Spirit Release Therapy - A Retrospective


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My best subjects were Eng Lang & Lit but I misread Laura's intent too :-[ . However, in my defence, I initially took Laura's post entirely at face value but then I can be pretty credulous I'm afraid :-/ .
The thing is, when the irony is mild, what is said CAN be taken at face value.

Since Nico made a choice that he thought was right, against evidence, I now DO expect him to demonstrate that his choice was the correct one and to never have any such troubles again. His physical and psychological health should be dramatically improved and I expect him to exhibit that to all.

If, on the other hand, he is NOT cured, I hope he has the wits to realize it and to admit it.


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I thought Laura was ironic too because sarcasm was not something loving and from her perspective and knowingness not something that she really could do, except in rare instances ?
I am sorry I really lacked of respect throwing that up against all advices, it was bold and blunt, and there was a masochistic desire to be punish in retribution for the provocation I purposely made (in posting).
During the SRT session I sensed the process and felt an "inner" washing and dissipation of nasty energy, Christ even came for putting off some dark stuff, so I have no excuse. Thus my resistance to keep one nasty seed alive during this process make me feel even more ashamed, it did not go and this regrow fast. I'm literally sweating out now of the negative emotions I feel during this exchange.
So in one end I didn't expect to heal miraculously and this as prevent a more full healing, in an other end I really want to heal for using the knowledge and the forum without confusion, shame, guilt, stupidity, and lack of action. I've kind of the attitude it's all or nothing with the healing process...
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