Session 12 November 2016

Thank you for the session, and for asking about the smear campaign issue of sexual abuse. Goes to show how desperate these people are.
Thank you all for a very informative session, answers a lot of questions for me! Hope all the colds go away quickly and you find good health.
Many thanks to Laura and crew for sharing this very enlightening session which was really funny for some part!

I hope you will recover soon Laura and Ana. Pierre, I did not know you had such problems with your hand and I wish you as well a better state and pleasure by massaginh others. That's pretty cool for everyone involoved. :)

I have to catch the Reiki thread and see if the three reiki shapes talked about in the session are inside.

Tristan said:
Many thanks for sharing it and so early.

Curiously, most of what have been pointed out during this session in some way we already sensed it (at least for my part) and the C's replies confirm my impressions regarding the elections and PTB's blunders.

The same here, and I even feel more relieved (compared to what I felt after the US election which was already a little one) than before to read the session. Just for that, thank you so much! :hug2:
Gandalf said:
Thanks so much for another great session and mostly for sharing it with us.

Close. Watch closely for events that will reveal the "man behind the curtain."

Finally, we are there !

Totally excited about this!
Thank you so so much!
:clap: :bacon:
I'm glad Trump is not a pedophile.
Thank you all for your diligence, the ongoing sharing of your communications with the C's, and for your humour. I love imaging Laura blowing her nose, sounding like a trumpet of the apocalypse. Hilarious! It is also so helpful to hear your perspective in contrast to all the craziness out here. It can feel pretty lonely when others around us have no inclination to look beyond the prevailing MSM propaganda.
Thank you all for the newest session! :flowers: It's good to know that help is close.
Thanks a million for the quick transcribing and posting, much appreciated :) - much to ponder as always from another fascinating session :)
As always, especially at post events with 'miscalculations' like this, great session and understandable. Thank you!

Glad Opal got to be present - onward and upward, step by step...
Thank you for the session. It's a great relief to know that the real numbers give Trump much greater support than does the MSM. This makes it much harder for Soros/Clintons et al to sow any lasting discontent.
As mentioned elsewhere, there now exist many disaffected Clintonites that just may know too much (eg Abedin). Also, there may now be too many ISIS connections that also know too much, hence Obama's pledge to attack the ISIS leaders. Interesting days ahead. Purple voodoo anyone?
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