Session 1 December 2018

Questions about psychopaths were also asked before and it looks like there are very few places we can go to hide from them:

And there's also this post with specific calculations: Session 30 January 2010

I was shocked (or maybe not) when I found out that according to Adeo Rossi 40% of the Dutch people have 'personality flags':
We test all sorts of personality attributes – we call them personality flags. We test if people have a high degree of narcissism, a high degree of entitlement, a high degree of troublemaking, whether they have a personality disorder—all of these types of things. It turns out that 40% of the people in the Netherlands have personality flags. It’s the highest ratio of personality flags of anywhere in the world.
Adeo Ressi Says The Dutch Are Kooky, France Is A Nightmare, And A Startup Wave Is Coming To The U.S.

So, just assuming that the number of psychopaths hasn't grown and excluding Israel (I am not sure whether Rossi even tested Israelis) the trickle down effect and ponerisation of Dutch society is massive. :-O FWIW.
Thanks for the new session, it really covered a lot of topics, very interesting!

(Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?

A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback.

I've wondered where this insanity is going to lead, thanks for asking this, POB. We've now reached the point where even preschoolers and toddlers are being taught this stuff and any dissent or questioning of this agenda is being silenced. The tragedy is already happening, I wonder when and how the moralistic snapback will occur?

I was just wondering if this shall be connected to one of the other matters discussed i.e. California collapsing into the sea. I can imagine the Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. having a field day with this: "God's wrath for sinners", "God's judgement", and so on. In any case, "tragedy and moralistic snapback" sounds pretty ominous. I have no time for the sanctimony of the self-proclaimed progressives but if it means it is replaced by sanctimony of a different flavour with all the judgement and condemnation that results from that then what, ultimately will be the difference? :/ Oh well, we shall see. Hopefully, a great deal of good shall come from it all.
A few more links about the Mayotte earth quake activity:
From BRGM, The French Geological Survey
Earthquake swarm in Mayotte: a clearer understanding is emerging | BRGM
Spatio-temporal evolution of the seismic phenomenon underway in Mayotte | BRGM
Has maps like:
And a graph showing the cumulative energy involved:
Earthquake swarm in Mayotte: Scientific FAQ | BRGM
From the Smithsonian Institute
Global Volcanism Program | Mayotte Island which has
Volcano Number:
Last Known Eruption: 2050 BCE
Elevation: 660 m / 2165 ft
Latitude: 12.83°S
Longitude: 45.17°E
Volcano Types: Shield, Maar(s)
From Mayotte the opposite side of the Earth is 12.83°N and 134.83 W which is around 2200 km east south east of Hawaii.
The Earth Quake Tracker has:
Today's Earthquakes in Mayotte
Most recent Earth quakes have happened at at depth of around 10 km
| Powered by Esri
3 days ago 4.8 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
11 days ago 5.0 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
19 days ago 4.5 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
21 days ago 4.4 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
about a month ago 4.9 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
2 months ago 4.9 magnitude, 12 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
2 months ago 4.5 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
3 months ago 4.7 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
5 months ago 4.5 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
5 months ago 4.5 magnitude, 10 km depth
Pamandzi, Pamandzi, Mayotte
Today's Earthquakes in Mayotte
Seismic waves near Mayotte characteristic of volcanic phenomena has

International seismic networks detected an atypical very low frequency signal originating near the island of Mayotte just before 09:30 UTC on November 11, 2018. Signals of this type are characteristic of volcanic phenomena.
A rare earthquake swarm started near the small Indian Ocean island of Mayotte, the oldest volcanic island in the Comoros Basin, at 05:14 UTC on May 10, 2018 and continues to date.
According to the BRGM, the France-based geological agency serving the territory, the first quake felt by the population hit at 23:19 UTC, May 10 and had a magnitude of 4.5.
"The appearance of this earthquake swarm in May 2018 took scientists by surprise," BRGM said. "Geological knowledge of the swarm zone is limited, but a clearer understanding of the phenomenon is emerging as observations continue. Different hypotheses as to their causes have been investigated."
Other reportings:
'Magma shift' may have caused mysterious seismic wave event and Mysterious Waves Rippled Across the Earth and Scientists Don't Know Why
Finally there is also a video with a psychic reading, or someone who claims to have picked up the activity around Mayotte in a dream. In the old days, people probably relied on such warnings and sometimes it saved them. Like this story which is not even old:
Tsunami, 10 years on: the sea nomads who survived the devastation
Session Date: December 1st 2018

Q: (L) That's more than half. Alright, anything else?

(Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?

A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback.

Aint that the truth. You know, the biggest correction for gender confusion amongst children - insofar as this resolves the confusion for nearly all gender confused kids - is puberty. Puberty sorts it out for them, which means after that, they can then go on living normal lives, which is exactly the outcome any sane adult would hope for, for a child - whether the child is theirs or not.

What's becoming increasingly prescribed for children who are confused about their gender is puberty blockers. So the corrective fix for their problem is stopped from happening, so the child can make a free decision about what gender it wants to be.. Because children really are ready to make such life-altering decisions. What could go wrong?

It doesn't take more than a cursory glance at the shocking suicide statistics amongst transgenders - both pre and post op, to see this practice in no way has the child's best interests at heart. In fact, I'd go so far as saying they don't give a damn about the child - the child is just more cannon fodder for their insane anti-heteronormative, anti-CIS agenda.

The correct response in these instances would actually be puberty accelerators so their transient psychological quirk (didn't someone describe childhood as a series of psychological issues?) leaves the least scarring possible, but where would the power of the trans-gender movement be without anyone identifying as transgender?

What they are doing is outright child-abuse and the backlash - when it comes - is going to get quite unpleasant. That's my thoughts anyhoo

Thanks to all for another fascinating session
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This is my first reply . Thank you so much Laura and the crew for an incredible session that I somehow seem to know when it will go online. I would greatly appreciate it if the forum could inform me if we have a group in The Republic of South Africa. Many thanks. Greg.
Trinity of Hindu religion
Shaktism use the trinity "Trimurti" in feminine form Trimurti - Wikipedia

"The Female-Centric Shaktidharma denomination assigns the eminent roles of the three forms (Trimurti) of Supreme Divinity not to masculine gods but instead to feminine goddesses: Mahasarasvati (Creator), Mahalaxmi (Preserver), and Mahakali (Destroyer). This feminine version of the Trimurti is called Tridevi ("three goddesses")"

Mahakali is "Great Kali", the goddess of time and death as is Kali - of the word "Kaal" or "Kala", and interchangeable with meaning "time" and "death" of which Kali is both interchangeably the goddess of (makes me think of Cronus too) Kaal - Wikipedia

Etymology according to Monier-Williams
  • kāla 1 means "black, of a dark colour, dark-blue ..." and has a feminine form ending in īkālī – as mentioned in Pāṇini 4-1, 42.
  • kāla 2 means "a fixed or right point of time, a space of time, time ... destiny, fate ... death" and has a feminine form (found at the end of compounds) ending in ā, as mentioned in the ṛgveda Prātiśākhya. As a traditional Hindu unit of time, one kālá corresponds to 144 seconds.

If you scroll down the Wikipedia page, it brings up the "father of the atomic bomb" Robert Oppenheimer's (mis)quote of Vishnu in the Baghavad Gita said to have spaketh "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds" upon witnessing the detonation of "Trinity" - the worlds first atomic bomb. The verse quoted is more correctly translated here:

कालो ऽस्मि लोकक्षयकृत् प्रवृद्धो लोकान् समाहर्तुम् इह प्रवृत्तः ।​
This verse means: "Time (kāla) I am, the great destroyer of the worlds, and I have come here to destroy all people."[10] This phrase is famous for being quoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer as he reflected on the Manhattan Project's explosion of the first nuclear bomb in 1945.

This, to me, fits better with Kali or Shiva's representation for an atomic bomb - being 'Trinitys' themselves and their strongly associated 'destroyer' aspects. We can also look to the statue of Shiva at CERN for more inter-related symbology surrounding the secrets of the atom carried on over from 'Trinity' and the Manhattan Project. The atom represents the "Law of 3" properly in keeping with our 3D realm: Atom = positive charge (proton), negative charge (electron), and neutral (neutron). I believe the 'trinity' aspects of deity's are emblematic of this, and the whole unlocking secrets of the atom schtick will have 4D STS all over it with no doubt occult undercurrents running through.

Also worthy of note is the date of the first atomic bombe - the 'Trinity' test: 16th July 1945. It is exactly 49 years to the day Laura and C's first made contact with 'themselves' Trinity (nuclear test) - Wikipedia

Velokovsky uses Vedas to name Vishnu and Shiva as planets Venus and Jupiter
Its always compelling when Venus is mentioned, because of its 8 year path-cycle across the northern hemisphere of Earth and subsequent golden ration math involving the pentacle:
The Pentagram
Venus - Wikipedia

1544297691942.pngThe pentagram of Venus is the path that Venus makes as observed from Earth. Successive inferior conjunctions of Venus repeat very near a 13:8 orbital resonance (Earth orbits 8 times for every 13 orbits of Venus), shifting 144° upon sequential inferior conjunctions. The resonance 13:8 ratio is approximate. 8/13 is approximately 0.615385 while Venus orbits the Sun in 0.615187 years.[122]

Note my bolded emphasis, 144 is also the number unit equates to the 'Kala measurement of time': "As a traditional Hindu unit of time, one kālá corresponds to 144 seconds."

This number 144, as I'm sure many here already know, is the 'outer' pentacle angle:

All internal angles of the pentacle are all sums of 216 = 6 x 6 x 6. These measurements tie into the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Here's Wikipedia on Gevurah, the 5th sephirah, ruled by the angelic order of the Seraphim (the fiery ones): Gevurah - Wikipedia

The numerical value of Gevurah, 216, is 6 times 6 times 6.
Gevurah = 216 = 3 times 72 (chesed). Each of God's 72 hidden names possesses three letters, in all—216 letters. Meaning inheres to words and names. The ultimate "meaning" of every one of God's Names is His expression of love (Chesed) for His Creation. Each Name expresses His love in a unique way. The components of each word and name, the "building blocks" of Creation are the letters which combine to form the words. The letters, "hewn" from the "raw material" of "pro-creation" (the secret of the reshimu, the "impression" of God's infinite light which remains after the initial act of tzimtzum, "contraction") reflect God's Gevurah.

Sounds like a grasp of understanding 6D and the nature of STS ("contraction") thought reflection to create balance required to allow the forming of Creation?
Given letters are as sound when uttered, and sound can manipulate gravity, in turn manipulating and shape matter, the trickled down intelligence behind the Kabbalah understood much I think, giving a different perspective on the whole no.666 of the Beast business.

Its ironic the 432hz has been brought up in this thread, because 432 equates to 2 x 216 or 3 (trinity) x 144. There's also some more on it most notably by @yumi in this thread Esoteric Music Theory

I could go on, but don't want to runaway with myself and drag on... Its just that it always amazes me how much everything interconnects at one level or another.
And she is called the goddess of revolution:cool2:

Kali – The ultimate form of Brahman, "Devourer of Time" (Supreme Deity of Kalikula systems).

Interesting that Kalineaea was present in this session considering some of the observations and comments being posted about the possible meanings and implications for the name choice. Makes me wonder what may develop next. :huh:
Thanks Kalineaea of Cassiopaea,Laura,Andrómeda,Artemisa and the Fantastic Team!!
Really interesting information as the Gregorian Chants with healing properties and the followings remarks about our home country is where we get our Mana:

(Pierre) Talking about space... Several astronauts and scientists reported that wounds do not heal well in space. I was wondering why?

A: Human physiology is designed and tuned to a certain level of gravity and electromagnetism and the chemical elements, being "lazy", utilize those factors for optimal functioning. In the absence of gravity and EM influences the systems are not optimized.

Q: (Artemis) Does this hypothetically make it sometimes true for some people that their home country is where they can best get their "mana"?

A: Yes

Maybe it is time for me to come back home...:boat:.
Happy birthday Chu:cheer:
Thank you so much for another fascinating session!

Here something similar to the Gregorian chants,
Thanks IronFloyd! Apparently there are also polyfonic (more voices with different tones/pitch: bass, baritono, tenor, contralto, soprano...) Gregorian chants. Can't say if they're "really" the traditional ones or else, but I like them so much:lol:
Thanks for the new session, it really covered a lot of topics, very interesting!

(Possibility of Being) I have a question about gender insanity and transgender stuff involving children and all this craziness. Is it something that will pass quickly like a fashion, or something that will affect the world for several generations?

A: It is more likely to cause tragedy and moralistic snapback.

I've wondered where this insanity is going to lead, thanks for asking this, POB. We've now reached the point where even preschoolers and toddlers are being taught this stuff and any dissent or questioning of this agenda is being silenced. The tragedy is already happening, I wonder when and how the moralistic snapback will occur?

I think it could look like the types of attacks we've seen in the US against abortion clinics and doctors, where 'pro-lifers' have gotten physically violent and have even killed physicians. Except now the moralistic outrage will likely be directed at LGBT centers, known 'sex reassignment' surgeons, academics and other left-leaning institutions who are promulgating the gender diversity ideology. When will it happen? It's probably already brewing - but once the feelings get translated into brutality, even by just a few, it could spread like yet another, awful, social contagion.
Hello everyone. Very interesting session. A very big thank you Laura and the team for what you do.

Also jimxster thanks for the links you provided.

I’m just gonna say I was blown away by this information presented in the last two videos. I highly recommend everyone here to check out this information.

Start with this video and chronologically go throw them from old to the new. The presenter is very nice to listen too. His approach is very forensic. He has researched information from sott to make his videos. His info about the TarTar “sauce” people is absolutely amazing.

Main point of all this information ties together many things the C’s have talked about.

Main points:

napoleon's comet – 1811 destroyed a semi global “steam punk” type society.

There was a massive mud flood that literally buried the old civilization.

The British colonial wars and the American civil war, were really cover stories of a war against the last remnant survivors of Atlantis's second destruction. These “tartar” peoples and their “empowering” tech had to go. Also during the American “civil” war there where many roman style ruins in much of the south still standing, so they had to be erased, using war as cover. Kind of like the city of Palmyra in Syria.

There was up until that time many cheap forms of Tesla esque energy production.

(If this info is true, then perhaps tesla wasn’t such a genius after all.)

Oh the big one, many major old religion churches were really energy production or power production plants that we “inherited” from the previous civilization.

I’m leaving much more info out. Like the massive relocation of orphan kids around the globe in the mid 1800’s! The so called "foundlings"

You guys should really check out the info.

My conclusion is the signs of remnants of Atlantis has been right under our noses and in plain sight!

I will leave you with these very interesting photos from mid to late 1800s.

Pay close attention to these trams:




No pantographs! Yes, I know you might say that well they could be receiving electricity via the rails. But from what I researched, using rail to power the system would be extremely inefficient. Also the trams would not work in rain. The most important part is that if those trams received power through rails, then the trams would need a third rail. As you need a third rail line to power the tram. I don’t see a third line in any of these pics.

Here is a modern third rail system.


And apparently at one point there were luxury trams available in the mid-1800s!! And this is in Brazil!


Just look at that beautiful ceiling work. and what the heck are those things in the center of the ceiling?

Last photo:


Again a tram with no third line or pantograph. Just how did this tram move? Also look at the interesting "out of place" architecture. This is supposed to be sometime in the 1800s BRAZIL!

That weird minarat church building already looks a 100 years old and looks very similar to byzantine architecture!

Fascinating stuff.
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Just wanted to do a quick follow up.
I must admit, I have fallen deep into this rabbit hole!

Check out these old photos of the Industrial expositions of the 1800s.307331_original.jpg

Remember these expositions were showcasing the technological achievements of that time.






OK so if this is a technological exposition, what the heck are those mini church-like constructions doing there?!?

Also check out the later photos of the 1920s expositions.



I don’t know, looks like a totally different tech to me. It’s all very interesting and highly disturbing.

For more pics like this you can go check out this guys page. He has many more with commentary.
tartar tech.
The trams were probably drawn by horses. The one with people in in might have a catenray (overhead wire) but difficult to see. I see wires there on the picture maybe and also a kind of zigzag connector upwards on the roof.
See also this one for example, though not with 'zigzag' connector (Berlin Alexanderplatz 1903): Datei:Berlin Alexanderplatz 1903.JPG – Wikipedia

First electrical tram with catenary seems to be "Tram Siemens & Halske" 1881:
Datei:ETramParis1881.jpg – Wikipedia

See also Gross-Lichterfelde Tramway:
Gross-Lichterfelde Tramway - Wikipedia

The little church things look simply like pieces of architecture to me, not some misterious technology, which simply were shown to demonstrate their manufacturing capabilities (that's my guess). Maybe also Glockespiele. Other parts look like large coilsprings. Some may even be electrical devices like the large 'lightbulb' behind the steam enginges. (see also Edison, Paris, 1889)

For example look at this one (from that site Industrial expositions. What mysteries did they take away with them ? — Тарт-ария.инфо )
In the bottom right the empty space inside seems to be used to exhibit other things and not to house any technology.

I'm very sceptical about the site. Lots of pictures with lots of [over]speculation. Translated in 5 languages, with a fine presentation. Looks like a setup to me.
The book has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while now, I think reading it is long overdue!

There's a thread about it here: The Controversy of Zion

And a SOTT Talk too: Show #62 - Controversy of Zion: Interview with Gilad Atzmon
Sounds like an interesting read. I recall that at some point the C's mentioned something about karmic balance of sorts, since Atlantis, being the reason for the persecution of jews over the centuries.
It has also for a long time crossed my mind that there is some sort of genetic imprint that draws certain people to that religion. Those who are of negative orientation, well, their actions are obvious but those more positive may be the ones we notice rejecting the entropic reactions of the former. FWIW.
Having said all that, I think all religions are bunkum and it comes down to the individual and their actions to see who they really are not matter which ideology they have been taken in by.:halo:
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