Spirit Release Therapy - A Retrospective


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Assuming that all of this would be true, maybe in such scenario, some help could be called (Noble Spirits of Light perhaps?) to deal with those entities that would like to go, and escort them safely to the Light (and all of them at once by the way)? Maybe some 'work' on the empty spaces left after the detachment process could be performed by those Noble Spirits as well?

If we wouldn't force anything and just ask without anticipation about any attached spirits that have a will to go straight to the Light and then call for assistance, maybe both the host and the attachments would benefit and no one's free will would be violated in the process. What do you think?
That's still wanting for something or someone out there to do the work that one can do by oneself. And a risky request at that, not knowing who or what can "pose" as a "Noble Spirit". In the hypothetical scenario you described, I think that just working on the self would change the frequency, so to speak, and those attachments wold naturally stop being compatible with the host.


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I just reply to give a feedback to my stupidity, things have not bettered as expected, and I still struggle to let my burden away. I'm really sorry again to have provoked some reactions in you, I really wanted to get 'straight in my mind' and provocation seemed to be the only way I could think for shaken myself up. I'm very ashamed and not very brave, here on the forum and in this life, so I apologize once again.

I did 'see' an 'Angel of light' one night in my room 'proposing to heal myself' but I was no sure of this kind of entity as you adviced and it left. Things get really strange indeed.


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Awhile ago I watched a podcast interview conducted by a Catholic priest and a layperson (Fr Heilman and Doug Barry) on a channel called Grace Force, dedicated to Catholic spiritual warfare. In this episode they interview a seasoned priest, philosopher, theologian, and exorcist named Fr. Chad Ripperger, and together they discuss exorcism and combating the infiltration of demons into one's life. Obviously this is from a Catholic perspective, but there were some interesting bits of information I thought were worth sharing.

They talk about what has been increasing the number of demonic possession cases, and that there has been an increase in the number of portals to demons (which they define just an entryway of some kind). All the usual suspects of negative psychic hygiene abound here. Complementing the portals to demons are the portals to grace, or the means by which God's grace enters the world. For Catholics this means performing the sacraments. I.e. people who were baptized, go to confession, receive the Eucharist, get married, etc. Private prayers and gestures of devotion are themselves portals to grace.

Usually when someone suffering from attachments or possession comes to Fr. Ripperger, the first thing he normally asks is how their sacramental life has been going, their prayer life, etc. Getting someone onto a regular sacramental schedule and leading a regular Catholic life, according to Ripperger, clears out the negative attachment nine times out of ten. The vast majority of people who come for exorcism typically are not leading a sacramental life. It is very rare for a person to receive grace regularly and to have issues with demons. Fr Heilman notes in his own experience that one strong and sincere confession can drive a demon out also (this made me think of the importance of networking and vulnerability among people who are spiritually more advanced). These portals to grace are what can drive demons out, and that is in part their function.

Contrasting portals to grace are portals to demons. All mortal sins are portals to possession and open doors. It is a breaking of one of the commandments, and also:
  • Its subject matter must be grave.
  • It must be committed with full knowledge (and awareness) of the sinful action and the gravity of the offense.
  • It must be committed with deliberate and complete consent.
Here there is invocation of legal terminology. When you sin, you place yourself outside the authority of God and into the authority of Satan, and there is a level of aligning and allegiance and binding that enables more evil to enter out lives. Absolution, or remorse of conscience as Paul would say, is the salve that dissolves that bond or cord, restoring us in grace once again. This is, again, another method of breaking a possession case.

Because the portals to grace are the means of expelling demons, many demons attempt to dissuade or block people from confessing their sins, or attending other sacraments. Discipline is required internally and in one's home. Leading a prayerful and sacramental life is essential.

One interesting thing brought up in this video was the extent to which parents can influence the spiritual life of their children. Ripperger comes out and says that parents who do not lead a sacramental life can often enable demons in their children. Eg, if the parents are leading sinful lifes, the father is addicted to pornography, or the relationship isn't healthy or valid (as Catholics understand it). Catholicism teaches that parents by natural law have a binding power over their children to protect them from demons. Sometimes demons may attack the weak points of the parents to soften up the protection over the children. Destroying the spiritual connection of the father is an opening to take down other members of the family. Satan's M.O. is subverting authority (eg, persuading Eve's disobedience under natural law to Adam.)

Blessing property and rooms and boundary-marking objects helps keep demons out. Burning candles blessed in the old rite drives out the "demons of the air." (by which he means demons that travel through the air to attach to people. As for the candles, I wonder if this connects in a similar vein with Laura's recommendation to sprinkle salt and focus a powerful meditation or prayer into them?)

If I had to sum it up it would be:

-follow Paul's list of Dos and don'ts.
-keep up good psychic hygiene and avoid all types of portals that can potentially lead you into thoughts of temptation and sinful acts.
-keep a regular life maintaining your connection to the divine through self-remembering and prayer.
-Pray for the protection not only for your own sake but for those who are under your spiritual protection.
-Maintain a similar level of discipline and safeguarding for your home as well by blessing, keeping it clean and tidy.
-confess your sins and your struggles to those who are wiser than you, not only to learn how best to deal with it but because the act ITSELF can drive out a negative influence on its own.

Laura's list covers almost all those bases, and then some. It is extraordinarily rare to have an issue with spirit attachments while following all of these rules.
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