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Vladimir Putin’s extensive chat with Austrian TV got so heated that he had to switch to German to ask the interviewer not to interrupt. The president deflected lunges at “Kremlin trolls,” MH17 and even his bare-chested photos.

Putin is meeting Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache on Tuesday. The visit to Vienna will be his first trip abroad since his inauguration for the second consecutive term – and the fourth in total – in March. Before arriving in the Austrian capital, Putin spoke to Armin Wolf from the state ORF channel. The conversation quickly became tense, with hardball questions and straightforward answers.


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Putin went to the wedding of Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl in Gamlitz Austria yesterday. The austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz was also present. Putin danced with the bride and held a litte speech in german. After the visit, he flew to Berlin to meet Merkel.

Now I'm asking: What other high ranking government people in the western US/Europe alliance would invite Putin nowadays to their wedding? Can't think of anyone except the Austrians. Nice and pleasant gesture indeed! Like it!


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Putin had another well-deserved brief vacation last weekend in the stunning nature in Siberia together with Russia’s Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and the director of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) Aleksander Bortnikov.

Just read this article on SoTT, with the lovely pictures of Putin trekking in Siberia, published by the Kremlin. God, I love this man!


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Putin And Russian Patriarch Take Part In Blessing Of Foundation Of Russian Army’s Main Cathedral

Putin told the public that had gathered for the ceremony the consecration of the corner stone of the future Cathedral in the Name of Christ’s Resurrection was an important historic event, as the cathedral would be dedicated to victory in World War II.

In my opinion, Putin wants to strengthen Orthodoxy (although it is defective and corrupt but in a lesser degree than the Western Christian Constructions) as a natural antidote to Western satanism and entropy.

Reading the book of Putin's confessor (unverified but also undemanded information), Metropolitan Tikhon (secular name Georgiy Alexandrovich Shevkunov), called Everyday Saints and Other Stories, I'm not concerned about Putin's directing to Orthodoxy as a religion. For the reason that the messages of the Metropolitan Tikhon are not least dogmatic or religiously rigid, but rather they respond to calm, optimism, and wisdom. In this video Tikhon explains his approach to the Bible, one might say, a scientific approach.

It is also interesting to observe the entire revival of Russia as it flowed together with the return to the Orthodox tradition and its moral principles, which also reflected on the work ethic of people and the economic progress of society.

It seems to me that Putin makes wise use of Orthodoxy as one of the tools and resources in the fight against global turmoil.
Even Jordan Peterson of all religions most favors the Orthodox Church for her learning and emphasis on the personal responsibility of everyone
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