Spirit Release Therapy - A Retrospective


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Assuming that all of this would be true, maybe in such scenario, some help could be called (Noble Spirits of Light perhaps?) to deal with those entities that would like to go, and escort them safely to the Light (and all of them at once by the way)? Maybe some 'work' on the empty spaces left after the detachment process could be performed by those Noble Spirits as well?

If we wouldn't force anything and just ask without anticipation about any attached spirits that have a will to go straight to the Light and then call for assistance, maybe both the host and the attachments would benefit and no one's free will would be violated in the process. What do you think?
That's still wanting for something or someone out there to do the work that one can do by oneself. And a risky request at that, not knowing who or what can "pose" as a "Noble Spirit". In the hypothetical scenario you described, I think that just working on the self would change the frequency, so to speak, and those attachments wold naturally stop being compatible with the host.
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