Session 12 November 2016

Thanks for the new session - interesting and pretty much a confirmation of what we had worked out ourselves.

It's going to be really fascinating to see how this Trump business will unfold.

Also interesting is the black magic thing - it seems that such practices increase wishful thinking to the point where practitioners engaged think applying such technique will solve all their problems the while they overlook the obvious signs reality is giving them.

Thanks again!
Thank you for having a new session with the C's. Their answers are really encouraging.

I've been looking over the weekend at some astrologers, clairvoyants, psychics who predicted the outcome correctly. In the evangelical community it is seen as God/Jesus picked this man himself as president and they are expecting the fullfillment of biblical endtime prophecy. There are some astrologers who saw Trump winning. But they see in his chart a possible assassination attempt occurring.

For example:
On the Health and Death of Donald Trump: Astrology, Prophecy, and Assassination
Trump Assassination? -- The Astro Aspects Of Donald Trump
Astrology of Trump Assassination

I don't want to spread fear, but you have to address possibilities, in order to deal with them.

Thanks again for the session and get well soon!
Wonderful session!!! Thank you. Really adds a lot to all thats been discussed on the forum lately with Spirit cooking and more! Also encouraging "they" don't have much on Trump to use against him. And the actual vote count which seems reasonable, not much to work with for their color revolution.

(L) Anything else?

A: Things are developing nicely. Help is close.

(Everyone) Oh!

(Pierre) So, it's not on the way anymore. It stopped.

A: And elsewhere! Goodbye.

(Galatea) It's here, and elsewhere...

(L) Yes.

This "echos" my response to a session posted by Laura while looking for information on the campaign and Clintons:
14 Mar 2015

Q: (L) The US is a powder keg. It just needs the right spark.

(Perceval) It's got all the right ingredients right now. You've got so many people in big cities dependent on supermarkets and stuff. And then you have the police state well-trained to deal with uprisings. In other countries, they don't have quite so well-organized police state to put down social unrest.

(Andromeda) And the people aren't quite as helpless either, at least in areas like this one.

(Perceval) In urban centers in the US, there are a lot of people who are just completely dependent on supermarkets and the system in general from one day to the next.

A: Notice that the USA is exhibiting all the symptoms of a "Color Revolution".

Q: (Perceval) So, someone in a position of power somewhere in the US is planning to sort of stage-manage the social unrest or revolution after an economic collapse?

A: More or less. However all may not go as planned.

Q: (Perceval) Well, the whole Ferguson, Missouri shooting last year...

A: Outside influences may intervene.

Q: (L) What do you mean "outside"?

A: Cosmic.

Q: (L) And this is what you're talking about in the next few months?

A: Takes time.

Reading that, I thought, have we (STO) won a battle in the higher realms? Has the help arrived like the C's said it would? And I didn't think I should mention this here. Maybe I'm afraid of wishful thinking. But now I've decided to share that with the most recent session. Maybe its the case. Don't mean to leave out the people on the ground level who contribute to this help. Wouldn't happen without the people after all.
Big thanks and much appreciation for the latest sessions.
All the discussion, questions and picking apart of the world's political climate has helped make sense of it.

In regards to the virus ya'll are comin' down with... a few friends commented on Election Day, and day after of weird pains, cramps and headaches. I can only attribute it to the emotional fallout and the conflicting extremes of reactions to the election outcome that we were picking up through the air "waves".

Reading more about the truth of the situation and maintaining some neutrality, taking a "wait and see" approach, has seemed to help these symptoms abate. It's maintaining neutrality that's the challenge; many fervent, emotionally invested voters are adamant about profiling others as being "friend" or "foe".

Just for the record, though, the majority of the "wussy millennial progressives" stayed home or refrained for voting the presidential ballot because they ARE progressive, as opposed to liberal or neo-liberal. They were inspired by Bernie's message and not hood-winked by HRC's progressive charade and felt cheated by the DNC's dirty primary tactics. They were chastised for being naive idealists (ie. "precious snowflakes"). Through the whole campaign, progressives were told a vote for Stein was a vote for Trump. Progressives didn't see a big difference between HRC and Trump, regardless of Bernie's endorsement; if they did, they really aren't true progressives, they're liberal. But just as it is with all bleeding heart movements (clean air/water, fair representation/elections, Native American rights, clean energy, equal pay for equal work, affordable healthcare, safe work places, social security, etc... you know, all those issues that cost corporations some of their profits), they are co-opted, labeled and used by the establishment, if not just plain ignored or side-lined.
So, what i'm trying to say is that most progressives divested themselves from the election after Bernie conceded.

Just sayin...progressives should have been voting for Jill Stein if true to their conscience, and maybe those that did had THEIR votes manipulated and given to HRC? It would have been a lot easier and less suspect to move votes from her "low polling" column than from the Republican tally.
Oh! Forgot. I was coming down with flu like symptoms and immediately started taking concentrated, Elderberry syrup and it seems to have knoked it out along with Vit C. I highly recommend it.
Thanks for the session.

Help is close, hope so.

The black magic again shows its uselessness. It's all subjective wishful thinking mumbo jumbo. They could've done the ceremony with chocolate syrup and nothing would be different, lol.
Thank you for the session.I wish you recover soon,I had fly about ten days ago and still felt weak.
This is so encouraging : "A: Things are developing nicely. Help is close."
Thank you for sharing this session. It is good that this story with the so-called sexual interactions with an underage individual is not true. Trump has an advantage compared with politicians IMO. He is not an politician (so less political ties), he paid for his campain himself and he did relatively few ("bad") things that could be used against him. So maybe less leverage / blackmail could be used against him and he is more free to "do changes". Wait and see.

I am glad your leg is much better, Laura. I wish everyone good health.
Q: (L) Well, I guess the only question is: Will Trump make any kind of decent president considering he's so loaded with ego?

A: Wait and see!


...Are we going to have any cosmic events during his presidency?

A: No dice!

Nice try Laura!Thank you for another interesting session! :)
Thanks for this very interesting session!

Reading the text from the Corinthians reminded me of a magnificent aria that G.F. Händel composed in his famous oratorio 'Messiah'. The aria is called 'The Trumpet Shall Sound' and is based on the same bible text. When you think about the recent events, and what Laura wrote recently about "the calm before the storm" the text does appear quite interesting, especially the part of "the last trumpet":

47. Accompagnato

Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.

(I Corinthians 15: 51-52)

48. Air

The trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.
For this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on immortality.
The trumpet. . . da capo

(I Corinthians 15: 52-53)

As I remember from reading music history, composing the 'Messiah' was quite a cathartic and spiritual experience for Händel. It is said, that for months (or even years) before getting the inspiration for the 'Messiah', Händel was dry on ideas and he was ready to quit composing music. He was on the brink of total bankruptcy. But then, he suddenly got this "divine inspiration". He locked himself up in his room for two weeks, and worked like a maniac, hardly eating or drinking anything. In these two weeks he completed his masterwork (which is quite long btw).

So, who knows, perhaps Händel was channeling and tapping into the "information field" of possible future events. Here's one version:
Thanks all for this new session. We are living in interesting times, that is for sure. :cuckoo:
The discussion about Trump reminded me of what Laura said a couple of years ago:

Laura said:
Q: (L) Well, I dunno. I suppose we'll find out! Okay, next thing that's on my mind: This afternoon I was responding to a post on the forum and the post was in the Political Ponerology book thread. As I was writing, it suddenly occurred to me that a problem that has been occupying my mind for many years suddenly became clear. The answer became clear. And the problem was this issue of communism vs. socialism vs. capitalism; the issue of which is best? Because of course I grew up in a capitalist system, but I see all the terrible things about it that have come to pass. I live now in a country that is largely socialist, and I see a lot of problems that exist in socialism. I've read a great deal about communistic systems, and I see that what happened in the communist countries didn't turn out too well. And I've read a lot of sociology, and I understand that without some kind of communism, early man would not have survived and evolved, so there’s a problem with how it was done in those communist countries. Even the early “Jesus people” practiced a form of communism, though fundies nowadays seem to have forgotten that. So, I've had this ongoing thing in my mind: Which part of which system to take and put together to make a so to say as close to perfect, benevolent system of economics and law that would serve humanity in the best way.

And it suddenly was clear to me that it depends on scale. I thought that what you need is at the family tribal level - and I say more tribal because it's like extended family, close friends, etc. and people who are bound to each other by bonds of friendship and affection - should function in the communistic pattern.

The next level would be the local community, or the town or whatever, which should function at the capitalistic level. Let's face it, there are things about capitalism that are very useful. People can go out from their homes and they make money for their families by work, there can be shops or factories or whatever that produce products that are then traded or bought/sold with other shops; then communities buy or sell or exchange with other communities, import, export, etc. The members of a family/tribe that work make money, bring it home and share equally all around, and several members of a family can work and take care of the whole family, including children, elderly, disabled.

So we've got communism at the family level or the tribal level, capitalism at the community level where communities interact with other communities, and then at the higher government level it should be socialism because then socialism can be a policy-making body. It should be a body that collects a certain amount of funds in the form of a wealth tax and a small poll tax to ensure that everybody has free water, electricity, healthcare, that there are roads, that there is garbage collection, clean air, clean water... In other words, if the wealth tax and poll tax goes to an overarching government, then that government would provide these services to all the communities. And also, there would be local militias supported by these collected funds. So it seems to me that if you have these three different systems operating at different levels – the three scales - I mean, does anybody see any flaw in this?

I started wondering about how the level above those would be like, between countries (assuming there were "countries" as defined today). And I thought of leaders who got killed (E.g. Kennedy, Chavez...), others who are doing some good (Putin), and those who are useless. This might be too simplistic, but it occurs to me that perhaps at the "multinational" level, a good system would also be capitalistic, provided that it respects the socialist principles within each country. In a sense, that's pretty much what Putin does. He thinks a lot like a capitalist, but defends his territory and his people at the same time. He acts like an honest but firm businessman. And, he doesn't seem to let his emotions color his actions (he does seem compassionate, but not to the point where he loses his rational thinking or gets caught up in details, or believes he is safe when he isn't, etc.). Now, I'm not saying that Trump will be the perfect leader or anything. A lot remains to be seen in that department. But he WOULD, in theory, fit the bill if he takes the US and sees it as a business:

A: He sees the waste of human resources as bad business.

So, not so much out of the kindness of his heart, necessarily, but just being pragmatic, a leader who is a capitalist could potentially help his people. For example, less money spent in creating wars/chaos, less power to companies like the big Food/Pharma industry that make people sick, etc. --> more money to create jobs inside the nation, more people working, more money into the economy, no "migrant problem", good business relations with other countries, etc.

Just a rough idea, FWIW! Obviously, reality is much more complex than that.
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