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The Qanon hoax continues and Caitlin Johnstone does well in trying to expose the psyop.

Here is just the summary from the article:
How you can be 100% certain that QAnon is bullshit

Caitlin Johnstone
Sat, 25 May 2019 17:04 UTC

President Trump has yet again advanced an evil longstanding agenda of America's depraved intelligence and defense agencies, so as usual the QAnon cult is out in force telling everyone not to worry because this is all part of the plan. Ever since WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was slammed by Trump's Justice Department with a mountain of espionage charges carrying a possible sentence of 175 years in prison, QAnon acolytes have been showing up in my social media mentions with screenshots of a new post from the mysterious 8chan anon assuring us all that Assange is actually being protected by Trump.

The post reads in the typical QAnon cryptic word salad style that its adherents often annoyingly imitate when normal people try to engage them in an adult conversation:

"Under protection.
Threat is real.
Key to DNC 'source' 'hack' '187'.

I find this subject very tedious, and my regular readers aren't generally the types to fall for this sort of toxic propaganda construct, but I'm putting this information out there anyway as a public service since many people are being deluded by it.


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So... the latest Qullshit is that JFK jr is Q. I don't find it so far fetched that he and his wife have been in witness protection for many years after a phony plane crash, but who knows? I'm looking at the whole thing as POTUS fan fiction. I'm enjoying the show. The woman at the rallies sitting behind Trump resembles JFK Jr's (aged) wife a great deal. Trump and JFK Jr were friends. Was he another almost Clinton casualty? Was he running for that NY Senate seat against Hillary?

Entertainment purposes only:



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As a psyop, that must have been the goal from the start, to have people chasing some kind of a dead savior. "Future proves past."
Attached: an image of JFK Eternal Flame aerial view, looks like a Q, and an image of the bell said to be on JFK's yacht, inscribed with "where we go one, we go all'.
How interesting. We are admonished to enjoy the show. Truly, I am enjoying the show. Quite a production!



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The "logic" that Q inspired. Seems to me that this 'phenomenon' encourages people to let their pattern recognition run amok.

Nunes tweeted "Corn ready for to be cut"
Notice, the incorrect grammar.
"FOR TO" = 42
42 = Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton is ready to be cut down / harvested
and, as pointed out by a patriot in the comments, there appears to be a double confirmation:
"Be Cut" = BC =Bill Clinton
I should also note, the "GREAT HARVEST" Is written about through out the Bible...as Q says "Biblical"
Just ONE of MANY references"
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LOL Joe.

And look at Devin Nune's face in his avatar... "let's cut them corn, yeah!!" And then the Q crowd goes Bananas! :dance:

GREAT (banana?) HARVEST!! Or is it "mush(room) for brains" :huh:

We live in a bizarro world.
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