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PUTIN FOREVER! :clap: This proposed law change would allow him to run for president again and stay in power until 2036. By that time the Russian president will be 83.

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Those were great, bjorn. Thank you for posting them.

There was a video of him riding a horse, which is in this one, but it was longer and after he dismounted, he kissed the horse. After seeing that, that's when my appreciation of him went up a notch. ;-)


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Apparently Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Given that Obama got it I guess he's not exactly likely to get it becuase unlike Barack I-have-a-drone Obama he actually deserves it.

He was also nominated back in 2013.



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75th Anniversary Of The Great Victory: Shared Responsibility To History And Future.
(Vladimir Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, He really should win ! )
after some comments Putin english translation will come up ..
translated to German by Thomas Roper, translated from German to English by Russel "Texas" Bentley

In his article, Putin goes a long way. He writes about what he has found in archives about the way into World War II and about the course of the war, and cites new original documents published in Russia. That makes up most of the article.

But Putin then draws the link further to the post-war period and to this day. He advocates learning from the past, not rewriting history or weakening existing rules and institutions that have prevented a new world war since 1945. On the contrary, Putin advocates maintaining and respecting international law that came into being after 1945 and advocates what some journalists have called the “new Yalta Conference”, as Putin writes at the end of the article. At this conference – according to Putin’s wish – the “Big Five” should agree on rules that can also prevent a global conflict in the future.
75th Anniversary of The Great Victory: Shared Responsibility to History and Future - by Vladimir Putin - Fort Russ


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The host country of the APEC summit sent each participating president a set of commemorative coins and a toy (keychain) Monster. Putin sat the toy next to him and the whole summit was in the frame with him. Just cute :)


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