Some comments on information theory

Compressing Information
It would be quite fascinating if we could construct a special mathematical function which, when evaluated repeatedly, would produce a message of our choice.

This is more or less how our vocal communication occurs. We code certain information with sound waves and other person decodes these waves into the same (in most cases :D) information in same language.
This is more or less how our vocal communication occurs. We code certain information with sound waves and other person decodes these waves into the same (in most cases :D) information in same language.
During vocal communication, the whole message is sent in separate chunks, which is not exactly what I was aiming for.
Q: (L) Is there some way to communicate with whales or dolphins and can one find a way to translate the differences and have a reasonable, intelligent exchange with a whale or a dolphin or even an elephant?
A: You don't need conversation "with" when a higher telepathic level.
Q: (L) Dolphins and whales communicate telepathically?
A: Yes. So do dogs and cats and snakes etc. etc. only humans have learned the "superior" art of verbal communication.

Q: (L) But, at the same time, verbal communication can be quite limiting, is that correct?
A: That is the point.
In order to communicate, we imprint our thoughts in a physical medium (like paper, air, electric wires, etc) which is also available to the person we wish to send a message to. Therefore, it seems that thoughts are formulated in a non-material environment before being translated into a physical environment. This translation, this extra step is rather restrictive. For example, if you imagine a house in your own mind, how many people can see the house? Probably nobody except you. But the house you have imagined is well defined in your mind; you can state its dimensions, its colors, and its materials with stunning precision. By having to represent the house in physical terms (like a drawing, a description, etc), some information is lost. As you imagine the house, its shape can change instantaneously, but once it is translated into a physical environment for others to see, it becomes a rigid structure, i.e. just an instance of all the possible shapes you have thought about. In that sense, the potential of the Universe is not fully utilized at our current level of awareness.
Here's a little thought experiment about information and the geometry of thoughts.

Consider the following mini-game with two players (Blue and Red). On each turn, a player can move one square up, down, left, or right in a 3x3 matrix.
To win the game, a player must "eat" the other as illustrated below.
Thought Experiment
We have already discussed in this thread how the possible combinations/events/states of a game are already stored in the information field (which we are told resides in consciousness), long before we get to mechanistically "compute" them. Discovery seems to be a trademark of the Universe.
(Pierre) Would you say then that the information field contains already ALL possible information?
A: Yes
Now, let's augment the game by progressively attaching new squares to the top left square of the 3x3 matrix (see below). These newly attached squares are added along a single axis (the y-axis). Obviously, the game will have more possible states as both players will be able to use this new path to attack or escape. It appears as though the initial 3x3 matrix is the starting point from which a straight line is born. But what happens if an infinite number of squares is added? Do the squares end up reconnecting with the starting 3x3 matrix? If you were to tile these squares this way physically (i.e. walk and then place a new square on the ground and so on), they would eventually reconnect with the starting 3x3 matrix because of earth's round shape. Once the circular path is completed, both players are attacking each other and escaping from each other at the same time. There is no more "beginning" and no more "end" to the chase.

When we imagine a straight line, is the line necessarily curved in the thought realm?
In other words, is the Universe embedding or translating linear structures into circular structures by default?
Is linearity subjective and circularity objective?
An interesting article recently published

Your genetic code has lots of 'words' for the same thing—information theory may help explain the redundancies​

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