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Did the lizard project fail? Are they gone.

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I agree I can do much better. I have two concepts belief and violation. I say 1D inviolable. but its not just a rock its a hurricane or supernova. I say belief is constructed and same belief constructed different ways. I also say its subjective contrast with prophecy. but taken in aggregate ignoring the individual constructions it allows a briefcase etc.

It allows a delusion of a violation like two planes to demolish two towers. My guess is it is highly unpredictable the effects from what the majority or relevant majority can believe. 19 believe no. 2 said yes. It almost seemed like a closed debate. I can't believe the discussion it generated.
Sorry, but you are still not writing coherent sentences. Is English your second language?


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How to kill a Dark Lord
The red color that Hamish has, Hamish at least considers it to be the best color. He thinks that creatures of other colors are inferior, especially the green Dinosaurs. Though do note that he considers yellow color to be attractive and pretty. There are red Dragon Turtles, and there are yellow Dragon Turtles. There used to be blue ones but those were killed off for having the wrong color. "How do you know that?", says a Dark Lord to me about the blue ones. "I have been told. Is it incorrect?", me. "We don't want you to say shush about that, but Hamish/he is listening.", an alien tells me about Hamish, I forgot if said Hamish or he. Hamish then tells me about his kind being langoustines. So the name Rotschild refers to the red shield back of my very most beloved Hamish.
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