Receivership Capability


The Force is Strong With This One
It appears to be working. I have noticed an increasingly clear connection over time, which in turn makes it easier to strive to reflect the essence of the vibration of the source of the communications more purely. This is something that could be considered as a positive feedback loop.

It is the exact opposite to the negative feedback loops designs and deployed to push people ever more deeply into states of suffering which irradiate an energy of dissonance and tension that can then be used as a type of fuel in another mode of reality. This is modulated by signals of physical consonance (i.e. the emitting of orgone).

An expert of meditation ultimately supplies neither of the above, and is not a harvestable supplier of energy of that kind.
It is also worth noting that the generation of physical consonance itself is not an issue, when it is not done to periodically break the otherwise steady state of tension. But doing that would be difficult for most people, in the situation they find themselves in.

Our collective experience could be drastically different if it were not highly conditioned and steered in a particular direction over the millenia, as has been done many times before and is being done across many planetary instances in parallel with our own.

This is why there is the desire in non-human STO's to assist us in reclaiming our own destiny - a solution that works on one planet may work on all of them caught up in this immoral operation.
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