Session 1 December 2018

Voici quelque chose de guérison avec une sorte de chants grégoriens: ...

Le rituel décrit un canon à 7 voix, et de ce fait ne saurait être du chant grégorien puisque la caractéristique essentielle de ce type de chant est précisément d'être monodique, c'est à dire à une seule voix , ce qui n'empêche pas les choeurs mais les contraint à chanter à l'unisson.
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Happy birthday Chu.
Thank you for the session. I'm staying at work late, I'm going to earn more this month, I'm interested in Neuroptimal, haven't read the thread yet but for the sake of humanity...:lol:Unity to combat a threat sounds pretty serious.
Le passage mentionnant 57% de psychopathes chez les juifs ashkenazes me rappelle un article que j'avais lu à propos de la circoncision prétendant que celle-ci avait tendance à provoquer des troubles de l'empathie à l'âge adulte. Il serait intéressant de savoir si c'est bien la circoncision qui serait en cause, car, dans ce cas, cela ne toucherait pas que les ashkenazes, mais également tous les sémites, les musulmans ainsi que les milieux protestants américains où cette pratique se développe.
I beg your pardon, I did post without even noticing that I was writing in French, and I could not edit my post after

That was to say that the main caracteristic of gregorian music is to be made of only a single voice, or a unison if it's a choir. So, you cannot have 7 different voices in such a music.

The other subject was about the 57% of ashkenaze jews being psychopaths. I once rode an article about circoncision saying that this was able to provoque empathy troubles later. It would be interresting to validate this information to appreciate the level of psychopaths in all the societies which practis circonsision including all jews, muslims and american protestants.
So interesting! I have to read it more than once after I go back to the forum for bits I have missed along the many years of C communication.
However, the more I read the sessions the more I appreciate the forum discussions.
Thank you for all the hard work!!!
Thank you all for another interesting and thought provoking session!... And happy belated birthday Chu!
(Pierre) Which song or type of music is closest to the tones and sub-tones that have those healing properties?

A: Gregorian chant.

Yeah. I always liked a Gregorian chant, when its professionally done. Possibly lots of people in history liked these chants because of having genetic memories about having been healed by stones. The chants still appear to resonate in human soul memory. Just like the Irish step dances and 'ye Maruts spear-armed dances' then there is the Spinning. Amazing, how dance-motion, spinning and sound tunes our DNA-antennae to receive data.
Thanks for the session. Grand chamber collapse very scary and the earth is certainly shaking wow. 2019 will be very interesting and frightening. Who knows what's in store!?!
Happy birthday to Chu, Happy Birthday to Chu :thup: hope you had a lovely birthday.
Regarding Gregorian chant, there is the album Chant performed by the Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. An album my parents have but after reading this session, I think I’ll get a copy of my own. May help with my anxiety.

Here are a few songs from the album:

Thanks again for the session and also, a Happy Belated Birthday to Chu!
thanks for the session ... very interesting remarks about the genetic imprints about our earth, or how to say, the ground connection ... I am right now in Moscow and I feel great! ... ;)
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