Russian astrologer Svetlana Dragan

On 11th August there will be a full super moon in the Aquarius, Annie Botticelli gives some interesting info on the upcoming full super moon in the next video.

Before posting the video would like to add a small personal/subjective observation of how I've felt before/after the new moon phase on 28th July. In a few words I've felt tensed emotionally, psychologically and at the same time on constant alert mode. The sensations eased down a few days after the new moon.

I guess that the astronomical phenomenon is affecting everyone according to their inner makeup and during those periods it won't hurt to be extra careful inwardly and outwardly, conducting a clean lifestyle as impeccable as possible.

Edit: clarification.
Here's some detailed explanation about the upcoming significant new moon in the end of July. It's not by Dragan, but I am posting it here because mentioned the astrologer (Annie Botticelli) on this and other threads before, and because it correlates with Dragan's forcast.
Thank you for sharing Keit. Annie Botticelli’s new moon in Leo video was very relevant to what happened to me over the weekend and the days leading up to it. It had to do with a somewhat tense situation within the family, specifically with my sister and the relationship with money, which falls in quite nicely with the Annie's reading. So when I saw this video already knowing the situation I would be faced with, I almost laughed at the timeliness of it.

But this helped me prepare mentally and remind myself not let my emotions take over when being trigged. In the end, I managed to keep my emotions at bay and came out of the situation relieved with a sense of freedom and fulfilment in how I dealt with the situation at hand. FWIW
Interesting she mentions Grebennikov.. the man who claimed (with no evidence AFAIK) to have discovered sort of force field and antigravitational properties of the geometries of cavities in certain insect shells...
His books aren’t translated into English but the one chapter that was is incredibly fascinating and the experiments he did are easy to reproduce for anyone interested. He certainly seems to be a very STO oriented person who cared about preserving the natural world. I wish his complete book was available or I knew Russian so I could read it myself.

Here’s the chapter, it’s a quick read.

What’s fascinating is that the properties he discovered existed in the shells of certain beetle species. Well if you do a quick online search about beetle shell structures and properties you’ll find some that circularly polarize light, others that are tougher than any material we can produce and a host of other interesting things all from beetles! They’re tiny engineered marvels and quite beautiful.

But to your question, Grebennikov certainly seems to be the real deal. He spent his life fighting big Ag in Russia and was generally sidelined by the scientific establishment. A repeating pattern for any scientist doing real science.
New predictions from Svetlana Dragan. Translated with Yandex. Original text is here.

Fall 2022 and beyond. Where is everything going​

Let's try to look at what is happening not so much from the point of view of metaphysics, but from the point of view of applied economic and geopolitical circumstances. To begin with, in June 2018, the Group of Seven meetings were held to discuss important issues related to the restructuring of the financial system. At one of these meetings, resolution No. 56 was signed, which gave the right, or rather allowed, to keep secret all global transnational financial manipulations and expenditures, which completely deprived the sovereignty of heads of state and gave all power to transatlantic corporations, and simply put, bankers. On 22.08.19, the G7 Forum was held, where the issue of how the financial system will be rebuilt was discussed. And the issue of cryptocurrency was discussed especially. They voted for a plan called "reset." This is a planned total reset of the global economy. At the same time, again, the leaders of countries and governments, losing their sovereignty, received restrictions on the liquidity of their economies and other resources. And the heads of central banks became the ones who would have to dictate all the rules of the game. A reconfiguration of the currency system was planned. This should involve central banks, which practically take control of the functions of the treasury. Then in September 2019, the Fed enters the RPO market and begins to destroy the economy. All small enterprises, medium-sized businesses and everything that created a less rigid vertical of power and gave "oxygen" to business are collapsing. Fraudulently, all the volumes of the economy began to consolidate and all small businesses began to pass into the hands of corporations. And to finally create a rigid technocratic model of power, a total vertical – all this required digitization. This system became increasingly a priority. In this system, people are always under strict control. This means that the winner is the one who has the most complete list of data. Then the construction of this system becomes the equivalent of financial and political power. And it is interesting that the key issue is not so much software as the availability of data. Knowledge and intelligence are fueled by data. Data is the new oil, it's the new gold. At the same time, the usual economy is closed, and all this passes to the level of artificial intelligence, which lives on this data. And the question of competition here is only in the presence of this data. This is the centralization of wealth. And this process should obviously contain a catastrophic mode of implementation of this plan. This is war. First, small businesses go bankrupt. Takeover of this market. And on 22.08.19 it was decided to stop the economy. It was necessary to curtail the economy. At the same time, all power is centralized, and what we have seen in relation to geopolitical events is caused by part of this plan. I won't go far, we've all seen what's been happening since the beginning of 2020. And the "health" story was also part of this plan, where the topic of data, artificial intelligence, submission through digital control with a biological connotation, was also included in this plan. Of course, I am not talking about how these issues were solved in metaphysical terms. And historically, Russia has been separated from this strategic scenario, as the sanctions policy of 2014 forced the creation of its own autonomous economic systems. And this prevented the full implementation of the" corporate " plan. We have all seen how this tough plan to reset the economy and put it in a completely different mode of extreme rigidity began to be implemented. But there are processes that are beyond the control of even the global elite, this is not their competence. The interruption of this plan occurred in February 2022. And, despite all the drama of the situation, this plan was stopped globally, or rather violated. And in fact, the struggle is not for Ukraine, but for the implementation of this tough plan, in which a person can no longer be free in any sense. And speaking of a Special Operation, we need to understand what we are really talking about. After all, globally, it is by the spring of 2023 that the first step towards this so-called economic reset should be made, which in fact is a plan to create a kind of non-prison for the peoples. This can even be called the neocolonization of the Earth.

The solar eclipse of April 2022 obviously set the tone for big problems with the Donbass. (By this term, I mean the whole story with the DPR and LPR, which was not resolved). It has created such configurations that can lead astray, create extremely dangerous and destructive situations. And 30.10-11.11 is a kind of difficult transition, a struggle that will not be easy, and this threshold will have to be overcome. But there will also be bright gaps (for example, 30.09), which will inspire you with victories, although not final. In general, it will be difficult to navigate until the end of September, and the visible trends of this time will not reflect the reality that will begin to occur in October. And a particularly difficult time for Russia will be around 22.09, and 22.11 or in the interval of this time. And, in general, autumn is the most difficult turn. It is slow and dramatic for all parties. And only after the end of November will it become clear that the main stage of the struggle has been passed.

And the details will be such that in September 20, Ukraine will receive reinforcements and in the area of 25.09, Russia may not be easy. In general, around 22.09 for Russia will come a time of fairly strict restrictions and pressure. I do not rule out that the Russian elite will be put under ambiguous pressure to persuade them to take certain steps. But Russia will not deviate from its path. Although at this time, news can be heard in Russia about the next "exit from the game" of former political leaders. New economic approaches and designs will also be discussed in the face of severe stress and restrictions.

If this is interesting, then we can highlight special dates of tension, powerful pressure on Russia and other signals from Above to the need to change the country's political and economic course. As if hinting that internal issues require not cosmetic, but radical restructuring in all areas of management and economy. And it will be extremely difficult for the country's elite. This is how it is seen near such dates as: 22.09, 7.10, 7.11, 22.11. And the criticality that we observe and will continue to observe has the task of creating the need to completely change the economic and managerial model first of all, not to mention the need for internal consolidation. And the plan that is conceived from Above, as if it will be obligatory for Russia, as a powerful conservative treatment for future historical achievements.

But the main changes will begin in early October. In the area of 5.10, Russia will take active actions and it will be a military breakthrough. And October can be a time of hot fighting. But the answer in the vicinity of 7.10 can be tough. In general, this month in the vicinity of 7.10 -7.11 will be one of the most difficult. It is very likely that 9-10.10 will be the brightest historical dates. This is a time when many military processes may be on the verge of a grandiose explosion. I do not rule out the intensity of events to the point where much will hang in the balance. And this will affect the Russian regions bordering Ukraine. But there is reason to assume that the biggest dangers will be neutralized. I must say that in the area of these dates, former Soviet republics, for example, Kazakhstan, may also be affected. It can affect him in a very unpleasant way. Events will come in waves. And to be fair, the situation may not seem so clear-cut until the end of November. And only by the end of November or the beginning of December will it be clear that a turning point has occurred.

If we analyze the events in more detail, then breakthrough actions will be carried out by 22.10 and 2.11. This may apply to the liberation of some regions and economic victories. And November, as I have already written and said, will be a key moment in matters of military and political confrontation. And, despite this, in the vicinity of 19.10 for Ukraine, it will already be time for a significant loss as a state, as a land, if at all it is possible to say so about fraternal lands. But following the current understanding of events, additional event-driven introductions will be needed to emphasize that the fight is lost. These words may seem premature at the time, but later this time may become one of the most important demarcation lines in history. Of course, Russia also looks very exhausted and may be forced to tighten its belt. Again, this is a very worrying moment for today's Russian elite and leadership. For Russia, this will be a powerful signal to change the management model, the personnel structure of the main managers, as if events themselves are forcing a change of course. This may also affect security managers. It will be like a starting point for the final changes in the country's domestic policy. Someone from the management team may also leave for natural reasons. To be honest, both sides of the battle will face such difficulties that they will need to restart. It's as if a new storyline is beginning to test your strength before an even more serious exam takes place in the spring. Of course, everything is not solved in one day.

And, as usual, my forecast may not be immediately clear and obvious, since events will change color almost daily, and with such a sinusoid, it will be difficult to navigate and feel what the outcome of these events is.

But the autumn round will be the key to almost half a year of tension in Russia. As if at first not everyone appreciated the level of radical changes that Russia needs, and after deep autumn it became clear that minimal internal corrections will not get off. After all, after 8.11, a lot will come out of what is no longer viable. Both administrative chaos and discord in the country are no longer possible. But this, as they say, is bad news. But there are some good ones. From the beginning of October to the end of December, the trend towards restructuring the financial system in the country will begin. And, oddly enough, I don't see Russia losing any land, but rather acquiring it. Although I will say in advance that March 2023 is still ahead, which may aggravate this situation and again put Russia in a situation of tension over these land issues. But more on that later.

Ukraine after 8.11 looks like ashes and what will happen there at this time, I have no loyal words. And I don't want to search for words, because I wish with all my heart that the transformations that the planets promise will not be so destructive. And at such moments of consideration, I want to say, even if the planets require deep defragmentation, then let it be done wisely… But in response ... silence… Maybe one day people will understand that Astrology is not given for bad and good predictions, but as a tool for monitoring and timely corrections that the planets require. And not so that people will become a deaf instrument of barbarism in moments of misunderstanding of the signals of space.

Yes, the first attempts at reconstruction or something like strengthening Ukraine may be scheduled for early January. But all this is unlikely to be something really positive. At such a time, in such a planetary situation, I often see this moment accompanied by new supplies of weapons and mercenaries. But by the second half of January, some agreements may be outlined, although I don't think this will be a final decision. And, for the sake of justice, I will say that a difficult beginning of February for Ukraine, this will not be the final difficulties for it. There may still be a toxic beginning of March, and this will especially affect the psyche. And by a warm spring, Ukraine may be close to becoming a new testing ground, but most likely it will bypass it, at least temporarily. In any case, in the spring, Ukraine will begin to completely change its geographical and managerial structure, and all systems will be destroyed to the bottom. But at the end of April – in May, I still see a certain creative beginning.

And what about Russia? In such difficult times, it is difficult to write about Russia without emotions, but this is exactly what I would like to do. After the fall of 2022, the country will begin its rebuilding, or rather, in parallel, the old system will be destroyed and the sprouts of a new one will break through. And yes, until the beginning of October, it will not only be difficult to act constructively, but also to assess the situation soberly. After all, in my last forecast, I wrote about September, speaking about it literally like this:"lies on lies." And this is not only information hysteria, but also the hysteria of everyone who scales it. And yes, Russia will gather its strength and give an answer by the beginning of October. But it will be a difficult and rather long journey, as I have already written, with heavy losses. Will there be winning things? Yes! This can be seen in part in the vicinity of 5.10, 22.10. Will Higher Forces intervene? I think so! And I do not exclude that by the time of 25.10 and 8.11, in this period of time, other circumstances will interfere with the plot that may affect the situation. These are natural processes, economic and political. By the way, after this time threshold, the Russian President will change a lot. This will be noticeable not only in its appearance, but also in the vector of solutions.

Generally speaking, the situation of the current heavy military tangle is unlikely to be clearly unraveled until 24.11. Only after this time will the process begin to develop more clearly, although the results of Russia's progress can be more clearly seen by mid-December.

A rather dangerous time for Russia is around 13.12. The West may use threats and some attempts to create serious challenges for the economy and, possibly, for the natural environment. Nuclear threats can also be relevant. I do not rule out new tensions in the regions bordering Ukraine. From the first half of December, Putin will make very important, key decisions that can temporarily suspend military events. But at the very end of December, the military context will resume, although this will happen as a result of provocation. In any case, around 27.12 I see the resumption of a powerful mobilization. Moreover, it will be clear that by the beginning of January, Ukraine will again expect military supplies and increased military power from the West. But still, by 11.01.23, there are indicators that Russia will take a step towards strengthening its position. And even if we assume that from October 2022, a breakthrough will still be made and progress will already be made in the issues of confrontation, but the overall picture of tension will still remain. In this case, we are talking about changes in internal economic issues, activation of internal resources.

And in February, the second phase of tension for Russia may come. But here we can already talk about some kind of combat partnership or, in official language, military cooperation.

As for the Ukrainian side, in mid-February 2023, many partnership promises will not be fulfilled, I mean the support of the West. And NATO may be hatching more radical methods, planning to solve everything "in one fell swoop". And geopolitical events may seem to force us to look for solutions in the regime of agreements. Although this will be another maneuver, and not the final solution to the issue. And in March, Russia will be presented with very inconvenient conditions related to territorial issues. The situation will become ambiguous. And here comes the time of a very important historical turn, which I mentioned a long time ago.

I started with the Donbass as a place or point of reference for long-established difficulties. I understand if someone thinks it sounds too soft. Of course, one of the milestones of overcoming will be mid-November, after which some of the difficulties will go away. Both the structure of the economy and the authorities can begin to rebuild. But the internal discord is very pronounced, which will not allow you to live in peace and can create extremely painful moments. Even by mid-February, I see the possibility of acute separation. There is no unity. But still, one of the key event points will be the middle of January, around 17.01.23. This resembles a battle choice, strong tension, and a high degree of explosiveness. This time seems to force you to define yourself. And at the same time, the people of these long-suffering places will get a chance to get status. At the same time, February can provoke people to divide on two sides of the barricades. Mid-February is an ambivalent time. On the one hand, this is a struggle to strengthen and expand the capabilities of this region, but, on the other hand, again, we see provocations. And people can't make unambiguous decisions. The fight will continue in March. But April can change a lot. It can "mix all the cards". And while it is very difficult to talk about an unambiguous outcome of this story, as spring will bring new challenges. But everything can change and go according to a different scenario, if somehow a document is formally signed, at least somehow changing the status of these places.

Writing forecasts at this time is extremely difficult. And I understand the full extent of responsibility that you have to take on. But the most difficult thing is to see the main path behind a huge set of events, news, opinions and emotions, which only becomes more obvious after a while. And it seems to me that the main thing is not to forget that we are going to one of the apotheoses of the historical sine wave, where responsibility for the actions and thoughts of everyone becomes equivalent to responsibility for the entire planet. Everyone's intemperance can be costly for a large number of people. And it is important to understand that the war is not waged by the people, but only the people can stop it. And everyone in life will have their own plot, veiled examination of the purity of thoughts and humanity. I don't want sermons, but I vote for responsibility and humanity.
Thanks aimarok, while reading about the first steps being made towards establishing a dystopic foundation for societies around april 2023 i get the impression that next spring will be very, very, very interesting. Who knows maybe we'll witness finally the April drop dead date event?
Really liked this. A bit wishy washy but nevertheless uplifting

Had noticed this reference last week, and not sure if anyone else had cross-referenced her in another thread (had thought so) - her name is Pam Gregory. Anyway, I don't typically watch astrologers, and in her case gave her her due. One video was an interview with another astrologer - a bit woo-woo, yet still some interesting points. Searched Pam's name with some other search terms to see what would come up; the below was just as covid was well underway (April 2020), so had a look at what she was saying. What I did not realize at first was that she was asking questions to someone named Bracha Goldsmith. So, the interview gets into a whole lot more as Bracha is said to be channeling the Pleiadians (she is a trained astrologer).

Okay, so in for a pound and all that, continued to listen. Many questions around covid and how to avoid vaccines, the financial systems to come and how to navigate. Ultimate changes to the medical system (those who want drugs and vaccines will still exist, and those that want personalized medicine based on their individual bodies, would rapidly change). A question on financial systems; equality (in terms of outcome) comes up, and the answer was that people are just not equal this way, never were and never will be. There were questions on animals - our lessons from them, on family, friends, society, learning new languages (very much) and how code between people will be a navigation strategy - much "cloaking" activities and methods realized keeping people away from authorities who continue to try to hold down 3rd density. Other senses will heighten. There were questions on volcanos, earthquakes and on magnetic pole shifts (in it now she says) and much else. In the end, she was asked to discuss things like light and sound, and then she went into a sound rendition song (interesting actually) said to be a certain harmonic. Her body/voice channel was very strange, but who was she channeling and was she channeling are factors.

A search here did not produce a cross-reference on either Pam nor Bracha, and this Pam video has 350,000 + views.

Bracha Goldsmith has a website here, wherein you can read her story. On the subject of channeling itself, she describes how this came about in Greece just before covid, how she traveled to Australia and New Zealand (during covid) and things did not go well - sickness and other lodging issues, and then back to Greece.

As said, strange.

Here is a follow-up commentary to the previous Dragan's article. Original text is here.


I would like to draw your attention to the information that I give, to its primacy. I also warn you against interpreting my forecasts by other specialists, forecasters, analysts, and people who try to interpret my forecasts subjectively. Pulling out phrases, a certain "similarity" - all this can now be very disastrous in the already muddy water. Please refer to the original source.

I would especially like to focus on the time around December 2022. This time is seen as extremely significant for the very top layer of power, especially for the main person of the country. Of course, we are talking about Russia. The fact is that after 8.11.22, his presentation of himself as a person and even external forms of expression can change a lot. It is very likely that we will see the first part of the plot, which will first very clearly change the external positioning, which will create the potential for updating the entire environment. But this will be somewhat later. Everything will develop in such a way that the strategy of its behavior may change fundamentally, although the distortion of information in the media may not reflect the full depth of the picture. Yes, and it will take time to appreciate this turn. But within six months, these changes will be most fully revealed, as if creating a portal for a new environment, the arrival of new personalities in power.

The fact is that, as I already wrote, after 25.10 and 8.11, the situation in the country can become very difficult. The tension will grow, and the forms of concentration on strengthening power in a tough form will be obvious. But, speaking objectively, what is happening in the country will be a historical inevitability, and the pressure on the authorities will be very powerful. Decisions will now have to be made urgently and radically. I do not rule out that the pressure on the current elite will be unprecedented. And the departure of people from the team may already be more obvious. Many freedoms in the country will be significantly reduced. Much will change in cultural matters, especially in the entertainment sector. For a while, it may seem that the country is very weak, although in reality there will be a kind of filtration in the mode of the need to concentrate, tighten your belts and, in the broad sense of the word, mobilize. It is as if time will even more powerfully begin to squeeze out of the country everything that contradicts its integrity. And, of course, another number of people from the cultural or near-cultural and scientific environment who disagree with the political vector of the country may fall under these millstones.

But this event tone will be even stronger by the 20s of November. And here the strengthening of control over the ideological factor in the country will become a special dominant. There may be a reduction in the official staff. Communication issues may become even more censored. This may also apply to travel issues. A special structure for IT technologies can be created. And the entire scientific environment can also be reduced and receive special instructions for the further vector of development. Many technological industries and even the highest management ranks may fall under certain forms of reduction. Interestingly, even the President's press secretary may be under the millstones of these changes. And it may very well be that he will be very sloppy in his statements, especially around 8.11. I must say that by this time a lot of things will come up.

But the Commander-in-Chief around 29.11 will have no alternatives other than tough decisions, as he himself will be under the most powerful pressure. It is very likely that he will have to conduct a serious inventory in his circles. And behind the scenes, his personal finances will also be in a restricted mode. But this is not the main thing. He himself will be tough in his decisions. And this can hurt the economic circles in the country in a painful way. It's like making a reduction. His position may also be under the gun... December will be very fateful for him in many ways. We will see a lot of good things in the country that were expected and planned, but still seemed preliminary. With all the ratings of "good" – "bad", it is difficult to talk about the unambiguity of the events taking place here. On the one hand, you can expect difficult events, and on the other – very positive ones. All of this will happen almost simultaneously. Threats to the lives of a large number of people and territorial expansion, financial and economic optimism-all this can be "in one bottle". And here it is very important to understand that the President will take an epochal step, and probably more than one. This is an extremely dangerous moment for him. Maybe we'll have to hide. But the rigidity of his decisions may be equivalent to the position in which he finds himself. We'll have to stand to the end. All this will happen around 29.11.22–04.12.22. But this will not be all. It's one thing what it will mean for him, and another – how it will be projected on public opinion. And by 13–15.12.22, two steps away from the catastrophe, everything can suddenly take on an almost positive character. Going back a bit, no less serious challenge in the area of 01.12.22 will be, of course, and the head of the defense Department. The voltage level will be extremely high. I do not rule out that a threat will loom over the center of Russia, especially near 6.12, and these threats from the West may be quite unambiguous, possibly with a nuclear flavor. Naturally, under such pressure, decisions can be made very tough, but under such pressure, it will be impossible to act otherwise.

It's hard to always search for words to reflect the degree of tension, but nevertheless, by the end of December, everything can be extremely difficult! Of course, the area of 27.12 seems to be one of the most powerful in terms of tension. And this will be one of the extremely important time points for not only military operations, but also for the entire leading Russia. It is a fact that the concentration of military efforts will be categorical. And all forms of mobilization are possible here. Please do not use this word in a narrow context. All forces will be devoted to strengthening the military power. But you need to understand that at the same time there will be great progress in expanding the Russian borders. Here is a paradox.

But, nevertheless, the state of affairs of the Russian president can also be quite critical. It is clear that many people see only the tip of the iceberg, and few people are interested not only in the essence, but also in what is really happening in the upper echelons of power. And I get the impression that this eventfulness seems to have a powerful awakening effect on those upper management layers who have not yet fully understood that everything has come almost to the final line of this construction and that those very cosmetic actions to rebalance the power algorithms are no longer possible. And the presidential question in late December 2022 - early January 2023 may also be a point of special attention. And by the first days of January, a certain presidential crisis may be experienced. And the choice that the president will face in the vicinity of 21.12.22 – 4.01.23 will be one of the most difficult and risky for him.

In January, closer to the middle, much of the country will begin to be rebuilt. I believe that by mid-January, the crisis moments will recede somewhat. And there is a tendency to be creative, even in economic matters. But February will remind you of itself with new disturbing challenges. You can read about this in my first text titled "Fall 2022 and beyond. Where is everything going" from 17.09.22.
A new interview with Svetlana Dragan came out on 18 October, in which she revealed something new.
I only made some brief notes. Svetlana has promised to post the full version on her website later.

She sees an unexpected weakening of NATO in February-March 2023, although this is strange and illogical.

The dollar may even go up in mid-March around 13-15 March 23, but this is a hoax. It could suddenly collapse around 4 April. It is a manageable process. It is in March that the global elite are planning to launch some new digital currency, CBDC.

In April the situation should explode with new events, maybe of a natural type, especially in America.
After April-May the geopolitical environment changes unexpectedly and powerfully!

And in Russia there will be a serious and important metamorphosis, but not immediately.

Svetlana said that for the first time she is talking about Russia being one of the safest islands.

The situation will change radically and globally in the spring. There will be terrible situations, worse than now.

At the end she pointed out how important it is to control your emotions, the information background, that this shapes reality.
Apart from the discussions of the future, she also talks in a video from October about how people meet the changes. The following is a translated automated transcript:
let's imagine that those people who are now to some extent self-destructing with this fear 10.41 they can just not even pull the level of this one here it's perestroika But there must be readiness there must be optimism and this optimism 10.52 this is the medicine of protection that is generally able to do at least something now there is no other medicine impossible hide in a bunker have a lot of money nothing is possible Here there is only protection related to this internal one
And near the end:
I can only say one thing that we are in a global scenario what is going on here 49.25 the sine wave that unfolds all this and we must be worthy to be not only witnesses but also 49.33 and the builders of a New World If we are entrusted to live in such a time I wish everyone 49.40 courage self confidence and understanding that there are also people nearby and loving people And 49.47 despite the fact that sometimes you can't see the faces you can feel them49.52 Only holiness is found in those who understand it seek the truth seek it 49.59 the truth is already a force so we are together with us god
Ukrainian terrorists strike at airfields of Russian long-range aviation

This morning, information appeared about a drone strike on the Engels airfield in the Saratov region and a fire on a tanker at the Dyagilevo airbase in Ryazan. As reported, in the first case, we are talking about two injured and two damaged Tu-95MS missile carriers, there is no complete information on the second incident yet.

Now it's not funny...

From Svetlana's forecast of September 26, 2022.

Quote. “I don’t rule out that a threat looms over the center of Russia, especially around December 6, and these threats from the West can be quite unambiguous, possibly with a nuclear flavor. Naturally, under such pressure, decisions can be made very tough, but under such pressure it would be impossible to do otherwise."

It is possible that the US headquarters are now laughing at Russia:

Russia's strategic nuclear forces can be beaten with penny drones.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are not covered in any way.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are helpless.

From Svetlana's forecast of September 26, 2022.

Quote. “I don’t rule out that a threat looms over the center of Russia, especially around December 6, and these threats from the West can be quite unambiguous, possibly with a nuclear flavor. Naturally, under such pressure, decisions can be made very tough, but under such pressure it would be impossible to do otherwise."

It is possible that the US headquarters are now laughing at Russia:

Russia's strategic nuclear forces can be beaten with penny drones.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are not covered in any way.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are helpless.

Thats tactical, strategic are mostly in silos. I think that the cia and like bunch who did it can laugh, but the real US army people knows whats real situation.

Interesting point for S. Dragan. Means that we can exspect real show around new year (according to her, again).
It is possible that the US headquarters are now laughing at Russia:

Russia's strategic nuclear forces can be beaten with penny drones.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are not covered in any way.
Russia's strategic nuclear forces are helpless.

This is war, and stuff happens, though the outcome of the conflict may not turn out as clear and convincing as some had wished for after watching the first moves. Here are a couple of excerpts:

"irresistible force" vs "immovable object" - Deep State vs. Russia
(Pierre) I have a few questions. In one of the last sessions, it was mentioned an "irresistible force" and an "immovable object", remember? What was the irresistible force, and what was the immovable object?

A: Deep State vs. Russia
What happens when the irresistible force makes contact with the immovable object?

It is more likely that this war is not going to be won one way or the other, but other events will intervene.
Q: (Tristan) In the event that Russia and its allies win this war, will humanity have more chance for a better outcome? A splitting reality will manifest perhaps?

A: Wishful thinking.

Q: (Joe) Is it more likely that this war is not going to be won one way or the other, but other events will intervene?

A: Yes
Other events could include virus from space/4D STS
(Regulattor) What about vaccines virus recombinations/mutations, how is that developing? Is it still too early to say how lethal it is going to be?

A: Not the biggest problem.

Q: (L) What IS the biggest problem?

A: Virus from space/4D STS.

Edit: Here is the exchange Pierre was referring to:
(L) Well, I find that to be a little bit naive because there were some extremely shocking things. For me, the most shocking thing was for the intelligence services to come right out and DIRECTLY, in PUBLIC, frontally attack a president-elect before his inauguration with that dodgy dossier about the Russian hotel. I mean, those things are like evidence of something very deep and very ugly that is now emerging into plain view: the evil that has stayed in the shadows doesn’t fear exposure anymore. THAT gave me chills! It's like there is open warfare in the halls of the psychopaths and they don’t care who sees it or knows it because they are convinced that the programming of the public is complete.

A: Yes. Implications are serious and dramatic beyond what is immediately apparent. From our perspective, the import is indeed chilling. Watch how it all plays out. The irresistible force has met the immovable object. Who is more clever?
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Here is the brand new forecasting efforts of Svetlana.
As what was said in the past, please read and wait and see. Nothing is written in stone, particularly with what is going on at the moment. Everything stands in balance and all can come crashing down in one small event, as we have witnessed time and again.
In a previous forecast, she indicated the urgent need for countries to explore beyond our planet. She does not cover that here. She keeps her observations to geo-politics!
Possible destruction of physical areas of US (Western world could be also Mexico, Canada, North, Alaska or even perhaps the extreme western European locations?)

TRANSFORMATION OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM-LATVIA- US - Zelensky in extreme danger - Ukraine - NATO - Very difficult periods for many countries around the world - Russia's difficulties


Of course, the forecast is more detailed and verified ahead. But I did not want to leave you, dear subscribers, without navigation. Therefore, feeling my responsibility and some involvement, I am still posting such a draft for general understanding.

15.12.22; 26-27.12.22 The fate of the country, as well as the territories it potentially declared, will largely be decided. And, most likely, these will be events of an irreversible nature.

After the end of December, America will undergo a rebirth.

Starting from 2-10.03.23, Putin can present almost a different team, even change some legal frameworks. At the same time, the highest command in one of the power structures can be changed. We can say that from March to mid-May 2023, Russia will experience the most epochal changes. And on 24-28.05.23 we will be able to see fundamental changes at the highest level of power. By the end of May, Russia will be brightly set for economic growth.

8.04.23 – 25.05.23 is a time of extreme danger for Zelensky. It's an extremely difficult time for decisions. There will be some choice, but it will be fatal in a sense. And for Ukraine itself, this time is exceptionally turning. A lot will be determined there. It is especially difficult in the area of 19-20.04.23.

There will be difficult changes in America itself, starting in mid-March 2023. All previous agreements, the search for new forms of compromise (as I have already written) will be replayed. Even legal documents will be rewritten. The structure of NATO will change. But, despite all these events, by mid-March 2023 and beyond, the situation will heat up. And by the end of March 2023, America may seem to begin the process of separation or it will clearly create a kind of duality that can somewhat restrain all aggressive processes.

There is a feeling that in many countries around May the government will change.

October 2023 will be difficult and alarming for Russia. Confrontation again.

In Russia, in January-February 2024, there will still be changes in power. And that's very serious. So until then, history doesn't stabilize. And only after February 2024 we can talk about the results of internal transformation in Russia.

It is unlikely that the Pa-evs will be able to really claim the highest power (I hope those in the know will understand me). Pa-ev himself may leave in 2024. And the autumn calls into question the participation in the political race for the role of the leader of Pa-va's son.

Something very serious is happening in America in 2024. The leading political composition there is changing a lot, very shaky in relation to plans with the Dollar.

In Russia, the autumn of 2024 will also be perestroika.

As for Ukraine, the scenario of devastating problems during the six months after 8.11.22 and by the beginning of February 2023 (approximately by 1-2.02.23) may become a time of great losses. I do not rule out that Odessa may also be lost by Ukraine. 21.02.23 for Ukraine may be the next phase of losses. This time will be difficult for Russia as well. By the way, around this time there may be a very strong reduction in information platforms, up to YouTube. At the same time, financial reform is possible to reduce the money supply. This is not exactly the exact wording, rather it will be a desire to get away from the paper money carrier. But July and December 2023 will still raise these topics, and so far there will be no unequivocality in these issues.

NATO. There are indicators of a deep disintegration of NATO and even a change of leadership. Although NATO will simply rage around 8.02.23. It can threaten nuclear war and will pedal this information agenda in every possible way. I do not rule out that on 9.03.23 this organization will suddenly begin to declare humanistic principles. Strangely. A strange rebuild...

And on 19.04.23 something can happen that will be extremely destructive for Ukraine. I do not rule out that it will be connected with Kherson.
In March, Germany is in the crosshairs.

From March to April 2023, the most serious changes in the power structures of Russia.

By the beginning of May 2023, it may seem that the SVO is in its final stages. But I guess it won't be the end. The next suspension of this operation could be in August 2023. But it seems to me that the beginning of the end of this event can happen by the beginning of 2024, or rather, by the beginning of January. Globally, the conflict will subside by the spring of 2024.

In the fall of 2024, there may be something like contamination due to a new kind of food poisoning with foods that have been affected by new forms of alleged disinfection or new drugs, although this is more like radiation exposure.

An unusual summer of 2025.

2024-2025 – the formation of a new spirit of Russia, the ascent to a certain holiness.

In 2024, the introduction of an alien Western world. The very world of the West is being severely destroyed. This makes some lands where life becomes impossible.

By 2026, the unification of the lands, a new unexpected, now not even perceived as real, union.

In 2026-2027, a very serious breakthrough in science and new forms of communication. A complete rejection of previous scientific paradigms. Search for new flexible forms in the economy.

But 2026 is not so simple. A painful restructuring of Russia. Economic and scientific strain, there may be a crisis. And natural factors are complex: there may be cold or heat. A colossal and difficult economic restructuring. Natural factors will force us to look for new forms and approaches in the economic and natural sphere. In 2026, unification with another country, almost complete unity.

In 2026, there may be the beginning of contact with other civilizations.

In 2027, the accession of new countries. The probability of a single union.


(I am writing a forecast at the great request of a significant number of people in this country, I am doing this for the first time and I can call this forecast a test forecast).

January 2023 is a difficult time, the strongest economic tension. A harsh reduction in freedoms, and all this in a dictatorial regime. There may be difficulties with the message. Strangely, even flights are problematic. But the end of January 2023 – the beginning of February 2023 change a lot. 17.02.23 is a very difficult time of strength testing. It will be necessary to make a choice on whom to rely, it will be difficult to be under pressure from those who are now trying to dictate the terms of the game to the whole world. From February 2023 to December 2023, it is like an internal demand for the restructuring of foreign policy relations, pressure, military and economic threats. On 27.02.23 and 16.03.23 a completely different atmosphere may be created and Latvia may begin to transform.

From April 2023, the state of affairs may change in terms of curatorship over Latvia. This sets the stage for Latvia's transition to a different political direction. But this will happen in full after 2025. Apparently, despite the fact that there will be an internal growth of the desire to free oneself from the imposed political and economic formulas of the West, resistance and the desire to free oneself will grow. And I cannot say that all these imposed norms will be taken unquestioningly. There will be noticeable progress on this issue, especially closer to the spring of 2023. But it is unlikely that it will be possible to free themselves from Western pressure so quickly. There can still be a lot of trouble, especially starting in the fall of 2023. There will be ugly provocative questions that will begin to change the situation so much and make it completely unacceptable that this will be followed by a series of events that seem to go beyond any understanding and diplomatic rules in general. This will all be relevant, especially from October 2023.
It is very possible that by the beginning of January 2024 something like a division may begin, as if there will be two Latvias. Although I understand that the country is small, and it seems surreal. More serious political changes will emerge closer to the spring of 2024. This will be much more radical, and the issues of rejection of previous political concepts already look more vivid. And during the first half of the year (from spring 2024 to autumn 2024), the most grandiose changes in the government and the economy will have to take place. This can completely change the vector, image and economic situation of the country. The changes will be revolutionary, and the summer period of 2024 will emphasize this. It is very likely that by August 2024 it will be a new union, a completely different relationship with Russia (a clear rapprochement and common spirit). Of course, in the autumn it will not be so cloudless ... And provocations are possible of a political and legal nature. And there will still be a time of anxiety and great internal instability until the spring of 2025. But the stabilization of the position, with a complete change in the coordinate system, will come by the spring of 2025. By the autumn of 2026, the brightest moments of turbulence will disappear, the economic model, methods of interaction in foreign policy will begin to radically change, and Latvia will begin to change, freeing itself from the previous destructive pressure.


The euro may get a tendency to weaken, especially after 4.01.23. But closer to the second half of February, the Euro may begin to strengthen. And it is very likely that in the area of 15-16.03.23 the Euro and the Dollar may strengthen, in any case, it will seem so. By the end of March 2023, it may seem that the Euro is taking a boost at all. Even the first half of April 2023 can pass under the sign of strengthening the Euro. With the Dollar, things may not be so simple. The dollar in early April 2023 may give unexpected jumps in the trend, especially in the area of 4.04.23. But later, to the area of 15.04.23, again famously going up. It seems that the Dollar can set a very uneven trend in April. But ultimately, despite the sharp jumps in price, it can go up. And yet, despite some dollar excitement, especially around 5.05.23, closer to 12.05.23, this growth will be suspended and there will be a fall in the Dollar.

At the same time, the planets will prepare not the best configurations for the Euro. Yes, maybe after 20.04.23 there will be a vector on the complexity for the Euro with some form of its reboot. And it can be felt around 4/20/23. Yes, for some time, especially in the vicinity of 28.04.23, the Euro may be somewhat held in a relatively optimistic fairway. But very important things for the Euro will happen around 2.05.23. Then there may be reasons for serious optimism about the Euro. And it may very well be that for some time the Euro will again begin to lead in its value against the Dollar.

The ruble in the area of 23.01.23 may be in a weak position. And almost until the end of the year, it is unlikely to strengthen against the Dollar. But, most importantly, after 20.04.23 there may be stressful options for resetting the ruble. It may very well be that at some points it may seem that the Ruble behaves very anxiously and even falls. But there is a serious restructuring of the Russian economy, especially after March 2023. The area of March 6-10, 2023 is special for Russia: on the one hand, a very critical situation may be created, and on the other, a complete reboot of Russia may begin. Pressure on Russia may be eased, but the situation may be difficult on other issues, including financial ones. Nevertheless, on 4.04.23 something very radical is coming for Russia (April – May 2023). This will completely overturn the entire financial system of the country and not only. This will be a difficult period when the government will change and in general a lot of things in the country. On the one hand, it will be a crisis, on the other hand, the degeneration of the country in all forms: managerial, economic, ethical and ideological. It's an ambivalent time. When something complex, evolutionary happens. But the destruction of previous algorithms can qualify as extremely pivotal and sharp. Yet this will only be the next stage of change. More serious and irreversible events will occur, as I have already written, in early 2024. In the meantime, everything may look like another stage of turbulence.


Until 2024, the dollar will still be in use and some paper equivalent will be. So far, until mid-2025, the money will still be backed by precious metals. But physical silver and gold are already being extracted from exchanges in order to bring closer the exclusion of paper money from circulation. In Russia, too, there may be some reformation processes to reduce paper money or withdraw it from circulation, in late February - early March we will be able to notice this trend.

From June 2024, a new information platform will begin to expand. At first it will be a subtle fact that says nothing to the majority. But at the end of 2024, a real financial reform of a global scale will already begin. And by the summer of 2025, around June, the construction of a new economic system will begin. In the summer of 2025, this system will switch to new technical support. The equivalent of money will be a certain energy module, a factor in which the built-in to this system will be taken into account. It will also be communicative, as a communication system. The system itself assumes to be plastic and flexible. A new vision of philosophy, religion, world order. It's like a new organism, a distribution system, taking into account the decentralization of the economy and using another form of energy. There will be the creation of some clusters of energy distribution, and the form of distribution will be a kind of equivalent of money. At the same time, it is not seen that this is an enslaving system, but a system based on high technology. The theme of space here will be very powerfully involved. Again, in 2025 this seems to be only announced, but the real implementation will begin in 2026.

These energies may have to do not relate to internal combustion engines, but to multidimensional geometry and torsion fields, magnets, optics. And also some water component will be involved.
In her latest interview (20 Dec 2022) she talks about "cosmic strangeness" starting from April 2023 (nothing more specific, though), as well as "fire in the sky", rising and submerging of land masses (from 2025-2026), radical change of our notion of the cosmos, increased polarization between people who can see (unterstand) what's happening and those who can't see or who can't cope with it, importance of controlling negative emotions (especially, fear), changes in human body (not very noticeable at first), changes in hormonal system, changes in thinking and worldview, changes in our capabilities (she gives telepathy as an example), main danger in 2023: cosmic fiery or technogenic processes.

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