Session 29 August 2015

Gaby said:
Thank you for sharing :flowers: Great tips for meditation, it inspires me to exercise my "attention muscle" along with other members.

I'm sure it is going to be enormously helpful. Thanks again! :flowers:
I second that, great advice! Thank you!
Laura said:
Session Date: August 29th 2015

Laura, Andromeda, and Galatea at the board

Pierre, Perceval, Niall, Chu, Arky, Scottie, Timótheos, Alana, Parallel, Windmill Knight, Prodigal Son, Noko the Wonderdog

Q: (L) Today is 29 August 2015. [Review of those present]

A: Hello children of Cassiopaea! It is good to see all of you together. We are aware of the trials that currently beset certain members of your grouping and want to extend a helping "hand".

And they did extend a helping hand indeed. Many thanks for you guys for your relentless efforts.
The idea that organic Portal graduated density of 3. I wonder where it comes from.
Level 2 perspective attached to such assets could have been really how can graduate level 3.
Thanks for the excellent, informative, and entertaining session.

One "dot connection" jumped out at me that you all might have already made...when Joe mentioned the flash on the 911 vid and the answer given, the vid from the Texas fertilizer plant came to mind...of course, it does not prove one way or the other weather it was a missile or a space rock, being both would have a high charge, but it explains the flash in that vid also...fwiw.

You all really had me laughing when it went "downhill" was that "safety valve","terror of the situation" kind of laughter, but lord knows i needed it! Thank you! Please don't edit these parts because they really show your be able to maintain a true sense of humor when you know the score on this crazy planet is not an easy thing...I think that's actually what some call "enlightenment", eh?

Thanks, Dave
Thank you Laura and crew for the new session. And for the directions given on how to do seed meditation.

I ordered the EE dvd set back in late February of this year because I needed to de-stress due to upsetting events at the time and wanted to be able to fall asleep at night and have a restful night's sleep. And EE has helped me immensely with this. I almost always fall asleep before I reach the end of POTS.

So, I've been doing the pipe breathing and POTS almost every night since then.

Lately I've been feeling ready for a next step and was unsure about what to do. So this session and the directions given for the seed meditation came at just the right time for me. I've never been able to properly meditate before due to not truly knowing how and because of my mind constantly wandering off when I would try to meditate.

I did my first seed meditation yesterday for five minutes and will up it 10 minutes today and so on. The directions in this session have been very helpful to me and I am glad to finally know how to meditate.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the session everyone. Quite a few synchronicities for me again. Firstly you had the session on my dad's birthday, 29th, plus it was my son Michael's birthday on 20th, of course I was thinking of them deeply, so was lovely to get that! Also last night I mentioned to a friend how I felt my Aim slipping, ie not strong enough in my mind at present, so I was feeling a little out at sea.

So I am glad the meditation advice came up as I need to focus better and build my will power up more.

I always recited the POTS as soon as I had learned it and also - just recently, went over repetitions when I felt I was zoning/intrusive thoughts were taking over, and not giving it the 100% attention it deserves. Will now start aiming for the 20x, perhaps getting to bed earlier to do so!
I also find it helpful to say on waking to instill my raison d'etre for the day!!

Sorry but I didn't buy the flat earth idea from the get go, so gladly saved some energy! (I just thought it would have been too arduous a task for NASA to use software to paint up all the lovely spheres and pictures we see of the planets and Earth, including from satellites!). :D
Thank you very much for the session. :flowers:

It is very interesting section about gold, recently at the begging of August it was a big news that in eastern Serbia was found one of the richest deposits of gold and copper in the world. It was discovered by American mining company Freeport-McMoRan and its partners from the Canadian company Reservoir Minerals. Interesting ....

here is article from Croatian News


and in English from Serbina Telegraf:


Also in Greece there is one of the bigest gold mines in the world - Skouries mine, it was part of some political scandal 10 years ago.

And thank you for the meditation tips!
Thank you for the session guys! Really glad you clarified on the meditative training and how to go about it like a muscle!
Thanks for the great session. The C's really know how to mix loving but serious advice with humour. The comments on the flat-earth thing were enlightening. It's gob-smacking how tightly this idea has taken hold with some people. Check the comments under this article:

Thanks for another really interesting session. Some good pointers on Meditation 2.0 I've always had issues with progressing in meditation to the point where I could stop the flow of thoughts. I would make progress and then give up probably just from a lack of trying and getting distracted. Time to go back to the basics!
Thank you for a very interesting session. I shall be adding the meditation with seed too, thanks for that.
Thank you Cassiopaea!!!. Finally, a description of how to meditate with a seed, properly :)

I was too afraid to ask....

Ty All <3
herondancer said:
Thanks for the great session. The C's really know how to mix loving but serious advice with humour. The comments on the flat-earth thing were enlightening. It's gob-smacking how tightly this idea has taken hold with some people. Check the comments under this article:



The SOTT article is an excellent one. In addition to Edgar Mitchell's 2013 video there is this more recent one around May of 2015:


And a very interesting disclosure and appeal from former Canada Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer in March 2015:

There is much slowly (or not so slowly) being released to the public. Whether the true nature of the UFO phenomena will be found I am waiting to see.
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