Session 29 August 2015

Thanks very much for the interesting session. The tips on meditation were particularly useful.

Q: (Galatea) Okay, just wondering. Lots of weird things happen over there, and nobody goes there. There's also gold there, and you'd think they'd be mining it, but they leave it alone.

A: Gold is the clue!

Q: (L) I think aliens mine gold, and they'd probably create conditions to keep people away.

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) That's why people don't go there: because aliens claimed it.

(Pierre) They use gold. It's in the transcripts.

(Perceval) They use gold for transitioning between densities, or something like that.

(L) Yeah, different things.

This discussion on mining gold reminded me of this recent article:

Large amount of gold and silver found in reservoirs under volcanoes in New Zealand

A small team of researchers with members from institutions in the U.S. and New Zealand has found that there are large deposits of gold and silver in at least six reservoirs beneath several volcanoes in New Zealand. In their paper published in the journal Geothermics, the team describes their investigation into geothermal systems in the V-shaped Taupo Volcanic Zone on New Zealand's North Island and just how much of the precious metal they believe is hiding down there.

As part of their study, the team found that magma heating water in the volcanic zone had been breaking down rocks for quite some time, releasing the gold and silver in them. Those metal particles then fell to the floor of reservoirs that are hundreds of meters deep. The natural process is similar to the way modern precious metals are obtained—lode bearing rock is crushed and then sifted using water—the heavier metals land at the bottom where they are retrieved. In their studies, the team found examples of gold at over 20 parts per billion, and silver at 2,000 ppb.

The team believes the precious metals could be mined, yielding perhaps nearly three billion dollars worth of gold and three and a half billion in silver annually. Of course, companies hoping to take advantage of the find would have several hurdles to jump—new technology would have to be developed to get at the source (the research group suggests it would likely entail a two-phase pipeline that would allow for capturing the metals as the accumulate, rather than digging in the sediment to retrieve what has already fallen) and agreements would have to be made with others already tapping into the heated water—they use it as a geothermal energy source.

It has been known for some time that precious metals were embedded in subsurface rocks in the area, but in concentrations too low to make mining worthwhile. Testing samples below using hole sampling revealed much higher concentrations in deposits at the bottom of the reservoirs. The team noted that testing at two sites, Rotokawa and Mokai revealed even high concentrations, suggesting production of 680 to 7,500 kg of gold a year might be possible.

There seems to be an EM/hyperdimentional association with volcanoes, and many ufo sightings having been reported around them. In a sense, all this increased volcanic and seismic activity, with earth 'opening up' as such, could be a natural process for smelting and revealing of these precious metals. Easy pickings for alien gold miners! :)
Thank you for this session, for the transcribing and publishing effort.

I think I'm the 'need more knowledge'-type and seem to have some skills, also the Lord's Prayer is close to my heart too, replacing the bread line with "Give us our daily super-substantial bread." Saying it in Latin seems to have a stronger effect on me as in English.

My mind was wandering too, so thank you a lot for the expert advice!!
Thanks so much for sharing this great session. Again, so much to ponder.

dant said:
Thank you for this session!

Prayer of the Soul:
I may have messed up the line and order of the prayer!

You can find it here:,12888.0.html
Thank you for yet another informative session. Time to give meditation another go, now that we have instructions on "how to" properly.
Good to know! Thanks Laura and all!
Thanks for the session !

I will also work on your suggestion for focusing the mind. I already recite the "PRAYER OF THE SOUL" daily, but NOT with the breathing aspect you explained.

Thanks Again ! :)
Anam Cara said:
There seems to be an EM/hyperdimentional association with volcanoes, and many ufo sightings having been reported around them. In a sense, all this increased volcanic and seismic activity, with earth 'opening up' as such, could be a natural process for smelting and revealing of these precious metals. Easy pickings for alien gold miners! :)

Yeah, it's like Christmas time for them. :)
biala84 said:
Thank U very much for Prayer of the soul and how to practice meditation. I see U 4D :cool: ( I hope)

Welcome to the forum biala84. :welcome:

I notice this is your first post. If you could give a brief introduction in the Newbies Section here that would be great. It can be as brief as you wish and you can read some others posts there to get an idea how to go about it.

I am sure you will get more welcomes in the Newbies Section and a message from an administrator with tips and suggestions there.

Glad you are here. :)
Thank you very much for this session with so many interesting things coming through! :flowers:

And also thank you so much for meditation advice! I have been doing the POTS without the audio for years, before going to sleep (outside of whole EE sessions). Just reciting it in my head. And I tried to focus on those lines, because I sensed it might have some deeper effect. But often I went asleep, while in the middle of it. So, trying to stay awake (when the body wants to go asleep) and focusing on those lines would make a good challenge in training that focus over time ;)
Thanks for the session!

It's time to re-focus on meditation, I've skipped it most of the days.
When the Summer season started I had a sharp drop on focusing on POTS while on the bed, too tired to even try, or too tired to recite it for a full minute...

It's crazy to read again about the craze for gold by Aliens :)
They can go anywhere, now that huge quantities of gold are collected daily by those "Gold-Shops", popping up like mushrooms in every city on Earth. But supposedly they are like biscuits compared to the reserves store deep underground in Antarctica or elsewhere. Then it seems like they have to do it covertly, except maybe when stuff like 9-11 do happens?!
Thanks for another great session.

I found the meditation advice in this session very interesting as I have been meditating in a similar fashion to what is being described here. I have found EE to be tremendously helpful but would often notice the tendency to "drift". A couple of months ago I was in quite a relaxed state and found myself staring at a single point on a table I was sitting at. As I continued to look at this single point, I found that I was not actually able to keep my gazed fixed upon this point for long and kept having to redirect my focus upon this point. After a while I found that my brain felt very tired, akin to how you feel after working out your muscles.

I have been performing this drill of simply fixating on a certain point without being distracted about once a week. I find that my vision will sometimes go in and out of focus, saccadic motions may occur, and visual abnormalities may even appear such as wavy lines and discolorations, but if I am able to acknowledge these phenomena and stay fixated upon the single point that I am looking at, I progress into a deeper meditative state.

Over the last couple of months of doing this exercise I have noticed improved memory and concentration, although on days that this is done I can have quite a bit of mental fatigue following this exercise.

I am wondering if in the way that I have been practicing this, the point that I am staring at is the "seed" mentioned by the C's?

If this is the case, I think it has been effective for me because I am quite strongly visually orientated and find that I am able to now spend large amounts of "time" really working the mind by concentrating on a single thing.

Since reading this session I have begun experimenting with using an internal phrase related to the Prayer of the Soul as the seed and will see how this goes.
Konstantin said:
Divide By Zero said:
Thanks for this session.

In the POTS example of meditation, is it suggested to do it with pipe breathing or just normal slow breathing?

So breathe in while reciting line 1. Breathe out. Breathe in while line 2, correct?

Its a normal deep belly breathing, not a pipe breathing. Its mentioned in the video. Inhale through the mouth, exhale through the mouth, and during that let your belly goes up and down while breathing. :)


I noticed a small detail that I think may just be an important thing to note.

Instead of "Inhale through the mouth" I think it should be "Inhale through the nose". Not trying to be a nuisance, but someone not familiar with EE may get confused.

Here is a link for a free PDF of the EE Quick Guide

In the guide it comments on the meditation breathing:

Meditation (Prayer of the Soul)
The breathing exercises are intended as preparation for the meditation, which is the heart of the Eíriú-Eolas system. The meditation is performed with “seed”, which means it is neither mindless nor without aim. The seed, entitled “Prayer of the Soul”, has been carefully composed to be unlimited in its application to life and to create a subconscious ground of positive, life-affirming thoughts in your quieted mind. The prayer addresses the Divine Cosmic Mind, which is existence in and of itself. If you wish to address the Divine Cosmic Mind in terms more familiar such as Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna etc. that is also fine. Should a divine personification not be part of your outlook, you may even look to your own “best self” as being addressed. The Prayer of the Soul is intended to be universally applicable to all personal philosophies.
It’s best to first practice exercising your diaphragm and perform Pipe Breath. Then add more to the program as you feel comfortable. Keep in mind that you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. This applies to the entire program!

Sorry, if this was just an oversight. :(
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