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I started reading the transcript of the NeurOptimal interview with Dr. Brown and the quote below of the interview where he brings up holonomic theory of the brain and that brain waves are really more like corkscrews made me think of the recent session and that we don’t know the geometry of thought. Perhaps holonomic theory of the brain and related mathematics is something to explore. Also if a brain wave is more like a corkscrew, them maybe thought is like a corkscrew or spiral. Then that reminded me of the below quoted session where Stonehenge and spirals being mentioned.
There are theories (for instance by Lochak) that consider magnetic monopoles as travelling with the speed of light. There are other theories where they are superluminal (but "travelling" along spirals). I, personally, opt for this latter possibility. Of course mainstream physicists laugh at both theories.
Ark has thought in superluminal spiral geometry terms. I think this is Ark's conformal group math which has 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions.

The Octonion Math That Could Underpin Physics | Quanta Magazine

“Nonassociative things are strongly disliked by mathematicians,” said John Baez, a mathematical physicist at the University of California, Riverside, and a leading expert on the octonions. “Because while it’s very easy to imagine noncommutative situations — putting on shoes then socks is different from socks then shoes — it’s very difficult to think of a nonassociative situation.” If, instead of putting on socks then shoes, you first put your socks into your shoes, technically you should still then be able to put your feet into both and get the same result. “The parentheses feel artificial.”
Thus though the 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions could come from 8-dim octonion basis vectors; you might want to have 4 of them as your large physical spacetime for noncommutative and associative reasons. The question though is what symmetry breaking math would actually give you the 4 spacetime dimensions? Maybe the Cs hint of geometric algebra can do it?


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The brain reconstructs sound in a 3D field in order to find directions, so perhaps sound occurring in a spiral could be decoded in the brain as a thought?

I guess this bring up other questions. If 3D space is sufficient to express thoughts, then can arrangements of objects express thought directly, not merely as a consequence of being decoded in our brains as symbolic of thought? Fung Shui?


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There is this post from the thread What is the speed of dark?:
I do not know if the shadow is like a gravity wave or not. However, let me share an idea I recently came across from author Sam Avery who wrote a book called "The Dimensional Structure of Consciousness". His idea is consciousness transcends space-time-mass, which is not a new idea but IMO he expresses it well.

Avery considers "dimensions" as contexts of perceptual experience. He uses 4 dimensions of space-time and treats mass as the 5th dimension. Mass is treated as a dimension since mass can be measured or felt through acceleration or deceleration - or through action of forces. The tactile perception senses mass - it can be said that mass arises out of tactile consciousness in this paradigm. Chemo-tactile consciousness is what each living cell has - in that sense it is quite fundamental. Similarly, the 4-D space time arises out of using visual, auditory and olfactory consciousness. Space-time-mass as we experience them can be treated as contexts to organize the perceptual information we obtain through our senses in a meaningful way. However, this is not the only way to organize information.

Light can be treated as visual consciousness which coordinates the perceptions from all other senses providing a whole "picture" of reality that is far greater than the individual experiences of cells of various types and numbers. Visual consciousness per my understanding is not restricted to the physical use of the eyes. Consider as an example the perceptual information coming from sophisticated instruments as an extension of the normal range of human perceptions in this context.

Why "choose" visual consciousness or light rather than auditory consciousness or sound or the other forms of perception? It could be because of the capacity to organize experience is the highest for light. The world would be different if we oriented primarily by sound (like bats) or smell, but doing so by light possibly provides more information.

In this paradigm, light (as visual consciousness) is not "in" space-time-mass reality. Rather, space-time-mass reality that we experience is "in" light. If this is true, then the absolute limit of the speed of light that we measure is a measure of the limits of our perceptual consciousness. As we approach conditions of the speed of light, the fabric of our space-time-mass box gets distorted and we are left with anomalous phenomena in the material world - be it in the relativistic or quantum realms.

Let me indulge in a little more speculation here. The math of special relativity yields imaginary numbers if speed of any mass exceeds that of light. We cannot measure "imaginary" stuff objectively - we need to somehow generate real numbers (through mathematical operations on complex numbers which constitute of both real and imaginary numbers) for them to be measured. Talking metaphorically, thoughts are "imaginary" and we cannot measure speed of thoughts. However, with thoughts we can reach the far reaches of the earth and even the universe without restrictions imposed by the so-called finite speed of light.

If I recall correctly thoughts are said to produce gravity in one session and light is said to be the utilization of gravity. In the dimensional structure of consciousness model, just as light as visual consciousness organizes perceptual experience, thoughts/images as observational consciousness organizes not only actual perceptual experience but also potential experience - that which is not but could be. Expressed differently, paraphrasing Avery, an image in space-time is a perception, an image in time but not space is a thought. An image neither in space or time is perhaps what Jung called an archetype.
And by extension the following by Laura:
The thing is, when Jung coined the term "archetypes", he meant it as a mask for something altogether different and I think that a lot of people understand it in a certain way that is neither bad nor good per se, but simply wrong. Jung MEANT "the old German gods" that could take possession of a person. The truth probably is that there are more "gods" that can take control of a person, or that exist, than just the "Old German" ones. I'm not sure that such an idea ever occurred to Jung as far as I can see from this text. So, in a sense, the concept of archetypes is a good way to think about 4D and higher. Ra referred to them as "social memory complexes."

In my limited understanding of the idea, I did ask some questions about archetypes over the years and interestingly, it seems to have been most recently in respect of Zoroastrianism which so much attracted Jung:

14 Aug 2016

Q: (L) I see. Well, maybe we should begin with some of the questions that are from that abstract level since that's where we are. In the course of my recent research, I keep going deeper and deeper and further back following one thread after another. While I have touched on the topic of Zoroastrianism in the past, I had never gone into it as deeply as I recently decided to do. As a consequence, I ended up reading several scholarly tomes on the topic. It seems there are two schools. One school thinks that Zoroaster was a fairly late phenomenon, probably 7th century BC. The other school relies on the linguistics - the philology I guess they'd call it - and they claim that the language of Zoroaster must date back to the second millennium BC - that is, somewhere between 1600 and 1200 BC. That would put Zoroaster in the timeframe of, say, Akhenaten. In brief, Zoroaster claimed to have had a vision, or so the story goes, that revealed to him the One God, Ahura Mazda, and he promoted a religion of almost pure monotheism as well as being more or less the originator of the idea that human beings have the free will to choose good or evil. He also was the first to come up with ideas of messianism, eschatology. It was an apocalyptic religion in the sense of being revealed, but also that there were to be revelations about the end of time - time of course being a very important concept in his religion as it developed. So, I guess the first question I want to know is: Is there any possibility that Akhenaten was influenced by Zoroastrianism? Is that a possibility?

A: Not just a possibility, but a certainty.

Q: (L) If that's the case, how was that possible?

A: The ancient world was quite "well connected".

Q: (L) Okay... Can you get me any closer to a clue here?

A: Check the Hurrian connection.

Q: (L) I thought I had checked that pretty deeply. I guess I could read some more. Now, there are those who say that Zurvanism was an attempt to deal with some of the dangling problems that Zoroaster left in terms of his dualism. One of his hymns describes Ahura Mazda and Ahriman as twins, so, they came up with Zurvanism, the ultimate god of space/time as father to the twins to explain this. Is that in fact the case?

A: No. Zurvan was the ancient god of the steppes and the Indo-Aryan peoples.

Q: (L) Okay, I've got a paper here... It seems that Zurvan was perceived as the god of infinite time and space, and was described as, "One Alone, a transcendental neutral god, and without passion. One for whom there was no distinction between good and evil. So, Zurvan had a varied history... So, the problem I want to get to right now is the idea that Zurvan was represented as the lion-headed god. There was a lion man figure found in Hohlenstein-Stadel, which is a German cave. It's carved out of ivory, and it's THE oldest known zoomorphic animal sculpture in the world, and the oldest known uncontested example of figurative art. It has been determined to be about - ready? 40,000 years old!! That was by carbon dating the material which was in the same layer where the figure was found. It was associated with the Aurignacian culture and it was 29cm in height, carved out of mammoth ivory using a flint stone knife. Seven parallel, transverse, carved gouges are on the left arm. The figure of Zurvan is often represented with a serpent coiled around him seven time. It is said that the sculpture shares certain similarities with French cave wall paintings which also show hybrid creatures. The Lion man is several thousand years older. Anyhow, this artifact seems to resemble very closely the lion man figure that was described as being the representation of Zurvan. So, I guess my question is: Are we talking about the same religion or religious ideas or perceptions that were common to the cultures that produced the cave art in Western Europe?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And they came up with these ideas of infinite time and space that far back?

A: And so much more. They were "connected".

Q: (L) So in other words, what we are looking at here through a probably distorted survival via Zoroaster or Zarathushtra is that the Aryan religion was based first of all on a supreme principle of infinite time and infinite space from which was born essentially "good mind" and "evil mind" as Zoroaster put it?

A: Yes. STO and STS duality.

Q: (L) And this same religion, either in its older form or its later elaboration by Zarathushtra, was the origin of the ideas of free will?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Of savior gods?

A: Yes

Q: (L) The Six Bounteous Immortals, or I guess what we could say archetypes or sixth density?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Basically, it almost seemed as though it was a religion about information. Everything emerges from information, but there are some other very particular things about it that are very advanced. They were talking about things that physicists talk about nowadays.

A: Yes

Q: (L) It also seems to be the closest religious exposition of anything that I've come across to what we have received via these transmissions.

A: Yes

Q: (L) I'm just saying "close", because obviously there are some distortions and so forth. So did Zarathushtra modify this original religion because he had a vision, or...?

A: The ideas had already been corrupted, and Zarathushtra sought to recover the truth.

Q: (L) So it had already been corrupted, and he was trying to bring it back in line. He got close, but didn't quite make it. Is that it?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And what had it been corrupted to?

A: The Indian Vedas will give clues.

Q: (L) Maybe he wasn't wrong when he said that the divas were demons. Where the divas like STS beings?

A: Close

Q: (L) Were they like 4th density STS?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Well... I guess that tells me what I wanted to know on that topic. I’ll keep digging.

An earlier discussion from 17 Aug 2000

Q: Our little egroup discussion list is growing. Everyone is talking about the Wave:
what does it mean, what is it, when is it coming, how are we going to be able to tell, and
so on. I have been collecting the material and getting it in shape. I have been learning a
lot as I go along as well. It isn't finished, but as I go along, I do have some questions.
We would like to have a little bit of a clue about the progress of the wave. I would also
like to know if this Wave is sort of like the recompiling of a computer program, with the
universe as the program? What is the progress, and is it going the recompile the program
of our universe?

A: So many questions rolled up into one. But, one way it might go is that all of a
sudden, everything that ever was is new, everything that IS is new, and everything that
will be is new. Programs change, oh we suppose, what an awesome event indeed!

Q: Is it important for the information about the potential making new of everything and
the awareness of the state of the planet as it is now, or the state of the universe, be shared
and spread so that as many people as possible will be aware at the point of the arrival of
the wave so that it makes it more likely that beneficial changes will occur, that the
universe will change in a positive way? Or is that simply not even important. It will
change the way it is going to change no matter what anybody does?

A: Closer to 2nd criterion.

Q: In other words, we are doing what we are doing, and it doesn't really matter what we
are doing. The Wave will happen, everything will change, become new, and that's that?

A: What matters most is what others are doing, have done and will do.

Q: Who are these others that it matters most what they have done, are doing and will do?

A: Program rewriters, i.e. you and us in the future.

Q: So, what we have done, what we are doing, what we will do - WE - is important? I
think that I missed something. I thought you said that what we were doing simply didn't

A: You are/will be others.

Q: Okay, how is what we are doing now helping or hindering this process?

A: No help/hinder, just is.

Q: So, this has all been done before? It's a foregone conclusion how it is going to turn
out? It's a done deal?

A: No Laura, stop your linearishness!

Q: I don't understand. Is what we are doing making a difference?

A: What is "time?"

Q: Time is an illusion. (A) Is doing also an illusion?

A: If you are thinking in linear "time" terms.

Q: In other words, the best way for an STO future to manifest is for us not to anticipate
that ANYTHING we do will matter. Because, if we are anticipating that what we do will
make a difference, it won't. It is wanting. (A) I can't stop thinking that my working is
going to be useful! (L) I can't stop what I am doing either because it is what I DO. It is
being ME. We have to stop anticipating. We do what is in us to do without expecting it
to matter.

A: And you do it because you are directing you to do it from another plane of existence
where you know the score. Where you are on your present awareness plane, you are
largely, though not completely, scoreless and clueless.

Q: So, it is from another level of reality that we create THIS reality?

A: Close.

Q: How much input do we have from this level of reality regarding the creation of a
future reality, and I use the term "future" loosely, but meaning "future" as we perceive it
from this reality? How much input?

A: About as much awareness as a small child does when contemplating how to fly the
plane they are riding on.

Q: Well, you have talked about the Wave before, and I complained that we did not have
time to do certain things that you had suggested that we do. You said that, yes we would,
and that these things were suggested to "prepare" us for this event. Just trying to deal
with it from a linear point of view, we still have to build this pool with the columns, get a
Nobel prize, supposedly, work with people on the crop circles, and all that. Are we still
looking at doing these things in this linear time progression that we exist in; that we are
aware of as small children on a very large plane?

A: If you let it flow, it will flow.

Q: So, you are us in the future, we are you in the past - when you say this, are you "us"
in the future in the sense of ALL mankind, or in the sense of any particular group of

A: In between those limited options.

Q: Could you be more explicit?

A: No, because you wold not "get it."

Q: When I post material on the website, those people who resonate to the material
believe that this refers to them also. I have been of the opinion that Unified Thought
Form being must mean a very large group as represented in this density. I know that we
are dealing with limiting terms. But, is this applied to people who CHOOSE the
Cassiopaean option?

A: Maybe it is best to say it applies to those who recognize the application.

Q: So, if they recognize it, if they know it is them, they are part of it. (A) But, thinking
in nonlinear terms, its up to us to work to make this precise. You are asking this question
which implies that the answer exists. But, exactly what the answer is may be it is not yet
chosen, and it is up to us to make it this way.

A: Lodestar is a clue for you.

Q: I guess that means a guiding star of some sort. Something that attracts... a lodestone
is magnetic, it is where the compass points. In the myth, Cassiopaea, Danae, and Athena
work together to enable Perseus to cut off the head of the Gorgon and kill the sea monster
and rescue Andromeda. Of all the mythical heroes, Perseus stands out because he was
SUCCESSFUL. He went on the quest, he succeeded in the mission, he freed the maiden
in distress, killed a slew of Lizzie types, balanced the situation in his environment, and
then even lived happily ever after. He didn't lose his reason, he didn't fail... it is about the
only really successful myth. He DID it. And did it well. Is that...

A: A quest is successfully followed one step at a time. No need to gauge the staircase.

Q: The only point I was trying to make was that maybe the only reason for the
Cassiopaean connection, maybe even for the term "Cassiopaea," is that it is the archetype
of the function...

A: That is good, planning book fairs? Maybe not so good. We shall see!

Q: You guys, just basically, from the whole start of this thing about a book, have
basically hinted that there is something else in store, and that we should not even try to do

A: We have not said that that is not the way. We have hinted that the way will become
clear when it is necessary.

Q: (A) I think that it is good to have an external pressure to make things happen.
Composers, like Mozart, had to be under pressure to produce. There should be pressure.
We need to have income to build this pool and other things. So, if we put it into the
indefinite future... (L) But they said money will come from unexpected sources. I don't
know where or how that can possibly be. But YOU were certainly unexpected! I would
have dreamed of YOU! (A) Well, there may be another unexpected millionaire may
come to replace me! (L) Nobody could replace YOU! (A) How else shall we explain
this unexpected money?

A: No need to explain, or expect either, silly! You should know that the one time that
Mozart wrote music under external pressure he quickly transited to 5th density.

Q: (A) Well I know that I work best under standard external pressure.

A: No, because you only sometimes think it is external, but it is not really. When you
have been "treated" to external pressure, you have rebelled.

Even earlier on 14 July 1996

Q: (L) You told us before that stars and planets are portals,
or openings into other densities. Is it possible that
this oncoming wave, this Realm Border Crossing will be
accessed through these types of portals, that it is not
something that is actually in our 'space,' but that it
would emanate through stars and planets? Am I onto
something here?

A: You may be starting down a long path.

Q: (L) So, it is complex. When I was re-reading Noah...

A: Just remember: All prophecies attached to calendar dates
are useless unless you wish to be sucked up by the 4th
density STS forces!

Q: (L) Speaking of being sucked up by 4th density STS forces,
MM was told by her local Hindu gathering that she was
vacuuming up their energies. What kind of an interaction
was this? Why were they so uncomfortable?

A: Because they wished to be worshipped.

Q: (L) They wished to suck her energy, because being
worshipped is the equivalent of sucking energy?

A: Close.

Q: (L) Now, I am curious about the doggie image that was on
the aura photo that MM took?

A: In these times, 2nd density creatures will collect more
and more attachments.

Q: (L) Are these attachments like other entities?

A: Yes, and others.

Q: (L) When they are collecting these attachments, are they
collecting them from us, as in protecting?

A: No.

Q: (L) Are they being used to collect attachments to be
detrimental to us?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) You mean we are gonna have to do depossessions on our
dogs, too? (V) Holy Toledo!

A: That won't work.

Q: (L) Why are our animals picking up attachments?

A: Because of vibrational frequency intensifications.

Q: (L) Is there something we could do? I mean, are we
supposed to get rid of pets?

A: We would never suggest something as harsh as this.
However, beware: 3rd density STS orientation includes the
thought of "dominion" over 2nd density, and this is merely
a continuation of the energy buildups of the approach of
the wave... Some of the lessons are interesting indeed.
When you assume that capture and imprisonment of those of
lesser capacity than you is for "the good," why should not
you expect those of greater capacity than you to assume
the same regarding you?!?

Q: (MM) Well, I want to know what is the deal with this
portal in my house?

A: Before we discuss that, we would like you to ponder
further the previously given responses. We suspect there
is much to be gained from insights lurking there. Now:
Portals... ionic column... hmmm...

Q: (V) Are portals archetypal?

A: Are they? Hmmm....

Q: (MM) So, my column is an ionic column? (L) I don't think
that is exactly what they mean. I think that they are
saying that an ionic column represents a portal into the
next density. It is an archetype.

A: Third density facsimile.

Q: (V) So, this is how we choose to see it with our eyes?
(L) I think they mean that it is a representation, that it
follows in its form the 4th density form, only it is
material here.

A: And 5th density, etc...
Carl Jung's Secret Life: "The "Aryan Christ" - something rotten in Jungian psychology?


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A: Megijia of Cassiopaea greeting!

Q: (L) Well, I think the thing I want to open with is something Chu and I were having a conversation about a few days ago. I was telling her about a short exchange I had with Beau and then we were talking about the fact that everything just seems so horrible right now. We were wondering why it was that the kind of madness and denial of truth and reality that is going on in the world today is so upsetting to us. Why can't we just go into confluence, think about jobs and getting a pension and so forth? Why can't we just close our eyes to it and not stay stressed about it? We do tend to stay stressed...

(Artemis) High empathy.

A: High empathy plus lies tend to diminish the individuated soul.

Q: (L) So in other words, that would go with paying close attention to reality, right and left. If you can’t deal with the truth, accept it and act on it, you become a dream in the past? And when you become a dream in the past, that means you cease to exist?

A: For many, yes.
It seems to me that it is the individuated souls who have the ability to influence the future (by influencing and taking part in the 'now' thereby neutralizing some of the effects of STS). Of course as a consequence, this will bring them to the attention of STS, but in doing so they are remaining true to who they are. The ones that stick their heads in the sand are never going to become part of the future. More like memories of the past.

What really bamboozles me is a separate subject that doesn't concern the 'sheep' who don't want to know about reality, but concerns those people who are aware of all this. They somehow think that this will give them a 'pass' from suffering or from any need to take part in reality. That kind of has me stumped. The ones that think they can grab the popcorn and watch from the sidelines.... :shock: That shouldn't even be possible and I don't know where they get the idea that it is.

If a person is not literally fighting for their lives now, is not doing so all the time, and recognizes that they have done so for a while, why would that person think they are excluded from suffering in the world around them? The irony is, even if a person does all of that, there's still no guarantee that it will save them from suffering when the storm or the wave breaks. Certainly it won't save them from feeling tired or exhausted! I'm just curious as to why people think that it will. Perhaps they forget where they are?

I too have noticed this whole 'build up' is taking a ling time. I can't help but thinking the longer it goes on for, the bigger the wave will be when it hits.

As to that situation that bamboozles me, well, I've just had an answer in my own mind! It has to do with the story of Noah's Ark. Some people might think that if they have the knowledge and ability to build an Ark and use if for what it's intended, and they do all that. That this somehow means they are excluded from experiencing the flood! :-O Works for me.


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I think it is a useful concept to not create meaningless suffering for yourself, but it usually goes too far towards preventing any kind of suffering and avoiding taking on responsibility.


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I'm almost done reading Darwin's blind spot (recommended by Laura here) and yesterday I came across a passage that really stood out, because at least for me, it provides a possible explanation for the idea that "programming is complete" and the ensuing "invasion", as evoked in this last session.

In this other thread, Neil posted:
Biological tampering in the form of vaccines, diets, EMF, and maybe a bit of more esoteric alien abduction and virus propagation has cut off much of the ability to experience more subtle modes of reality. Like a human experiment, 4D STS can control most of the inputs, but the outcomes aren't exactly clear. So after considerable tweaking, they believe they have created the ideal environment for the synthesis of the final perfect specimen.
That was an interesting observation and hypothesis! Both in terms of what can go "right" with the programming, as well as of what could go wrong, due to wishful thinking and other paramenters. And then, in the book it says:

Conventional Darwinism assumes that the larva is a more primitive evolutionary stage of the adult, and, during metamorphosis, the larva merely changes into the adult. But in the starfish Luidia sarsi, the adult grows as a separate entity within the tissues of the larva, and when it is sufficiently mature, the adult tears through the outer skin of the larva and migrates to the ocean bed, leaving the swimming larva to carry on an independent existence.

Many other marine organisms display anomalous features in their larval stages that cannot be explained in terms of Darwinian evolution. For example, the hydroid and medusoid forms of the same individual coexist in many forms of jellyfish, corals, and hydras.
Williamson's prolonged study of marine metamorphoses has led him to disagree with Darwin's assumption that adults, embryos and larvae have evolved in a progressive way along a single lineage. On the contrary, he proposes that all embryos and larvae originated by hybridisation of two or more distinct species from quite different evolutionary groups. He suggests that this occurred either by the transfer of genes that coded for the larval stage or by the union of whole genomes. By hybridisation he implies sexual union between the two radically different life forms, followed by amalgamation or swapping of whole genomic sequences. [...] If Williamson is right, two or more complex animal genomes would have to coexist, in some modified form, in the same animal, with phases in which one inheritance dominates, followed by a switch to dominance by another.

The Gernome's creative capacity has remarkable powers of self-government and control, as we know from the way all our human tissues and organs arise from a single fertilized cell. Williamson's preliminary sexual hybridisation experiments in his laboratory confirm that at the very least hybridisation between different life forms is possible, producing larval forms never seen before.
So, maybe this is overly simplified, but given how symbolic the Cs' messages can be, what if the whole idea of hybridization, alien&human interactions, etc. could be explained by "as above, so below"?

Two different species can reproduce/merge, and the examples of aliens having intercourse with humans are SO rare, that even if likely and perhaps a side experiment, that can obviously not be the standard way of "breeding a new race", right? Too complicated, too overt, the logistics don't seem to be easy, etc.

BUT, if all they need are viruses/bacteria (the Cs talking about viruses being thoughts made manifest), then you've got a pretty good (and creepy) method of achieving domination gradually and out of sight. That's technically "hybridization", different species that can alter your very DNA, your receiver, your antenna. They may be airborne, or not. They may be as banal and well-known as any virus out there. It depends on what effect it would have on the specific individual. It reminds me of people who, after an infection, are never the same as they used to be. Common cases would be those who turn aggressive, all of a sudden, but there could be many more subtle changes, in the way a person embraces truth or lies, for example.

In light of Laura's post here:

Yup. The whole deal is the "boiling frog" and for all we know, under cover of the craziness, real "mutants" are being inserted into the population. But I like the metaphoric explanation a lot, though I'm leaving the door open. We've seen so many bizarre things, I don't think we should exclude any possibilities that are legitimate.

Who would have ever thought it would happen the way it is happening? Right before our eyes!!!
I think it's really creepy, almost MORE so than some "mutants" bred who knows where, that it could be done at a microbiological level, with humans looking exactly the same, but some having been "tweaked" so as to be the perfect receivers of domination, lies, and programming. "Invasion" can thus be taking place, just not in the way we may have imagined it. It's in people's bodies and minds, in their very DNA. A new "race", of sorts.

I was also thinking of the session that Ant 22 quoted here:
Session 11 August 2018

It always seemed a bit too weird to me. And not a very smart move. Like, what if there's a giant out-gassing right under a base? They'd lose everything! :-D Well, not saying that it's impossible, but reading it with this idea of "hybridization" in mind, some parts make a little more sense:

Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...
War means lots of suffering, disease, lethal chemicals, etc. That can make a person very weak and develop the inner environment necessary to facilitate precisely what is said in the reply, which could be taking place via micro-organisms, and not necessarily the whole kidnapping and breeding humans&aliens and all that. What would be more inconspicuous than that?

But then there can be unforseen outcomes, and the particular microorganism may live in symbiosis with an individual, and help create new connections, new "DNA strands", etc. That's were things can go wrong for those who designed the experiment, so to say.

Just some thoughts, FWIW. Many of us have speculated about all of this before, and regading psychopaths as well, but reading that quote in Darwin's blind spot makes it a little more understandable and plausible, IMHO.


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Good points! Maybe the key here is the Frequency Resonance Vibration (FRV)? I can imagine that you have to be receptive in some way in order for these viruses to merge with your genome. And keeping people's FRV as low as needed to facilitate this is probably the whole point of the "programming".

Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...


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That seems to be what the Noah’s Ark story is describing.
A complete bottle neck of genetic diversity by reducing the entire earth population to one pair of preselected
Ancestry for every species. Apparently, something went wrong with that plan, so they keep trying less drastic
measures, but the goal would be the same. People have been on this planet for a very very long time and for some reason their plan for complete takeover keeps failing. That alone should give us some hope.


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Q: (L) Could you list for us some of the most common uses of warfare?

A: Generation of environment to facilitate inconspicuous replacement of gene pool. Factors in paradigm shift through stimulation of conception activity, replacement of key personnel according to frequency vibration pre-readings...
And also this:
These are interesting speculations. As to the environment "turning on" certain behaviors, or activating ancient things, there is a thread along that line in the sci-fi boo "The Sixth Winter" by John Gribbin. He portrays wolves and other creatures having ancient DNA turned on by environmental changes and thus their behavior changes.

As for the tales of Vampires, I recently read Burkert's "Homo Necans" (man the killer) about ancient sacrificial rites including human sacrifice. He goes into some detail about the ancient legends of Arcadian werewolves and then vampires as connected to cannibalism.

As you know, in my book "Comet and the Horns of Moses", I discussed the ancient tales of cannibals in association with cometary disasters and their possible connection to genetic changes caused by environmental factors leading to new forms of psychopathy and this being the possible basis of such stories. Obviously, as I was reading Burkert, I had this in mind but he didn't. He noted on a number of occasions that certain tales of the origins of sacrificial rites were closely associated with flood and disaster legends, but he had no idea what to do with those things so he just mentioned them and moved on.

The Cs have said that DNA can be changed by light and, of course, we wonder about our present situation wherein the Earth's magnetic field is declining, the sun is going quiet, cosmic rays are bombarding us and, undoubtedly, various kinds of light, perhaps even light our science knows little or nothing about. What kinds of changes might these factors produce in DNA? I asked the Cs a bit about this at one point and that is when they brought up "receivership capability". One might suppose that receivership capability can go both ways: STO and STS, for lack of better terms and used as shorthand here.

There was some discussion about the Cs recent comment on disintegration and soul smashing and that prompted me to post on my Facebook page a quote from II Thessalonians:

Feeling a little biblical today since this passage so accurately describes our times: 2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12

The coming of the lawless one will be accompanied by the power of Satan. He will use every kind of power, including miraculous signs, lying wonders, and every type of evil to deceive those who are dying, those who refused to love the truth that would save them. For this reason, God will send them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie. Then all who have not believed the truth but have taken pleasure in unrighteousness will be condemned.
It was funny to see the reactions which you can read here:

At one point I responded:

My point was/is that we can see striking examples of those who "refuse to love the truth" all around. They want any lie they can get as long as you don't mess with their electronic toys or Dunning-Kruger delusions. Paul had no other way to explain it other than God must be sending some kind of blinding influence onto people. People don't need a god to do that, they do it themselves.
I didn't see any point in getting into the idea that maybe what we are seeing in the global insanity is actually DNA induced uber stupidity or STSness. In other words, it could very well be the Living System's way of pruning itself.
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I'm reading the book "Initiation à la politique ésotérique - volume 2" [Initiation to Esoteric Politics - Volume 2] by Jacques Sourmail, a french mathematician and occultist. This book is talking about world geopolitics with his particuliar approach.

I just read page 216... this text wich made me thought about gravity, almost with poetry. I share it related to Ark's questions about gravity and information.
He speaks of a spiritual companion from Ceylon, with whom he spoke of space travel, which humanity has been able to do in the past and will do again soon, after the discovery of a small principle. Follow a tried transcription of this principle from the language/culture of his companion in french.

[Thanks to google]
Each planet is a living organism, and as such, like all animate beings, it bears a name. This name [is ...] a sound, a chord that she constantly hums as she waltzes around her sun. The ancients had spoken in a rather vague manner of this music of the spheres; Kepler, starting from the hypothesis that the agreement produced by each planet had to be consonant, came to discover the elliptic character of their orbits and the eccentricity of each of them. [...]

Each sun speaks a different language, each planet makes a particular note, and each celestial body emits a sound whose harmonics propagate through the ethers of space to the ends of the universe. [...]

So distant from us that a planet can be, the rumors of his voice, the echoes of his song, the whisperings of his name, carried by the ethers must reach the Earth. The rustling that it produces while sliding on its orbit and which is communicated with all the cosmos to tell him who she is [...]

Now imagine that we can identify the occult name of a given planet, isolate its voice, scratch the notes of its agreement, and then vibrate the entire structure, all the frames of a spacecraft in unison of this agreement: this is the matter of the ship that resonates with the sound of the planet, this is the ship that begins to pronounce the name of the planet! What will happen then?

This: the planet will respond. She will recognize the ship as if it were part of herself, she will identify it as a fragment of her own body, and she will call it; yes, she will call him, she will seize him in the invisible net of his limitless spiritual field, will drag him to his own center, and will attract him by the same means that Earth catches up all that belongs to him [...]

Drawn by the formidable reminder wave emitted by Celle, which he has been able to recognize by giving his note to his, the ship will cross the space to join it, as an object dropped from the top of a tower crosses the atmosphere to to reach the ground.
The original in french :

Chaque planète est un organisme vivant, et, à ce titre, comme tous les êtres animés, elle porte un nom. Ce nom [est...] un son, un accord qu'elle fredonne en permanence tandis qu'elle valse autour de son soleil. Les anciens avaient parlé d'une façon assez vague de cette musique des sphères ; Kepler, partant de l'hypothèse que l'accord produit par chaque planète devait être consonant, en vint à découvrir le caractère elliptique de leurs orbites et l'excentricité de chacune de celle-ci.[...]

Chaque soleil parle un langage différent, chaque planète rend une note particulière, et chaque corps céleste émet un son dont les harmoniques se propagent à travers les éthers de l'espace jusqu'aux confins de l'univers.[...]

Si éloignée de nous que puisse se trouver une planète, les rumeurs de sa voix, les échos de son chant, les chuchotements de son nom, portés par les éthers doivent parvenir jusqu'à la Terre. Le bruissement qu'elle produit en glissant sur son orbite et qui se communique à tout le cosmos pour lui dire qui elle est [...]

Imaginons maintenant qu'on puisse identifier le nom occulte d'une planète donnée, isoler sa voix, égrener les notes de son accord, puis qu'on fasse vibrer toute la structure, toutes les membrures d'un vaisseaux spatial à à l'unisson de cet accord : voilà la matière du vaisseau qui entre en résonance avec le Son de la planète, voilà le vaisseau qui se met à prononcer le nom de la planète ! Que va-t-il se passer alors ?

Ceci : la planète répondra. Elle reconnaîtra le vaisseau comme s'il faisait partie d'elle-même, elle l'identifiera comme un fragment de son propre corps, et elle l'appellera ; oui, elle l'appellera, elle le saisira dans l'invisible filet de son champ spirituel sans limite, l'entraînera vers son propre centre, et l'attirera par le même moyen que la Terre rattrape tout ce qui lui appartient [...]

Aspiré par la formidable onde de rappel émise par Celle dont il aura su se faire reconnaître en accordant sa note à la sienne, le vaisseau traversera l'espace pour la rejoindre, comme un objet lâché du haut d'une tour traverse l'atmosphère pour rejoindre le sol.


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Good points! Maybe the key here is the Frequency Resonance Vibration (FRV)? I can imagine that you have to be receptive in some way in order for these viruses to merge with your genome. And keeping people's FRV as low as needed to facilitate this is probably the whole point of the "programming".
Indeed. Or at least part of it, or a condition for it. It reminds me of this other thread where we discussed viruses and FRV. Viruses coming and going, infecting bacteria which would die unless "helped" by the viruses, etc.

For FRV, here's the casswiki entry on it, but there is a lot more on The Wave, Vol. III. I think this quote is worth re-reading here:

The Wave Chapter 27: Stripped to the Bone The Shamanic Initiation Of The Knighted Ones: Technicians of Ecstasy
However, there is a kind of person who has some sort of inner inclination for truth. They are simply unable to accept anything else. They cannot be satisfied until they have peeled the onion to the very core. And these keep their eyes on the goal of truth.

The seeker of truth continues to gather knowledge in the same way the servants in the “Parable of the Talents” continued to invest their money. Gathering knowledge without prejudice inevitably leads to humility. Humility combined with knowledge inevitably leads to self-recognition. And self-recognition becomes the companion that enables us to navigate the emotions and illusions that seek to distract us and blind us! Finally, self-recognition, which is the ultimate state of humility, leads us to pure will.

Now, notice, I didn’t say strong will, just pure. A person’s will to be is his natural frequency. And when you marry will to knowledge you have the hope of using your will in a particular way. This will is the mustard seed of the Biblical parable. Again: will to be, or orientation, is frequency.

Application of will via knowledge to choices produces frequency resonance vibration in the consciousness, which can then manifest in the individual’s experience in very particular ways, as I will try to explain.

Any given system has a natural frequency. A human being has several frequencies. They relate to the atomic signature of the cellular structure, etheric body frequency, and the frequency of the consciousness, which is a function of will or orientation.

If you record a pure tone, you can connect the output line that would normally connect to a speaker to an oscilloscope instead. In this way, you can see the sound rather than hear it. As you observe it, you will note that it oscillates. You are seeing a wave. Frequency is the number of crests of a wave in a designated unit of time. That is what determines frequency. More units in time mean higher frequency. Frequency is in inverse ratio to the length of the wave. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wave. (It is important to note here that a unit of time is an arbitrary measurement, so assigning a number to a frequency is merely a matter of convention.)

Frequency resonance vibration is directly related to what is called forced oscillation. Any wave system may be driven by a force from the “outside”. Whenever a system is made to vibrate by a periodic force, the resulting motion is called forced oscillation. An example would be the glass that shatters when an opera singer hits the right note.

Forced oscillations take place with the frequency of the driving force rather than with the natural frequency of the system. The amplitude of the response depends on how the driving frequency is related to the natural frequency. If these frequencies are nearly the same, even a very weak driving force can, in time, feed enough energy into the system to give it a large amplitude of motion. This condition is called resonance.

Everybody has probably pushed a child on a swing. What you notice is, after a series of very strong pushes to get the swing going, you can stand there and just give an occasional push or tap to keep the same swinging motion going. But, as every parent knows, it has to be given at exactly the right instant. The tap must be applied in the same direction, and at the very instant of the swinging away motion for it to work. If you give a push at intervals instead of at every return, you will find that an increase of force is necessary depending on how many times you let the swing come and go before applying another tap. If you set up a series of every other return before pushing, you will have to apply the exact same force at each of these arbitrarily determined intervals, which will be a multiple of the force you would have to apply if you pushed with every single return.

These intervals of pushing at arbitrarily designated returns are submultiples of the natural frequency. And, as you see from this example, they can also produce the same resonance. The frequency resonance vibration is the swinging that results from being pushed.

If the pushes continued and if the swing had long enough ropes and a brave enough child, a regular series of pushes could eventually launch the child into outer space!

But, you will notice that if the pushes are not given at the right moment, if they are not constantly delivered either with every swing or in a submultiple, if no periodicity is maintained, the swing will slow down and stop. You will also notice that if you do not apply the pushes in a fixed period, the motion of the swing is erratic. And you will definitely notice that if you push at the wrong moment, or against the swing direction, you will cause it to slow down. In such a case, you are taking energy away from the system.

The very same principles apply to forced oscillation of any wave, whether it is a sound wave, radio wave, light wave or whatever. In fact, it could be said that light produced is forced oscillations of atoms. All things in nature, which are a response to a stimulus, are forced oscillations.

A human being could be considered a series of forced oscillations.

And here we come to the problem:

“Besides depending on how close the driving frequency is to the natural frequency, the amplitude of response of the forced vibrations of a system also depends on the strength of the damping. The less damping there is, the greater the response of resonance. The resonance frequency is always lower than the natural frequency but gets very close as the damping is reduced.” (Freeman, 1973)​

Now, as we have said, a human being is a combination of frequencies of the cellular structure, the etheric or genetic body, and the consciousness orientation. If these different frequencies operate in harmonious submultiples of a certain fundamental frequency, we say that the system is in harmony. That is to say, there is harmonious frequency resonance.

We can also say that by changing one of the frequencies and amplifying it, the others may be brought into harmony by the process of forced oscillation if the natural frequency of each is a harmonic of, or is close to, the driving frequency.

At the same time, the act of changing any of the frequencies can be accomplished by forced oscillation from the “outside”, whether in harmony or not. That is to say, if the forced oscillation is not close to the natural frequency there will be less amplitude.

Now, a human being, in general, is under the powerful influence of the matter of which his body is constructed. Matter is the result of the STS. The thought of Non-being or sleeping consciousness of God. Therefore, by being in third density, to a great extent, man is asleep. He is under the influence of the frequency of the STS polarity. His frequency resonance vibration is STS, or that of matter. The Predator’s mind.

But, man has a possibility of changing frequency, aligning with STO polarity, if he can find that part of him that is truly of Service-to-Others and amplify it through the process of frequency resonance vibration, resulting from the forced oscillation of alignment with the STO thought center. It is only his will that can do this, and it is only when it is married to knowledge so that he can truly know what his choice is and how to implement it. These choices are the pushes of the swing. If sufficient amplitude is achieved, all of his other frequencies will also gradually be forced into frequency resonance vibration.

Of course, this process is not only dependent upon the natural frequency of the individual, but also upon the dampers that may be in place that can restrict the amplitude. The fewer dampers, the greater the amplitude that can be achieved with the least application of energy.

We have to discover and remove the dampers to our systems.

Again, it is in the gaining of knowledge through which we can remove the dampers, little by little. It is hard work and it is painful. But as we do this, we come, step by step; to the position of humility and self-knowledge that enables the alignment of the will. If the natural frequency of STO is present in the moment of choice, this pure will becomes the “friend of the highest of knowledge” and they “enter into a bond of eternal union”. One is then able to connect with the eternal creative light within, which then becomes the forced oscillator that changes the frequency resonance vibration in dramatic and life changing ways. This amounts to giving up self-will to allow the greater will of the thought center to manifest. The manifestation of this in one’s daily life via choices become pushes of the swing of the etheric body and the atomic signature of the cellular structure, which then changes the entire reality.

When we finally achieve self-recognition and humility, we understand that it is implementation of our choices at this third density level that increases the amplitude of our frequency resonance vibration, which is, in actuality, our polarization. Amplitude constitutes our ripeness” fo advancement to the next density. What we are choosing is, in effect, which part we will play in the next cycle of creation. What we do now determines our course into either consciousness that creates or the intensely contractile thought of Non-being that goes to sleep as primal matter. Neither of them are higher frequencies, they are simply different.
Where it talks about "dampers", unless I'm missunderstanding something, I think we can include the idea of viruses and such, which IMO adds another layer of possibilities to understanding how the amplitude can be restricted.

In this session, there was a mention of "DNA is a sort of receiver", and in another one from July 2015, "Parasites act as receivers". That confused me in the beginning, but it would make sense (both in regards to the "good bugs" and the "baddies"), with all this back and forth transferring of genetic codes, and tinkering. Then it becomes a matter of WHAT each individual wants to receive, marrying knowledge to will (the natural frequency) as explained in the quote. Fascinating, IMO.

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All very fascinating and scary in view of DNA, evolution, mutations, FRV and what the Cs mentioned about 'mass incarnation', which by now seems likely to be to be the actual 'space invasion'. Since the DNA needs to match the FRV, and the soul 'marries' the body when incarnated, then the completion of the program was necessary to lower the FRV of the masses to enable extreme STS incarnation, as well as tweaking of the DNA via different means, as pointed out by others above.

So I was still thinking, if we could define the essence of the program, that would explain many if not most of human social manifestations on the world out there, how would we define it? Previously, I thought that it was the tendency to react emotionally and uncritically, something similar to becoming 'ideologically possessed'. Today I've been thinking that perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the program is the idea/meme/belief/conviction that one can think, feel or do whatever they like regardless of the facts, as if it is their God-given right. Which, we could say, is the bottom line of STS.

A couple of examples from the news on recent days come to mind. First, there's the story of the poor 9 year old boy who committed suicide after 'coming out of the closet' in school and being bullied. The strange thing, as Joe pointed out in his recent article about it, is that the mother seemed to have thought that it was ok for her son to go to school and announce it, against all common sense and the knowledge that he would inevitably be bullied (and against the fact that he was too young to decide that he was definitely gay). Or as Joe put it:

"In the case of gay rights and homophobia, the answer from 'social justice' ideologues seems to be that we can and should rid society of homophobia by acting as if it doesn't exist... It was irresponsible of Jamel's mother to raise him to believe that it is 'safe' to come out as gay at 9-years-old to his public school classmates, and not run the risk of severe consequences for himself. A parent does not send their child into the jungle on the basis that they have a 'right' not to be eaten by a tiger and that, in fact, tigers should not eat children. Tigers eat children regardless of the delusional beliefs of irresponsible parents. And children suffer the consequences. "
Second, today I see both on Facebook and Twitter that there's a video of John McCain's funeral going around, in which George W. Bush, who is sitting next to Michelle Obama, passes something (apparently a piece of candy) to her while the Bushes and the Obamas all smile. The video is shared as something that is "warming people's hearts". And I wonder, do people not know who John McCain was and what George W. Bush did? Did they know but then conveniently forget? And what did Michelle Obama ever do that was truly praise-worthy to make her special? What on earth is so 'heart-warming' about anyone passing something to someone else?? But it's as if people don't want their 'heart-warming' moment spoiled, so to hell with all those questions and lets all 'like & share' the video!

I'm sure everyone reading this can think of hundreds of similar examples of willful detachment from reality. If souls get kicked-out of the human incarnation cycle because they ignore the facts, which in turn lowers their FRV, and makes them or their descendants candidates for takeover by extreme STS souls, then that gives a new dimension to the Cs' remark about "people who do not pay strict attention to reality left and right will become a dream in the past".


Ark has thought in superluminal spiral geometry terms. I think this is Ark's conformal group math which has 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions.

The Octonion Math That Could Underpin Physics | Quanta Magazine

Thus though the 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions could come from 8-dim octonion basis vectors; you might want to have 4 of them as your large physical spacetime for noncommutative and associative reasons. The question though is what symmetry breaking math would actually give you the 4 spacetime dimensions? Maybe the Cs hint of geometric algebra can do it?
I wanted to get into noncommutative geometry, but it's too much work. Alain Connes at a conference, explained that non-commutative geometry is present during the "speech", imagine if there was unanimity in the "language".


Ark has thought in superluminal spiral geometry terms. I think this is Ark's conformal group math which has 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions.

The Octonion Math That Could Underpin Physics | Quanta Magazine

Thus though the 4 space-like and 2 time-like dimensions could come from 8-dim octonion basis vectors; you might want to have 4 of them as your large physical spacetime for noncommutative and associative reasons. The question though is what symmetry breaking math would actually give you the 4 spacetime dimensions? Maybe the Cs hint of geometric algebra can do it?
She has given courses online


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So I was still thinking, if we could define the essence of the program, that would explain many if not most of human social manifestations on the world out there, how would we define it? Previously, I thought that it was the tendency to react emotionally and uncritically, something similar to becoming 'ideologically possessed'. Today I've been thinking that perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the program is the idea/meme/belief/conviction that one can think, feel or do whatever they like regardless of the facts, as if it is their God-given right. Which, we could say, is the bottom line of STS.
I would say this is the perfect field for the 'authoritarian followers'
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