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Thank you very much for this fascinating session. ;-)

A: Recall that 4D is a realm where thought has the power to create. If a mind, and here we mean much more than you understand as mind, thinks about a structure or something that needs to be accomplished, it assembles itself, more or less. Then when the structure is sent back through the realm curtain, the "idea" is the attractor blueprint that draws to itself the matching elements from your reality and they proceed through the process of organic assembly. This occurs because even inanimate matter has a minimal level of matching consciousness.
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Thank you for one more session!

I would like to pose a question, based on the above quote, please.
If some weather events in 3D are mirrors of 4D battles, what could the appearance of a rainbow, after a rain storm, signify? It is such a beautiful sight.

I thought I read on here recently it was a sign of 4D STS activity but I cannot find where by searching for 'rainbow'. I may have dreamt it though; I have been having some unusual dreams recently. I would also point out that the 'rainbow flag' is an inherently political construct. I am a homosexual but have never warmed to it. Perhaps I have an instinctive repulsion to the social engineering inherent in its symbolism.


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I also have never warmed to the stereotypical gay lifestyle. I find it very hedonistic with its emphasis on clubbing, fashion, drink, drugs and sexual promiscuity. As a child I felt like I did not fit in with the wider world and now as an 'out' homosexual man I feel like an outsider to the so-called gay community too. I wonder if this hedonism is part of what the C's are referring too in this session. In an earlier session they stated that homsexuality has been around as long as sexuality has been around. I have thought that it was just an aspect of nature's great design; not an aberration or deviation as some psychiatrists would still posit. That is, having a certain percentage of a species being different in pattern from the norm served some purpose in the great overall pattern of life. However, since STS can use time travel to manipulate our species what if it is due completely to their manipulations?

I am comforted however in the recall of the C's words that it is the individual auric profile that counts not their social grouping. Unfotunately, I am unable at present to find it using the search function but shall keep looking.

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Thank you very much for this fascinating session. ;-)
Recall that 4D is a realm where thought has the power to create. If a mind, and here we mean much more than you understand as mind, thinks about a structure or something that needs to be accomplished, it assembles itself, more or less. Then when the structure is sent back through the realm curtain, the "idea" is the attractor blueprint that draws to itself the matching elements from your reality and they proceed through the process of organic assembly. This occurs because even inanimate matter has a minimal level of matching consciousness.

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I think this ties in to a number of things we've been discussing recently, most notably the stuff in Consciousness: Anatomy of the Soul. According to the authors, consciousness is hyperdimensional, existing and operating in abstract, mathematical hyperspace. Other relevant stuff: Damasio (to a degree), Evolution 2.0 and Whitehead (we've discussed all these on the Truth Perspective). A few points to consider:

1) Cells seem to be very 'smart'. They seem to act purposefully. Perhaps they are 'just' programmed to act like it, but it appears as if they have an intelligence of their own, especially if Perry Marshall is correct that they actually edit their own DNA. Perhaps this intelligence is akin to the human subconcious intelligence. The human mind does all sorts of things beyond the veil of consciousness, e.g. when we think, we are not aware of how we think. We aren't aware of how we remember, how we make connections, how we synthesize information, we're just aware that it happens. Perhaps these operations occur at a different level, and only get translated into our 3D minds through the phase transition, hyperdimensional 'slice' method described by the Anatomy guys. Other phenomena to consider: savant types and all the other subliminal/subconscious abilities described by people like Stephen Braude and other psi researchers.

2) All matter has a minimal level of consciousness (panpsychism/panexperientialism). And the nature of consciousness is to select aims/ends/goals. Peterson calls it a field of possibilities, out of which one is chosen to make actual. Whitehead called such possibilities "eternal objects" - and the way they work seems to resemble 'attractors', though he doesn't use that term. They shape our reality on all levels: physically (natural 'laws'), biologically (cell processes, body processes, instincts, etc.), socially (cultural values), and in cognition (logical norms, mathematics, and all other purposeful thought).

3) So there's more to what appears to be "self-organization" than meets the eye: it's not just the thing itself that self-organizes. It has 'help' from other levels of reality/consciousness. So perhaps the cell itself, and whatever 'higher consciousness' it may have in higher dimensions, feels the need for something new - some new capacity or structure. Its consciousness (on more than one level) 'scans' phase space for the most relevant attractor or eternal object. It then 'chooses' an attractor (well or poorly), which rearranges the relevant matter. And this applies to everything from DNA to moving your hand to pick up your drink, though examples like the former are more complex and perhaps require more involvement from higher realms.

4) Then there's the possibility for manipulation, which is basically the insertion of an attractor into the mind of a suitable host. This can apply to hypnosis/suggestion, persuasion, conformity, psychokinesis, and hyperdimensional manipulations of various similar sorts: 'hearing voices', spirit attachments, DNA manipulation, cosmic cointelpro, etc.

Lots to consider and think about!

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Thanks for the information which is a confirmation of past events and also what to expect in the future.

Ah, the programming, yes, that explains a lot. I guess breaking those barriers is necessary to progress.

A lot of people have been hit with a virus lately, me included. I thought it was food poisoning at first. I used iodine to help with it as I wasn't taking it daily. That seemed to ease the situation.

Happy New Year to all!


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Thank you very much for the wonderful new session, great to start the New Year off with lots of new information to ponder!


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That was a great session, thank you! I wonder how gravity factors into this idea of "attractor" and thoughts at higher levels? If gravity binds the physical and the spiritual via unstable gravity waves, it almost seems like it has to play a vital role in this process. They said gravity waves are destabilized by utilization. Maybe a thought destabilizes gravity waves, and then gravity is the force that acts on matter, organic and inorganic, 3D or 4D, to coalesce into the thought blueprint. The C's said "Unstable gravity waves unlock as yet unknown secrets of quantum physics to make the picture crystal clear". So we don't understand how subatomic particles go from a wave of probabilities into a particular actualized reality, and if consciousness is involved, how it can do that. I think we are getting closer to understanding it, although the full picture is still ahead.

A lot to think about for sure!

Tuatha de Danaan

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Thank you very much for the new session.. I've really got to keep up now, especially with all the extra information provided by everyone as they read the contents.


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Thank you for the session.

Q: (L) So, you're saying that Islam is a mix of the worst parts of Judaism and Christianity? [Review of last answer] Is it possible that there was a strong influence of the Dead Sea Scroll people on the formulation of Islam?

A: Indeed!

Q: (L) And based on the studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls people, that was a bunch of schizoid psychopaths.

(Joe) Were they Jews?

(L) Yeah. They were Jews that thought all other Jews were corrupt and only they had the truth, and they were all itching to go out and kill everybody who didn’t believe the way they did. There is a whole field of studies devoted to the Dead Sea Scrolls and related texts such as the Books of Enoch and Enochian apocalypticism. I’ve got quite a bit of it covered in my text on Paul, Josephus and Jesus.

For some reason, esoteric sources are trying to turn the Essenes into angels of peace, an enlightened group of great wisdom.
And that's being done in really big style. For what purpose?

For example:

Anne MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN, Daniel MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN - The hidden face of Jesus from Essene memory
Anne MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN, Daniel MEUROIS-GIVAUDAN - The Way of the Essene. Christ's Hidden Life Remembered

... Through direct revelation, the authors received--over a two-year period--detailed knowledge of the Essene teachings and their role in preparing Christ for his mission. ... This account complements the gospels, clarifying and enlarging upon mysterious parts of the record--including Christ's mystical and metaphysical teachings of Essene techniques for spiritual advancement.

Stuart Wilson - The Essenes. Children of Light
... It is one of the great tragedies of Western culture that Christianity forgot and eventually denied its Essene roots. Those roots are herein explored from the perspective of past life regression. Fascinating new information emerged, including Essene links with the Druids, the existence of a secret Core Group around Jesus, and contacts with the Order of Melchizedek. ...

Dolores Cannon - Jesus and the Essenes
It takes the form of direct dialogues between a modern researcher and a member of the Qumran Essene community, alive around the time of Christ. The Qumran Essene community has become the focus of ideas about the connection of Jesus' teachings to earlier traditions.

Edmond Bordeaux Szekely - The Essene Gospel of Peace


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Thank you very much Honoerria of Cassiopaea,Laura,Andromeda and Artemisa and the whole great Team.:flowers:

309,0000 thousand year ago the Female energy was taking by 4D STS,when in symbolic terms Eve ate the Apple.And i am wondering if we are not at the gates of the total takeover of humanity when the masculine energy is subjugated.But will 4D STS successed? I am wondering also about the battle that Russia, China, Iran, North Korea,Bolivia, Syria are waging in terms of economic policy, geo-strategy, military help,making a multipolar world, leaving behind the old world order.And the Laura and Arks´work and all of those who want to follow them.Those actions are bringing a sort of tiny balance to the chaos and doing that planet Earth is not being wiped out yet. In others words THEY DON`T WANT SLAVES- SUBMISSION.: As above, so below... As the Cs say:" STS seeks to impose domination which must be resisted".
Just wondering...

(Joe) Putin ate my lunch! Is the promotion in Western society of a hostile attitude towards traditional masculine qualities part of a broader nefarious plan?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is part of that to try and make a generation of weak men?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Is that with a view to some kind of post 4D transition scenario or something like that, or is it more of a takeover on 3D?

A: More a reflection of desired relationship between 4D STS and humanity.

Q: (L) So in other words, they want to get into doing anal probes. [laughter]

A: Not far off! Dominance over the normal male.

Q: (L) Remember that book I wrote a review on years and years and years ago about this guy who wrote about the Ultimate Alien Agenda, and how loving the reptilians were, and... I'll never forget that. Jesus Christ... Go on Amazon, look up that book, and read my review. It was... That book was... Oh my god.

(Andromeda) In that direction?

(L) Oh yeah! I mean, maybe that book IS telling us the ultimate alien agenda.

(Artemis) They want the man booty!

(L) Apparently so! It's a dominance thing. It's not about sex, it's about dominance.

(Pierre) They want slaves - submission.
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