Session 13 March 2021


The Force is Strong With This One
Off the topic: I got Laura's new book today, delivered from Amazon. I am so excited to read it, and all the footnotes too. Waited a long time for this book. Always wanted to know who Jesus was. One curious thing I noticed on Amazon site: one day, her book had an icon above saying "#1 Bestseller", next day the icon was removed.


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Oh wow, I love your analogy, it’s beautiful.

I have an interesting coincidence to share. Yesterday while walking my dog, I was working through ideas in my head as I usually do while walking. I’m not sure what I was internally deliberating at that point but a flash of “thought” entered my mind, “we are preparing the soil”. I felt incredibly happy and content with this as a role or goal. At that moment I thought, that this was related to me recently getting very involved in my inner psychology and programs. Of course I was walking amongst the rice fields, so that may have influenced my thinking but the “thought” did seem to pop in from somewhere else.

So now when I came across your post where you have explained this idea further, I was rather surprised. I’m excited to keep tending the field, no matter how difficult and with no assumptions of a fixed outcome, it’s the work that matters, the harvest will be as it will be.

Cool synchronicity.

I was thinking that maybe in 5th density there are blue-ribbon prizes for biggest pumpkin, best tomatoes, best flower arrangement - sort of like a heavenly Fall Fair?
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