Session 30 January 2021

Thank you for this session, it is beautiful. And what a consolation that it is all just a show.

In this post, I will comment on "show" extending to the possibility of becoming a critic of a show and moving on to the meanings of "allusion".
A: At this point you should better understand "enjoy the show." So do it. Goodbye.
Even though I often feel like:
The endless increasing pressure takes its toll: the daily popcorn is not as tasty anymore and there might be not enough romance novels to keep it all at bay.:ninja:
(Chu) The problem is that shows are short. You watch for an hour or two, turn the TV off, and it's over. This show is going to go on for YEARS!
Different kinds of shows
"So do it." The C's said, but as I was not getting the joke, or the fun of it, at least not all the time, what about show? It turns out there are many kinds of shows, and I do not enjoy watching all of them, be it with or without popcorn. On the Wiki one finds pages like:
To give an idea, I have copied the links from the last Wiki. Here one finds: Action Series and after that Adult Content, Adventure Series, Animated series, Art, Children's series, Daytime television, and Dramatic programming. Under the last item, one finds: Documentary, Docudrama, Dramality, Dramedy including Courtroom Drama, Legal drama, Medical Drama and Mockumentary Then follows: Educational, Factual television including Instructional, Fantasy, Game Show, Late night television, Music television, News show including "Current Affairs: Broadcast journalism where the emphasis is on detailed analysis and discussion of a news story" and Tabloid television. Then comes Police procedural including Detective fiction, Prime-time television, Public affairs (broadcasting), Reality, Religious, Science fiction, Serial, Comedy. Under comedy one finds: Sitcom: Short for Situational Comedy, Romcom: Short for Romantic Comedy and Stand-up comedy. Then come the Soap opera, about which they write that it indeed can last a long time like every day of the week for more than 20 years! They list examples like All My Children, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, and Coronation Street. I don't know if what we are watching is similar to a soap opera, except for the duration, but even if all the above genres do not fit what we see around us there are more to choose from like:
Sports, Telenovela. Telenovelas may need a few words of introduction: "A television serial melodrama popular in Latin America. They are similar to a soap opera in miniseries format. They often feature Love and Drama, as well as other situations depending on the genre of telenovela. Examples include: Desire (TV series), Fashion House and Wicked Wicked Games." Some of the telenovelas are long, like 150 or 180 episodes and can last for months. Finally the Wiki lists Variety show and Western Series including the Space Western as for instance the series Firefly. There are also Infomercials and why not list ordinary commercials, as they frequently take up quite a bit of time.

Being or becoming a "TV Critic"
That is quite a lot of shows, and the majority I probably would not consider watching. But if one had to, one could choose to become a genre specialist and "TV critic". It would allow one practice in commenting on the shows. The Search engine informs us it is paid reasonably well, and entry is based on skill more than formal education. Are you interested:
TV Critic Job Requirements by Chris Blank Updated March 23, 2017
You may have your favorite television shows, or you may just love watching TV. While it is important for TV critics to appreciate the medium, simply loving TV is not sufficient to qualify for or obtain a job as a TV critic. Some luck can't hurt, but preparation and the proper skills are essential for landing one of these coveted positions.

Job Description

Although TV critics have opinions and express their own preferences, it is not enough to say "I liked this show, and you should, too." Instead, they must express their informed opinion about why a show is good or not good, and make the case to the reader or to the viewer. Whether on technical grounds, or by comparison to similar shows, a critic needs to provide some rationale for an opinion. Many TV critics evaluate shows in context with the events of the times, while others focus on whether or not the shows they evaluate are effective in reaching their target audiences.

Although there is no specific educational requirement to become a TV critic, many aspiring critics earn four-year college degrees. Besides sharpening English language and writing skills, some TV critics study art, history, media and popular culture. TV critics who intend to specialize in commentary about a particular type of show, such as drama, watch and study classic TV programs in a particular genre dating back from the earliest days of television. In the 21st century, TV has expanded beyond the television set to the Internet, making computer literacy a must.

Useful Skills
It's not necessary to develop Pulitzer-worthy writing skills on a par with a critic like Roger Ebert, but to make it as a TV critic who produces reviews for newspapers, magazines or the Internet, you must be able to construct a coherent sentence. Critics who present their reviews on the air should learn how to use a TelePrompTer as part of the process of developing camera presence. A sharp eye for detail and a good memory are also useful. Videography skills also will allow you to shoot your own segments as a TV critic for a small television station or for Internet podcasts.
In the current situation becoming acquainted with the different types of TV genres and shows in order to become a TV critic of these shows is all very well. In a certain sense, SOTT offers a lot of the current genres of the show pooled together under Puppet Masters and Society's Child. Covid19 could be medical drama for instance. Whereas a conventional critic would often need a sharp pen. In this case one also would need to use allusions more often.

The use of allusions
If the critics of the show will be required or expected to "[t]one things a bit and use allusions more." it admittedly makes the job more difficult. In my case more so, since English is a foreign language, so I decided to look it up, but for context, here is the quote:
A: Tone things a bit and use allusions more.

Q: (Joe) So, I should write something like: “Isn't this strange the way things happen like this? Kinda weird! I think there might be something strange about what governments are doing. Maybe they're making a big mistake. What do you think?” [laughter]
Regarding the meaning of the word allusion they write on Literary Devices
Definition of Allusion
An allusion is a reference, typically brief, to a person, place, thing, event, or other literary work with which the reader is presumably familiar. As a literary device, allusion allows a writer to compress a great deal of meaning and significance into a word or phrase. However, allusions are only effective to the extent that they are recognized and understood by the reader, and that they are properly inferred and interpreted by the reader. If an allusion is obscure or misunderstood, it can lose effectiveness by confusing the reader.
Below the definition, the page gives many examples, and they elaborate on the above definition too:
When creating allusions in a literary work, writers must balance what they choose to reference and how to incorporate it into their work so it is understandable and meaningful for the reader. Here are some common types of allusion for a writer to consider when using this literary device:
  • self reference–when a writer references another work of their own
  • single reference–when a writer connects their work to another through allusion
  • causal reference–when an allusion is made but it is not essential to the story
  • corrective reference–when a writer references another work that is in opposition by comparison
  • apparent reference–when a writer alludes to a specific source but in a challenging way
  • multiple references–when a writer uses a variety of allusions
For the above to give more meaning, the text gives many examples:
Common Examples of Allusion in Everyday Speech
People often make allusions in everyday conversation, sometimes without the realization that they are doing so
and sometimes without knowing the material to which they are alluding. Typically, these allusions are in reference to popular culture, including movies, books, music, public figures, and so on.

Here are some common examples of allusion in everyday speech, along with the source material to which they reference:
  • His smile is like kryptonite to me. (Superman’s weakness)
  • She felt like she had a golden ticket. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
  • That guy is young, scrappy, and hungry. (Hamilton)
  • I wish I could just click my heels. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • If I’m not home by midnight, my car might turn into a pumpkin. (Cinderella)
  • She smiles like a Cheshire cat. (Alice in Wonderland)
  • His job is like pulling a sword out of a stone. (King Arthur Legend)
  • Is there an Einstein in your physics class? (Albert Einstein)
  • My math teacher is he who must not be named. (Voldemort from the Harry Potter series)
  • I want to sound like Queen B. (Beyoncé)
  • Today might be the Ides of March. (Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar)
  • Now might be a good time to sit in my thinking chair. (Blue’s Clues)
  • I have a caped crusader costume. (Batman)
  • Does it count if we were on a break? (Friends)
  • I’m listening to the king. (Elvis Presley)
Examples of Allusion to Classical Mythology
Writers often utilize allusion as a literary device for an incidental mention of something or a passing reference to create context. Greek and/or Roman mythology are commonly used as sources for allusions in literature, directly or by implication, due to the familiarity most readers have with classical myths, their stories, and characters.

Here are some examples of allusion to classical mythology:
  • Achilles’ heel (alluding to the one weakness of Achilles)
  • arrow of love (allusion to Cupid)
  • carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders (allusion to Atlas)
  • pushing a boulder uphill every day (allusion to Sisyphus)
  • hot as Hades (alluding to the god of death / king of the underworld)
  • looking like Venus (alluding to the goddess of beauty)
  • Herculean effort (alluding to the strength of Hercules)
  • opening Pandora’s box (alluding to Pandora’s myth of letting trouble into the world)
  • protean form of management (alluding to Proteus who could change his shape)
  • can’t stop staring at himself (allusion to Narcissus)
Famous Examples of Biblical Allusion
The Bible is another frequently referenced source for writers utilizing allusion as a literary device. Here are some famous examples of Biblical allusion:
  • garden (Eden, creation)
  • snake (serpent, Satan)
  • flood (Noah’s Ark)
  • apple/fruit (tree of knowledge, temptation)
  • cross (Christ, crucifixion)
  • great patience (Job)
  • fraternal competition (Cain and Abel)
  • betrayal (Judas)
  • generosity/philanthropy (Good Samaritan)
  • slingshot/stone (David and Goliath)
It turns out Oxford University Press has published a dictionary of allusions: Adonis to Zorro: Oxford Dictionary of Reference and Allusion 3rd Edition, the older version from 2001 is cheaper. While I don't know how updated the material in the book is, there are many possibilities.
Looks like it's time to stop being so verbal on fb and MeWe...
Maybe like "allusionists" we will be able, when required, to counter the projected illusion with skilful allusions. Although the signal may appear less obvious, it could in some cases potentially turn out to be more penetrating and clear. Through allusions, one can include some and exclude others, if one chooses. One can veil, unveil and reveal. Allusions may work pretty much like a mundane parallel to the Language of the Birds though I hope it will be sufficient to only "[t]one things a bit and use allusions more." May you stay safe through the upcoming chaos.
Awesome session.
Thank you guys for explaining so many things, and keeping our sanity in an insane world. Actually, there is no words to thank you enough, for everything you do. Every single session is like a jackpot, and every forum thread is like a real treasure. :hug2::love::hug2:

I bet some agents of Oz keep an eye on C's sessions and not liking prognosis for the PTBs and the rest of the gang. 😜 Good.
Thanks to everyone and the C's for another very timely and important session. As always the questions are thoughtfully all considered and the 'Truth energy' that is received continues to act as the necessary antidote to speculations and negative thought-loops that may seep through any cracks in the interim.
Luckily I made the choice to leave the city and return to my village and just 5 mins walk up our road to the forest and mountains for peace and the stronger healthy energies there. The pristine mountain spring water is already making a healthy difference too thankfully. I did experience the last two earthquakes though! :-)
Luckily my mum and close family have listened to the anti vax info I continually shared with them and will not be getting it, though my poor mum does get berating phonecalls from her sister telling her how selfish and unresponsible she is!! Her sister was a science teacher but obviously did not choose the scientific research.
I feel very very fortunate here to be part of two recently mutually formed groups of very loving and like minded We have a of dowsers and meditators. As well as self taught natural herbalist in the village who pops in regularly despite lock downs as he is a law unto himself and left alone by the authorities :-) Together we are creating a Paradise valley where all the orchards and spring water is shared for all, and teaching others by example. We have a Sprite Alpine caravan hidden among the trees where walkers in the valley can stop for coffee and an educational chat about nature. Plus building tree houses for the kids (adults) too, as well as stopped the rubbish tip in the valley, covered it up now and already planted and thriving.
There is the usual paranoia 'out there' and on social media and cafe talk is purely about lockdowns so play strategic enclosure when shopping but never cover my mouth with a mask and off it comes as soon as out of a shop! Realistically I now meditate every day so feel very connected and the groups are in contact daily and plenty positives to do every day for the foreseeable future. Glad the internet was not likely to go down as chat to family daily and find the 'reclusive' life very anti stress making :-)
Blessings to everyone, stay strong - knowledge protects but it also empowers you, when choosing how to live your life, away from the madding crowd!!
Much Love x
Thanks for the session!

What does, "A: At this point you should better understand "enjoy the show." So do it. Goodbye." mean to you? Just want to double check that I truly understand the meaning!

I don't think it means to be happy about the increasing degree of human suffering. I think that it means to just simply observe and appreciate the truly unique, raw and amazing time that we are living in. Total global chaos, severe weather, economic bankruptcy, cosmic debris, (partial?)collapse of civilization, transdensity weirdness, plague... on and on.. but at the same time we are given access to a network with 6th density STO guides to help us weather the storm!

Growing up as a kid I could never have dreamed of such a trippy experience even with my great imagination!
The Locking of people up who "breach" covid restrictions are already being jailed here in Australia, it just happened recently to someone. I recently travelled interstate and Airports are much more restrictive, police enforcing masks, checkpoints at borders and the constant tracking of those who travelled are strong in effect. Pfizer vaccine has been fully approved and widescale vaccinations begin in February. No way will they give me that poison! I do not see an end to the restrictions anytime soon, if ever, as we now face an "invisible enemy" that can be perpetuated by the psychopaths for as long as they like.
Thank you Laura and Chateau Crew for the new session! This answer from the C's caught my imagination:

A: Chaos.

I couldn't help but think from the 4D STS point of view of the fictional words of Petyr Baelish:

Chaos is a ladder.

However, with his delusions of power, even the maelstrom he had helped to create in the realm of Westeros didn't work out for him in the end. Littlefinger dies in the final season of Game of Thrones.
Thank you chateau crew !

A: Wait and see! But wouldn't you say that the universal retrieval system has a sense of humor?

I'm a bit foggy on what the reference "universal retrieval system" means. Can anyone assist ?
If you wish to know how one may go about such questions and find out if the C's have mentioned a topic before, then one can go to Cassiopaean Session Transcripts open a search field and enter the relevant words. In this case, it became:
View attachment 42305
If one is interested in transcripts only, and there are many hits, one can look up "thread" rather than "post" in the search results. Since "retrieval" is a rare word, there are very few hits and fewer sessions. These sessions are then opened in separate browser tabs. For each, one can use a webpage search using "retrieval". The shortcut for a webpage search field is "Ctrl+F" in Windows.

Using the above approach, below are some findings that may help to clarify what is meant by "universal retrieval system"

Q: (T) One last question and I will be gone for now. Who sent me the information in the dream?

A: You don't have to "go". Complex.

Q: (T) Was the information sent by the good guys or the bad guys?

A: Different concept.

Q: (T) What race of beings? Did it come from a specific race?

A: Not exactly.

Q: (L) Can you give us just a few words on this?

A: Okay, Laura. Cosmic retrieval system.

Q: (L) What does the cosmic retrieval system retrieve?

A: Remember computer was inspired by cosmic forces and reflects universal intelligence system of retrieval of reality.

Q: (T) This is a computer network, yes or no?

A: Strange thought pattern.

Q: (T) What you have described, on a very large scale, sophisticated...

A: Grand scale, close.

Q: (T) Can I access it through our earthly computer system?

A: In a sense, but not directly as of yet. But just wait. [Break]

(Chu) You'd have to know the person to charge them with the right message, right? A random person couldn't be asking for a crystal.

A: They should include their birth date and current location for the CRS to find them.

Q: (L) For the what?

(Scottie) "for the crstofindthem"...

A: Cosmic Retrieval System

Q: (Pierre) They're using acronyms now! [laughter]

(L) Don't you know what the Cosmic Retrieval System is?! [laughter]

A: We use it all the time. It's like RAM in a computer.

Q: (Pierre) What is it? The crystal will be like an interface between the person and the information field...?

A: Close.

Q: (Pierre) It enhances this connection.

(L) So. Well, all of that's very interesting.
What comes before and after this except is about the Crystal project. Later in the same session:
(Data) One more question: On March 17th, two amateur astronomers had their cameras on Jupiter, and both of them saw a flash in Jupiter's atmosphere. What was it?

A: Comet fragment. A lot of that lately!

Q: (Data) If they can say, how big was it in meters?

A: 4000

Q: (Pierre) 4km diameter! Oh, they just used the Cosmic Retrieval System to answer this question.

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) That's pretty handy.

A: Information field access.

Q: (L) Okay, are we done?
Cosmic Retrieval System, CRS and interestingly a lot of computers have a C drive.

Q: (L) Well, before we jump off the topic of Trump, these people wrote to us. They call themselves the Leo Network. They were saying something about Donald Trump being the ruler of the "lower world" or in other words this world, and referred to him as some sort of trumpet…

(Joe) Trump-ets of the apocalypse. Trump, Trumpets… of the apocalypse...

A: Well, that is a bit imaginative, yes? However, we do find some humor in the expression: The last Trump shall sound!

Q: (L) The last Trump shall sound... And then what?

A: Wait and see! But wouldn't you say that the universal retrieval system has a sense of humor?
Possibly the play on
Trump->Trumpet->The Apocalypse of Saint John
is also related to the concepts of mass consciousness, mass unconsciousness and the collective mind. For a few quotes, see: Session 23 May 2020
A huge thank you to the group for continuously inspiring objective thought and action in me and all others through your hard work and delectable signal. You (and even more the Cs) do it with it humility, intelligence, humour and so much ‘humanity’.

And my ‘humanity’ (being a friend, a son, a brother, and maybe a father in the future) would probably be my strongest attachment to this life, third grade, level of being or what have you. Wether it is an attachment or more of an anchor it’s still not clear to me, though I do like to hope for the latter.
Once again a very informative and also (despite the topics) humorous session, thank you all very much for that!

Most of the time I actually manage to enjoy the show in terms of the absolute craziness and absurdity that has become the norm (even before Covid), but every now and then there are days when I´m simply tired of it. But I see it as an opportunity to gain more strength. I often wonder in what state of mind i would be in, were it not for this forum, EE, the change in diet, etc. These things help me enormously.

Which often makes me think of the quote that Odin also mentioned:
On a more positive note. Lately, when I have been fed-up and feel sorry for my self for being where I am "alone" and miss likeminded people this quote has come to my mind: "It does not matter where you are, but who you are and what you see" and this always puts a smile on my face
So I am really thankful to be in a position to be able to see more clearly, I never believed in "ignorance is bliss". We seem to be here at this time for a reason, and I won´t complain. I´ll fetch me some bacon instead of the popcorn though...:-)
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