Session 23 May 2020


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Thank you for another very interesting session.

This reminds me of astronomical observatory they shut down last year or so. So bleed through's are increasing and they can't hide it any more. so they have to release it to as in "3 stages of truth" meanwhile calling every body who doesn't follow authorities as tin-foil conspiracy nuts.

Apropos observatories, an article from last month indicates that over 100 of the biggest telescopes across the planet have closed due to the lockdown and are likely not to open for another 3-6 months.

Wonder if this has anything to do with the astronomical phenomena hinted at by the Cs.

COVID-19 Forces Earth's Largest Telescopes to Close. But a Few Isolated Astronomers Are Still Watching Over the Cosmos

More than 100 of Earth's largest telescopes are now closed, and astronomers are worried about the pandemic’s long-term impacts on their field.


An Astronomy magazine tally has found that more than 100 of Earth’s biggest research telescopes have closed in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What started as a trickle of closures in February and early March has become an almost complete shutdown of observational astronomy. And the closures are unlikely to end soon.

Observatory directors say they could be offline for three to six months — or longer. In many cases, resuming operations will mean inventing new ways of working during a pandemic. And that might not be possible for some instruments that require teams of technicians to maintain and operate. As a result, new astronomical discoveries are expected to come to a crawl.

“If everybody in the world stops observing, then we have a gap in our data that you can’t recover,” says astronomer Steven Janowiecki of the McDonald Observatory in Texas. “This will be a period that we in the astronomy community have no data on what happened.”

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Working outdoors, throughout the lockdown, I have noticed a sulphur odor on several occasions throughout this spring. Living here on Vancouver Island, the chance that striking a new gass pocket while drilling for oil like you get in Alberta is pretty remote. So, I was questioning what that was about. Good to know. Thanks for asking.

Thank you for the session.

That is what I am thinking about. This madness will stop because the communications networks won't work. They will loose control because of it and people will be able to see a lot more things going on in the sky. The entire system is based on electronic transfers of funds. Talk about Achilles Heel or Tendon. If that is severed, it is impossible for a person to walk. 0 G communication towers.

We seem to be free to roam around here. 4D doesn't seem to have a direct influence on us. That is left up to their handlers and pets. We have a group of human handlers who are in control. They almost seem as if they really don't understand what will happen. I am not so sure that 4D STS is very forthcoming with information. Or possibly they don't even think about it, as they have more pressing matters to worry about. For them to think about us right now could be more of an annoyance than anything.

And so, I am truly grateful for the years of work that has been done here. However, eventually easy access to the information will not be like it is now. How long that situation will last is not clear.

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What a surprise...

Thank you all very much for holding and transcribing the latest session!

Q: (L) Well, I was just reading that the Earth's magnetic shield has dropped even lower, and it's causing problems with satellites. Is that going to be a big issue in the days to come?
A: Oh indeed. Best laid plans fail?

Q: (L) So in other words, the powers that be that are running the show aren't really as smart as they think they are...
A: Exactly.

Q: (L) They never counted on their satellites getting fried.

I wonder if this will be mitigating (or even ending) the "beaming" and the 5-G problem?

As far as "UFO disclosure" is concerned I think that has been happening for decades via the movie industry, social media and of course snippets in your daily newspapers.

99% of people in developed countries must know what the term UFO means, it's just that the greater part of them have been allowed to deny their existence with the help of the MSM who are ridiculing the subject.

So why are they supporting the idea of extraterrestrial flying objects just now?

We can't even know if most of these "tic tacs" are not of terrestrial (PTB) production anyway. They have had almost six decades of time to reassemble the alien stuff that has been crashing by the dozens for each decade.

It may be convenient for them to keep people in awe of ET craft while hiding the existence of their own breakaway technologies.

I have always thought that it is much better to be a 'nobody'.

Interestingly, haven't the C's mentioned that "nobody is a nobody?" :-D


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What is the time frame for those bad-smelling events?
In France (North region) it was on Sunday 10 May

Well, I didn't expect a new session either. I was very busy last week with the gesthouse (since the end of the lockdown we are full) and finally came to the computer to catch up, when surprise ! I will have to reread several times (and will be better in French;-D), but for now, a big thanks to Laura and the crew and the Cs for the so precious information !:thup:


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I think that the PTB are only told the bare minimum of what is required by 4D STS in order that the PTB will do what they are told. That's how STS works; they see information not as something to be freely given but as a tool to improve their own position in the hierarchy. No wonder their plans are doomed to failure and they will begin to turn on each other.
(Joe) So what was breaching the realm curtain? What was coming through in Los Angeles and France and wherever else at the same time?

A: Invisible to you as yet, but 4D STS energy beings.
I really like the 'as yet' part. This will be fun. Though I guess for many people it will be more like "When you see it, you will s**t yourself."

Good to see things speeding up.

As for the STO strain, 37% of 24% of the population is some 700 million people! More than twice the population of the US. Which may also be 700M people who don't want to get vaccinated, for example. But I guess it will all get a lot more interesting soon enough.

Looking forward to more exposure and plans failing.


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Apropos observatories, an article from last month indicates that over 100 of the biggest telescopes across the planet have closed due to the lockdown and are likely not to open for another 3-6 months.

Well, in fact several of the larger observatories have already reopened. It very much depends on the region. But there is no doubt that our telescope facilities are severely constrained right now. We're kinda worried that something interesting might happen and we won't be able to gather data 😔😬😒


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Holy Moly, what a session.

So lot of interesting things to happen in the future, like PTB plans of total control and domination going to waste. I wonder how will PTB feel when they find out they are not "top honchos", and all these multi-million dollar satelite's packages going "adios".

I would not feel cozy to meet 4th density STS entity in person but just for the sake of the fun would like to see the face of George Soros, Bill Gates, Hillary and Bill Clinton or some other "boys and girls" from the gang, when they turn up "face to face" with some of them. Fun idea in the time of "exposure".

Thank you for another excellent session, it will take me weeks to process all these information. :hug2:
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Thanks so much for this new session and sharing it with us. :hug2:

Things are becoming more and more "interesting" although more and more "challenging".

But as other have said we have been waiting for that for quite some times now.


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Thanks for a new and exciting session! Looking at the bigger picture sure helps ease anxiety about the planetary chaos. A reminder to "enjoy the show"!!! 🍿

It sounds like things will not bode well for all those satellites Elon Muske has been putting into orbit. Their best laid plans.....doomed to fail. Interesting times indeed! Thank god for the C's. ❤️
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