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Speaking of past civilizations that healed with sounds, I recently heard of conspiracy theory at least as large as the alien/UFO cover-up. I did a search on here and couldn't find anything except reference to a mainstream book, but this is a subject that may need some Cassiopaean input on a future session.

Getting the point of my reply, has anyone heard of Tartary, or the Tartarian Empire? Not the mainstream historical Asiatic neighbours of the Mongols, but rather the Aryan/Celtic people of a world-wide empire similar to Atlantis, that was wiped out around 200 years ago?

There is way too much to put into this post about this subject, so I will provide a couple of links that I found on youtube. It is a theory that kind of makes sense and fits with the evidence, and yet it is so insane that it is also virtually unbelievable that no one would know about this or remember what happened to the (allegedly) real Tatars.

Anyway, some links:

I just started in on the first video and in the first ten minutes, they showed some magnificent architecture on buildings in Syria. The war is not only destroying lives but also the past.

Thanks for the video links, Jimxster. :-)

Thank You, Laura and the Chateau for another great session with the C's.
Thank you very much for this new session, very inspiring as always. I stay above all with the last phrase "Unity to combat a threat will make all of you stronger":perfect:

a big hug to all!
Thanks to the crew for this insightful session. The new info about Gregorian Chants is very interesting and I've got a new appreciation for the chants. I've found a good selection of these chants on Youtube and also discovered the relevance of the 440hz music versus the 432hz music. There is apparently quite a controversy about the negative effects of 440hz tunings. I remember taking piano lessons as a child and was told that middle C was 256hz as this is the 432hz tuning for A.
Here is part of an article on this issue:

Thank you for this! It sent me on a little journey yesterday which ended with me tuning my guitar to 432hz and ordering a 432hz tuning fork. I'm really looking forward to playing and comparing to 440hz.
I've always loved Gregorian Chants, just never knew why!
Thanks so much Chateau Crew for this new session and forum members for your posts, much to ponder as always.

I just started in on the first video and in the first ten minutes, they showed some magnificent architecture on buildings in Syria. The war is not only destroying lives but also the past.

Thanks for the video links, Jimxster. :-)

Not only Syria, what about Yemen, always portrayed as about the most medieval and backward country in the Middle East? Already immersed in a weird war for 3,5 years now, while the earliest evidence for writing in Arabia was found in Yemen (and Syria) dated to BC, as well as flourishing cotton production and manufacturing (9th and 10th centuries AD) of the finest weaving (ikat). All signs of a rich and high culture and then the magnificent buildings as depicted in the video Jimxster posted, hmmm, indeed leaves one wondering what else they are destroying there....
Thanks Pashalis for your answer. When you are immersed in a given atmosphere, you get too much information from all directions, and it's not easy to have a clear idea of what is happening. That's why I would have liked to receive a C's opinion, a larger vision from "further away".

Understandable, but note that very often, we let some time pass before asking questions about events such as these, for the simple reason that it's a good exercise to observe, try to understand as much as possible first, and not expect the Cs to just give an answer. Otherwise, we don't learn as much. We also have comparisons to make with other movements like this in history. So, do we really need the Cs to provide answers in this case?

You may want to check out this thread for further discussion: Do some French people see what's going on?

Thank you for the birthday wishes, dear people! :hug2:
The book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now, I think reading it is long overdue!

Indeed! It's a very long book, but so very informative.

And the "World Revolution" as said by Reed, is on my mind all of the time as I read of more and more countries turning to chaos. Things do seems to be going according to plan, except for Putin trying to bring some peace into the turmoil.
Thank you Laura and team for the session. :flowers:
I had a lookup about it, also known as "Arnis", on Wikipedia: Arnis - Wikipedia

There seems to be much cloudiness surrounding the origin of the term "Kali" this is a Wikipedia summery of origin terminology possibilities:

Goddess Kali is VERY significant due to her being the *first* of the Mahavidya Mahavidya - Wikipedia
  1. Kali – The ultimate form of Brahman, "Devourer of Time" (Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems).
The Mahavidyas crosses both Hinduism and Buddhism:

"Mahavidyas (Great Wisdoms) are a group of ten aspects of Adi Parashakti in Hinduism. After the decline of Buddhism in India, Sakta and Buddhist goddesses were combined to form this list of ten.[1]"

Interestingly, there was a kingdom called "Kallingga" in Java Kalingga Kingdom - Wikipedia

... And earlier "Kallinga" in actual India, named after a 3rd Century BC tribe the "Kalingas" according to the Mahabharata : Kalinga (historical region) - Wikipedia
Some thoughts about "Kali'. I find it hard to find out the origins of these word given that so much time with happenings, so many groupings came and gone. Here is the list as I understand as of now.

- Around 6000 BC Aryans invaded India ( C's) - probably directly from the Steppes or From steppe's through Iran. They came there with their hierarchical system ( Casts - upper ( Warrior, Brahmin casts etc.) and lower ), agricultural technology, language (I guess Sanskrit and its variants given that Sanskrit exclusive language used by Brahmin) ) etc. Recent DNA analysis depict multiple waves of migrations (one around 10K, later 2k Etc.) from Iran pushing previous migrations further south from North India (
David Reich's book -"Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past" ) .

- Hindu religion tend to be around Vedas. C's call Veda's are compilation of truths discovered through meditation over the time. Hard to say how long.

Kali – A Most Misunderstood Goddess

It is likely that Kali’s origins begin, as do the origins of most divine figures, with tribal folklore deeply rooted in the history of humankind. The name Kālī first appears in the Atharva Veda, a collection of hymns and mantras published between 1200 BCE and 1000 BCE. However she is not a goddess but rather a fierce black tongue, one of seven belonging to Agni, the god of fire. It is another 400 years before Kali is described as an individual in her own right, when she appears around 600 CE in the Devimahatmya as a battlefield goddess personifying the wrath of Durga. Her aspect at this time is terrible – a skeletal and frightening crone, coloured black (a literal interpretation of her name), wearing animal skins and carrying a khatvanga, the skull-topped staff associated with tribal shamans. Other texts of the period associate her beginnings with Shiva. The Linga Purana (500 to 1000 CE) describes how Shiva asks his wife Parvati to defeat the demon Daruka, whom only a female can kill. Parvati merges with Shiva, reappears as Kali and does the deed, but at a terrible cost; her bloodlust becomes uncontrollable, only calming when Shiva intervenes. The Vamana Purana (900 – 1100 CE) has a different version. When Shiva addresses Parvati as Kali, "the black one," she is affronted and performs certain austerities to lose her dark complexion, ultimately generating Kali as a separate entity.

- Before 600 BC, Hindu religions tend to be more of Vocal traditional transmission of Vedic Sanskrit hymns ( C's says Sanskrit roots goes back to Atlantis ).
- Around 600 BC, in reaction to the Brahmin excesses, reforms or alternatives started, Budhism and Jainism became some alternatives.
- Around 300 BC , Mauryan empire, which contains most of the modern india, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mynamar, Nepal converted to Buddhism, promoted Widely.
- With Demise of the Mauryan empire around 200 BC Hindu kingdom's had been revived along with the religion for another 1400 years.. This also took the form of documenting the once privileged brahmin vocal traditions into texts in the numerous local languages. They seems to have the change in emphasis on characters from Vedas ( Fire, Wind, Indra etc. ) to new characters like Trinity of Hindu religion ( namely Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma), . Velokovsky uses Vedas to name Vishnu and Shiva as planets Venus and Jupiter. These Hindu kingdoms' seems to expanded to Indo-china area (malaysia, Indonesia etc), pushing the Budhism out of India. Later 300+ muslim rule or 150+ british rule, didn't change much of religion for whatever the reason they have.

Even to this date, The local languages highly influenced by rulers of the times (local or empires) is very difficult to origin - What I mean, Sanskrit, Indo-European languages etc. Most local languages has Sanskrit words. Given the India is isolated with water on 3 sides, one side by mighty Himalayas leaving small space in invade, some of the old stuff survived, while the rest of the land morphed into later religions.
Thanks for the new session, it really covered a lot of topics, very interesting!

(Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?

A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback.

I've wondered where this insanity is going to lead, thanks for asking this, POB. We've now reached the point where even preschoolers and toddlers are being taught this stuff and any dissent or questioning of this agenda is being silenced. The tragedy is already happening, I wonder when and how the moralistic snapback will occur?
Thank you for this! It sent me on a little journey yesterday which ended with me tuning my guitar to 432hz and ordering a 432hz tuning fork. I'm really looking forward to playing and comparing to 440hz.
I've always loved Gregorian Chants, just never knew why!

Hi Potatoes and Tomatoes,

Have you come across the intriguing character of Michael Lee Hill ?

He has been a 432Hz advocate for some time.
Thank all of you for the meaningful questions and the energy of being on the board and transcription. The inner earth chamber collapse creating a wave felt around the globe that lasted over 20 minutes is an alarming revelation.

Words on unity and the mention of Gregorian chants in music stood out to me as well.

I enjoyed many of the comments and previous posts of music and the healing aspects of sound.

One of my favorite music discoveries about a year ago that is not necessarily Gregorian but reminds me of it is:

I've used this term 'kali' a lot this last week.

Hi Starshine,

Yes been thinking about 'kali' a bit too lately following a rather macabre dream, where I was assisting a beautiful 'dark' lady -


Which coincidentally was followed by -


And I don't know about you but I first pronounced 'Kalineaea' as - Kali near :shock:

''The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate. Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception....''

And she is called the goddess of revolution :cool2:
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