Session 9 May 2020


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Thank you for the great info! The weather here in Bavaria has either caused draught or continuous rain and this morning it was 4 degrees.
I’ve noticed that the fruit and veggies are getting smaller, too.
My canning equipment arrived today, so I’m going to get busy, though the rest of my family think I’m a bit nutty.


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Thanks for the session, wasn't expecting it so soon but always welcome.

Gaby) Can we get a percentage rate of true infection in the global population of the beneficial virus?

A: 37 percent.

Q: (Joe) So in that sense, they limited it to 37 percent.

(L) That's 37 percent of the people who've actually gotten the virus?

That is a good percentage but I was also wondering how many globally are or were infected by the virus.


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Thank you very much for sharing new session! :flowers:

Q: (Joe) How did Bill Gates get into all of this? How does a computer nerd become a maniacal world-saver through vaccines?

A: Greenbaum victim.
I also didn´t see that one comming.

And if the virus is already attacking the oxygen carrying capacity, it's just going to make them sicker.
On that note; in last few weeks masks are mandatory in public places and public transport here in Germany.
And surprise surprise, number of people that got sich has increased.....
(read i.e. here or here)


Thank you kindly for the session!
(L) They have NOT learned their lesson...

A: Nature will also intervene. Watch for it!

This is interesting, not trying to dictate but oh please nature, maybe just a small flood/teensy tornado for Moderna Inc. headquarters? ;-)
Anyway, let's see in the near future if something noteworthy is going to pop out in news headlines regarding a "nature intervention".


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Thanks a lot for this session.

(Joe) I was wondering if people like the overt leaders of major countries - like Trump, Boris Johnson, Putin, and Macron - were lied to about this virus and just told it was a horrible strain that really could kill lots of people...

A: Of course.

Q: (Joe) How did Bill Gates get into all of this? How does a computer nerd become a maniacal world-saver through vaccines?

A: Greenbaum victim.
Thanks for this question.
It's more clear.


Q: (Artemis) "Over" as in the planet explodes, or what kind of "over" do you mean here?

A: Weather will play a more prominent role next.

Has anyone else noticed bizarre clouds in the sky (this spring)?
Clouds of different bizarre and diverse shapes, as if someone were drawing them in the sky. I can’t even describe their shape and no photograph will transmit it. I see this every day, since I work on my land (planting plants) from morning to evening.
I also noticed some strange flying objects in the sky this spring. And these are definitely not planes!
And I also want to note the sun. It does not burn the skin at all (I suffer from it every year)!
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