Session 16 July 2009

genero81 said:
So I was struck by the whole dance thing... and how it resonated with recent changes in my life.

But at the same time, there was this little nagging voice in the back of my head that I recalled from previous transcripts "There are NO good rituals."

I don't quite know how to balance the input that the rhythms and "frequencies" of dance will have a positive and collaborative effect with the admonition about ritual. Frankly it has me puzzled.

It's been discussed that this knowledge has decayed into "rites," "initiations" and so forth that has lost the original meaning. In fact, has become something entirely different. Like animal or human sacrifice, for example.

Besides, I didn't see any reference to rituals by the C's.

In fact it looks like a ploy to bring doubt into the mix. We don't even know how it works just yet and you are concerned about rituals.

I'm thinking more like creative application of knowledge by participants who share the same understanding. Is agriculture a ritual? No, it's an application of knowledge.

See the difference?

To someone who doesn't know how it works, from the outside, it might look like magic or "rituals".
But if you KNOW what you're doing: the intent, the process, the effects, then it's no magic. It's scientific application of knowledge.
To quote Laura:
Obviously, taking a scientific approach to these matters and understanding what you are doing and why and what you can truly expect from the actions is a WHOLE world of difference from "rites and rituals" that are performed mindlessly and with no real knowledge of what they mean or, worse, false ideas of what they are intended to do like all that magick mumbo jumbo!
Carcosa said:
What are the 2 videos of maze dances that are closest to the original?

I can't give you the links exactly, but I can give you the links of the ones I asked Ark to download on the minime:

The ones that we ended up viewing as the first two may or may not be the first two in this list because they got saved as "1" "2" and "3" and so on.

Anyway, the ones the Cs referred to were a teacher in a black skirt and white blouse with children, and women in red dresses, hands joined, in a line, moving in a more or less slow and sedate way. On the other videos, those who were dancing similarly to this would be comparable.
Corto Maltese said:
Laura said:
(L) Well it kind of reminds me... Remember when I talk about my power walking, when I get on the treadmill and I kind of meditate on the treadmill and focus on whatever is needed, and somehow it usually kind of happens? This business the Cs are talking about is power walking on steroids.
Hi this was very interesting session.

I have to say I was very confused after the quoted statement. We have already established on this forum and elsewhere that YCYR (You create your own reality) paradigm doesn't have any grounds in reality. Could you kindly explain in which way is this method of yours different to usual New Age YCYR ?

CM, I'm really surprised that, with all the data that has been shared over the past 15 years, given your thinking abilities (note I do not say "skills" because you have not actualized the potential of your abilities), you should be able to figure out the distinction.

Have you been keeping up with all the reading?

Rather than write a book about it, maybe I'll just do a video to explain the matter in detail.
genero81 said:
Anyone know why it could be a "triple" bad day for Rockefellers and the like?

From Cs:

Session 3 Aug 96 said:
Q: (L) Okay, we have the 3600 year comet cluster cycle, the
Sun twin is another cycle altogether, and then we have the
wave, which is a Grand Cycle. So, we have three things
causing a transition in nature?

A: Like "biorhythms."

Q: (T) And we have a triple bad day coming up! Or a good
day, depending on which way you look at it.

A: Bad day if you are John D. Rockefeller, good day if you
are Mahatma Ghandi.

Q: (L) So, does something like a three cycle event also occur
in sub-atomic transitions, like the biorhythm?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, there are three factors to be considered... or
more than three?

A: Either, or.

Q: (L) Can it be a random, arbitrary number of events?

A: If you wish.

Q: (L) Is it partly the observer that adds one of the
factors? Consciousness?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) So, we see three separate cycles coming together

A: Everything reflects macrodynamically and microdynamically.
Well, it remind me strongly what we were doing during Castaneda tensegrity workshops. There was dances with music and about 200 peoples... This was 10 years now.

I had rapidly give up those large meetings because I was not knowing exactly what I was doing but the energy was there, I had felt it. When a large crew do synchronized movements something happen, it's like... surfing a wave.
Now I understand that what is lacking to the the tensegrity movement is a clear STO orientation.

What is interesting too from this experience is the 'Practice Groups'. Practice Groups are people who encounter to freely practice movements. The only cost is the location of the room divided by the number of participants.
I believe most of people was mostly STO oriented but one strongly STS oriented can drain the positive energy and for sure it happen.

Hope this experience can help.
rs said:
But at the same time, there was this little nagging voice in the back of my head that I recalled from previous transcripts "There are NO good rituals."

I don't quite know how to balance the input that the rhythms and "frequencies" of dance will have a positive and collaborative effect with the admonition about ritual. Frankly it has me puzzled.

Even though I'm sure that this has been discussed before, I guess I need to do a little recap on rituals. It will help if you, and others, will read this carefully and ponder it. Perhaps pondering it while listening to the meditation audio will help?

First of all, Gurdjieff said, quoted in ISOTM:

"If we imagine humanity in the form of four concentric circles we can imagine four gates on the circumference of the third inner circle, that is, the exoteric circle, through which people of the mechanical circle can penetrate.

"These four gates correspond to the four ways described before.

"The first way is the way of the fakir, the way of people number one, of people of the physical body, nstinctive-moving-sensory people without much mind and without much heart.

"The second way is the way of the monk, the religious way, the way of people number two, that is, of emotional people. The mind and the body should not be too strong.

"The third way is the way of the yogi. This is the way of the mind, the way of people number three. The heart and the body must not be particularly strong, otherwise they may be a hindrance on this way.

"Besides these three ways yet a fourth way exists by which can go those who cannot go by any of the first three ways.

"The fundamental difference between the first three ways, that is, the way of the fakir, the way of the monk, and the way of the yogi, and the fourth way consists in the fact that they are tied to permanent forms which have existed throughout long periods of history almost without change. At the basis of these institutions is religion. Where schools of yogis exist they differ little outwardly from religious schools. And in different periods of history various societies or orders of fakirs have existed in different countries and they still exist. These three traditional ways are permanent ways within the limits of our historical period.

"Two or three thousand years ago there were yet other ways which no longer exist and the ways now in existence were not so divided, they stood much closer to one another.

"The fourth way differs from the old and the new ways by the fact that it is never a permanent way. It has no definite forms and there are no institutions connected with it. It appears and disappears governed by some particular laws of its own.

Here I think Gurdjieff didn't really consider the fact that the Fourth Way was very close to the ancient way which is what the Cs have pointed out: PaleoChristianity. It could even be surmised, by following the research into early modern Christianity, that the man around whom the "Jesus legend" accreted, was an initiate of the Fourth Way, one of the periodic emergences of the Truth, and that what he was doing and teaching was truly ancient Christianity. At least it seems so by reading and analyzing the findings of modern New Testament scholars such as Burton Mack.

"The fourth way is never without some work of a definite significance, is never without some undertaking around which and in connection with which it can alone exist. When this work is finished, that is to say, when the aim set before it has been accomplished, the fourth way disappears, that is, it disappears from the given place, disappears in its given form, continuing perhaps in another place in another form. Schools of the fourth way exist for the needs of the work which is being carried out in connection with the proposed undertaking. They never exist by themselves as schools for the purpose of education and instruction.

"Mechanical help cannot be required in any work of the fourth way. Only conscious work can be useful in all the undertakings of the fourth way. Mechanical man cannot give conscious work so that the first task of the people who begin such a work is to create conscious assistants.

"The work itself of schools of the fourth way can have very many forms and many meanings. In the midst of the ordinary conditions of life the only chance a man has of finding a 'way' is in the possibility of meeting with the beginning of work of this kind. But the chance of meeting with such work as well as the possibility of profiting by this chance depends upon many circumstances and conditions.

"The quicker a man grasps the aim of the work which is being executed, the quicker can he become useful to it and the more will he be able to get from it for himself.

"But no matter what the fundamental aim of the work is, the schools continue to exist only while this work is going on. When the work is done the schools close. The people who began the work leave the stage. Those who have learned from them what was possible to learn and have reached the possibility of continuing on the way independently begin in one form or another their own personal work.

"But it happens sometimes that when the school closes a number of people are left who were round about the work, who saw the outward aspect of it, and saw the whole of the work in this outward aspect.

This is what seems to have happened to the work of the "Jesus guy" and how Christianity, as we know it, has been passed down to us - by those who only saw the outward aspect and thought they actually knew something.

"Having no doubts whatever of themselves or in the correctness of their conclusions and understanding they decide to continue the work. To continue this work they form new schools, teach people what they have themselves learned, and give them the same promises that they themselves received. All this naturally can only be outward imitation. But when we look back on history it is almost impossible for us to distinguish where the real ends and where the imitation begins.

Exactly so. This becomes quite apparent when one follows modern day text and source criticism of the ancient texts.

Strictly speaking almost everything we know about various kinds of occult, masonic, and alchemical schools refers to such imitation. We know practically nothing about real schools excepting the results of their work and even that only if we are able to distinguish the results of real work from counterfeits and imitations.

"But such pseudo-esoteric systems also play their part in the work and activities of esoteric circles. Namely, they are the intermediaries between humanity which is entirely immersed in the materialistic life and schools which are interested in the education of a certain number of people, as much for the purposes of their own existences as for the purposes of the work of a cosmic character which they may be carrying out.

The very idea of esotericism, the idea of initiation, reaches people in most cases through pseudo-esoteric systems and schools; and if there were not these pseudo-esoteric schools the vast majority of humanity would have no possibility whatever of hearing and learning of the existence of anything greater than life because the truth in its pure form would be inaccessible for them.

By reason of the many characteristics of man's being, particularly of the contemporary being, truth can only come to people in the form of a lie— only in this form are they able to accept it; only in this form are they able to digest and assimilate it. Truth undefiled would be, for them, indigestible food.

"Besides, a grain of truth in an unaltered form is sometimes found in pseudo¬esoteric movements, in church religions, in occult and theosophical schools. It may be preserved in their writings, their rituals, their traditions, their conceptions of the hierarchy, their dogmas, and their rules.{...}

"The idea of initiation, which reaches us through pseudo-esoteric systems, is also transmitted to us in a completely wrong form. The legends concerning the outward rites of initiation have been created out of the scraps of information we possess in regard to the ancient Mysteries.

The Mysteries represented a special kind of way in which, side by side with a difficult and prolonged period of study, theatrical representations of a special kind were given which depicted in allegorical forms the whole path of the evolution of man and the world.

"Transitions from one level of being to another were marked by ceremonies of presentation of a special kind, that is, initiation. But a change of being cannot be brought about by any rites. Rites can only mark an accomplished transition.

And it is only in pseudo-esoteric systems in which there is nothing else except these rites, that they begin to attribute to the rites an independent meaning. It is supposed that a rite, in being transformed into a sacrament, transmits or communicates certain forces to the initiate. This again relates to the psychology of an imitation way. There is not, nor can there be, any outward initiation. In reality only self-initiation, self¬presentation exist. Systems and schools can indicate methods and ways, but no system or school whatever can do for a man the work that he must do himself. Inner growth, a change of being, depend entirely upon the work which a man must do on himself."

Okay, now you have a general idea of how rites and rituals get passed on by people who don't understand to people who also don't understand and end up being venerated in and of themselves as the way and means of doing something that is actually more or less technology.

Here is how I described it in Secret History:

Imagine, if you will, a worldwide civilization similar in many ways to our own - with advanced technology (though the technology of the ancient world was obviously quite different, as we will see). Imagine further that the imminent threat of a great cataclysm is realized too late to make proper preparations to preserve the civilization itself; or, perhaps the calamity is so devastating that it cannot be preserved. Imagine that the infrastructure of the civilization is destroyed. Imagine that, over the entire globe, out of say, six billion people, only 10 million survive, so terrible is the cataclysm. Furthermore, the survivors themselves are so widely scattered, and all means of travel and communication have been destroyed, so that any idea of them gathering together to re-implement the infrastructure that formerly existed is impossible. What is more, many of those who survived are not even technically capable of doing so.

But, in four or five locations, a small handful of people with higher educations did survive. However, the unfortunate thing is, their education is so specialized that they are able to re-implement only limited and selected elements of the former civilization. And so, they do the best they can. They become the Lords of the Flies, so to speak, and they seek to find a way to re-create what was lost; to seek out the additional knowledge, to rebuild the world from the ashes.

Having only uneducated and technically deficient people to do all the necessary work, and knowing that when they die, what they do know will be lost, they attempt to pass on as much knowledge as they can to as many as they can, knowing that even this is incomplete. Or, conversely, they create an “elite power structure“ where the knowledge is only dispensed to a very few in order to keep the reins of power in their own hands and the hands of their descendants.
In such a situation, what knowledge would be considered the most valuable to pass on? What would be foremost in the mind of such a person?

Well, the progenitor of a power hungry elite would certainly pass on knowledge that would perpetuate the Control of others. But an individual who wishes to help humanity as a whole might be thinking that a better world may come if they can only pass on what they know, and leave it up to those who come after to add the missing pieces. Would not this knowledge be the important things about the civilization itself? It’s infrastructure? It’s modes of communication, of travel, of laws and ethics; its high science; and most of all, the terrible information that was revealed at the very last, just before everything was blasted back to Stone Age conditions: the knowledge that the earth regularly and cyclically undergoes cataclysm.

Imagine the sighting of an oncoming disaster, such as a barrage of comets, in our own civilization. The first thing our scientists would do would be to make measurements and observations; study path and trajectory; and soon they would announce on television, to the world, that we are about to go through a dangerous period that, apparently, is part of a long period cometary shower. They would announce their numbers to the world, and everyone would know, just a short time before the destruction, that what they are facing has been here before. And that knowledge, revealed too late, would be the one thing that the survivors of such destruction would want to pass on to their children. And so, in such an environment, under such conditions, myths would be born consisting of memories of the world before and all its glorious technology, how it ended, and that disaster will come again.

Imagine, if you will, a group of survivors. They emerge from their place of safety to find that the world that they knew is not just damaged, but that the violent convulsions of the planet have folded over, ground up, and washed away most of what formerly existed. The factories, the power plants, the cities, the superhighways, the railway lines, the airports and airplanes, the great ships and industrial complexes - all reduced to twisted bits of iron, incinerated wood, and concrete that has been ground into gravel. With what skills they have, lacking anything but the most rudimentary hand-made tools, they build their little community and try to survive in the best way they can.

As time goes by, our little community of survivors is doing well. They have grown old, and now they sit around the fires with a new generation of little ones gathered around to hear stories of “what did you do when you were young, grandpa?” And the grandfathers sigh with longing for the ease and comfort and marvels of all that was lost, and answer: “We went out to dinner at fine restaurants and watched movies.”

“What is a movie, Grandpa?”

“Well, it is a big place where everybody used to go to see famous movie stars having wonderful adventures. Everybody would sit in a row of seats and the movie would appear on a big white wall in front of us.”

“What appeared on the wall?”

“The images of the movie stars.”

“What is a movie star, grandpa?”

“A movie star is a famous person who pretends to be someone else in order to tell a story.”

“What is an image, grandpa?”

“It’s a sort of projection of the real movie star who is not actually there. They live somewhere else, and when they are not acting in movies, they have ordinary lives.”

“How does it happen that the image of the movie star can be seen when they are not really there?”

“Well, that’s technology. It has to do with a light that is shone through a long piece of transparent stuff that runs around a wheel.”

“What runs the wheel, grandpa?”


“What is electricity, Grandpa?”

“It’s a great force that is in the air. Electricity is what you see when you see lightning. When we were little, we used electricity to make everything work. It was the power that made our lights come on. It was what we used to cook our food. We used electricity to run our stereos and radios and televisions.”

“Grandpa, what is a television?”

“It’s a sort of box and the images of the same movie stars that you see in a theater can be seen right in your own house.”

“How do the images get into the television?”

“They come through the air. There were satellites floating high in the air around the world that sent these images into the television. The same satellites also helped us to be able to talk to anybody anywhere in the world on a telephone.”

“Grandpa, what’s a telephone?”

We will leave this most interesting question and answer process and jump now to a time when Grandpa has gone to his reward, and the grandchild has grown up and has children. He is telling his own children about the stars in the skies that send messages into boxes and make it possible for anyone to talk to anyone else anywhere in the world. He also is telling his grandchildren about the great movie stars in Hollywood who could appear on a blank wall in a big theater after a big banquet with the gods, or, under special circumstances, if the gods choose to speak from the heavens, in a special box in a person’s very own home.

Skip another generation, and we have the community falling upon hard times. They remember the stories of the world before, and it seems that they need help. Perhaps if they build a replica of the box like object that was so important a part of the time of plenty, they will be able to communicate with the gods in Hollywood who will then bring the famine or plague to an end.

So, they build a box and set it on an altar. They begin to call upon the different names they remember from the grandfather’s stories. “Oh, great mother Elizabeth Taylor! Hear our plea! Come to help us great father Clark Gable!” But nothing happens. Perhaps the gods are angry? Maybe they want something? How about a sacrifice? Some wine, perhaps? Maybe the gods miss the banquet part? They want a nice succulent lamb. No? Well, how about a newborn infant? A virgin? Two? A dozen or so?

And so, as time goes by, the facts of what existed before become little more than fairy tales, clues to a former time, buried in layers of ignorance and superstition. And as the populations grow, and travel is undertaken, they meet tribes with similar stories but from different angles. Perhaps they meet a group whose “grandfather” was a great scientist. He taught his grandchildren to memorize scientific formulas. Naturally, because their grandfather was a scientist and passed “scientific and superior knowledge“ to them, they feel that they are in a position to instruct those ignorant rubes that are invoking Liz Taylor and Clark Gable. No, indeed, it must be done this way: you have to form a circle around the television and say the right words, the magical formulas. And so, the combined tribes begin to dance around the “Cube of Space,” chanting “Eeee equals Emmmm Ceeee squared! Eeee equals Emmmm Ceeee squared! Eeee equals Emmmm Ceeee squared! We appeal to the great god of Ein- Stein! Speak to us!”

And if they do it long enough, they will induce the production of certain brain chemicals, which will lead to states of ecstasy, and there you have it! The proof that it works. And so, we have our legends of great occult science in the making.

I’m sure that the reader can take these short vignettes even further, and see how the memory of the golden age was passed down, and how myths, if they were properly examined and analyzed, could be the key to finding the threads of an ancient technology, the disjecta membra of a lost civilization.

However, that is not to say that there were not some groups who did actually manage to re-create some of the technology. It seems evident that some scientists, some technocrats, survived and were responsible for the sudden emergence of the civilizations that we know in our recorded history. It is also equally likely, human nature being what it is, that the very progenitors of these civilizations became the elite, and as often happens, when the elite take advantage of the masses, revolutions come about destroying the very wellsprings of that knowledge.

Also, as noted, there were probably others who sought to preserve the knowledge, encoded for the future time when only a revival of technology would make any of it comprehensible.

Okay, Jeep, are ya still with me? I'm laying important principles out for you here and even though it's been done before, elsewhere on the forum, in books, and podcasts and so on and so forth, I guess you have missed it all the other times it has been discussed.

Now, the Cs have repeatedly told us that "rituals restrict" and "knowledge protects."

A rite is a set of actions that are repeated by individuals from the "outside" of a knowledge system, who have no idea what they are doing or why, but they believe that if they do these actions that something will happen.

One example I gave on the forum here was that of someone observing a scientist mixing some liquid chemicals together and producing an explosion. The observer is not aware that the chemicals are the important element and thinks only that mixing liquids together in a certain way (and maybe particular colors of liquids) will bring about the explosion. So, he gets some liquids and starts mixing them together with the firm belief that he will get a result. Well, since no explosion occurs, he begins to convince himself that the explosion is occurring on some other level or that if he does it often enough, the "spirits" in that other realm will make it happen for him. And so he teaches his students that it is REALLY happening, only you can't see it... and if one of them is lucky and holds his mouth right while pouring, says the right words, or whatever, that something explosive will happen.

Well, sure, you could say that what we are talking about here with breathing exercises, dance and so on, is similar, but is that the case? These ideas have been presented in the context of scientific knowledge of our reality and our own experiences and experiments as well as lengthy research into the experiences of others. We also have the Cs and a pretty good track record for them... so I'm inclined to try it and see what happens. As one poster said, it's kind of like building an Ark - it seems like a good idea and it's fun, and it may come in very handy!
I am overexcited as I love to dance too! :D

I was taught folk Greek dances when i was in elementary school (veeeery long ago), but i got a chance to dance Greek circle dancing again at a wedding in Greece few weeks ago. What i distinctly noticed was how i felt in a way "intimate" with everyone in the circle i was dancing with, even if i met them for the first time. I don't remember learning Tsakonikos ever, but the steps seem similar to dances from other regions in Greece.

Laura said:
Anyway, the ones the Cs referred to were a teacher in a black skirt and white blouse with children, and women in red dresses, hands joined, in a line, moving in a more or less slow and sedate way. On the other videos, those who were dancing similarly to this would be comparable.

I figured that these are the two:

The steps appear to be very simple, and the pace is slow enough for anyone to perform i would guess.

So to me looked like this:

Starting with the right foot, holding hands in a circle, the dancers pace forward 4 steps, then on the 5th, the right foot meets the left foot and it's a small pause with both feet close together.

So it's: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - close......

That was repeated 8 times. Then children with the teacher video, did a small variation after this, where when the right foot does the 4th step, the left foot does a small "jump" or raises up a bit, and then touches the ground for the 5th step.

So it's: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - jump......

And many of us can get together and do these dances in spiral and maze forms, and that could block STS 4D negative energies?! That's awesome! :clap:

Well, i personally have a lot of work to do till i am a being of BEING, but i can't think of anything better to do at this time :halo:

Thank you Laura and crew and Cs!!!! :love:
Thanks for the session!!! It see them coming more often than before. :rolleyes:

It certainly called my attention the dancing. I'd never liked to dance, but I like to sing:

Q: (A***) That's a good reason to learn to dance! (Ark) Well, how long would you have to dance to keep the block going long enough?

A: You create it with the dance, chant, musical induced state, and then just add power as needed.

I've been practicing my singing skills combined by my draws and my writings (Yes, as you guessed, I LOVE ART and all it expressions). I didn't try to sing the "Prayer of Soul", but I got great experiences to talk "melodic" at the point that I see myself crying when I do it. It's strong, I can say it. I also often try to start my days by singing random songs while I'm still in my bed, It helps a lot, try it! ;) I love music!

About that connection, I don't want to say something wrong, but I dreamt with you (Laura) one time the weird thing is that I'd never met with you before. I also find a better "connection" when I'm about to sleep like the last night when I asked myself "If 4D STS know about people who is awakening in 3D, why don't they attack them with more effectiveness?" and that's when an answer appeared: Knowledge protects and I opened my eyes suddently, realizing that it was te correct answer.

Then, I found two ways to get a better connection: Singing and sleeping (Or about to sleep). Of course, that's my point of view, as always: I could be wrong.

About the dancing, I remember C's talk about wearing silk clothes that helps to "avoid" external influences and it may help, I guess. I don't remember that session, if someone would be nice and share it, because I can't find it. :(

Q: (L) So where are we gonna get these words from?

A: We will be giving them in dreams to you.

Sometimes dreams are confusing and we forget them fast. Will be able to remember those words once we dream them?


As always, it must be "a group decision" to accomplish the transition to 4D, I hope that we're all agree with that choice. That's all that I've got to say. :shock: Have a nice day. :)
Ellipse said:
Well, it remind me strongly what we were doing during Castaneda tensegrity workshops. There was dances with music and about 200 peoples... This was 10 years now.

I had rapidly give up those large meetings because I was not knowing exactly what I was doing but the energy was there, I had felt it. When a large crew do synchronized movements something happen, it's like... surfing a wave.

Now I understand that what is lacking to the the tensegrity movement is a clear STO orientation.

What is interesting too from this experience is the 'Practice Groups'. Practice Groups are people who encounter to freely practice movements. The only cost is the location of the room divided by the number of participants.

I believe most of people was mostly STO oriented but one strongly STS oriented can drain the positive energy and for sure it happen.

Hope this experience can help.

Yes, one really negative individual can spoil the whole thing. We are really beginning to appreciate the old saying about "one bad apple..."

Also, notice that the Cs said that the dance would only be effective when performed by members of "the blood." Let's have a look at a few remarks the Cs made about blood in the past to see if anything becomes clear here:

5 Oct 94

Q: (L) Is that, as some people claim, the true meaning of the search for the Holy Grail, that it is not a cup but the "Sang Real", or holy blood line?5
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are there any descendants of Jesus living today?
A: 364,142.

7 June 87

Q: The next thing is the dietary restrictions. Many cultures
eat rabbits and pigs, in specific, those of Aryan
extraction. The rabbit was sacred to Athena, and the
Celts at a LOT of pork. Yet, here these items are
restricted from the diet of the Jews. Is there any
relation between the diet as outlined here, and the Aryan
genetic tendencies to conquest and domination?
A: Trichinosis used to be nonexistent in Aryan types... But,
mixing of genetic factors eliminated this.
Q: So, the Jews were susceptible to trichonosis, and the
Aryans were not?
A: Originally.
Q: So, it was necessary for the Jews not to eat the pork, but
not for the Aryans, and the mixing caused susceptibility.
In a general sense, are strong Aryan genetics indicative
of the necessity for the consumption of meat?
A: In a sense, but pescadorial features substitute semi-
Q: Pescadorial. Semi-adequately. What needed to be added so
that the substitution would be not just semi-adequate, but
totally adequate?
A: Iron/protein levels.
Q: So, it is the iron that the Celts need? Well, that brings
me to the next question: In all the Celtic folklore when
they talk about 'fairies,' which are obviously other
density beings very similar to our modern 'Gray alien,'
these fairy/slash aliens insist that no iron come near
them in any way. It was also said that bringing iron into
contact with someone thought to be a 'changeling' would
prove whether or not they were because if they were, they
would disappear instantly. Also, the instructions for the
building of the Temple of Solomon included restrictions on
the use of iron in either the preparation of the materials
or the putting together of the building itself, even down
to the rejection of the use of iron nails in any part.
What is the significance of this restriction on the use of
iron by these other density beings, whoever they are?
A: Bloodline trails.
Q: Are you saying that... I don't understand... not even well
enough to frame another question...
A: You will, my dear, oh will you!
Q: If it was necessary for the Aryans to have iron... okay,
maybe the iron is something that interacts...
A: What about iron as an element?
Q: Okay, let's see: Iron - derived from early Celt 'iserno,'
via Illyrian 'eisarno' from the IndoEuropean base 'eis,'
which means to 'move vigorously; strong, holy.' It is a
white, malleable, ductile, metallic chemical element that
can be readily magnetized, rusts rapidly in moist or salty
air, and is vital to plant and animal life; it is the
most common and important of all metals, and its alloys,
as steel, are extensively used. Symbol: Fe; atomic
weight:55.847; atomic number: 26; specific gravity: 7.86;
melting point: 1535 degrees Centigrade; boiling point
3,000 degrees C. The electron shells are thus: 2,14,8,2.
Iron is an element of blood, hemoglobin, and is easily
magnetized... there is some new work about iron and
magnetite in the brains of people who are psychic or have
'abduction' experiences... is it the magnetism?
A: Yes....
Q: Is it something that holds one more firmly in 3rd density,
and the elimination of it enables one to switch
densities... or...
A: Tis magnetite that acts as a conduit, and perhaps, just
perhaps, allows for transference back and forth at will?!?
And what about the legend about the alchemists? Is not
the key term there really transformation?!? And has not
the "smoke screen" really been delivered so effectively by
all the concentration upon the substance?!? And does not
this remind one indeed of all the misguided concentration
upon substance rather than meaning that one finds so
regularly on 3rd density??
Q: I get it! So, it is the magnetite in the body, that
collects and holds the charge, and it has absolutely
nothing to do with an external substance at all! Is that
A: You are getting "warmer."
Q: Am I right, we need more iron for magnetite, or am I
completely off base here?
A: You are right, but, do not underestimate the significance
of that just delivered! What better deception than to
divert the meaning of alchemy, by focusing upon substance,
then addicting those souls bound to 3rd density to the
Q: Okay, it is the magnetite that acts as a conduit. And the
concentration is upon the substance, that is, the
magnetite. Let me conjecture that the thing that is
believed to be distilled out of the alchemical operations
is magnetite, is that correct?
A: No, because no need, if not deceived by other efforts.
Q: Were these other efforts involved with sexual function?
A: More like the results of same.
Q: Okay, they were concentrating on...
A: Today's version of the deception could be your favorite
and mine, "monoatomic gold."
Q: Oh, the David Hudson fiasco...
A: There too, one is lead astray by substance... Remember
our little dissertation about all the really big bangs?
Q: Yes.... I remember... and I got a lot of flack from
that... The three days of darkness, et cetera... the
implications... let's back up...
A: Oh my, oh my, we can turn this powder into gold!! And if
you eat enough of it, you will have orgasms forever as a
light being... Oh my, oh my!!
Q: Good point! Getting people addicted to the substance by
these claims...

22 Nov 97

Q: Raymond Lully was rumored to have transformed a great deal
of base metal into gold for Edward II of England. Did
Raymond transmute for Edward in 1311 or 1312?
A: Only method which will accomplish this uses high pitched
melodic sounds, brought forth while in a trance state.
Q: Brought forth from what, the human voice?
A: From the center of within.
Q: Well, back to my question, did Raymond transmute gold for
Edward, because there was supposedly some special
treatment given Lully by Edward, and we know that Edward
II was the arch enemy...
A: If you learn to concentrate on the present for such
answers, the dividends realized will far exceed

Q: What is the 'prime matter' of the alchemical process?
A: H2O.
Q: What? (Ark) Water can be in different states.
A: Heavy water.
Q: What is heavy water? (Ark) Instead of normal hydrogen, you
have hydrogen atoms with two neutrons. It is used in
atomic plants. (L) Okay, if that is the prime matter,
what is the philosophical mercury that goes with it?
A: Wrong "track."
Q: What is the right track?
A: See several answers back.
Q: It is not etherally correct to answer this?
A: No, sound, Laura, sound! See Leed Skallen.
Q: How does one produce this sound?
A: We have given you the pieces, now "fit them in."
Q: Well, they say that prime matter is that which is created
by God and is firmly captured within you, yourself, and
that any creature of God deprived of it will die. So, I
have come to the idea that this prime matter is blood,
which is connected to the hemoglobin molecule, which is...
A: What is the human body composed of? 77 per cent... what?
Q: Well, water...
A: Bingo!
Q: Well, how does one change the water in one's body to
heavy water, and what kind of effect does that have on the
A: See previous responses!
Q: How does one make the water in the body into heavy water?
A: See previous responses!
Q: Is it as simple as going into a trance an humming 'ooom?'
A: On the right track, but short of destination.
Q: Does it have something to do with the bones... using the
bones in the body as resonators?
A: Just review when convenient. Guessing will derail you.
Q: I need a clue about this sound...
A: You have been given this.
Q: Well, I thought about the DNA, marrow, blood, hemoglobin,
magnetite, and the fact that blood is manufactured in the
marrow of the bones, and the symbolism of the skull and
crossbones which is also the symbol of the Rosie Cross,
and the image of the blood of the pelican - so it just
made me think that blood was important. Does blood have
something to do with this internal sound or does the sound
change the blood?
A: No more on this.

20 June 98

Q: Then, that makes me think that the significant thing that
we are looking for is a convergence of the blood lines...
These lines are symbolized by the god figures, the
children of Odin, and what we are looking for is a place
where these lines converge?
A: Yes.
Q: Well, what characteristics might an individual have who is
a product of this convergence?
A: Fair skinned and cleft chin.
Q: Well, Ark and Frank both have cleft chins, but Chloe and
I don't! Does this mean...
A: We aren't saying that all with these features are of that
blood line!
Q: So, you can have the bloodline and look quite different?
A: Yes.
Q: How many persons on the planet contain these 'convergant'
A: 7367. Kites were used for cross communication between bloodline
Q: Kites?! What do kites have to do with it? What the
heck... you guys are driving me NUTS! Do you mean kites
as in paper and string or kites as in the bird?
A: Yes, paper wood and string.
Q: (C) Like smoke signals? (L) Well, how is flying a kite...
(C) Well, if it has a certain symbol on it...
A: And shape.
Q: What shape is that?
A: No, not now.
Q: (C) Well, maybe the shape of a cleft chin? [Laughter] (L)
Fair skin, cleft chin... (C) Yeah, and how did they
communicate when it was raining? (L) Yeah, and at night?
Did they set them on fire? Kites. This is obviously
something that... (C) This is implying that such people
know they have the bloodline and keep in touch with each
other? (L) Or, is this something for the future when
those of the bloodline wake up?
A: Yes.
Q: All of the above? Or just the last part?
A: Latter.
Q: So, we need to go fly a kite... (C) With a particular
shape and symbol...
A: Research kites.
Q: (C) The Japanese fly kites... and there are a lot of
people who hang banners outside their houses all the
A: Want revelations? Prepare for "Treasure" Hunt.
Q: Thanks a lot!
A: These quests energize you, Laura!
Q: Yes, they do. When I start finding things that connect,
it is like having little explosions of energy in the
brain... (A) Well, I don't understand these kites. They
don't fly by themselves, they are on a string. You cannot
see them at great distances... only a few miles... what is
the point of communicating this way with someone who is
only a few miles away?
A: Kites can be released, or left behind too!
Q: (A) When you release a kite, it falls down! Well, maybe
we ought to wait and see where this clue goes before we
get stuck on the technical aspects. Maybe it is just sort
of a marker... We don't know if it will relate to a
literal kite, or a reference to a kite, a drawing of a
kite... a carving... something will appear that will
connect, I am sure. It always does.

15 April 2000

Q: (L) So, in effect, we ARE the new Neanderthals on the eve of extinction. You have said that those who transition into 4th density in the body will go through some kind of rejuvenation process or body regeneration or something. Does that mean that these present "Neanderthal" type bodies that we presently occupy will morph into something more in line with the new model? Is it genetically encoded into some of them to do so?
A: Something like that.
Q: (L) So, that's why they have been following certain bloodlines for generation after generation; they are tinkering with the DNA and arming genetic time-bombs that are waiting to go off. (A) What is interesting is how do those who are trying to get these people, to abduct them, how do they spot them? How do they get the information? By following the bloodline, or by some kind of monitor you can detect from a long distance - and they can note that "here is somebody of interest" or "here is somebody dangerous" or "let's abduct this one" or whatever. How do they select? Do they search the genealogies or is it some kind of remote sensing?
A: Now this is interesting Arkadiusz, as it involves the atomic "signature" of the cellular structure of the individual. In concert with this is the etheric body reading and the frequency resonance vibration. All these are interconnected, and can be read from a distance using remote viewing technology/methodology.
Q: (L) Can it be done in a pure mechanical way without using psychic means?
A: At another level of understanding, the two are blended into one.
Q: (T) Computerized psychic remote viewing, maybe. Like artificial intelligence. Maybe a mind connected to a computer?
A: That is close, yes.

23 Sept 2000

Q: Was my insight that I had one night that, at some point in time something may happen that
will turn genes on in our bodies that will cause us to physically transform, an accurate perception
of what could happen at the time of transition to 4th density?
A: For the most part, yes.
Q: Are there any limitations to what our physical bodies can transform to if instructed by the
DNA? Could we literally grow taller, rejuvenate, change our physical appearance, capabilities, or
whatever, if instructed by the DNA?
A: Receivership capability.
Q: What is receivership capability?
A: Change to broader receivership capability.
Q: (A) That means that you can receive more of something.
A: Close.
Q: (A) It means how good is your receiver.
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What is your receiver? The physical body?
A: Mind through central nervous system connection to higher levels.
Q: So, that is the whole issue of gaining knowledge and developing control over your
body. If your mind and CNS are tuned to higher levels of consciousness, that has
significance in terms of your receivership capability?
A: Close.
Q: Now, on a couple of occasions we have talked about trees. You have said that the
trees would lead me to an answer. Then you made remarks about beechnut, and oaks,
and beech and bloodlines and family trees and the Nordic Covenant. Basically, I asked
about this Nordic Covenant and you said that I would find the answer, that the trees
would lead me to it. I asked what literary source I should go to to find the least distorted
source of information. You answered "trees" again. Then, you pointed out the leaves of
the trees on this book. Later, when I read the book that was all about trees, it said that
there was a need for someone of a certain bloodline to come along and free the dragon
spawn. "None other than she can bring the pryf, or soul, up from the deep, no matter how
they may make the serpents squirm. If she can hold her place in the gates of time." You
answered me "You cannot see?" It also says that this person with this certain bloodline
has the duty of creating a bridge between man and the gods to open the doorways of time.
You said to me that these things had explanations that were readily apparent. Then, when
I asked the question about this book and all the trees in it, that this was a clue given so
that I would notice the things in this particular book, you said "certainly." Now, having
gone through all the shamanic stuff, all the information about the world tree, the world
axis, and your remarks about building a staircase, which is another variation on the world
axis or world tree, and having some kind of mission, and the mission being piercing the
spider, which relates again to the world axis and the world tree, which one climbs one
step at a time. Then, you talked about Jack and the Beanstalk, which is another example
of the world tree. Over and over again we are having all these representations of trees
which basically has something to do with some sort of destined action, and it is almost as
though you are hinting that some person has to be physically tuned as a transducer of
some sort to "stand in the gates of time," for the rest of humanity. Then, you made the
remark recently about lodestar. Well, there might have been a time in my life when I
might have thought that it was me who could do something like that. And, if I ever did,
maybe it was even ego thinking. However, I am getting a little old for that sort of thing,
so I don't really think that it is my role. But, I do think that there is somebody in the
world whose role that is, and I would like to know if that is somebody we are supposed to
be looking for, or that we are going to find this person?
A: Perhaps you shall find, or perhaps they will find you!
Q: Well, it kind of takes the burden off my shoulders. I think that somebody who does
something like that is never useful for anything again. Somebody who does such a thing
is like a sacrifice. They have to give their life up for others to act as this transducer and it
fries all their circuits. Can you comment?
A: No.
Q: Am I correct that somebody who does this is basically sacrificing themselves and
they get fried in the process?
A: In some instances.
Q: But, it is true that we are looking for somebody who will stand in the gates of time
and act as a bridge?
A: Maybe. You shall see...

13 July 2002

Q: (A) What does having a soul or not having a soul have to do with bloodline?
A: Genetics marry with soul if present.

19 April 97

Q: Am I on the right track with the "bloodline" research?
A: Sure.
Q: Am I going to discover some more startling things with
this "bloodline" research?
A: Discovery is the fruit of inquiry.
Q: Am I correct in my assessment that the origin of the Grail
stories was the story of the Head of Bran?
A: But what was the "origin" of Brahna?
Q: Well, from the way I am interpreting what I have found, I
have two possibilities: One is the Celts from Kantek, and
two: a Nephilim hybrid.
A: Could be one and the same.
Q: Well, from what you have said in prior sessions, these
bloodlines can be of positive or negative orientation, a
duality, and that they lead to super-secret power sources.
Is that correct?
A: Well, the duality is existent concommitantly through all
bloodlines, but in the so-called celts, it is more
pronounced, therefore, there are more vivid power cells
and centers.
Q: Are these cells and centers that you talk about, are they
something that is located in the body or a part of the
spirit-body connection...
A: The extant body.
Q: What do you mean by "extant" body?
A: Existent/external.
Q: Okay, I will keep digging. How can I find if there is
going to be a connection between the Aryan/Jewish
bloodline of Jesus and the Merovingian/Plantagenet
bloodline? Does it exist?
A: Only to the extent of the shared origins of the
essenes and the celts.

Now, here's a bit from Secret History about the Maruts:

So here we have a very interesting confluence of seemingly unrelated elements: We will pass from that subject for the moment to return to our matter of the dancing god who came every 19 years to Stonehenge, and how it may relate to spinning in airplane seats, producing sounds, and overcoming gravity - and perhaps even space and time and matter. What we find is that these elements are all connected in such a way that we suspect that they were elements of a technology that enabled an entire group of people to live in harmony, and to produce all they needed so that the artifacts of civilization, as we know them, were not required by these peoples. What is more, they seem to have been related to their ability to perform feats of which we are incapable with all our technology. These “wonders” that are the stuff of myth to us now, were, apparently, part of their daily reality.

In searching for additional clues in the nature religions associated with the symbols of the Holy Grail, we find that dancing was part of the archaic grail ensemble. The Sword Dances, Morris Dances, and Mumming Plays, for example, seem to be an inherited tradition of solemn ceremonial dances performed at stated seasons. And that is exactly what Diodorus has told us: The god danced all night every 19 years at the time of the Equinox.

Jessie Weston, among others, was moved to think of these dances and the entire Grail cycle ensemble as a ritual designed to “preserve and promote the regular and ordered sequence of the processes of Nature.” In other words, the disjecta membra of the advanced technology of a vanished civilization.

It seems to us, from looking at the evidence of the absolute reality of what these people were capable of doing, that the dances, the myths, and the rites, all point to an archaic technology that is preserved idealistically as “promoting the processes of Nature,” but it was actually a direct interaction with Nature that resulted in the manifest production of all that was needed by the peoples in a literal and immediate sense.

The earliest recorded Sword Dancers are the Maruts, the attendants of the god Indra. They are a group of youths of equal age and identical parentage and are always dressed alike, and they are always dancers. Throughout the Rg-Veda the Maruts are referred to as “Gold bedecked dancers… with songs of praise they danced round the spring… When ye Maruts spear-armed dance, [the Heavens] stream together like waves of water.”

The image of the “spear armed“ dancing of course has led people to think that they are dancing with spears, but what if it means something altogether different? Anyone who has watched traditional Celtic dances is immediately struck by the stiff armed posture of the dancers who only move the lower parts of their bodies. Dancing in perfect synchrony on a wooden platform produces a hypnotic and thrilling effect., and we find here a possible system of elevation of consciousness that might produce vibratory effects not only in stone, but also in the very cells of both the dancers and the audience. More than this, when we consider the immobility of the upper part of the body, and the stylized motion of the lower part of the body, we think of the “length of string“ attached to a pendulum that accesses other realities. We may also consider the addition of a real “lance“ as a “lengthener” of the “string,” or something that was incorporated to connect the dancer to a specific frequency. Add to it very specific music, utilized to amplify the energetic effects, or sound that was a RESULT of the dance, and we begin to see a very different picture of the dance of Apollo at Stonehenge every 19 years. In fact, we are reminded of that curious story where Fulcanelli supposedly told Jacques Bergier:

Certain geometrical arrangements of highly purified materials are enough to release atomic forces without having recourse to either electricity or vacuum techniques.

Most especially when we recall this:

For it is by fire and in fire that our hemisphere will soon be tried. And just as by means of fire, gold is separated from impure metals, so, Scripture says, the good will be separated from the wicked, on the great Day of Judgment. […]

The Maruts were the companions of Indra, his helpers in the fight against his adversaries, the evil gods who afflict mankind. But more than this, these dancers, (Dan-cers) were bringers of all necessities to the people in some magical, mysterious, and astonishing way:

The adorable Maruts, armed with bright lances and cuirassed with golden breastplates, enjoy vigorous existence; may the cars of the quick-moving Maruts arrive for our good. …Bringers of rain and fertility, shedding water, augmenting food. …Givers of abundant food. …Your milchkine are never dry. …We invoke the food-laden chariots of the Maruts.

We now begin to see the wild orgies of the New Year festivals, the Dionysian frenzies, and the Nature cults with parades of ecstatic men and women bordering on being in a state of madness, as corruptions of what was obviously an original, formalized series of dance type activities. And this makes us think of the Maze.
Very interesting session indeed,

Do your best, dance consciously, "beingly"...The sott readers have accepted so much weird, dread facts about all levels of reality, that now, they may really dance with all their being...indeed.
Thank you very much.
Laura said:
CM, I'm really surprised that, with all the data that has been shared over the past 15 years, given your thinking abilities (note I do not say "skills" because you have not actualized the potential of your abilities), you should be able to figure out the distinction.

Have you been keeping up with all the reading?

Rather than write a book about it, maybe I'll just do a video to explain the matter in detail.

Well I am sorry to say but I am not able to figure out the distinction, what you described in quoted paragraph doesn't seem any different then any usual YCYR claims. Maybe I am missing some info or maybe my reading instrument is off, surely I wouldn't want to waste your time - but after your answer I am even more confused, so maybe you could refer me to particular parts of material and data which would help me to deduce this significant difference on my own.
Thank you. Good to hear that there is some hope!

I'll be dancing like a madman (with the right instructions of course) if it helps! Well even if it turns out I'm not from the "bloodline" I will do the dance just to shake off my depression :lol:

I often do some "hula hoop dancing" while practising my singing - it really liberates the voice!

p.s. Thank you also for the breathing video. Hope to donate some from my next "pay check".

p.s.s. This probably doesn't mean one should give up doing ones "homework" and just do the breathing and dancing? Of course not, I think ;)
Corto Maltese said:
Well I am sorry to say but I am not able to figure out the distinction, what you described in quoted paragraph doesn't seem any different then any usual YCYR claims.

You seem to be answering yourself below:

Corto Maltese said:
Maybe I am missing some info or maybe my reading instrument is off,

Corto Maltese said:
surely I wouldn't want to waste your time - but after your answer I am even more confused, so maybe you could refer me to particular parts of material and data which would help me to deduce this significant difference on my own.

Though you say you don't want to waste Laura's time, you then ask her to spoon-feed you basically, when all the answers can be found in these pages. Just do a search for "the Secret" under Channel Watch & New Age COINTELPRO, and type YCYOR on the forum search function.

It appears to me that you are focusing on a pixel, instead of looking to see the whole picture. Which is important, but sometimes we have to step back and look up at the whole, in order to understand the smaller parts of it. Here, look at the whole of Laura's work and efforts all these years as the context of what she wrote. It is a surprise to me that you did not do it already on your own, since you have been around long enough.

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