Session 9 May 2020


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we got the 3 bads day for the elites. Effect of the wave approaching, mother nature and humanity. 3 responses from 3 level of consciousness.

First we got the wave factor with effect on the wh
A: Nature will also intervene. Watch for it!
A: Weather will play a more prominent role next.

Q: (L) So, it's going to be weather playing a more prominent role... What about a second wave of coronavirus in the fall? Is that a problem?

A: Not really, though what does come may be called by that name!

Q: (Ark) I have a question. I have a certain vision and I would like to know if this is my wishful thinking, or a good thing that I have envisioned. My vision is the following: As a response to pollution and industrialization and so on, we have this emergence of the "Green Parties". Now, my vision is that there will be very soon the beginning of a social movement like Green Peace but AGAINST all these lies. This will explode. People will go into parties fighting against these lies, okay? And it will lead even to social unrest and I see it not in the distant future. Now, is it my wishful thinking, or something like this is going to happen?

A: Expect it.

A: Indeed, but it will get even more interesting before it is all over.

Need to buy more popcorn.

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Thank you so much for this amazing session. The future is open but at least the C's are not telling us to run for the hills. We can prepare to the best of our ability and maybe the climate changes and food shortages may put the idea of a vaccine on the back boiler.

The session had a very calming effect on me and I'm so grateful for that. Nothing has changed and we are still on the same trajectory but hopefully family and friends will start asking questions sooner than later. As Putin said "There's always hope".


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Thanks for sessioning and sharing! I wonder whether the weather [;-)] is going to kick out an anomaly as in become very cold in areas of the world where it would usually be quite temperate. I also wonder how people are going to react and behave once they find out they've been deceived.

(L) So in others words, they really do have to suffer more before they wake up?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And there has to be a lot more death before they wake up?

A: Yes

That is indeed tragic :-(
A: Oleakmaea of Cassiopaea. And you're welcome!

Curiously, this name evoked in my mind an image of a sea wave. The name is suggestive in its composition. Oleak-maea...

Q: (L) Are you saying "welcome" because I was thinking, just before I started, how grateful I was to have the C's to talk to and to get all the good advice they give us? And because they warn us in advance of things that are going to happen and keep us at least in a state of mind where we can function in the midst of all this madness? Is that what you were responding to?

A: Yes.

I also thank the C's for all the advice and warnings; and of course, that wonderful team who make this communication with the C's a reality.:flowers:

P: (L) Very good. So, we didn't have a session in April because I swear... It was too fascinating to see what was going on in the world. Just incredible! Watching people go completely crazy and... And the lies! My God, the lies! It's like we're swimming in a sea of lies. All the media, all the governing bodies... I don't think there are any exceptions to any of them. We used to, and possibly still do, admire Putin and Russia, but he also joined the whole gang. There are very few who have not been completely assimilated by the lies. It's been a month-long roller coaster.

Yep. Right now the lies for some are so obvious that only a blind man could not see them. But unfortunately there are many blind people in the population, their minds were taken over by this deadly virus. There is a kind of mass hypnosis, and few are those who have a strong mind to resist this psychological warfare. They believe in their authorities, in their leaders, in "the law", they have a moral exoskeleton. This is why they are so effective with lying propaganda. They know the infantile state of humanity and they will believe what their leader tells them for their own good! It is a sad reality to see this phenomenon. But the C's repeatedly told us, "A new world is coming, wait and see..."

Q: (Joe) It's kind of funny, because I was thinking that they're not likely to do this again. Originally, according to the last session, what they were trying to do was create a vaccine that would control or dull people. It went totally wrong and had almost the opposite effect. So, have they learned their lesson?

A: No.

(L) They have NOT learned their lesson ...

A: Nature will intervene too. Look at it!

The weakness of the STS force is that they firmly believe they can control everything, and therein lies their vulnerability. The control is limited. They anticipate too often and we know that anticipation fails to produce the results we expect. It is a phenomenon they do not take into account because of their state of Seeing what they want to see. This is a guarantee that their plans will fail. They shoot themselves in the foot, with their own weapon. It's already been proven by the manipulation of covid-19. It backfired on them. This brings me a kind of peace of mind, because despite the chaos in the world at the moment, mass hysteria and planetary change, it is clear that they will not get away with it. Control is limited, and those who walk in the dark easily stumble. Nature or the Cosmic Mind is infinitely more intelligent. I cannot help but feel Faith, despite these hard planetary times. Just stay on the path.

A: Nature will intervene too. Look at it!

A: Calm down! Things will change! Love and goodbye.


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Thank you so much! Bill Gates as a Greenbaum victim never occurred to me, either. However, I am reminded of a time about a month ago when I was showing a video of Gates promoting his vaccine agenda for Covid-19 to my 21 yr old granddaughter. She hadn't known of him in relation to vaccines until we watched it together and then had a significant reaction. She remarked: "He gives me the creeps!" He sounds like a kid who is just repeating what his parents have told him to say or something and he has a weird smirk on his face" All this time I have thought Gates is an evil psychopath and she clearly saw something else!


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Thank you for all you do!! I'm following and reading this material for last 15+ years.

:welcome: @Anabell after 15+ years! That's amazing and I'm happy to see that you decided to dive in with your first post after all these years :-)

Its customary in these parts for new posters to start a thread in the "Newbies" section to introduce themselves and tell us a little more about how they found Laura's work and the forum. Please start one for yourself so we can get to know you, I promise you will get a warm welcome!


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Thank you Laura and crew, I never thought to live and to see all the mess these psychopaths are doing with all humanity, I feel very fortunate to have been given a chance and to have found the Cassiopaea group, without this knowledge I've would've been dead by now.... cheers!!:clap::thup::clap::clap:


Thank you for sharing this great session. 🙏
Right in time.
I've been a bit overwhelmed by sadness today thinking about this outlier situation.
Everyone is considered potential COVID holder, like a terrorist, this brings doubt and distance among people of the same family and within friends.
This is appalling.

(L) Now, can I ask my final question? [laughter] I'm going to ask if there's anything that we need to know that we haven't asked?

A: Be calm! Things will change! Love and Goodbye.

Thanks to the C's for ending the session this way. This is comforting.
Let's try to keep that in mind and keep calm ! (As a reminder to myself :headbash:)


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A HUGE thank you for another fascinating session :flowers: :wizard:

I'm sorry to hear that Elivs, Noko and Penelope are unwell, I hope they improve soon. Although if the C's said little can be done to help Elvis I guess his condition is quite serious. Gosh, I really hope this doesn't mean what I think it might :-( Poor doggie :hug2:
A big hug to al of you, it must be hard to see your 2D friends suffer.

I guess I can throw away the hope of things returning to relative normal for a little longer. But that's a selfish hope anyway. My living situation isn't particularly bad but given how many suffer terribly on daily basis it's for the best if the main part of the show starts soon to put an end to their pain and misery.

I'm really curious about nature intervening and the weather playing it's part. If those comments refer to two different things then we have a real show ahead of us. Apart from meat I need to stock up on popcorn 😎🍿

Having been prewarned about the food shorages I'll make sure to stock some more, although I could live off my current supplies of jarred meat and dry food for a few months anyway. And I must say my cooking skills have massively improved thanks to the 'stay home' orders :-D
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