Session 7 May 2016


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luke wilson said:
What is dream work?

You'll find more information in this thread:

Dream Work,17503.msg156851.html#msg156851

Very useful!


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Dirgni said:
Thank you for sharing this new very interesting session.

Thank you for all the work that go into your projects to help us, Laura. :flowers:

Data said:
Laura said:
Q: (Galatea) Was the branch nearly falling on Data caused by evil energies, or was it just because it was rotten?

This was the 'little' branch that fell within 2 meters from where I was standing (I was about to put that little solar light down that you can see in the image on the left), had I not ran away because I had heard a faint crackling noise from directly above. It crackled for about 10 seconds before it started to fall. The branch flattened 2 cypress trees when it hit the ground (1 of them has meanwhile been erected again, see image). But by then, I was in safe distance. It was a surreal experience.

The "little branch" looks quite massive. I am glad that nothing happend to you and those around you! Hopefully the tree could be removed uneventfully. Maybe checking the other trees if they may drop "branches" could be helpful? Take care of yourselves.

Yes it's great to see your effective action throught the picture where Joe cut down this factor risk.
And not stay or at least alone under some "dangerous" trees, and thank you so much for all your sharing.


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(Ark) Hints? Where to look for the literature because there was Mr. Shannon, there was these people linking information to probability, people linking information to entropy, and so on. What would be the first letter of the name of the author that I should search?

A: F

Q: [laughter] (Pierre) You can ask for the second letter...

A: I

Q: (Chu) Third?

A: No

Could it be FINO as in B. J. Fino? All I could find in this case is that this author worked on the Haar transform, which is used today in pattern recongnition in images.


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Thanks for another fascinating session! :flowers:

Their explanation on the difference in effects with the grounding setup were really interesting--I wouldn't have thought that one could have too much grounding in that way. I'm not outside all that much and am around computers most of the time, so it sounds like it might be a worthwhile experiment to try in my situation.

Glad to hear that you didn't get squished by that tree limb, Data! Looks like it was a big one.

Regarding the pituitary issues, maybe this pituitary extract from Standard Process would be helpful:

on Amazon with reviews:

I haven't taken their pituitary extract, but I did take the hypothalamus extract (I think the supplement was called Hypothalmex) at one point and found it to be helpful (some body temperature and digestive improvements--I was prescribed that by the Applied Kinesiologist I was working with to correct an imbalance that was negatively impacting my thyroid).

John G

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Re: Session 7 May 2016

Lilou said:
Thanks for another session and the progress on the crystals! Glad you weren't clobbered by that oak branch, Data! That was a close call.

I looked into the work of Mr Shannon and perhaps Fisher is the guy to look at?! Or not, but he was the only Fi I came across in the Google search. Best of luck in your research, Ark!
Well one could go to a Riemann metric and a Hilbert space via Fisher but that's rather conventional. Maybe one could go to a Riemann surface and Ark's conformal metric via Fisher too? There's also Finkelstein who would relate to the 2x2 complex matrices that Ark has mentioned liking as a Leibniz-like monad and would also fit with the Wolfram elementary cellular automata that Ark has written about on his blog.


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I'm no it could be Fisher, Fino, Finklestein or someone else. I just got a little excited when an Fi name came up in association with this dude, Mr. Shannon. :P I am sure Ark will know best!

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Laura said:
Session Date: May 7th 2016

A: Mind melding is possible for those who love. Goodbye.


.. yea love this! ... there have been quite a lot mind melding in my personal and professional "circle" in last few weeks, some have been quite impressive ... thank you for this session! ... Digital Babylon is what echoing in my thoughts ... :flowers:


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Thanks Laura and Chateau Crew for this great session! I really liked learning more about the crystals' use and the "firewall". I would like to send a donation for some as indicated in the prior session's comments.

And the vulcan mind-melding idea has always seemed absolutely possible to me ever since becoming aware of it in Star Trek TOS.


Thank you all for another great session ! :)
Glad to hear that Laura and the Girls are protected against any nefarious person with the Crystal project :thup: :thup:
Glad you are ok Data, the "little" branch looks quite massive if you ask me...

Laura said:
Session Date: May 7th 2016

Q: (L) Now you can wear one of those shirts that says, "Downloading... Cassiopaean Software"! We'll have to get LM to make us one!

(Galatea) Installation in progress. Loading...

(L) Then it will ask: “Do you wish to restart your computer”? AAAH! [laughter]

(Galatea) "To complete the installation, you must restart." DEATH! [laughter]
Lol, love this !
what a day full of humor...First Joe on SOTT Radio, now this. You guys made my day ! :) Bless you all !

Gaby said:
luke wilson said:
What is dream work?

You'll find more information in this thread:

Dream Work,17503.msg156851.html#msg156851

Very useful!

Thanks for the link Gaby, indeed very useful ! :)


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Spirit of God in the clear running water,
Blowing to greatness the trees on the hill,
Spirit of God in the finger of morning,
Fill the Earth,
Bring it to birth and blow where you will.
Blow, blow, blow til I be
But the breath of the Spirit
Blowing in me.

Here is a song I must have learned in Catholic grade school. I had bought a crystal point just previous to the last C's session on crystals. After cleansing the crystal in water and sunshine and clearing and charging with Reiki it had such a strong vibration I thought it should be my water charging crystal. I spontaneously sang this to it when it was in the glass of water.

Seems I am on the right track. Would also love a crystal with connections to Laura and the C's if possible.

Thank you for wonderful session. Hugs. Susan
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