Session 29 August 2015


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Thank you for another informative session. It is clearly time to add to the POTS with meditation that is deeper and with more focus. I have gotten away from regular yoga practice and must make it a priority for both body and mind.


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Thank you for another good session and the fast transcription. It's good to get the density perspective on the flat earth topic. The meditation advice is valuable and I'll certainly be trying it.


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Thanks for another great session. After reading it twice, there's lots to let sink in, as usual.

MK Scarlett

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Thank you for sharing this informative session and for the laughs as well ! Among others, that specific part about meditation is very instructive, thanks for asking the question Parallel. :)


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Kisito said:
I just wish we deepen the PO 2nd density. What was this race (these beings), did they get trapped by lizards?

You can read about OPs here:

They are not trapped by lizards. They are natural part of this planet.

(L) Lemme see the easiest way to explain it... Probably the tightest way to start to do it would be to stop using the audio track. Instead, repeat the prayer in your mind in time with your breathing 20 times, one after the other.

Breathe in, first line. Breathe out. Breathe in, second line, breathe out. If you can do it 1 time, that's something. The goal is to be able to do it 20 times. Shoot for that.

So far I would breath in and recite one line, then breath out and recite one line. But this method is a little different. I tried it last night and it took me some time to get used to it. I suppose we are still breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth?

Divide by Zero

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Thanks for this session.

In the POTS example of meditation, is it suggested to do it with pipe breathing or just normal slow breathing?

So breathe in while reciting line 1. Breathe out. Breathe in while line 2, correct?


if I meditate with my eyes closed, then after a while I see a spinning vortex of blue or purple
What is this effect?


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Divide By Zero said:
Thanks for this session.

In the POTS example of meditation, is it suggested to do it with pipe breathing or just normal slow breathing?

So breathe in while reciting line 1. Breathe out. Breathe in while line 2, correct?

Its a normal deep belly breathing, not a pipe breathing. Its mentioned in the video. Inhale through the mouth, exhale through the mouth, and during that let your belly goes up and down while breathing. :)


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Alvalsen said:
if I meditate with my eyes closed, then after a while I see a spinning vortex of blue or purple
What is this effect?

It would probably be difficult to say with any certainty. Just know that the mind/imagination and other "perceptions" can and will do all sorts things as we try to quiet ourselves down, and train ourselves to focus. Like the tips mentioned in the session say, I think its best to just gently bring yourself back to the phrases or words that you set out to meditate on and not give too much thought to distractions that are likely to arise.


Regarding to flat Earth and:
"A: Disintegration and ultimate soul smashing takes many forms and pathways!!!!"
In this session mentioned two kinds of people who are attracted by the flat Earth theory:
1.) those who are in the human body and have soul at the level of animal
2.) those who had the soul developed at level 3, but they're coming back to the level 2

I noticed this "disintegration" on two persons from my environment. It is disturbing and sad, and one person is unstoppable in his illusion, while with the second there is hope. Both persons are somewhat attracted by flat Earth, and one understands Pareidolia too seriously.

I think there is the phenomenon mentioned in one session that is in style: "Develop or die". It probably refers to the physical health and spiritual. Ra was also talked about it. I started having problems with physical health, and I assume that the real cause is spiritual problem that I not solve. Then the universe catch you for throat and makes you start to think where the problem is, to solve it. I think my problem is too little love.

Session 28 May 2013
A: Not necessarily, information arranged by a truth becomes consciousness. That is why truth and objectivity are so important. Without it, consciousness and individuality fractures and disintegrates.

Session 20 June 2009
A: It is not just "waves" beamed by such things as HAARP or microwaves, it is also a quickening of the cosmos. Those who are not integrated will disintegrate at an even faster rate than ever.
Q: (L) Alright then. Is there anything that we could do?
A: Perhaps if you could share the technique that you used to achieve emotional cleansing, a lot of people would benefit including the two individuals in question.
Q: (L) What technique is that?
A: Remember an entire night of cleansing tears?!
Q: (L) Yeah. Well, that was just a meditation technique I developed. I would breathe a certain way and repeat certain things in my mind as I breathed, and I did it every night. Strange things started happening.
A: Strange indeed! You stumbled instinctively on an ancient method that is unsurpassed in its efficacy. So why not share?

Example from Ra:
Ra: Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue.

46.10 Questioner: Then as I understand it you are saying that if the positively polarizing entity fails to accept the other-self or if the negatively polarizing entity fails to control the other-self, either of these conditions will cause cancer, possibly. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. The first acceptance, or control depending upon polarity, is of the self. Anger is one of many things to be accepted and loved as a part of self or controlled as a part of self, if the entity is to do work.

46.11 Questioner: Then are you saying that if a negatively polarized or polarizing entity is unable to control his own anger or unable to control himself in anger that he may cause cancer? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is quite correct. The negative polarization contains a great requirement for control and repression.


The Living Force
Thanks all for the fascinating and amusing session! The meditation portion was really interest and something I think I'm going to try as well. I too have many wandering thoughts, including while doing POTS, so it sounds like that muscle could use some training.


Kay Kim

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Thank you for session and Thank you for guiding right path for forum members.
The meditation part is looks great and easy to follow. Now I have another thing to do everyday


The Living Force
Thank you for this session!

Prayer of the Soul:
I may have messed up the line and order of the prayer!

This prayer is what I have:

Oh Divine Cosmic Mind
Holy Awareness in All Creation
Carried in the heart
Ruler of the mind
Savior of the Soul
Live in me today
Be my Daily Bread
As I give bread to others
Help me grow in knowledge
Of All Creation
Clear my eyes
That I may See
Clear my ears
That I may hear
Cleanse my heart
That I may know and love
The Holiness of True Existence
Divine Cosmic Mind

Thank you!
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