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Off the topic: I got Laura's new book today, delivered from Amazon. I am so excited to read it, and all the footnotes too. Waited a long time for this book. Always wanted to know who Jesus was. One curious thing I noticed on Amazon site: one day, her book had an icon above saying "#1 Bestseller", next day the icon was removed.
Oh wow, I love your analogy, it’s beautiful.

I have an interesting coincidence to share. Yesterday while walking my dog, I was working through ideas in my head as I usually do while walking. I’m not sure what I was internally deliberating at that point but a flash of “thought” entered my mind, “we are preparing the soil”. I felt incredibly happy and content with this as a role or goal. At that moment I thought, that this was related to me recently getting very involved in my inner psychology and programs. Of course I was walking amongst the rice fields, so that may have influenced my thinking but the “thought” did seem to pop in from somewhere else.

So now when I came across your post where you have explained this idea further, I was rather surprised. I’m excited to keep tending the field, no matter how difficult and with no assumptions of a fixed outcome, it’s the work that matters, the harvest will be as it will be.

Cool synchronicity.

I was thinking that maybe in 5th density there are blue-ribbon prizes for biggest pumpkin, best tomatoes, best flower arrangement - sort of like a heavenly Fall Fair?
Then again, those who got 3 or more shots of the vaccine were obviously already very compliant. Maybe they're just moreso now.
This is just perfect proof of what this vaccination is for. EXCELLENT ... I feel like they don't even need to lie anymore to those who can "see through conspiracy lies" haha, but simply telling the truth: "vaccine is getting you faster to NWO" will be enough, and STS forces on earth will get a double score, as they are after all at the end telling the 2% of truth + the sheep are willing to accept that truth and they got win-win situation. They will not even need to use false matrix logical reasons why to bomb or impose sanctions or hunger or gas games at any place on earth with less than 51% vaccination rate. It will simply become soon a WAR FOR THE "TRUTH" run and fueled online and continued on the streets between members of families, neighbors, friends etc ... . Incredible hahahaa and that is how we will not be able to say a thing anymore, but sit as far as possible from the "truth" and wait to see a full collective matrix transformation and final ouroboros, hoping that in that chaos we might get alive in this body to witness all this miracle and maybe even a birth of a new earth. ...
On the April drop dead date and who will drop dead, could it be that the struggle above is brought into our sky for all to see? Maybe those that refuse to see or hear will be the ones who drop dead along with the casualties from above. That would certainly be a game changer priority wise not to mention our economy tanking. Crazy thoughts for crazy times.

Interesting data. Found this looking for the source:

Public Attitudes to Ukraine Conflict by Vaccine Acceptance​

[Ottawa – March 18, 2022] This survey was conducted using EKOS’ unique, hybrid online/telephone research panel, Probit. Our panel offers exhaustive coverage of the Canadian population (i.e., Internet, phone, cell phone), random recruitment (in other words, participants are recruited randomly, they do not opt themselves into our panel), and equal probability sampling. All respondents to our panel are recruited by telephone using random digit dialling and are confirmed by live interviewers. Unlike opt-in online panels, Probit supports margin of error estimates.

The field dates for this survey are March 9-13, 2022. In total, a random sample of 1,035 Canadians aged 18 and over responded to the survey. The margin of error associated with the total sample is +/- 3.1 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Please note that the margin of error increases when the results are sub-divided (i.e., error margins for sub-groups such as region, sex, age, education). All the data have been statistically weighted by age, gender, and region to ensure the sample’s composition reflects that of the actual population of Canada according to Census data.





[ According to the data table file (attached), the row "Received two doses" is inverted, should be Agree: 46 and Disagree: 34 ]


Please click here for a copy of the data tables from this survey.

Please click here for a copy of the questionnaire that was used for this survey.

Since I had to go through hoops to access the pdf files, I'm attaching them.

The datatables file shows that the last question also has data for the twice jabbed, below. Also interesting the proportion between the twice, thrice+ and no-jab number of respondents.


edit: removed duplicated attached files.


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This can be also explained by Feliks Koneczny's Theory of Civilisations:
According to Koneczny, Europe in his time was a battlefield between three types of civilization: Latin, Turan and Jewish. He argued that Byzantine type of civilization had already lost the battle and was in deep crisis.
(I guess it is also true for the whole Western World now)
(...) Koneczny claimed that in the Latin civilization, ethics is the source of law. If some laws are not ethical, then they are changed. Government is judged on the basis of its adherence to ethics. The law is of dual nature, divided into public and private spheres. Religion is autonomous, independent and separated from the state. Individuality, self-rule and decentralization are highly valued. Knowledge is empirical.
In the Byzantine civilization, organized religion is dependent on the state. In this type of civilization all means are justified to achieve political goals. Politicians follow ethics in private life, but in public they are judged by their skills, not by ethics. The legal government has absolute authority and its orders are not doubted. Germany under Bismarck was an example of that type of civilization.
The Jewish civilization considers the law most important. The law is the source of ethics. The law cannot be changed. However, the same law can be differently interpreted, which leads to ethical relativism. Similarly to the Brahmin or Hindu civilization, it is sacral, with religion playing a central role. According to Koneczny, one of the elements of Jewish civilization is a belief in the superior role of one nation or race. Communist states, despite their atheism, are also products of Jewish civilization.
(the religion can be of course "scientism")
In the Turanian civilization, the government is the source of law and ethics and stands above the law and ethics. The ruler cannot be doubted. Koneczny considered Russia under the Tsars as an example of this type of civilization.
His theory is of course much richer, but a lot of his works were published in Polish only. I can elaborate more and translate some of the interesting parts if someone is interested :)

Basically, the whole Latin civilization is tagged as "anti-vaxxers" and "Russian agents" because of their personalistic values. What I've found very interesting is Putin. He seems to be a member of Latin civilization with his reasoning, but he's using Turanian means of governing.
Latin civilization derives from three sources:

- ancient Greece, from where the pursuit of a rational knowledge of truth began (shaped in ancient philosophy and developed by modern science);
- ancient Rome (Roman law), from where the concept of law as an expression of goodness and rightness began;
- Christianity, which transformed these sources through its ethics.
We do know from C's, that his "soul group" is connected to ancient Rome. This thought followed me from the morning, I thought I'd share :)
But Levy has taken his largely metaphoric and poetic idea of the wetiko virus, applied that to covid (as if there's a strange ill-defined covid wetiko spreading illness, paranoia, hypochondria, etc.), and missed the point in the process.
I can understand what Levy is pointing to, based on what Approaching Infinity has said (above) Not really talking about the virus per se, but rather as a gigantic worldwide thoughtform, or egregore. All have fed into it, creating it, even if one disagrees and believes, "Surely not I!" Well, think on all the talk/thoughts that centered around it. Not just on any possible health effects, but also on loosing jobs/money/friends & family/etc... Countless discussions on any aspect of it or its effects.

When I first read Chu's post, I thought the thinking or analysis too literal. I saw a ven diagram, used to explain how our personal realities overlap with others' and saw the same with the reality of cv; how that reality touches or overlaps with all on the planet. Now, seeing the egregore that has been created, it runs through humanity like a damn meme....
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Thanks all for the new session, so soon after the last one. Much interesting information! I know I am way behind in developing- but never have the Cs felt closer and validated! As you all as well- thank you all and the entire forum! Let’s see Pierre’s gesture- maybe if we all do it it will supercharge a connection!
Thanks all for the new session, so soon after the last one. Much interesting information! I know I am way behind in developing- but never have the Cs felt closer and validated! As you all as well- thank you all and the entire forum! Let’s see Pierre’s gesture- maybe if we all do it it will supercharge a connection!
This one is from last year. I was caught by surprise for a second as well but then checked the date more closely 😉
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