Session 1 December 2018

No pantographs! Yes, I know you might say that well they could be receiving electricity via the rails. But from what I researched, using rail to power the system would be extremely inefficient. Also the trams would not work in rain. The most important part is that if those trams received power through rails, then the trams would need a third rail. As you need a third rail line to power the tram. I don’t see a third line in any of these pics.

You can do power on the 2 running rails, but it cannot be high voltage. It would work in rain with low voltage.
But there is another way it could have been done:
The San Francisco trolleys have a cable system that runs under the middle of the tracks and the cars would grab the cable to move. The cables are driven miles away at the endpoints.
"Time (kāla) I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people."[10] This phrase is famous for being quoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer as he reflected on the Manhattan Project's explosion of the first nuclear bomb in 1945.

This, to me, fits better with Kali or Shiva's representation for an atomic bomb - being 'Trinitys' themselves and their strongly associated 'destroyer' aspects. We can also look to the statue of Shiva at CERN for more inter-related symbology...

Hello mate,

Interesting that you made that relationship in the context of the 'unity' message imo -

... brought to mind my ‘Ark/An-nu-ki’ dream-

Reiki concerns

Due to ‘Ark’ meaning, among other things, both Vishnu AND Shiva!

And the inversion of Oppenheimers misquote ‘I am become Death destroyer of worlds’ borrowed from Krishna's conversation with Arjuna-

"Thou seest Me as Time who kills, Time who brings all to doom,

The Slayer Time, Ancient of Days, come hither to consume;

With the number ONE also often termed 'Unity'.

A: Arkadiusz is strong willed. Must be to be seeker of worlds. To paraphrase: "I am become ONE... Creator of worlds." And, on that contemplative note, good night.

And being more of Krishna man myself (after a couple of run-ins with Radha:rolleyes:), in the context of 'kali' - Vishnu's final incarnation springs to mind.

Karki - meaning white horse knight / from the horse (which is rather Perseid...) and coincidentally inclusive of 2 names of the goddess, a bit like 'eaea' (Sumerian 'Ea' = Earth as does 'Ki') with Kar also the great goddess or Queen Bee.

A: ... All should think of the "Queen Bee" ... It is not over by a longshot.

Interesting that Kalineaea was present in this session considering some of the observations and comments being posted about the possible meanings and implications for the name choice. Makes me wonder what may develop next. :huh:

Yes mate, signs are coming thick and fast aren't they?

I've been putting off replying re: your 'Glastonbury' clue as after 20 dream threads came crashing together, I know it's going to make my brain hurt..... somewhat synchronistically though there appears to be something very special (and timely) about one of Laura's 'golden eggs' ;-)

Sounds like an interesting read. I recall that at some point the C's mentioned something about karmic balance of sorts, since Atlantis, being the reason for the persecution of jews over the centuries.
It has also for a long time crossed my mind that there is some sort of genetic imprint that draws certain people to that religion. Those who are of negative orientation, well, their actions are obvious but those more positive may be the ones we notice rejecting the entropic reactions of the former. FWIW.
Having said all that, I think all religions are bunkum and it comes down to the individual and their actions to see who they really are not matter which ideology they have been taken in by.:halo:

Hm, well about Atlantis and karmic balances, I recall that the C's had some things to say on a couple separate instances:
Session 16 July 1994 said:
Q: (L) But what you are telling us is so awful!
A: Understand, but all does not conform to your perspective.
Q: Why is this happening to us?
A: Karma.
Q: (L) What kind of Karma could bring this?
A: Atlantis.
Session 20 October 1994 said:
Q: What did the Atlanteans do to bring this karma on us such that the grays and Lizzies...

A: Worshipped and served self to extreme.
So, that's just to speak about why everything's happening to us as a general group. In another couple of sessions they had some remarks about jews and experiencing the holocaust as well:
Session 18 February 1995 said:
Q: {Laughter} (LM) I thought they were in Cornucopia, not Miami! (J) Just spit it out! (L) My question is... (T) She forgot! (L) No, I didn't forget, I just have to figure out how to word this. As you know, I am reading this book about Holocaust victims reincarnating and remembering their experiences at this time. The question is, on one occasion you told us that the Jewish people, as a racial group, were Atlantean descendants, is that correct?

A: Some.

Q: (L) There is some. Can you give us that some?

A: No.

Q: (L) Is there some karmic element that was fulfilled by the Holocaust?

A: Of course.

Q: (L) Could you tell us what karma was being expunged in that activity, and what group the Jews represented?

A: This is not germane, but it was Atlantean overseers "expunging" guilt from that life experience.
Session 22 February 1995 said:
Q: (L) Now, you said that the Jews were Atlantean descendants, and that Noah was an Atlantean...

A: Most of them.

Q: (L) What is the significance of this relating to their religion and their experiences and the current state of the Jews?

A: Was Jews in "holocaust" only.

Q: (L) Is the Jewish religion somewhat similar to the Atlantean religion?

A: Did you understand the previous answer?

Q: (L) Are you saying that the Jews were the only ones in the holocaust?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are you saying that the Jews were not the only ones in the holocaust?

A: No special karmic significance to being "Jewish", special significance is experiencing holocaust for purpose of purging extraordinary karmic debt.

Q: (L) Okay. I got it. Now, is the Jewish religion similar to the Atlantean religion?

A: Not one religion only. Many "religions."
I can't recall if they've said anything more specific about any connection between Atlantis and the persecution of the jews, but I suppose I'll have to keep an eye out for it then.

As an aside, interestingly there was another comment about California in the first session I quoted:
Q: (L) What else is going to happen?
A: Seattle buried; Japan buckles; Missouri shakes; California crumbles; Arizona burns.
Any relation to current events you all think?
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The trams were probably drawn by horses...

Yes, all very good points and that’s the whole thing about this info its very ambiguous.

You have to pay attention to the details.

I don’t know what is going on but… there was definitely some very strange things going on in the 1800’s.

First electrical tram with catenary seems to be "Tram Siemens & Halske" 1881:
Datei:ETramParis1881.jpg – Wikipedia

Well that’s what the claim is. How can we know for sure?

Ok let’s say we take it as fact that the first electric tram was in 1881. So it’s safe to say because of the lack of horse this was an electric tram. Roughly we are looking at the timeline in the photo from 1881 to 1900. So with that in mind lets focus on the surroundings.

The main building is the Candelária Church in Rio de Janeiro. Although itself very interesting, just take a closer look to that damage! What the heck happened? Looks like a massive earthquake hit the place.

I can’t put my finger on it but the picture looks staged. As if someone went around this disaster zone and looked for the least amount of damage to take a deliberate pic showing a bustling city. I mean the people are so eloquently dressed. But the area is a disaster zone. Just look at the roofs of the buildings next door and behind. Just look at that building behind. You can kind of see through the ally. I mean Damn. Look at the street in the ally. There is rubble everywhere!

I don’t know can anything other than an earthquake cause such damage?

Ok no problem then it must be an earthquake. Never mind that right after this earthquake people are just walking around like it’s no big deal. Although you got two guys in the background “inspecting” the damage. One of them is on the roof, the other is in that damaged ally.

Was there an earthquake reported around that time?

According to this journal article two were reported. First one on June 1861. Second one May 9 1886. But because of some anomaly earthquakes in Brazil are very rare. So the earthquakes were reported by really just one person.

From the journal:
The other two areas shown on the map are that about Rio de Janeiro, suggested by the data furnished by Dom Pedro II (reference 9), and the one suggested by the notes of Senator Pompeo de Souza (reference 3). The Matto Grosso area is represented as extending westward indefinitely. It is so shown because it is assumed that the slight earthquakes that have been felt in that region originate in the

Andean country to the west. The following notes of negative value are not without interest: A. Collie.-Geological Observations on the Neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro. Capt. F. W. Beechey's Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Behring Strait, London, 1831, II, 159. This writer says: "Respecting earthquakes at Rio de Janero, I could get no further information than that they are rare." Francis de Castelnau.-Expedition dans les parties centrales del'Amerique du Sud. Histoire du voyage. Paris, 1850. I, 202. This author suggests that certain steep-sided ravines near Barbacena may be due to earthquakes, but he makes no mention of earthquakes having been reported.

In Vol. II at p. 83 he says that earthquakes are quite unknown in the central parts of Brazil.

When it is remembered that Brazil occupies an area almost as large as that of the United States, one must regard the list here given as noteworthy, and probably impossible for any other portion of the globe. It is quite probable that, with the natural increase of population and the increased facilities for communication, the frequency of earthquakes will appear to increase somewhat in the future, but such an increase will be apparent rather than real.

Ok so because of our electric tram date this logically would make it the earthquake date of May 9 1886.

So the electric tram was just invented not 5 years ago. So when did Rio get theirs? Well apparently they got it in late 1892!

So there is a discrepancy here. Something just doesn’t add up.

SO what are “these” people doing in a disaster zone riding around in an electric tram that isn’t supposed to be around for another 6 years? Why aren’t there anymore pictures or accounts of witnesses to this earthquake? I mean it’s an earthquake right. In the picture its clear people were there during this reported event. So where are their accounts?

I don’t know I will admit that there could be nothing to this, but as I research more about this whole subject more and more questions come up. It’s all very strange.

The little church things look simply like pieces of architecture to me, not some misterious technology, which simply were shown to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities (that's my guess). Maybe also Glockespiele. Other parts look like large coilsprings. Some may even be electrical devices like the large 'lightbulb' behind the steam enginges. (see also Edison, Paris, 1889)

For example look at this one (from that site Industrial expositions. What mysteries did they take away with them ? — Тарт-ария.инфо )
In the bottom right the empty space inside seems to be used to exhibit other things and not to house any technology.

I'm very sceptical about the site. Lots of pictures with lots of [over]speculation. Translated in 5 languages, with a fine presentation. Looks like a setup to me.

Hey I hear you, some of this info Ive been looking into comes from the annoying flat earth dudes. But as we all know you cant throw the baby out with the bath water either.

The story my eyes are telling me is very strange indeed.

Ok suppose your right nothing special about these odd looking church thingies. Look at the story the pictures are telling as we move into the 1900s. The Industrial expositions of the 1800s look amazing, colorful, creative with massive variety. Juxtapose that with the boring borg like feel of the 1900s.

It’s not just modernization, the culture and mentality behind the expositions of the 1800s just disappeared in a very short time and morphed into something very different. Then a couple of world wars happen and most of the architecture in Europe physically changes too.
Session Date: December 1st 2018

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, Possibility of Being, Alana, Gaby, Scottie, Niall, Princess Leia, Pikabu

Q: (L) So today is... What is today?

(Artemis) December 1st!

(L) Oh, that's right! How could I forget? It's Chu's birthday. We were just having a birthday party, and here I'm asking what day it is. Well, that just tells you that I'm getting decrepit.

(Artemis) You have an excuse! When young people do it, it's like, "Oh, you're retarded!"

(L) We have only 30 days left in 2018. I can't believe the whole year is gone already. We have the usual suspects. [Review of those present]

(Artemis) Guest starring Alana and Gaby!

(L) Alright. Hello?

A: Kalineaea of Cassiopaea at your service!

Q: (Artemis) Kal... That's an interesting beginning to a name.

(Andromeda) Kal-El!

(L) Yeah, it's like Kal-El. I like Kal-El. That's Superman's name. Well, I'm not going to ask about the meaning of names. We've asked those things before.

(Artemis) And they always said the same thing: Oh, because you want us to name ourselves. I tried to name them once, but they didn't use my name. So it must mean something. They're just not telling us.

(L) Okay, we have a...

A: Good one!

Q: (Artemis) See? They like my point! (L) Alright, what's next?

(Pierre) What was the cause of this monochromatic earthquake that lasted 20 minutes last month off the coast of Madagascar?

A: Grand chamber collapse deep underground. Like a deep sinkhole. And extremely large!!!

Q: (Joe) They were saying they thought it was an undersea volcanic eruption.

(L) So what caused it?

A: Combination of factors including crustal slippage and magnetic field anomaly. Check gravity graphic for the region for clues.

Q: (L) That must mean that globey thing they made that shows the shape of the Earth according to its gravity.

(Pierre) I would guess the anomaly shows a weak gravity so there'd be less binding force there.

(L) So it doesn't have anything to do with the sun...

(Andromeda) That trembling was on the 18th, and a week later the sun did the singing.

(L) The sun was singing.

A: Loosely connected by effects of the same general influences in the solar system at present.

Q: (L) And what are those general influences?

A: External and internal.

Q: (L) Well that doesn't help.

(Pierre) Is the external Nemesis?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Internal is the state of humanity?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is internal also streams of comet dust?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, it's basically the same mechanism. And external could also be the wave?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So just the same general malady is affecting everything.

(Andromeda) And that's the same reason we had this big earthquake yesterday.

(L) So they didn't connect to each other, but they were effects of the same general thing. Next?

(Joe) Is the Oumuamua space rock an alien spaceship or probe?

A: Just wait a bit longer and all will become clear.

Q: (Joe) It's funny because they've been talking about it again and again. The speeding up and slowing down was reported by these Harvard people at the beginning of this year. They started talking about it again. So they keep bringing it up.

A: Recall that a spacecraft leaving your solar system experienced the same effect though at a greater distance?

Q: (L) And what spacecraft was that?

(Scottie) I don't remember exactly. Voyager or something? I remember reading about how it was speeding up and slowing down and they didn't know why.

(Ark) Pioneer.

(L) So it happened to our spacecraft against its programming. I guess what you're trying to say is that possibly the same effects that were acting on the Earth-based spacecraft that was sent out were also acting on this rock. So, it's not evidence of its alien source, but more evidence of some kind of forces in our solar system that we do not know about or understand. Is that what you're trying to say?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Any object - spacecraft or rock - will experience the same anomalies.

(L) There are things out there that we just don't know about.

(Joe) And it could be related to its shape and size. It's an unusual shape and size. It's very flat and thin.

(L) But just because it was speeding up or slowing down doesn't mean it's an alien craft. Okay, next?

(Pierre) Talking about space... Several astronauts and scientists reported that wounds do not heal well in space. I was wondering why?

A: Human physiology is designed and tuned to a certain level of gravity and electromagnetism and the chemical elements, being "lazy", utilize those factors for optimal functioning. In the absence of gravity and EM influences the systems are not optimized.

Q: (Artemis) Does this hypothetically make it sometimes true for some people that their home country is where they can best get their "mana"?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) I always wondered about that.

(Pierre) What do you mean?

(Artemis) The Hawaiians say that their home is where their mana is - their strength, their power. They feel healthier and happier in their homeland.

(Joe) It could be slight differences in gravity.

(Scottie) Or what if you're genetically predominantly from a certain area, so you go that area and you feel better. But then you ascribe it to all these other things, but really its the fact that you're...

(L) Genetically designed for that place. Differences in gravity, differences in the atmosphere, the electromagnetics...

(Artemis) And some people do horribly in a new country that they live in. Then when they go home, they feel better. It's the darnedest thing.

(L) Or sometimes they're born somewhere, and they move to another country and feel better. I feel much better away from the heat in Florida.

(Joe) Well, anybody would! [laughter]

(Andromeda) Genetically we're European!

(L) Yeah, look at my genes. I'm...

(Pierre) Irish.

(Joe) She's English as the Queen. You need a rose garden in England.

(L) Okay. Where are we gonna go next?

(Joe) What about the California fires? I'm not gonna ask about DEW.

(Niall) Do it for the forum!

(L) Were there any unusual anomalies going on with these fires? People were saying that houses burned down, but not the trees, and so on and so forth.

(Joe) Well, they're saying it was directed energy weapons.

(L) Directed energy weapons... Was there any such thing going on?

A: NO. [spelled slowly for emphasis]

Q: (Artemis) Well, they really wanted to make that point!

(Joe) That's just a commentary on the level of pattern recognition run amok among so many people.

(L) I tell ya...

(Andromeda) Fires just act weird.

(L) Yeah. If you've ever been in a really big fire...

(Joe) It was people who were nowhere near the fire looking at videos online deciding that because a house burned, but the trees didn't, it was targeted.

(L) And they don't think about the fact that many, if not most, houses are built from dry, pressure-treated lumber. And trees are loaded with water; at the same time, dry underbrush will burn like crazy. Not the trees though, because they have deep roots and are pulling up water. Plus wind can sweep a fire through an area so fast it can't ignite resistant objects. I've seen the end results of plenty of brush fires in Florida.

(Joe) Was there something at a mass consciousness level being expressed in the fact that this fire almost completely burned down a town called Paradise in California?

A: Yes. California is no longer "paradise" and will shortly look more like hell.

Q: (L) Well, let me backtrack here... Was the collapse of that underground chamber a harbinger or a trigger that will start some kind of chain reaction of events on the planet that are going to travel around the globe the same way the waves traveled around the globe?

A: Close! Works for us!

Q: (Joe) If something like that collapses in on itself, if that happened on the continental shelf off the coast of California, it would fall into the ocean!

(Scottie) Finally!

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) How large are we talking about for that big "sinkhole"?

A: Size of Lake Superior.

Q: (L) Well, Jesus, it would have to be big to send waves around the whole planet and ...

(Pierre) For 20 minutes.

(Scottie) That's BIG.

(Andromeda) They felt it near Hawaii.

(Pierre) And New Zealand.

(L) Was this chamber something like a passageway through which... I mean, I've seen pictures of these things through volcanoes... lava tunnels or tubes. Was it something like a lava tube?

A: Yes!

Q: (Pierre) It was a chamber in the lower layers of the crust, in the mantle that fell in the lava?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Whoa...

(Joe) Did it effectively create a hole in the ocean floor?

A: No

Q: (L) Imagine a tube like a vacuum cleaner hose that got smashed. It would still have its top and bottom.

(Joe) But this would be very deep, so...

(L) What if what is above is what collapsed down? When you have a sinkhole, that's what happens.

(Joe) But you probably have a lot of sinkholes going on around the world that don't manifest on the surface as things open up.

(L) And then eventually one day... That's creepy.

(Pierre) About frequencies... In a previous session, we mentioned this prehistoric stone that was perfectly tuned. The C's said that it was not a musical instrument, but instead for healing. They said you can't heal with a single tone, but with the proper tones and sub-tones. You need the right combination. I guess past civilizations had this knowledge. Today in our modern world, are there remnants of music or song that convey part of this knowledge?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Oh yeah? Which one?

(L) Which one what?

(Pierre) Which song or type of music is closest to the tones and sub-tones that have those healing properties?

A: Gregorian chant.

Q: (Pierre) That's why Itellsya is always healthy. [laughter]

(Joe) I thought they were gonna say White Rabbit... [laughter]

(Chu) Or Pink Floyd. [laughter]

(Joe) Did the shot that killed JFK come from someone in the drain at the side of the road?

A: No

Q: (L) It came from the bridge and the grassy knoll.

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) What's the percentage of psychopathy among Ashkenazi Jews today?

A: 53

Q: (L) That's more than half. Alright, anything else?

(Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?

A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback.

Q: (L) Next? I'm tired.

(Chu) Anything we haven't asked that we should have asked? The usual...

(L) Is there anything that we should have asked that we didn't ask? If so, consider it asked.

(Artemis) Or if you have advice...

(L) Or if you have advice, we're happy to receive advice...

(Scottie) Compliments...

(Joe) Pearls of wisdom...

A: You are all doing well at present. Unity to combat a threat will make all of you stronger.

Q: (L) So, alright then, and we thank you very much!

(Artemis) Thank you, son of Jor-El!

A: Goodbye.

They said California will fall into the ocean in a past session. I’m guessing Earthquake. They said soon so I’m thinking in a few years
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What, pray tell, would you ask that you cannot already answer yourself? It's kind of a no-brainer.

Hi Laura,
I was very surprised by your answer and I took the time to think before answering you.
I read the articles on SOTT, I agree with some of them but in my opinion the yellow vests have nothing to do with the revolutions of colors. It is the first time since the French revolution that the people say stop. The situation is very dangerous because for the people it is a question of life and death and on the government side they can not propose anything because the root cause of the impoverishment of the people is the euro money and the policy of the European commission.
It's a battle between the winners of globalization and the losers the vast majority in other words between STS and STO . Peoples wants a new way of life with huge improvments in how democracy is working. Well clever who knows how all this will end and that's why it seemed to me justified to ask the question to the Cs. regards
It's a battle between the winners of globalization and the losers the vast majority in other words between STS and STO .
Здесь, на мой взгляд, присутствует подмена понятий. Никакого рода "большинство" и никакие противники глобализации не являются априори STO. Как говорили C's мы все тут STS, просто некоторые стремятся в другую сторону, а некоторым и так хорошо.

Here, in my opinion, there is a substitution of concepts. No kind of "majority" and no opponents of globalization are a priori STO. As C's said we are all here STS, just some tend to the other side, and some so well.


Real time magnetosphere data has provided irrefutable evidence that a powerful magnetic influence OTHER than the Sun resides near the solar system. But perhaps even more compelling is the testimony offered by the cover-up whenever magnetosphere data is blatantly concealed as the unrelenting incidence of magnetosphere anomalies defy any explanation other than the presence of... Nemesis?

Well, we may not know what happened with the magnetosphere on the day of the November 11 global earthquake because the BATSRUS Y-Cut Magnetosphere disconnected. However, there is a graph of November 15 that seems to show a disturbance in the force.

According to the spaceweather site this disturbance in the force is due to a coronal hole:

TREMORS IN EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELD: Solar wind flowing from a hole in the sun's atmosphere has been buffeting Earth's magnetic field since Nov. 9th, sparking polar auroras and geomagnetic "quakes." Stuart Green detected the tremors from his private magnetic observatory in Preston, Lancashire, UK:

"The solar wind delivered a double blow, moving magnetometer needles around the globe," reports Green. "The first wave arrived on November 9th at approximately 18:00 UT and lasted for 4.5 hrs. The second wave arrived almost 24 hrs later. It was less geoeffective than the first, although no less spectacular according to the beautiful images of the aurora being submitted to"

The squiggles in Green's chart represent changes in the local magnetic field caused by the buffeting of solar wind high overhead.


During the nadir of the solar cycle, sunspots disappear, and they are replaced by holes in the sun's atmosphere--a.k.a., "coronal holes." Spewing streams of solar wind that buffet Earth's magnetic field, these holes are a primary form of space weather during solar minimum. Studies show that coronal holes not only open more frequently, but also last longer when sunspots are absent.

The C´s in the past said that with the presence of Sun's companion the sun's gravity increased, inhibiting the eruptions.
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Douglas Reed called it: World Revolution.

It seems that the C's outlined a scenario that seems to be happening at this moment not only because of the yellow vests, that is, the development of the ice age, the color revolutions and the bad moment that the psychopaths are having. All as a result of changes in the cosmic environment:

Session Date: July 22nd 2010


Q: (L) Okay, so what's going to happen? Is the Gulf Stream breaking up, and is that going to bring on an ice age?
A: It is, it will.

Q: (L) Is that like imminent?
A: The cause is more than the oil. But the people will only see the oil reason and turn against the elite for bringing on such a disaster. Also note that the nonlinear effects will take some time to develop fully.

Q: (L) Okay, so are you saying that there are going to be some people who are very aware sooner than others, and then it's going to spread?
A: Yes.


Okay, so we've got that. Is there any follow-up question on the Gulf Stream thing? Oh, wait a minute... Read that back to me... {previous exchange is read back} What do you mean: "The cause is more than the oil"?
A: Internal planetary changes including magnetic field modifications.

Q: (L) And what is causing the internal planetary changes including the magnetic field alterations?
A: Both the change in the cosmic environment and the presence of foreign bodies in and near the inner solar system. {pause} Realm convergence.

Q: (L) Well, clearly human beings are really miniscule specks on this planet, and the planet itself is a miniscule speck in the galaxy, which is a miniscule speck in the universe. So, in a very large sense, we don't really count. So whatever happens, happens.
A: More or less, but remember that some consciousnesses "weigh" more than others. Also recall that "His eye is on the sparrow." While it may seem grim from your perspective, even you care about your smallest parts.

Q: (L) Well, it just seems like psychopaths have really screwed things up.
A: It is actually a bad time for them. [this reminded me of Macron !!!]

Q: (L) It's a bad time for them? What do you mean?
A: They will get all the blame!

Q: (Andromeda) That's an interesting... (L) Way to look at it. (Burma Jones) So then back to what Galaxia was wanting to know, is there going to be a revolution? Are people actually going to wake up and start... (Galaxia) And do something about it?
A: Oh indeed!

Q: (Perceval) Is this in reference to the ice age in terms of the blame that people give to the government and that causes the revolution?
A: There are a few more steps before an ice age. Some of them not very pleasant.

Q: (Perceval) Earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse...(Burma Jones) Mass starvation. (Perceval) Plague. (L) Crop failure.
A: All of those and more.

Q: (Galaxia) Now that's what I like to hear! (Andromeda) Is it going to be a very bloody revolution?
A: Yes.
Interesting that Kalineaea was present in this session considering some of the observations and comments being posted about the possible meanings and implications for the name choice. Makes me wonder what may develop next. :huh:
In light of this:
"Wisdom of (the) Secret (fighting arts)" or "Wisdom of Kali".
Lets hope the meaning and implication for name choice correlates here something akin to "knowledge protects".

With the number ONE also often termed 'Unity'.
"Must be to be seeker of worlds. To paraphrase: "I am become ONE... Creator of worlds."'
Excellent catch there gnosisxsophia! Thats defo in mind of Oppenheimer's infamous and fitting quote marking that fateful day our world took the plunge into darkest STS-alignment sealing our collective fate. They've said it exactly the same way - but inverted the quote to orient STO.

In a way, Kali is death/destruction for creation because, as @Starshine posted me Kali being the misunderstood goddess, Hinduism understood the concept of the necessity of death and destruction to allow for rebirth and make way for new beginnings (like a eucalyptus shrub flourishing after a bush-fire :cool:). Its that whole cyclical STS vs STO Cosmic balancing concept again.
Cascadia Margin Methane Seeps
An unknown amount of methane is fluxing through continental margins, and up to ~5000 gigatons of carbon are stored in icy methane hydrate deposits within their sediment.

Sources of this methane include biogenic production, disassociation of the methane hydrate layers, and deep thermogenic sources. Methane is one of a group of carbon species that have been recognized as important greenhouse gases and thus the methane geochemical cycle is important to climate modeling.

Only in the past several years has sonar technology been available to rapidly locate and map these submarine methane sources over large areas of the seafloor.

The Cascadia margin is of particular interest because the methane is stored within the accretionary wedge of a major subduction zone. It represents a geologic end member that has a strong tectonic overprint, in contrast to the thickly sedimented passive margins represented in the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, which also have extensive methane seeps.

There is increasing evidence for accumulation of seep-derived carbon species both from known seeps and in regional surface water along the Cascadia margin, which potentially has an environmental impact on the upper water column.

A baseline characterization of methane seeps along the Cascadia margin is critical to complete to assess methane input into the water column, and is timely because the continued rise in ocean temperatures could potentially impact the rate of release of methane from the hydrate layers into the ocean and possibly the atmosphere.

Read more about the methane seeps and the expedition in Oceanography (2017): Water column and cold seep exploration of the Cascadia Margin.


The main building is the Candelária Church in Rio de Janeiro. Although itself very interesting, just take a closer look to that damage! What the heck happened? Looks like a massive earthquake hit the place.

I think you're letting your imagination run away with you on this one. When someone points out plausible explanations for what you think are anomalies, the correct approach is to adjust your thinking, not double down on it. Just saying.
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