Session 9 May 2020


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I feel sorry for Bill Gates now. If you had told me a couple of days ago that that would be the case when I was thinking very uncharitable things about him I would have thought that you were insane. Poor man. No-one deserves that.


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Thank you very much for the session. I noticed during last few months each time I get super tired of this crazyness, new session appears and new ray of hope showers my thoughts :) It means a lot!
Due to the possible food shortage, we should get prepared again.


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Thank you for sharing. Something that struck me today when driving around, the weather in BC at this time is lovely. It almost reminded me of days gone by before this lock down. People are walking around as normal, very few with masks, more cars on the road. It was announced a week or so ago by the health officer, go out in the sun, enjoy the sun. Spend time with family on Mothers Day. Of course with restrictions, only 5 at a gathering, and remember social distances.

Well, several images have circulated in the MSM of people out enjoying themselves in parks and on beaches. This struck me as a psychopathic directive. We have given instructions to limit human interaction, now when we have given you instruction and direction, you have violated those instructions. And because of those violations, we will now have to enforce a further lock down, could be a reality. Blame the victim.

At this point for me it is a guessing game for how the PTB will respond, and how they view the success of whether or not they view there programming as complete or if further fine tuning is needed.

I also wonder what the implications of the environmental changes comment will be. We have hints from agricultural producers and livestock producers sounding the alarm, food chain supplies are in disarray. Some chicken farms in BC have been shut down because of COVID discovered in employees. Ridiculous, this has never happened before when the regular flu was rife in a working population.

I found the comment regarding Bill gates interesting, and one wonders who will emerge as the next messianic messenger. Will it be Bill Gates 2.0

We are definatley living in interesting times.


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I read that the virus was also found in sperm in acute infected people. The question then would be whether its function could also bring about a kind of birth control through sperm changes.

It is known that when certain viruses infect an egg or the sperm, they can be transmitted to future generations. It's part of "evolution". More info here:

Some of our ancient viruses may be protecting us from disease; others may be raising our risks for cancer, among other conditions. “It’s not an either-or — are these things good or bad? It’s a lot more complicated than that,” Dr. Katzourakis said in an interview. “We’re barely at the beginning of this research.”

Most of our viral DNA comes from one group in particular: retroviruses, a group that includes HIV.

A retrovirus invades a host cell and inserts its genes into that cell’s DNA. These viral genes co-opt the cell’s machinery, using it to make new viruses that escape to infect more cells.

If a retrovirus happens to infect an egg or sperm, its DNA can potentially be passed to the next generation and the generation after that. Once retroviruses become inherited stowaways, scientists refer to them as endogenous retroviruses.

At first, endogenous retroviruses coax cells to make more retroviruses that can infect other cells. But over the generations, the viral DNA mutates, and endogenous retroviruses eventually lose the ability to infect new cells.

Even after being hobbled, these endogenous retroviruses can still sometimes make their proteins. And they can also reproduce, after a fashion. They can force cells to make copies of their DNA, which are inserted back in the cell’s own genome.

Notice how they talk about retroviruses. A retrovirus is a type of RNA virus that inserts a copy of its genome into the DNA of a host cell that it invades, thus changing the genome of that cell.

We also know that people nowadays are dealing with what Judy Mikovits calls the human gamma retroviruses:

Add to the above the coronavirus, which is a plus sense RNA virus (meaning our ribosomes can read it directly) and one of the biggest ones in its size. Consider that it is both the manipulated and the natural coronavirus.

It's really amazing what coronaviruses can do. Whereas before it gave the standard flu, infecting only respiratory epithelial linings, now and thanks to COVID-19, it can go to the white blood cells, brain, liver, and everywhere in your body. And yes, also the testicles, where it could be effecting changes that could be potentially be inherited via mechanisms mentioned in the "Ancient viruses are hidden in your DNA" article. Specially if it's coupled with retroviruses properties.

So it's the normal mother strain that has been genetically modified. Unpacking the genome means that special cells e.g. Lung tissue attacked?

No, actually I was referring to the following post I wrote in the Coronavirus thread:

How is this virus potentially unlocking beneficial codons? And here's where I would like to bring some molecular biology concepts of the virus. The vocabulary background is technical, but all the 101 information is available for everybody. I posted a video with the 101 molecular biology of the coronavirus here as well: Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?

According to molecular biology concepts, the virus has a mechanism to readthrough its genetic code (the ability to transcribe a genetic sequence beyond its normal termination sequence) via a frame shifting event that is governed by two properties of the genomic RNA of the virus.

First, a slippery sequence that facilitates a "slip out of the frame" when the ribosome reads the genomic sequence and which is increased in coronaviruses because downstream of the "slippery sequence" is what is called an "RNA pseudoknot structure" (second property) which is a highly stable RNA structure that causes the ribosome when it encounters it to pause over the slippery sequence increasing the chances that it will slip back out of frame. If it slips back one nucleotide out of frame, stop codons are no longer read as a stop codon and the ribosome can continue to translate whatever is next. I would think that this is one way to unlock suppressed codons depending on how the virus interacts with its hosts, or vice versa, how the host interacts with the new virus.

The other interesting thing about coronaviruses is that they have subgenomic RNAs which are like a nested set of codes, which allows the coronavirus to have its structural proteins and accessory proteins transcribed. Subgenomic RNAs transcription is discontinuous and is facilitated by shared transcription regulatory sequences which basically allows for jumps across the genome, transcribing genes here and there. Potentially, this could be another mechanism the virus can activate suppressed codons.

A Jay

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Thank you Laura and the Chateau Crew for the session!

In case anyone missed it from the Corona thread, here's James Corbett's video from a few years ago on Bill Gates and his rise to fame and power:

Apparently, Bill's family has long standing connections to powerful groups, so it's not too surprising then to hear that he's a Greenbaum victim.


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A: Oleakmaea of Cassiopaea. And you are most welcome!!

Q: (L) Are you saying, "most welcome" because I was thinking just before we started how thankful I was that we have the C's to talk to, and that they give us all the good advice they give? And because they warn us in advance of things that are gonna happen and keep us at least in a state of mind where we can function amidst all this madness? Is that what you were responding to?

A: Yes

A: Be calm! Things will change! Love and Goodbye.

Thank you Laura and the crew.
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