Session 30 January 2021


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I've never paid much attention to this, so I guess you get "moved up" depending on how many posts you like?

I don't like someone's post unless I absolutely agree with or feel strongly about what they're saying.

I don't want people liking my posts just to get brownie points LOL. 🤣

The number of postings makes you a Jedi, Jedi Master, Jedi Council Member… not the likes you give or get :-D. That's then a different award system and has nothing to do with the "Jedi force" ;-).


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If I remember correctly, it was FRV that rendered implants ineffective. I think it's negative emotions that can drive negative thought loops that can make someone easier to control. "Emotions that limit based on assumption.."

So they mention again to "enjoy the show." That denotes a certain attitude and implies not being sucked into negativity.
I like how Tucker Carlson points out what's right there for all to see. Quite incredible and popcorn worthy.

Gads, that video needs to be shared far and wide. He really puts it all on the table and pretty much confirms everything the Cs have said.

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I read a new session during my coffee break at work this morning.
Even my boss wanted to know what's sooo interesting.
Well, he will never know... :cool2:
Thank you guys so much !
For me, somehow things became less dramatic lately, I finally accepted all this as a show and relaxed a bit.
Maybe I'll even come to the 'enjoying' part of watching the show. It will be what will be, anyway.
It's great to be here with you !
Thank you once more Cass crew & family. Shine on !


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Thank you for this session! Karma isn't going to be too nice for us in France either with our colonial Empire, our less than glorious resistance to Nazi Germany, our armies in Syria, Libya, Mali and God know where else. I'm happy to be away from our main cities!
I have a question regarding a nation's karma: if an individual does the Work, manage to learn the lessons it's people at large didn't learn, is that man or woman still subjected to this karma?

So far, I dodged the vaccine question by saying that I am young, healthy, I already had COVID, and I have allergies, so really there's no point😇. I pass for an odd ball at work but that's a price I'm willing to pay.

Thank you again, this show is hard to "enjoy", but it might last several years, so we might better learn to enjoy it! Will set up a monthly donation in the coming days.


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I'm so grateful for this new session that came sooner than later and, like all previous ones, does so much to mitigate these "interesting times"! The discussion afterward reflected my same thoughts regarding all that has happened this last year and into the new one. Really - just WOW - I sometimes wonder if I've entered some alternate sci-fi horror reality that is really just a nightmare that I haven't figured out how to wake up from! It is an illusion after all, but I guess I've misplaced the Tourist handbook!

In thinking about this -

- in regards to America -


The cast of "characters" keeps getting more colorful:


Who would have guessed, a year ago, that we'd have experienced the parade of absurdities we've been treated to? Each more ridiculous than the last?
Who indeed!!
A: At this point you should better understand "enjoy the show." So do it. Goodbye.

Cue the circus music . . . 🤡 🍿🥤🎪


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Thank you guys for taking the time to get a session out so soon. I guess we have now to exercise the mental fortitude that we have been prepared for so many years. Enjoy the show as they said.
Well, no matter what, there is still beauty in this world and that darkness shall pass.


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The way I went about it with the mask exemption was by approaching my doctor and almost begging for help to make it possible for me to wear a mask. I said I absolutely HAD TO be able to wear it and I wanted them to find the cause of my symptoms and remove it. I suspect that if I had approached them saying I didn't want to wear a mask the outcome would have been different.
The “wise as serpents” part of the Bible quote.

As for “enjoy the show”, I am now looking at this as a version of another bible verse: turn the other cheek.

Don’t try to change the course of the river or argue with a hysterical, brainwashed and programmed OP. Pointless.

Furthermore, you can’t anchor a decent frequency if you are engaged in hand to hand combat with the free will of stupidity born of willful ignorance.

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Session Date: January 30th 2021

Laura, Andromeda, and Artemis at the board

Pierre, Joe, Chu, Ark, Gaby, Scottie, Niall, Princess Leia [...]

Many thanks to everybody at the chateau for this latest session! 🌠

Q: (L) So despite the fact that Trump was so friendly and always playing up to the military, they really still didn't want or like him because he wasn't a war monger. Is that correct?
A: Yes
Q: (L) And high mucky-muck military guys are basically war mongers.
A: Yes

So the military did not have Trump's back and there's one less alternative theory to ponder.

I remember Mike Adams claiming that his sources told him that there had been negotiations between Trump and the top brass about a military intervention against the coup that depended on Trump agreeing to persistent war (or even 'all-out war') and a gigantic military budget.

Wait and see! But wouldn't you say that the universal retrieval system has a sense of humor?

I was wondering about this 'universal retrieval system'...

So if our terrestrial software (and hardware) becomes too messed up, this retrieval system is going to delete everything and will install a new and improved program! (Preferably in 4D, I think)

Q: (L) So in other words, the fact that the majority voted FOR Trump and he was not allowed to become the president and they took over means that they took over against the will of the people. I think that has some kind of energetic implication. There was some stuff about that in the Ra material.

(Pierre) You once asked what is the main universal rule. The C's said Free Will. At some level, energetic or informational, respect of free will of life forms is a rule. If you infringe on the rule, you expose yourself to some consequences even if you are high up 4D STS.

(L) In other words, cosmically speaking, they just painted targets on their own heads!

The C's have told us that the 2007 French election was won by Ségolène Royal and the 2018 by Marine LePen (in the first round), so the will of the people had been overturned there as well. What could have been the energetic implications there?

I must add that while most Americans probably know they have been cheated, the main difference is that the French never actually knew... (Or did they?)

On a humorous note, if free will is the main universal rule, no wonder the PTB don't want us to infringe on theirs...


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A: It is very bad juju for the forces of darkness to take over against the free will of the majority.
Thank you for a new interesting session. The above was a good to read and likely due to both their hubris as well as a sense of urgency on their behalf and perhaps a time restraint.
(L) In other words, cosmically speaking, they just painted targets on their own heads!

A: Yes
Sweet music to my ears.

(L) So, you're asking if it's informational, gravitational, or electromagnetic?

(Ark) Or something else.

A: Electromagnetism structured by information emitted by gravity.
Obviously. 🤣
A: Go deeper to find the structuring forces.

Q: (Ark) Meow.
Now I am feeling more at home...with the meow that is.

Thank you for the heartfelt chuckles which you shared in the session.
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