Session 9 April 2011


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Laura said:
Session 9 April 2011

A: What do you think about the ”new” explosion 3 to 4 billion light years away? They think, that is.

{Here it seems the Cs are referring to recent news of an explosion that is going on in the center of a small galaxy said to be 3.8 billion light-years away. See:
“Astronomers say they have never seen anything this bright, long-lasting and variable before. Usually gamma-ray bursts mark the end of a massive star and emission from these events never lasts more than a few hours. But radiation from the blast continues to brighten and fade from the location a week after the explosion.”
And: “Rather than the short-lived gamma-ray bursts typically associated with the death of a massive star -- most last no more than a few hours -- this explosion continues more than a week later to emanate pulses of high-energy cosmic radiation for an effect that's brighter, longer lasting, and more variable than scientists have ever seen.”}

Q: (L) Are you saying that it’s not as far away as they’re saying it is?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What is it representing? What is it doing?

A: The wave has begun in earnest!

Q: (L) What do you mean?

A: Energy is pouring into your universe from higher densities.

Q: (L) Was there any connection between our neighbor’s death and our dog’s deteriorating health? Is it concentrated beaming or cosmic influences?

A: See all of the above.
Just want to note that this article - says that, "This burst produced a tremendous amount of energy over a fairly long period of time, and the event is still going on more than 2 1/2 months later." So, the energy flowing into our Universe wasn't a one time (or extended) 'pulse', it's ongoing, which matches what the C's seem to be saying.

I find that very interesting. The article itself is pretty pitiful with the explanations of what is going on (even though they admit they don't know what's going on, they invariably explain it as if they do) - but - that little tidbit that it is ongoing caught my eye, since I got the impression from the initial article that it was a 'burst', not ongoing. fwiw.


This is for Ark: If you look in your side review mirror and lean forward whilst keeping your view in the mirror, you can see all side view blind spots, this works on both side rearview mirrors. Just for your information. Be Safe to all. I've been wanting to post this for a long time, just now getting the chance.


Mandrak said:
Here at the forum mentioned Omega 3, but the fish is not the only source, because many seeds contains it. With the fish you get mercury also, which is not good for the brain.
Here is a link to a excerpt that psyche put up from "Primal Body, Primal Mind", talking about fish oil benefits and its safety.

From: Primal Body, Primal Mind
Regular fish oil or Antarctic krill oil supplements for omega-3 fatty acids, combined with small amounts of cod-liver oil, are far and away the best supplemental sources. Many companies molecularly distill their fish oil to remove any impurities or contaminants. Keep in mind that mercury t is generally concentrated in protein and not very fat soluble, so it's usually not considered a significant contaminant risk where fish oil is concerned. Also, sufficient tissue zinc and dietary selenium levels can help mitigate the potential for mercury toxicity and retention.,12178.msg283224.html#msg283224


"Help is on the way!"

The C's say this a lot , so this " help " should show up this year maybe next? ;D

It will be very interesting time if it would happen sooner :cool2:

As allways Thank You Laura and team ...


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Chopper said:
"Help is on the way!"

The C's say this a lot , so this " help " should show up this year maybe next? ;D

It will be very interesting time if it would happen sooner :cool2:
Just my perspective, but I think it has shown up, is showing up, and will continue to show up. It is also up to each and every one of us here to decide how we can "help" and to what need to wait for a magical assistant hold a sign that says "I am the help that was promised"...instead think about what we can DO to be that help. Fwiw. :)


I here ya Jason had that much figured out ;D ,I believe I am doing what little I can been , haveing these talks with the few I know that Can handel it for years.

I wouldn't just jump in on the network here presuming I could help much after all thay have been working Hard for many years :) let alone thinking one could help the inner circle without slowing them down ...

Thanks for your helping Jason.


The Living Force
I have considered their frequent statements of help being on its way to have multiple meanings. They seem to use this statement as a way to provide comfort and support, but I think they meant it in general and specific senses.

As a general concept, I feel they were referring to the future growth of a network capable of sharing the responsibility and some of the risk. As well, perhaps they were indicating that help would come through the increased awareness and abilities of Laura and others associated with the Cass experiment, QFS, SotT, etc., and the forum.

However, I also feel they were referring to specific events, actions or people (using the term loosely, as it could also refer to some advanced spirit not necessarily confined to a meat suit). For example, they mentioned a Nordic type would be of some form of assistance.

Of course, I could be wrong and they were just referring to Guardian eventually joining the forum as the resident multipurpose attack dog, with her keen nose, loud bark and razor sharp teeth. :)



Ya Gonzo kinda felt that also , like in general "help" is allways coming & in specific when answers sought wern't forthcoming help did come in some way ( I would imagine through networking uasually) which helped the team to find what thay were looking for before another session ( certinly not everytime good example is the Nordic) .
Still I think "help" is right under the nose of the seeker most times ...



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"Help is on the way". I am seeing it lately as literally, help is "on' the way/on the path that we are taking we are helping one and all who ask, including ourselves. IOW, by living the fourth way, we serve and help others which in turn serves ourselves, a cycle of service through learning/knowledge.


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stellar said:
"Help is on the way". I am seeing it lately as literally, help is "on' the way/on the path that we are taking we are helping one and all who ask, including ourselves. IOW, by living the fourth way, we serve and help others which in turn serves ourselves, a cycle of service through learning/knowledge.
Yeah, that's the way I interpret it as well. We are the help if we choose the Work and we will be the change we want to see in the world. So, indeed, help IS on the Way. :D


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Q: (L) Is there any relation between the above and the rashes that people here are having?

A: Watch the diet!

Q: (L) Does that mean as I think, being very careful about any carbs?

A: Yes.
so that is what that is about.

thank you for this !


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About a year ago, January 2012, maybe 5:30 in the morning, shortly after getting up, I turned on the computer and began reading something on the monitor that I started to read the night before. After reading for only a few minutes I noticed something was interfering with my vision. I turned off my desk light and sitting in a somewhat darkened room, with my eyes closed, I saw something very close to this:

[ I created this animation about five months later. ]

It reminded me of what I might see with my eyes shut after looking at a bright light but it was more stable, well defined and vibrant and I had not looked at any bright lights and it was still dark outside. What I saw filled to the edge of the right side of my field of vision. I watched this for about ten minutes until it faded away. Even though this was totally outside my experience, I only thought it was a physiological aberration. Fortunately, I have little hypochondria tendencies, otherwise I might have interpreted it as a brain aneurysm.

I probably would not have given it much further consideration except for what happened next. I returned to what I was reading, which was the Cassiopaean transcript that starts this forum topic. These are the very next words I read:

OK, Atreides. Your question. (Atriedes) It’s slightly personal. I’ve been having hallucinations. Like, I was drawing and I saw things in my drawing that were moving sometimes – and I keep hearing people say things that they’re not actually saying.

A: Cosmic changes!! DNA changes!

Q: (Atriedes) So, I’m not going insane?

A: No.
It gave me chills!!!


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Just wondering if this was a possibility, too?

I noticed something was interfering with my vision.
Visual Migraine:

Visual migraines generally affect only one eye and are accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms: temporary blindness in one eye, blurred vision, and seeing zigzag lines or flickering lights.


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voyageur said:
Visual Migraine:
I agree with voyageur, it might be Migraine. I've had a few similar vision things happen over the years especially zig-zags. You might like to check out 'google images' by inputting "Migraine aura" or something like that, to see if you recognise anything.


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Bluefyre said:
I'm nearing completion of my first read of Ponerology. It is very challenging and I have to stop often and re-read paragraphs. I think I will need at least one more reading. I have noticed it is opening my eyes in ways which surprise me, in regard to the effects children being raised with the taint of psychopathy as well as its effects on a global scale. I've also started reading the updated version of Wave 4 and although I know I've read this book, it feels like the first time, perhaps because my ability to perceive and understand more has grown?
Yes I often re-read most of the books. Underlining paragraphs and points of interest, and cross referencing. It is truly amazing the connections one finds.
And the more you look the more you find - thus you get a better understanding of our situation.

I have many questions that I wish to ask on this forum..... but haven't done so yet :-[
I will make a concerted effort to do so.
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