is complete. but it has always been complete.
There isn't a single distortion in The Creation that has no room for balancing. As a matter of fact, matter itself is structured in a balanced way.

The same principle applies to whatever programming, regardless of its complexity. It may always fail because it comes from a place of distortion of Unity.
There isn't a single distortion in The Creation that has no room for balancing. As a matter of fact, matter itself is structured in a balanced way.

The same principle applies to whatever programming, regardless of its complexity. It may always fail because it comes from a place of distortion of Unity.
your fooling your self .. imo .. and if your right it seems some thing blocks humanity to wake up and balance things ?.. or at the very least makes it very difficult for the average man to get his head up out of the sand ..
no we are not victims but have allowed us this plight.. but to over come it may bring a far better bigger PRIZE !
your fooling your self .. imo .. and if your right it seems some thing blocks humanity to wake up and balance things ?.. or at the very least makes it very difficult for the average man to get his head up out of the sand ..
no we are not victims but have allowed us this plight.. but to over come it may bring a far better bigger PRIZE !

Balance has multiple interpretations.
About this recent drop in UFO sightings, I don't know what it relates to, I've seen 3 UFOs in the last 3 years and before I've seen maybe 2 in 30 years... though I've heard some reports of my area too. Maybe it depends on the location cause I've heard there's high rank around Nevada/Utah/Colorado for example? Once I was doing some research about it and I've heard there's a town with daily basis sightings, I don't remember which unfortunately and I don't know if it dropped. But lately you were mentioning decreasing population of frogs while there where thousands around me so maybe it is somehow related to the place but I don't know, you probably know what you're saying (so Eminem would be grateful <- joke).
I have done this but thanks for the recommendation. I have read most of the recommended books as well. I was commenting on what the title of this thread is? The comment that ant22 gave was the we have been in complete control for 300,000 years? At least if I'm seeing this correctly? If we have been under complete control then why is "the programming only complete now"?
Not to get into details as we can see how things are "moving along these days". But "The programming is certainly complete now"
I hope this wasn't mentioned already, so if I m following correctly, with certain references to the C's. The nazi trial run, which we see perfectly executed in the psyops work of color revolutions of recent coupes; included greenbaum and mk/ultra elements within top circles of mic and corporations, and also via networks of paperclip, mockingbird, hollyweird, and the like: in full spectrum warfare of propaganda to capture the public consensus using the big lie narrative. All the while, the flavor is of Hydra from the marvel universe, as 4th sts forces puppeteer their puppets within the likes of gates, soros, vanguard/blackrock, fed, wef, who, un/nato, bis, imf, and a whole bunch of other cronies, down to your local district attorney's and precincts. 😆 The programming is certainly complete with the masses going along with the clownshow brainwashing program. I do see hope as the corruption s👀's the light of day for the world to witness, and an opposing sto force steps up to equal the balance.
Not to get into details as we can see how things are "moving along these days". But "The programming is certainly complete now"

This really hit home for me this morning with the whole 'global boiling' thing. Apparently the hottest July in history...It's gotten to the point that people won't even trust their own thermometers, and just have the TV tell them it's 48 degrees outside! I mean WTF.

I suppose it relates to what the C's said about these lies being a kind of intelligence test for the soul, and they're getting more egregious and easier to spot in order to help people learn the lesson.

Anyway, almost everything that everyone believes now is a lie, and yet the lies are still growing exponentially. At this rate by 2030 there will surely be no other option than for humanity to implode under the weight of its own lies 🙄
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