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Apologies, the catbox link isn't working. I don't know why.

"Anyway, figured I’d mention that there’s no Q decoders here or adherents, which makes for a very very nice atmosphere."

OK, if your minds are made up, I'll treat you like I treat my wife, who believes the experimental vax is OK and chemtrails are nothing to worry about. I'll sit back and say nothing but I'm here for support when tshtf.

Hi Sixpack. I gather you are highly invested in the Q issue being a genuine effort from within the system to fight back against the travesties of the same. I understand that - we have all at different times wanted to believe that someone somewhere with some skin in the game would finally upend and expose the beast for what it so blatantly is. There's nothing harder than seeing the obvious and standing by as the majority go along with the superficial, obsurdly false narrative that appears so easy to see through. But going back even beyond the murder of JFK by the deep state, the funny thing is that no one ever has. Perhaps in his chaotic way Trump came the closest hence the insane level of counter attack and deformation, but no matter what he tried he actually made things as much worse as he did better because he handed the nasties the perfect fall guy who they could present as the real danger to democracy and freedom. Two years on from his removal we are politically worse off than we were before his arrival on the scene. And that's a salutary lesson in reality making don't you think?

What we have all tried to learn here over the many, many years of trial and error, is that we are all game to our emotional biases/wants/needs, and it is through these that we each tend to get found out in time. As Laura once said, there's a program for everyone - everyone! And the clearest sign our particular program is running us is when we get ourselves dug into a corner of certainty against all the evidence that we were basically duped and fell for the lie, because we emotionally needed it to be true and we can't face the fear of the false mirror of ourself being cracked wide open. I notice in an earlier post you mentioned that you haven't as yet read the contents of this thread and that you have come in at the end of the discussion so to speak with a clear and certain view that you regard as correct. So may I suggest you now take some time and carefully and objectively read through the contents of this thread to see how your understanding of matters sits in relation to the evidence provided here. If you are so certain, what have you got to lose? And of course we would all be delighted to be proved wrong because that means we will have learned something new.

You may be gathering by now that opposed to certainty, a willingness to learn again and again is the be all and end all of this place, whatever sacred cows that means we all have to abandon along the way. And all of us have many wonderful - if perhaps painful - leasons still to learn up ahead. And learning that one was wrong, learning how and why we were in error, and learning how not to be fooled again is a gift from god and not something we should avoid so as to maintain a false sense of ourselves. Hey, what's the gain in that!? And that lesson may actually save you and yours when the shtf more than holding out for a man made 'saviour' who oddly enough, never ever comes.


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I'm not usually a slow reader - far from it - but there are many links to follow in addition to the posts in this thread. So I've just finished page 4. This will take some time. My comments so far.

1. I don't understand what "the C's" are and I can't guess or find an explanation.

2. There are many links to videos and pages, which no longer exist, so much context is lost.

3. There are links to articles about Q's "promises" and "predictions". But Q never made any such promises or predictions! the articles appear to have picked up on someone's interpretation of something that Q wrote (or that someone thought he wrote). The fact that these articles still exist and haven't been censored speaks volumes for their veracity.

Anyway, I must go to bed early. I have to take wifey to the airport at 3 am and I need to get a couple of hours sleep first.

Tomorrow, I must continue to edit a book for a UK publisher, in addition to my daily meet-up with an 84-year-old friend, who needs company. And I have a list of jobs and purchases to make, which involves driving to town more than once. That's in addition to the weekly unexpected requests for help beginning with, "can you just..."
Repair my spectacles.
Fix my boat battery charger.
Check my house while I'm away.
Lend me your chainsaw, battery charger.
Show me how to...

Just lucky that I don't own a TV or I'd never get anything done!


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1. I don't understand what "the C's" are and I can't guess or find an explanation.

"The C's" is short for "the Cassiopaeans" - check out the front page of cassiopaea.org for info ... And then, if you want to know more, a good place to start reading about the Cassiopaean Experiment is 'The Wave', which starts here: The Wave Chapter 1: Riding The Wave ... Sorry to add more things to your reading list :) It's really good and interesting though!


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Found this today on Twitter and I’m not quite sure what to make of it but what is clear to me is that if there is validity to Q’s posts then there are so called members that add commentary deliberately attempting to debunk or co-opt the posts validity which is expected IMHO.

Anytime real information is being disbursed the COINTELPRO targets and tries to make it controlled opposition i.e. what happened with Bill Cooper being replaced by Alex Jones, Mr. Cooper being a real producer of information and after his passing Alex Jones steps in to fill his shoes passing information that’s tainted and riddled with fear inducing bits.

Bill Cooper is probably my single most favourite "conspiracist" to sit back and listen to on the regular, although I do still wonder about his true motivations.

I absolutely love his Hour of the Time radio broadcasts, the nostalgia of cutting edge tech of the 90s, his adrenaline inducing sirens and musical interjections - good times.

He was caught up in the whole UFO disinfomation campaign earlier in his "alternative" career, but seemingly he turned a new leaf.

Do people actually turn new leaves though?

I've seen him "throw hand signs" once, so not enough to form a pattern - but I was listening to his "Luxor" series on youtube the other day, when I saw another Christian commentator mentioned how he seemed to be promoting the Luxor stuff whilst he was describing it in depth... and as I listened, the commentator was right - I couldn't detect an ounce of condemnation in his speech, it did sound more like adulation... but beyond the Luxor speech, I have not detected anything else I would classify as "adulation" of the mysteries, he was usually very clear to say he was just examining them and providing commentary... but then again, they all say that.

He took on The Powers That Be from all angles, and doesn't seem to pin the blame with anyone group - but the whole Babylonian Mystery religion.

From what I've heard in his talks, I firmly believe he intended to get himself killed and martyred, in the hopes he could inspire a patriotic movement... and in spite of leaving behind his wife and daughter, who he held so dear. His daughter would be my age or just a little older now, I often wonder what she thinks of her father.

I'm not sure how many disinfo agents willingly plot their own deaths? He was an enigma for sure.


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Bill Cooper who beheld a pale white horse. Interesting character.

Anyway, apologies for my absence of late. I've been busy with research, book editing and "can you just" (repair my wheelchair; repair my very expensive boat-battery charger, and more). In addition, wifey returned from her 3-week vacation in the UK. But today is "OXI" day in Greece, which is a public holiday. So, hopefully, I'll have a bit of peace.
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