Session 13 March 2021

As I read and see and assimilate this sentence from CassWiki is the following: we have to go beyond our physical senses and understandings and use our imagination, even creation, to move from a "known" world to an "unknown" one while keeping some reference points at the beginning, until the point where things are reversed and to be no longer the "future you", but you in the future in its essence
So I hope there's a bit of bacon in this "salad"!

More clearly, without this hyperdimensional context, by referring to this thread New title: Romantic Fiction, Reality Shaping and The Work , by reading these books, through this work in the literal sense, at some point all of this comes to life, and not just as individuals, connects us to our roots which are seemingly invisible, but without which we will not be the same.
And somewhere along this romanticized tree of life, we are preparing ourselves for this hyperdimensional context.
Thank you for expounding upon this for me. Where you say "at some point all of this comes to life" it makes me think of egregores, which is something Rosicrucians were taught to practice. See Egregore - Theosophy Wiki

Where you also say "So I hope there's a bit of bacon in this "salad"!", it makes me think of Sir Francis Bacon (perhaps the leading light of Rosicrucianism in the 17th century), someone who I have been posting about quite a bit in other threads. I assume the pun was intended.
Thank you for expounding upon this for me. Where you say "at some point all of this comes to life" it makes me think of egregores, which is something Rosicrucians were taught to practice. See Egregore - Theosophy Wiki
I really prefer to stay with the term allegory in the sense of helping and understanding for a better evaluation of oneself and others, than to play and manipulate.

Where you also say "So I hope there's a bit of bacon in this "salad"!", it makes me think of Sir Francis Bacon (perhaps the leading light of Rosicrucianism in the 17th century), someone who I have been posting about quite a bit in other threads. I assume the pun was intended.
Again, it's a metaphor that is not meant to be anything else.
Staying with the subject of giants, thanks to another member of the Forum, I came across this interesting post on Native American giants on another website forum:

"John Smith was an English soldier, explorer, colonial governor, Admiral of New England, and author. He played an important role in the establishment of the Jamestown colony, the first permanent English settlement in North America, in the early 17th century. Smith was a leader of the Virginia Colony based at Jamestown between September 1608 and August 1609, and led an exploration along the rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay, during which he became the first English explorer to map the Chesapeake Bay area. Later, he explored and mapped the coast of New England. He was knighted for his services to Sigismund Báthory, Prince of Transylvania, and his friend Mózes Székely." - Wikipedia

I swear, the first thing which came to my mind was the movie Avatar. The second was the realization that our Pocahontas was a Giant. And then it was, that our Native Americans look very much not what I'm used to today.

Title Page of this Book printed in 1624: The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: With the Names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from Their First Beginning, Ano: 1584. To This Present 1624. With the Procedings of Those Severall Colonies and the Accidents That Befell Them in All Their Journyes and Discoveries. Also the Maps and Descriptions of All Those Countryes, Their Commodities, People, Government, Customes, and Religion Yet Knowne. Divided into Sixe Bookes. By Captaine Iohn Smith, Sometymes Governour in Those Countryes & Admirall of New England.


This John Smith was a very strong person I recon. Take a look at him taking different Kings prisoners. One of the pictures is gonna be the same we have above. But those are Kings being captured. Why are they Kings, by the way? Were there kingdoms involved? King Paspahegh (1609) is on the left, and King Pamavukee (1603).


Now let us take a look at Pocahontas. The first image below (on the left) is Pocahontas asking her father, King Powhatan to spare John Smith's life. Pocahontas appears gigantic comparing to John Smith. The second image on the right shows the abduction of Pocahontas. Natives by the boat appear much bigger then the boat crew. Of course we could justify it with some sort of "artist vision" type thing. But was it really the "vision"?


And then we have the facial features of these Natives. Very bizarre. Entire images are below for your examination.


From The Voyages of CAPTAIN JOHN SMITH (of Jamestown, Va.) during the Years 1607-9:

". . . 60 of those Susquehannocks came to us . . . such great and well proportioned men are seldome seene, for they seemed like giants to the English . . .these are the strangest people of all those countries both in language and attire; for their language it may well beseeme their proportions, sounding from them as a voice in a vault. Their attire is the skinnes of beares and woolves, some have cassocks made of beares heades and skinnes . . . The halfe sleeves coming to the elbows were the heades of beares and the arms through the open mouth . . . one had the heade of a woolf hanging from a chain for a jewell . . . with a club suitable to his greatness sufficient to beat out ones brains. Five of their chiefe wereowances came aboard us . . . (of) the greatest of them his hayre, the one side was long and the other shorn close with a ridge over his crowne like a cocks combe . . . The calfe of whose leg was of a yard around and all the rest of his limbes so answerable to that proportion that he seemed the goodliest man we ever beheld!"


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I really prefer to stay with the term allegory in the sense of helping and understanding for a better evaluation of oneself and others, than to play and manipulate.

Again, it's a metaphor that is not meant to be anything else.
Meaning no disrespect to you but you may have been inspired to quote those words by the C's as my upcoming post in the Alton Towers thread will reveal.
Meaning no disrespect to you but you may have been inspired to quote those words by the C's as my upcoming post in the Alton Towers thread will reveal.
There is no need to turn to that kind of thinking.
My answer was addressed in stricto sensu in one context, and nothing prevents you from expanding it and making it your own.
As you will do in your thread, as said.

As you continue to pull on Ariadne's thread, I hope your quest brings you many bacons, and a few more good recipes to share and enjoy.
I came across this interesting post on Native American giants

Curiously, the same phenomenon occurred in the extreme south of the continent during the Spanish colonization.

The Patagones or Patagonian giants are a mythical people of giants that appeared in the first European reports on the southern coast of South America; a region that therefore received the name of Patagonia. The indigenous people referred to in the exonym were the Aonikenk or Tehuelches.

The first mention of the term appears in the account of Ferdinand Magellan's voyage around the world, written by Antonio Pigafetta, one of the few survivors of the expedition. The chronicle stated that he had seen them on the coast of San Julián Bay before arriving at the strait in the (southern) autumn of 1520:

One day, when we least expected it, a man of gigantic stature a man of gigantic stature presented himself to us. He was on the beach almost naked, singing and dancing at the same time and throwing sand on his head. The commander sent ashore one of the sailors with orders to make the same demonstrations as a sign of friendship and peace: which was so well understood that the giant allowed himself to be calmly led to a small island which the commander had boarded. I was also there with several others. When he saw us, he showed great admiration, and raising a finger upwards, he no doubt wanted to tell us that he thought we had descended from heaven. This man was so tall that with his head we barely reached his waist. He was well formed, with a broad, red-tinted face, eyes circled with yellow, and two heart-shaped spots on his cheeks. His hair, which was sparse, seemed bleached with some powder. His dress, or rather, his cloak, was of skins sewn together, of an animal that abounds in the country, as we had occasion to see it afterwards. This animal has the head and ears of a mule, the body of a camel, the legs of a deer, and the tail of a horse, whose neighing it imitates. This man also had a kind of shoe made of the same skin. He carried in his left hand a short, solid bow, the string of which, a little thicker than that of a lute, had been made from a gut of the same animal; and in the other hand, arrows of reed, short, at one end of which were feathers, like those we use, and at the other, instead of iron, the point of a flintstone, tinged with black and white. Of the same kind of flint they make cutting utensils for working wood.

It is very likely that this description is based on a slight exaggeration. However, some authors postulate that the average height of the Tehuelches was around two meters (6.56 ft), while that of the Europeans of the time was considerably less, others, however, qualify this statement.
It's a far shot and maybe I’ve taken their “Only a little” too literally as opposed to as a 'tongue in cheek' comment, but the no-virus theory is a materialistic one, I wonder if people who bought into it are somehow more conditioned towards materialism - and if this could be a result of getting the negative variant of covid? Maybe apart from making people more submissive it also makes them more materialistic? At least those who were already susceptible to that kind of influence.
Thank you for a wonderful session.
Yes that's it, they become the virus because of the materialistic focus and relative self serving relationship to truth.
The emotional shock is projected outward to mitigate fear without control of frv.
Sorry to reply to your comment, hope that's ok. I've just noticed the type that believe in this kind of thing, taking conspiracy to the extreme.
Pierre question answer was hard for me to understand. The ripple analogy makes a lot sense.
Hello everyone
I just received this article, another explanation for this virus:
“Covid is not Pneumonia according to researchers - It is Endothelitis and that can change everything ».

Charles Sannat : Le Covid ne serait pas une Pneumonie !

On the other hand, I have just read again the session of October 14, 1995 and I would like to have your opinion ...
Laura and the Cs talk about the dead (declared) during the different wars

(J) "WWII 72,355 are still alive. Where ???"
(L) Still alive!
(T) Who would have been killed in action ...
A: Yes

A: Some are replacements for dual-body soul receptacles.

Q: (L) OK, now you said awhile ago that some of these bodies were used as receptacles, receptacles of souls.

When you say soul receptacles, do you mean soul receptacles for whom?

A: Replacement of corpses, ie duplicates.


Q: (L) So, in other words, they replace the dead and put their souls in a replacement body, so they can go on living, right?
A: Yes.

Etc., etc …..

And I was, how to say, taken aback (although I had already read this session a long time ago)
Wondering if it was not the same story starting over or continuing ...
For me, it was obvious ...

But hey, as the CS said, in this session:
A: Since your imagination center is on low frequency tonight, let's suppose we have to spell everything out for you, but at least it's fun to watch the impact, like "A Tonne of Bricks" fall on your heads !!

This may be my case ...

Sorry for those who have not read this session and that it could hurt
Sorry too for those who have lost someone dear to their hearts.

Your opinion ???
Tenderness for all

deeple translator
Sorry for the delay of my reply. I didn't miss your post though.

Your analogy is very close to the idea Dugdeep and I thought about in relation to negative emotions, water, fractals, etc.

I created a forum thread dedicated to book 3, whose temporary title is "Extinction, evolutionary leap and the virus-information connection"

I will reply in this new thread but first I want to finalize the draft of the chapters developing the following ideas:
- The properties (informational content) of a substance is not due to its composition but to its geometric shape.
- In water, the specific geometric shape of a substance is associated with a specific electromagnetic resonance
- DNA act as an antenna/amplifier of the background electromagnetic field, which carries information from the information field
- In water, proteins, because of their specific geometry act as electromagnetic tuners/resonators for specific electromagnetic signals and hence specific information.
- The fractal dimension of DNA, viruses, proteins and structured water in conjunction with the fractal dimension of the background electromagnetic field, increase connection to the information Field and access to extra informational "depth".

Once this context is set, I will be able to reply to your question in a hopefully understandable and meaningful way.

I've been thinking more about this set of ideas, and the question I posed. I have come to suspect what we're actually talking about is the Holy Grail.

To explain this, First, I think my question of "Where do negative emotions come from?" is less important than "How do negative emotions manifest?". The first question is sort of like, "Where do trees come from?" An interesting question, which can lead to a certain degree of understanding, but probably feeds more into my tendency to entertain abstractions. The question of "how do trees manifest" gets moreso at their functionality, how they work, which leads to a much different outcome. I think there is more at stake with the second question, "How do negative emotions manifest."

So this "how" line of thinking has been a dot-connecting exercise for me. So what follows is my trying to make things clear to myself... I have yet to finish reading Earth Changes, and so what I'm writing may be redundant for those who have already read the book, which is probably more well-researched and clearly explained than this post of mine. But I wanted to share this anyways to network, practice thinking out loud, and also have some fun and see if I am correctly seeing where Earth Changes will lead. So, thanks for your patience beforehand. Without further ado...


The dots I have been pondering are Lethbridge's research into the emotional memory of the landscape, recorded in the water, Emoto's work on the intentional emotional/mental structuring of water, the mind-blowing discussion in the Earth Changes book about the scalability (as above, so below) of plasma dynamics, Thomas Cowan's discussion on the function of the heart, Laurent Guyenot's recent paper on metagenetics entitled Blood and Soul, Randall Carlson's discussion of the truth of the holy grail, and blood from the skies, water as messenger, and Jerry Tennant's video entitled Healing is Voltage: The Physics of Emotions.

(1) Lethbridge says that past events can impress something (information, as a vibration) onto objects, and this impression then becomes readable by the emotional centre. This is the basis of psychometry, the ability to discover facts about a person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Lethbridge hypothesized that this possibly had something to do an electromagnetic field - of particular note to this discussion, the EM field of moving water. There is some sort of recording function that occurs. In a way, this is a reality-based explanation for what used to be mystified as animism, in which things like minerals and water "remember" - and these entities also can "share" memory with us. We can experience this "sharing" whether our reception of these impressions (vibrations) is conscious of what's happening or not.

(2) Masaru Emoto's work on water and human consciousness is well-known by now, and can be summed up by saying that human emotional intention directed at water will change the structure of the water. Positive emotions (or vibrations, songs, like Mozart) result in increasing organization and elegance, negative emotions (or vibrations, songs, like heavy metal music) result in increasing disintegration and chaos. I am not familiar enough with Emoto's work to ascertain if he asked and explained how (in a practical way) this vibrational transfer occurs, and have not yet had the time to research this. However, as you stated above:

In water, the specific geometric shape of a substance is associated with a specific electromagnetic resonance.

So that will be a fascinating point to explore.

(3) One of the basic tenets of plasma cosmology is that it is scalable. It operates the same way at all scales - from atoms to galaxies. The Taoists say that right action in the world constitutes the Way, which is a state of existence "between Heaven and Earth". The esoteric maxim, "As above, so below," is the Western version of this. Gurdjieff also state that each human being has an "atmosphere" just like the earth. My hypothesis is that these statements refer to the scalability of plasma, with the implication that we human beings are also subject to the same laws, relationships, interactions. If plasma cosmology is scalable, there is no way human beings would be somehow exempt from it.

So what does this mean? A human being is a capacitor, just like the sun or the earth, but with unique EM characteristics specific to our makeup as human beings. We are different in particular in that we appear to be endowed with a different form of consciousness than the sun or the earth. The implications of that I am not sure, but will speculate below. But our body (in particular the heart) is an EM generator, and we have a sheath of energy, which extends outwards to a certain extent. This is depicted in the well-known image (which has many variations):


As a side note, could this be what Da Vinci was trying to convey with his drawing of the Vitruvian Man? Food for thought.

Thomas Cowan has stated that the heart is not a pump, seemingly confirming Rudolph Steiner's originally groundbreaking claim.

Apparently, the blood in the venous system flows upward towards the heart, essentially under its own power (with some help from the valves and muscle contraction). Steiner said that the closest ‘machine’ to the heart is the hydraulic ram – where, when the pressure and volume build up on the incoming side, a vacuum is created on the other side, and when the pressure differential reaches a certain level, the valve opens and fluid can be propelled upward. At the same time, in the heart, another process occurs, the form of the blood changes from a laminar flow to a vortex. The action of the heart on the blood is one of using suction to increase the momentum of the blood. The function of the heart is to create vortices – one horizontal and one vertical.

I have yet to read this book, but I would speculate that it is the vortex of the blood in our heart (our body's water) that generates our EM sheath. Why? This has to do with the characteristics of homopolar motors. An EM field will generate Lorentz force, inducing spin. But one thing I don't know about is whether or not this can work backwards - that spin can result in an EM field? I am unsure about the human heart - does the spin of our blood in the heart generate the EM field? Or does our EM field generate the movement of blood in the body? Or is it one of those questions of causality that needs non-linear thinking to answer? Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The EM field or the blood vortex? Both?


Gerald Pollack's research on EZ water may be helpful. He states that light penetrates deep into our skin, and this light is creating EZ water (water with a charge differential) everywhere in our bodies. This differential is "free energy" as he says somewhat flippantly, which can be used to run our machine. It is of note that when Gerald and his team placed a hydrophilic tube into regular water, subject to light, the water flowed flowed through the tube without any other input. He claims that this is what is happening in our veins and arteries. For a while I thought this so striking that since our heart is not a pump, then it is the structured water itself inside us, powered by sunlight, that is making our blood flow. Our heart runs on sunlight. How totally simple - and poetically mind-blowing!

So to recap a bit, if human bodies are subject to plasma laws, are we a capacitor? What does a capacitor do? It generates a charge. For us, this is perhaps done via our heart vortices. The energy flows outwards to form an electromagnetic membrane, or an invisible boundary, an "atmosphere", according to the parameters cosmic law. Just like the sun and its heliopause. A foreign object entering into the sheath can create a discharge. Instead of the energy flowing out to the invisible force boundary, it flows to the intruder. Like a mosquito in a bug zapper. Hence, comets that enter within a star's sheath are electric phenomena. And, on the human scale, anything that enters our "atmosphere" is liable to have some kind of electromagentic effect, depending on the nature of the charge of the entity that has entered our boundary.

It is in this context that we can begin to see how appropriate the choice of the word plasma was when describing a new understanding of cosmology. Of note, plasma comes from the Greek, meaning "to shape".

(3) Laurent Guyenot writes about psycho-genealogy: psyche, or Soul, and genea, meaning race and/or generation - I am tempted to translate it into Creation. That would mean psychogenealogy is the study of Soul Creation. His three quotes below are written in a very rich discussion of our current moment, discussing morphogenic fields, critical race theory, Darwinism, the implicit political theory of the West, the destruction of the Church as the body of Christ, critical race theory, whom we belong to, and how humans are reduced to their bodies at the expense of an understanding of the Soul.

“Blood” is the name people used to give to the spiritual qualities that pass from generation to generation, before they knew anything about DNA. The idea is that we are genealogical beings, spiritually as well as physically. How does it work? Do we have an ancestral or a racial collective soul? How do “blood” or “genes” account for the sense of kinship that forms the basis of organic societies—what Ludwig Gumplowicz called the “syngenic feeling”?
The genes, [Richard Dawkins]writes, “created us, body and mind; and their preservation is the ultimate rationale for our existence.”[26] But “preservation” is the wrong concept: you share your genes when you mate; you mix your blood, your lineage, with another one. This is the highest human responsibility. Genetic heritage is the real wealth of nations. There once was, by the way, a European movement based entirely on that idea: now that Americans have destroyed it, they can read about it in Johann Chapoutot, The Law of Blood: Thinking and Acting as a Nazi (2018).
Anthropology teaches that the complex network of blood and marital relationships that surrounds each person from birth to death (what Lewis H. Morgan in 1871 called “systems of consanguinity and affinity”) forms the distinctive structure of every society. Our ancient kinship system, inherited from the Roman world, has been torn to pieces. Whether we want to save our civilization or prepare for a new one, we should perhaps work on restoring the clan from the grassroots level. Building a new clan culture is quite a challenge, because the clan can only sustain itself on the basis of natural hierarchies, which clash with our democratic and mercantile “values”.

So he asking deep questions about our understanding of blood, or race, our DNA - individually, ethnically, and as humans in general. Putting it another way, he is writing simultaneously about our understanding of our own blood, our plasma, sex or Creation, family, or the shape of our psyche. He is writing about the shape of our Souls. In other words, he's asking what shape our Souls are in.

For those readers who aren't that familiar with English, there is a play on words here. But basically what I'm saying is that the shape of our Souls, or the structure of our body's mineralized water, has an effect on our ability to function. And our daily functions affect the shape of our Souls. It's a negative feedback loop. Again, where it begins, or the causal question of "where it [this cycle] comes from" eludes me. The C's might say it has never begun and has no ending. The SJW's would say that wherever it came from, it was the colonizer's fault and there will be hell to pay. But I digress...

I'd like to draw on the transcript of the MindMatters episode discussing Lethbridge, because I think they do a great job drawing out some implications here. As a side note, I am full of gratitude to the MindMatters team, as well as the Objective:Health team. I get my mind blow at least once a day while driving to work... Luckily I mostly manage to scrape myself back together by the time I get out of my truck and begin the day.

So at the most basic level of reality, the things that we see as vibrations are the objective appearance of the feeling of experience. So you could write a mathematical equation (energy = feeling) because for Whitehead, every objective thing, everything you could observe and see as an object had its own subjectivity to it. There's an inside and an outside to everything. When we're looking around the world we're seeing the outsides of everything but then from the perspective of that thing there will be some iota at least, of experience, from the most basic vibratory phenomenon up to human consciousness and above.

When you think about it, when you're talking about these things and this ability to read it, if it's true, it does make you feel like you're in Plato's cave when you're reading it. You feel like you're in the dark in terms of seeing all of this detail, like you said, this emotional signature in stones. It could be in houses. As Lethbridge says it can result in ghosts. There's a signature that can result in what he calls ghouls where he would feel this evil presence in an area and then find out that it was due to something horrible that had happened in the past and that there's something in the area, he speculated, had retained that. Water had retained that signature.

The focus on stones (or minerals) and water is really of note here. Our blood can be understood as our own internal "water and minerals" - If Lethbridge is correct, water and minerals can both receive a signal, and then transmit it. There is no reason I can think of to claim that our blood does not receive/transmit signals, although I admit I only have the most simplistic understanding of the mechanics of this, and the implications.

(4) Randall Carlson states that there is an ancient technology of a lost civilization that is encoded in the story of the Holy Grail. From the MindMatters episode:

"...a carefully composed code, or cryptogram that has been deliberately disassembled for purposes of concealment, preservation, and transmission". He also says that this..."cosmic symbolism has been embedded and preserved for posterity."


"...a symbol for a lost technology of individual, social and planetary regeneration. The Grail Quest then is an allegory for the search and eventual recovery of this technology for the restoration of both the debilitated king and the devastated kingdom that has devolved into an infertile wasteland."

The king has been wounded in the thigh and is infertile, and the kingdom has also become infertile. Individual, social, and planetary regeneration. There is a ton of extrapolation that can be done with these few sentences alone. The infertility refers to planetary ecological degradation, widespread social degeneracy, but also an infertility of the individual Spirit, or the infertility of human awareness. Notice the "As above, so below" correspondence here, how regeneration and degradation all occur at multiple levels in multiple ways, (and perhaps with in a striking, non-linear, simultaneous way).

"Wounded in the thigh" refers to the Fall, wherein the 3D STO human Soul group fell into materiality when the feminine aspect took the Lizzie's bait and chose to indulge in sex, or, all manner of baser drives. Keep in mind the interrelation of the concepts of sex, DNA, blood, water, the heart, and the Soul discussed above.

The wounding - was this the moment when the ten factors of our DNA was burned off using light? I don't know if that has been confirmed, there is more research needed. But the implication here is that light can be used to create the Water of Life inside us (EZ water), but can also be used to enslave us and turn us into the slimy pink creatures in the pods that power the Matrix. Just like a hammer can be used to build a Gothic Cathedral - or Gitmo. This choice is perhaps the most striking example of how our personal choices are a matter of reality creation.

For Carlson, the Holy Grail is not simply a symbol. It is a technology. Although it has a symbolic aspect, it also has a very material existence. And it is not just something for individuals, the lessons inherent in the Gail myths appear to have scalability, registering at all degrees of cosmic organizational level. It registers as the possibility of regeneration. As he says, individual, social and planetary regeneration. I would say to him - why stop there? Why not solar system, galaxial, and cosmic regeneration, too? This is the claim that Gurdjieff makes in Beelzebub’s Tales, that whatever conscious Work we undertake is of direct benefit to the maintenance of the Most Holy Sun Absolute, or the cosmic heart. Just as the proper functioning of our mitochondria contribute to the overall wellbeing of our body, the wellbeing of our body contributes to the wellbeing of our planet, solar system, scaling all the way up to maintaining the heart of the cosmos itself. All Creation. In this specific, concrete sense, everything we do is of cosmic significance.

He devotes the entire article to describing blood in the skies and blood raining from the skies even in modern times, that scientists have analyzed, blood that has come down from the sky - that's what it looks like, it's blood - and it usually follows some sort of sonic boom, some sort of cometary fragments exploding in the atmosphere. Then when scientists were actually able to analyze it, they noticed that it was just billions of micro organisms that very well could be some sort of a 'holy blood', that has been transmitted throughout the ages in order to tell people that not only are these signs to look for, but also the most intriguing thing I think about his article is that there's been some transmission of information about how all of these different biological and metallic elements that come raining down throughout history, periodically destroying the world, have also been used by life itself and by man to rebuild civilization and that there is inherent in the Holy Grail quest this, this anthropological dimension of the struggle it takes to rebuild civilization and to restore the King after the world has been turned into just a bitter, horrible wasteland by all these things.

But at the same time there's something holy and magical, alchemical, about this process itself. We still don't understand what role it has really played in not only the spreading of life throughout the cosmos, but also the evolution of life on our planet.

...There are a few different things to say about that. One, is that Carlson too points out the almost contradictory natures of the Grail, in these myths. On the one hand there is an element of destruction, but there's also an element of re-birth. It seems that the source of both of them is the same. So you have these cometary bombardments that just bring absolute destruction that can wipe out entire civilizations, and then on the other hand, comets have been seemingly - Carlson argues - responsible for not only the introduction of life into our planet and most likely elsewhere in the cosmos, but in injecting, like you said, these pre-biotic materials, amino acids, many different types of pre-biotic materials. Even organic materials have been shown to exist in cometary debris and to survive not only the dead cold of space but the very hot entry into the earth's atmosphere.

When that happens, he has another article in this series that describes the life cycle of a comet, which is interesting. Maybe we'll get into some of those in a bit, but what happens at the end of it. So finally you've got this burning bright comet, often brighter than the sun that smashes down into earth and creates a crater, and 'crater' is the root word of 'grail'. 'Grail' tracks back through several languages to the original Greek word for basically a 'platter', a 'krater', a crater, and now we've used that word as a description for the 'astrobleam', the star blemish that forms after an asteroid or a meteor strikes the earth. You get that bowl shaped thing. It's an interesting coincidence that the word we have actually lines up with the grail, one of whose symbols was a platter or a chalice, the same kind of shape.

And when that happens, all of these materials are then injected, not only into the atmosphere but also the lithosphere, the biosphere. In the years after the Tunguska event of 1908 when a comet fragment exploded over Russia, they discovered that some of the life forms like plant life and insect life, was affected in such a way that now they were growing hundreds of times faster than they ordinarily would have.

Something happened to their actual genetics, or the expression of their genetics. Carlson argues this was probably what happened throughout history, at the various times when we see explosions of speciation, of new variations in species and new species, that there's an injection of material from the heavens, a meeting of heaven and earth through the cometary bombardment that literally brings the heavens down to earth and injects all this material into every aspect of the earth.

He quotes another study that showed that the boundaries of the continents and the way they originally broke up from one single continent, were these massive cometary bombardments that broke the lithosphere right down there to create these fractures that then allowed for the separation of the continents and that by causing this rocky destruction in such a way, it essentially accessed the hydrosphere, the sources of water and the circulation of water on the planet so that whatever was injected, via that comet, could then spread throughout the entire earth. It was a network to distribute the material injected from cometary debris.

In light of this, the astute reader can see how important sex and sexuality are for the Soul. That's not the whole banana, but it simply cannot be left out - as indicated by the discussion by Mouravieff, the Sufis, and others, which gesture at the possiblities of Love, wherein two beings, Twin Souls, in a true spiritual marriage, can become a superconductor of Love, Light, Knowledge on earth. If the ‘wound in the thigh’ is what caused The Fall, then the healing of that wound is likely to be of utmost importance in The Resurrection. It is in this context that the Romance Novels can be likened to holy books!

(6) So now we come to an answer to a question that I had in the past. Jerry Tennant, in his presentation Healing is Voltage: The Physics of Emotions, made two claims that I didn’t understand. The first is that “DNA implodes scalar energy”. The second is that negative emotions are characterized by an EM signature. I wondered where the proof was of these claims, and could find nothing in his other videos that backed them up. But perhaps now we are prepared to understand what he was getting at, with Soul implications.

There is a great post previously in this thread providing some evidence to Tennant's first claim.

In the Vimeo video from the conference in 2010, found in a list of material from, there are several slides where Blank explains the reasons one can conclude that the DNA is structured like a fractal, how and why it can be susceptible to many ranges of electromagnetic frequencies. Below, I have attached screenshots of some of the slides. EMF comes in different wavelength and these can resonate with segments of the DNA which have similar wavelengths. This is the antenna analogy. The energy from EMF fields affects the electron transfers in the cell and this leads to the formation of stress proteins. His video has more slides including some that relate to health.

I didn't understand what Tennant meant by scalar energy when I first encountered his talk, but that has become clear in the facts of plasma dynamics. DNA implodes it, or gathers it, as an antenna, as identified by Pierre and given evidence by Thorbiorn's post – I am unfamiliar with the science of it, and still trying to wrap my brain around it, but I’ll try to make my way forwards by way of analogy in lieu of further research. Plasma, then, could be understood to be something like the cosmic blood coming from The Most Holy Sun Absolute, at all levels of organization delivering information (like nutrients delivered by red blood cells) to organs, and cells, mitochondria (us?), and it is our DNA that is signalling what we receive, just in the same way our own cell signalling is a major factor in what they can and cannot receive. Increasing receivership capacity is our ability to receive "higher nutrients", as well as remove wastes.

Importantly, the Most Holy Sun Absolute, just like our own heart, is probably not a pump. We don’t just sit around and get showered in higher nutrients and receive the benefits. We have to Work to be able to create the conditions of possibility for receivership. Our reception, the inflow, is determined by the outflow of negativity, as well as the state of our own internal water – if it is structured water, then it will flow as it should. EZ water is dependent on light, if you remember. And the C’s have said that Love is Light is Knowledge. So our receivership capacity is predicated on the Light we embody, the Love we carry, the Knowledge we seek. This all changes the structure of our body’s water, the geometric shape of our Soul.

Negative emotions carry an electromagnetic signature – this is suggested by Lethbridge, and can be seen in brain research, demonstrating the different EM patterns in the brain that are associated with different emotions, and a specific firing sequence in the brain for different emotional state. I haven’t read with much depth at all into this area of research, so I’m unsure if I can personally claim with confidence that there is proof to Tennant’s claim. But I have seen enough to consider it a valid hypothesis.

So getting back to plasma dynamics of the human being – we have an atmosphere, a sheath, or, for Don Juan, a glowing cocoon of awareness. When a negative emotion (like a fly) enters our atmosphere, there is a discharge caused by the negative emotion, short-circuiting our energy flow to our protective boundary. Hence the psychological importance of maintaining good boundaries. It is also a physical, electromagnetic thing. And it could be said that we must use our life energy in order to zap the fly once it arrives within our field. Either that, or it is done unconsciously.

Now, instead of a single fly, imagine being in a world full of flies – Flyers to use Don Juan’s term. Or, to make a green language pun, a world full of lies. No wonder it’s difficult to maintain good boundaries – we are in a state of constant discharge in attempt to clear our atmosphere. Some people are told to just accept that "flies are a part of life" (via various dominating thought-modes), and resign to never seek to clear the atmosphere, never heal, never progress. Some turn to dissociation. Some turn to intoxication. Some turn to stealing the energy of others. Some see others only as a means to offload their negativity. And on and on. The coping mechanisms abound. And 4D STS is there, skimming its portion of our life energy, while at the same time ensuring that the unconscious suffering keeps it flowing.

Where do negative emotions come from? Implants, inflicted trauma, energetic vampires, beaming and other frequency weapons, spirit attachments, cultural programming, OPs, psychopaths, Lizzies (and more) are all different sources of drain on our life energy. Not each negative emotion is a discrete object, like the metaphor of the fly in the bug zapper. That’s too simplistic. Some are more like a deeply embedded energetic dagger that causes a constant bleed. Or an entity that shows up to feed. It’s beyond me to try to detail the specific energetic dynamics of each of form of negative emotion, but with some thinking, one can see how each particular case manifests, and then figure out an appropriate response.

Jerry Tennant stated that a weak EM field can be cancelled out by a stronger one. If we are unconscious, we continue zap the buggers our whole lives in a mechanical way. This is a drain, and may be the energetic cause of illness. However, we can also "get ahead of the game" by developing a conscious strategy to "close the door" and stop letting the buggers in (mental blocking, good boundaries), nourish ourselves well and recuperate our energy (with diet and supplements), and connect with the energy of the "higher immune system" that has the power to move entire galaxies - so a few flies should be no problem. This higher immune system is a network. Hence the importance of networking. It is that stronger EM field that can cancel out the weaker signature of the negative emotions.

In sum, there’s a cosmic ‘rainfall’ approaching – identified by Carlson, the C's, and Laura in her Work. We could each be likened to gardeners tending our own (electromagnetic, or information) field. Tending the soil – the Soul. There's a green language connection there. In order to prepare for the coming ‘rainfall’, we must pull the weeds (negative emotions, from myriad sources). Some weeds have very deep roots and require a lot of digging to remove. Some are easier. And it should be said that no one should ever expect a field without weeds - they are here, in a way, to teach us, in the form of lessons. We can weep at the seemingly endless difficulty, or roll up our sleeves and get to Work. And as any farmer knows, this tending of the Garden is a life of hard Work. Maybe lifetimes of hard Work. And Nature doesn't wait, and hold off 'the rain' just because we have not prepared. There is a terrible chance that the ‘rainfall’ will simply feed the crop of weeds – which is exactly what 4D STS want. That is why they are seeding negativity like mad - in order to get their own harvest from our soil, our Souls. But if we Work, clear our field, and plant good seed, and help each other do so, maintain a good boundary so critters can't come in and eat what we've tended, then we will generate a reality of abundance. And it is much easier to be of service when one is in a state of abundance. In this metaphor, who are we? Simultaneously, we are the field, the gardener, the soil, the Soul, the seeds, as well as the Work, the sprout, the flower and the flowering. And so long as we Work diligently, and keep the Faith in these times of incredible uncertainty, "ourselves in the future" WILL show up with their shovels, their smiles, and sun hats, to lend a hand.

"That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake. Such large crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat in it, while all the people stood on the shore. Then he told them many things in parables, saying: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”
We could each be likened to gardeners tending our own (electromagnetic, or information) field. Tending the soil – the Soul.
Oh wow, I love your analogy, it’s beautiful.

I have an interesting coincidence to share. Yesterday while walking my dog, I was working through ideas in my head as I usually do while walking. I’m not sure what I was internally deliberating at that point but a flash of “thought” entered my mind, “we are preparing the soil”. I felt incredibly happy and content with this as a role or goal. At that moment I thought, that this was related to me recently getting very involved in my inner psychology and programs. Of course I was walking amongst the rice fields, so that may have influenced my thinking but the “thought” did seem to pop in from somewhere else.

So now when I came across your post where you have explained this idea further, I was rather surprised. I’m excited to keep tending the field, no matter how difficult and with no assumptions of a fixed outcome, it’s the work that matters, the harvest will be as it will be.
(L) Yeah, do we have any message for us here or our group?

A: Yes, you have a period of time in which to work while the reality is disintegrating around you, do not waste it!!! Goodbye.

I had to re-read that several times because for some reason it read in my head 'you have a period of time in which to work before the reality disintegrates around you' was how I interpreted it. I am a native English speaker too - perhaps I need an MRI.

Nevertheless, I was looking/waiting for cues on a global scale that might indicate the onset of reality disintegration, but e.g. the situation right now in Israel-Palestine is one of possibly many situations to come. The work component seemingly applies to a period of time within the chaos, not before it - i.e., while the reality is disintegrating around you.
I had to re-read that several times because for some reason it read in my head 'you have a period of time in which to work before the reality disintegrates around you' was how I interpreted it. I am a native English speaker too - perhaps I need an MRI.

Nevertheless, I was looking/waiting for cues on a global scale that might indicate the onset of reality disintegration, but e.g. the situation right now in Israel-Palestine is one of possibly many situations to come. The work component seemingly applies to a period of time within the chaos, not before it - i.e., while the reality is disintegrating around you.
Basically the reign of terror is already well on the way aka suffering exam week already started better stop goofing around and start cramming. You know some people can do the work without any suffering involve, you just have to decide changing your behavior and have faith in heavenly intervention. Technically you should have done the work years ago because it take a lot of time to get rid of your ego. Example if you are an aggressive person turning into defensive individual may take years, it will take many more years until you gain inner peace purity (basically nothing in the world bother you). Vice anger to virtue patience will crystalize into your soul. Basically, your vibration is the only thing that matter because you work and carry it on each incarnation progression. You are in the process of remembering who you really are, the Creator, as you raise your vibration. 50% purity/sto minimum passing grade is extremely difficult to achieve as C mentioned only 3000 soul passed the test last cycle. Each cycle you get roughly 108 self aware reincarnations before you start over again (recycle), 3000 recycle before you are out of the game. The difficult part is you don't know what you don't know, you only think you know.
It's always interesting to see where the discussion converges a few dozen pages after a new transcript...

Indeed iamthatis's analogy that we are gardeners tending our own electromagnetic/informational field is highly convergent.
Marrying that with highlights of the transcript:

You can bombard a creature with confusing or torturous signals or whatever to the point that it breaks something down in them. Then they can be altered mentally or emotionally. At the same time, many methods can be used to do this, including deliberately breaking down their health. These kinds of things are being directed at human beings continuously.
and later
...the process of cultural, social and psychological/emotional disintegration is accelerating...

it's pretty clear that your field is not entirely yours alone to tend, in both the aspects of terrain and FRV, it must also be defended, both at the individual and societal/cultural levels. Perhaps this is so that you also build the needed resiliency to preserve how you ultimately intend it to be shaped, if you have any hope of preserving its signature vibration, something you may at first only be able to achieve for infrequent bursts before you are torn down again, in one way or another.

This is the stability of your own internal crystal clock, so to speak, which could become very useful if you could manage to keep it pure, stable, and oscillating at a high enough frequency, relatively speaking.

There is a lot of deep symbolism in ancient mythology, for the very reason that this is the only way to encode information to pass forward within a civilization that only marginally controls its own course through history. The grail indeed can be interpreted in a more literal, technological manner, and the mindless pursuit of it in the Arthurian legend speaks something of its elusiveness, in the way that would unlock its potential.

This coming at the end of another narrative expressing how the world fell out of phase with a stronger connection to realms beyond via portals like Avalon, but with some hope evidently that just the opposite, a realignment, was equally possible, if not inevitable.

Well, it's clearer on this forum than perhaps anywhere else that the only way this can happen is realistic self work and mutual assistance, it in no way will ever happen automatically as the New Agers would have us think (nice try corralling them all together into their illusory belief structures, powers that did that...).

But I'll be damned if it isn't starting to happen despite all the odds against us. The hundredth monkey theory does have some truth to it, in some cases, but those monkeys, all the same, would have to tend their fields correctly for the theory to hold any salt.
Thank you for your comments. It is funny to see that my daughter lives in Seattle so I know exactly what your talking about. Love to visit and enjoy the city but weep for its corruption. The left have taken over the government and schools so even if there are a majority of common sense voters they will never be allowed in Seattle's Elite control club. The city is occupied not governed.

I love my daughter to pieces and she has been a blessing to the family. Very helpful, generous and supportive. She, however is surrounded by leftist friends who keep her thoroughly brainwashed. She is definitely a soul being so I trust that her soul will wake her up but she still will have to extract herself from her support system. A difficult path to be sure.
My Cuban friends in Miami are having the same issues with their children. These children grew up hearing detailed stories of what their parents and grandparents endured, yet they allowed themselves to be lured into the Marxist belief system at college. I'm seeing elders finally reaching (sad) acceptance that their young will have to live through it themselves, since they are actually asking for it. I'm new to being a senior citizen, but everyone I know of my age is so thankful to be this much closer to the end of life (for what they see coming). Was it always this way? Surely not.
Yes, I have seen that great movie. The C's have spoken of Thor's Pantheum, inspiring writers and other creative types and they cited Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, as an example (although I think he may have been dead by the time they made the episode I was referring to in my post).

The C's also admitted to inspiring the 'Wizard of Oz' story with all the lessons contained in that book and movie. One wonders, therefore, how many stories like Groundhog Day could have been inspired by 4D or 6D. I only learned recently that the great Christmas favourite, It's a Wonderful Life, was based on a short story and booklet (The Greatest Gift) by Philip Van Doren Stern. He claimed that the story came to him in a dream. But where did that dream come from?
I wonder if Grand Canyon movie was inspired this way. When I saw it a long time ago, I figured it was.
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