Session 23 May 2020


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So why are they supporting the idea of extraterrestrial flying objects just now?
(Artemis) Well, you have a pandemic, and then on the side, "Hey! UFOs are real! LOL!" But then let's just sweep that under the rug. Like they got it out of the way because they have to. It's kind of suspicious.

(L) It's extremely suspicious. And meanwhile, they're pushing these investigations into Obama and his gang in a fairly determined way. With the pandemic thing going on, that's kind of... I mean, they can erase that from the front page with pandemic news.

(Artemis) It's almost like they HAVE to reveal the real existence of UFOs because of some reason, but they don't really want anybody to be paying attention.

At the top of the ladder they are in the know about increasing 4D SDS beings bleed-through and maybe want people to get familiar with their existence. And just not only ordinary people but also all of the PTB who are not informed.


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(Pierre) Usually this electromachining occurs between our planet and a highly charge body like a comet. Will a comet be the source of these discharges?

(Joe) That's what I just asked.

A: Wait and see. That is not the only source of such phenomena
A: None of what they thought has transpired due to wishful thinking. Just keep eyes and ears open! Lot of surprising twists and turns. Better than a roller coaster.

Q: (Joe) What if you don't like roller coasters? What if you vomit on roller coasters? (Artemis) Any more questions from anybody?

A: Worry not! Goodbye.

Thank you very much for new session. The new information always energized me and gives me positive energy.
And looking forward to see coming phenomenal Cosmic display, that would be better than roller coaster ride, so I am not worry and looking forward to witness such a spectacular show on earth.


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Thank you Laura for another great exchange of knowledge and information. Truly we are living in bewilderingly strange times, but they can be navigated if we just keep the faith and not lose track of ourselves. I dearly hope that these efforts to contain us (containers?) are destined to fail, as has been predicted. The veil I hope is now thinning. I've seen weird stuff in the sky and atmosphere for about 16 years, it would be a tremendous relief to see other people reacting to this stuff too. The key for me is not to feel smug about it (I've been mocked for my convictions by so-called mates over the years). Humility and an open mind is the key.

Hubris will inevitably meet its Nemesis. There is nothing I'd like more than to see our so-called leaders fall flat on their faces in light of cosmic developments. We're suffering tough times now, but what about the expanded reality that's coming, what are the implications for those cocksure, arrogant leaders in the face of what's to come? Bring it on I say!

Who knows, maybe a bad day for Bill Gates will be a good day for Laura, or even Richard Dolan (I know he lost his way in previous years, but he seems to be getting back on track now)? The levelled playing field, this I live for.

We live in extraordinary times, we should savour it, because the lessons we learn here are beyond value. Thanks again!:-D


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Very nice to have a new session so soon, I think we all needed it! The show we're all watching here on earth gets more and more crazy by the day, and with even more twists and turns on the horizon, I really can't imagine coping with it all if it were not for Laura and the C's. Big, heartfelt thanks for the session!


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Thank you very much for the session

Q: (L) Well, I was just reading that the Earth's magnetic shield has dropped even lower, and it's causing problems with satellites. Is that going to be a big issue in the days to come?

A: Oh indeed. Best laid plans fail?

Q: (L) So in other words, the powers that be that are running the show aren't really as smart as they think they are...

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) They never counted on their satellites getting fried.

(Pierre) And other electronic equipment through which they monitor, control, and influence populations. It's a failing of the electronic control system.

A: Level playing field eventually. Just wait for the current to begin to flow!

If that eventually happens people staring at their smartphones and TV all day long will freak out when electronic devices stop working,
and maybe when there is no daily dose of programming, they'll finally start thinking for themselves.


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Thanks so much for the wonderful New Session.
The "Roller Coaster ride" reference reminded me of a couple of Nieces in our family that have had babies recently. They were so SURPRISED at the twists and turns that they could not control during their pregnancies. They both described the feelings to me as a Roller Coaster ride, several times.
All the programming of these last two generations, so many of them are so very ill equipped to deal with uncontrollable life issues, and that is going to be a VERY exciting upheaval, or, so I think.

Birthing a NEW WORLD is going to entail some rather intense labour I expect.
There is still so much to learn.
Oh, and it kinda reminded me of this, too:

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Thank you Laura and Chateau team for another timely session. These regular sessions must be taxing on your energy but they are so valued as lighthouse-lifelines out here in the stir-crazy wild west! 💞

(Pierre) Usually this electromachining occurs between our planet and a highly charge body like a comet. Will a comet be the source of these discharges?

(Joe) That's what I just asked.

A: Wait and see. That is not the only source of such phenomena!

Q: (Andromeda) So with all that stuff going on up in the sky it's probably a good thing there aren't so many people up in airplanes.

(Pierre) For all we know, the source might be even a craft. A big craft.

(Joe) In the last session when they said the lock downs would end after two months because of exposure, has that exposure already happened?

(L) I don't think they said it would end with exposure. They said lock down for 2 months, and ultimately there would be exposure. I don't think they linked them together as cause-effect.

(Joe) I think they linked them together.

(L) No, it wasn't linked together.

[Review of previous session notes]

(Chu) I have it here: "Yes, but that too will backfire due to exposure." No timing...

A: Bigger exposure coming.

Is it just me or could this repeated reference to 'exposure' have nothing essentially to do with COVID... when they use the world 'Bigger' that suggests to me the possibility that one of the main stay pegs of the whole damn lie system is going to come unstuck (not necessarily one of its symptoms i.e. COVID) and in such a dramatic way that they just cannot manage the cover story anymore.

There are so many possibilities but the biggest could be incontrovertible proof of the clear non materiality of existence...

If gigantic arcs of lightening come out of absolutely 'nowhere' - as in Thunderbolts of the Gods - that carve up the earth a la Grand Canyon say - well get yourself out of that one PTB!

Or if other kinds of 'impossible' seeming celestial phenomena become the new norm - monsters roaming the earth, mass sightings of the inexplicable, huge roaring noises in the sky with mind bending light display across the whole planet (just add your favourite High Strangeness), then what do the PTB have left in their toy shop to explain that one away...?

COVID would suddenly be the least of their problems to micro manage - and their historical cover up of our alternate reality would totally reveal the man behind the curtain with his pants down around his ankles act (exposure!) they've been playing so hard at hiding since time immemorial...

i.e. The Second Coming of the time of 'The Lord'.... ?

Michael B-C

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Forgive me, I couldn't resist! Something along these lines would certainly constitute 'Bigger exposure coming'! After all, Pierre did drop in the thought that arcing could come from a 'ship'... and the Nephilim have long been part of the C's chain of events... so, as an example of an uncontrollable narrative...



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I tried to look for articles on the smell,"strange smell", "sulfur smell" etc. but not finding much. Not sure it is getting censored or not. Most I can find are from Jan 2020. I found one san diego in May 2020 which they attributed to glowing bacteria in the ocean. Other than that not many. May be we need to track them.

PA/NJ/DE January 2020:
How many government agencies does it take to figure out the source of a funky smell bewildering the tri-state area for months?

Apparently, at least half a dozen.

For months, multiple agencies, power companies and officials in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been fielding calls from people complaining of a "mystery odor" that smells somewhat like fuel.

The phones are still ringing. But whether the smells being reported in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas are mysteriously related is proving to be a challenge.

"Once the odor’s gone, it’s almost impossible to figure out where it came from," said Virginia Cain, a spokeswoman with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. "Some folks describe it as more oily, some as more diesel, some as gas or natural gas."

"We deal with odor complaints all the time," Cain said. "What made this situation different is it was really the first time we were seeing such widespread odor complaints over an entire area, moving throughout the entire county."

Some of the organizations involved in investigating the smell include the U.S. Coast Guard, local power companies, the National Weather Service, local emergency officials and environmental regulators from Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, according to that meeting’s minutes.

Jackson , Misissipi Jan 2020 :
rom Bellingrath Road to Bellewood Drive, from Dinsmor to northwest Jackson, residents have reported the same strange odor.

“It was in the front yard," Wilson Day said. "Come out the front door. Definitely smelled the odor. It was noticeable, it was a strong, natural, gas smell.”

Atmos Energy says they received hundreds of calls reporting gas smells in Ridgeland and Jackson.

They went to check the source of the odor and found they did not have any leaks.

They’ve now hired a 3rd party environmental company to find out where the stench is coming from.

“It is strange, but I do appreciate they checked it and didn’t smell it. That they continued to pursue the people’s request to find out what was going on and have an outside firm to independently look and see what the cause was. Hopefully they’ll be able to pin it down,” said Day.

Atmos won’t be releasing the source of the smell until the testing is done.

Austin , Texas Jan 2020:
If you smelled something strange in the air on Wednesday, you weren’t the only one.

The Austin Fire Department said 39 calls came in during a two-hour span from people reporting the smell of gas.

It’s nothing new, though. The smell is coming from the oil fields in Luling, about 50 miles south of Austin.

“If we've had a cool night with an inversion, it kind of traps all that down in Luling and then you get a quick south wind in the morning that picks it up and brings it across the city,” AFD Division Chief Thayer Smith said.

The smell is like natural gas.
London October 2008 : Mysterious smell across London probably came from Europe, expert says
It began somewhere around Wapping, slightly to the east of the Tower of London.

Accompanied by reports of some sort of fog, the stench – or at least awareness of it – seemed to spread east and west along the river, inviting comparisons with “chlorine meets TCP/Dettol meets battery acid” near Waterloo Bridge, and prompting Billy Kingsmill in East Ham to demand: “What the eff is it?”

As reports of the “burning/chemical/metallic” smell crept past the Houses of Parliament towards Victoria and Paddington stations, comparisons were made with the Great Stink of London of 1858, which forced even MPs to do something about the dreadful state of sanitation in the capital.

Wednesday, then, was the wrong day for Kew Gardens to start boasting about its corpse flower with “one of the foulest odours in the plant kingdom”.
Unlike many others, however, Dr Smith had a “laser egg”.

Louisana: Jan 2020 Mysterious smell lingers across Northwest Louisiana
For days now, people throughout Northwest Louisiana have complained about a mysterious smell.
"I don't know what it is," Gary Underwood said while out jogging with his wife in Shreveport. "It smelled sort of like a hard-boiled egg, a rotten egg, so it leads you to believe gas. Smelled it inside and outside while I was out working today."
"I don't know what it is," Gary Underwood said while out jogging with his wife in Shreveport. "It smelled sort of like a hard-boiled egg, a rotten egg, so it leads you to believe gas. Smelled it inside and outside while I was out working today." (Source: Kenley Hargett/KSLA News 12)

Some say it smells like rotten eggs, sewer water or a natural gas leak.


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I wonder how long we have until Judgement Day? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to it even though I am certainly not presuming that I will get to go to 4D STO. No, it's just that I finally feel like I might be getting the hang of this 3D business so I'd like a bit of time to get some more things done. I suppose if I get stuck on a comet obliterated Earth or have to reincarnate here then I shall have plenty of time (300,000+ years!) but I'd rather not have to do all that again, thanks.
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